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Sorry I haven’t posted lately. I’m so worried about OUAT season 7 , no Emma but hook will still be there what’s gonna happen to my baby

I love how so many fandoms are basically just new versions of old things, but made gayer.

Sherlock: modern version of Sherlock Holmes where Sherlock and John Watson are in love

Merlin: re-tread of Merlin where Merlin is younger and he and King Arthur are deeply in love

Doctor Who: continuation of the Old Doctor Who, including an omnisexual, immortal Captain who got a spin off show

MCU: Adaptation of old Marvel comics where Iron Man, Captain America, and Bucky Barnes may or may not be in a super love triangle. On the side the X-Men backstory includes Magneto and Professor X being ex-boyfriends

Percy Jackson: Modern Greek Mythology including canon gay son of Hades with his possible son-of-Apollo boyfriend

Star Wars: The Fandom Awakened, this time with the main otps being a ex-stormtrooper with an x-wing pilot with both men being POC, along with the emo grandchild of Darth Vader and Evil Bill Weasley

OUAT: Fairy Tale characters in modern day and one of the main ships being The Evil Queen and the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, complete with them being mothers to the same child. 

When will this not be funny you ask


This will never not be funny

Signs as Partners

Leo (Sharpay) and Libra (Ryan)

Gemini (Sherlock) and Virgo (John)

Taurus (Copper) and Pisces (Tod)

Aries (Harry) and Cancer (Ron)

Sagittarius (Will) and Aquarius (Jack)

Scorpio (Ciel) and Capricorn (Sebastian)

Announcer: Who’s the best book fandom out of all of you?
Harry Potter: I believe I definitely deserve that title
The Hunger Games: Well not anymore
Divergent: I do well!
The Hunger Games: You’re just a cop out of me
The Selection Series: I have a pretty setting!
Red Queen: I have a protagonist who is a mutation and has to go to the royals as a secret
Percy Jackson: I have kids! Who are gifted as such! Uhhhh
Old Sherlock: You guys may have heard of me, right?
Harry Potter: Of course, the other one told me a lot about you!
Red Queen: Yee yee what is it you wanted?
Old Sherlock: I’m better than y'all *fades away*
Warriors: YEEEEEE

It was my responsibility to do this, therefore I am not sorry.

Perfect - Request

Requested by @fandom-queen-of-the-world:  may I request a Sherlock (BBC) and reader fic where the reader has trouble liking her body (as in she is slightly plus size) and sherlock shows her how much she means to him?

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Word count: 1,116

Warnings: Insecurity (?)

A/N: Tiny and fluffy, just for you. Also, to whoever feels related, know that you are beautiful. The fact that we are beautiful in different ways doesn’t make us less or more beautiful from one another. We are all snowflakes, and snowflakes are gorgeous no matter what.


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She was once again standing in front of the mirror. The magazine laying at her bed was full of women with bodies so fit they made one feel like starting a diet right away.

They were beautiful, skinny, tall… Everything a woman would love to be.

She looked at her own body. Stretch marks, a bit of cellulite even, and her love handles were huge, as well as the fat rolls on her belly that had once been un-existent. She was ordinary, not a gorgeous face, so her looks didn’t work to dissimulate her extra weight.

Suddenly, Sherlock’s face appeared on the mirror behind her.

He placed his warm hands on her shoulders and then slid the down to her waist. “So beautiful.” He whispered on her ear as he placed a feather-like kiss on her cheek.

She sighed heavily. “Mind knocking next time?”

“And miss the chance to see you in your underwear with a lot of light? I’m afraid I can’t do that.” He replied and wrapped his arms around her waist. “What’s wrong?” He asked, noticing the sad look on her face.

“I’m wrong.” She answered bitterly.

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  • me going into a fandom: okay I know that (name) and (name) are a canon couple so I'm going to learn to ship them instead of something non-canon so it's less painful. Also I heard that (name) dies so I'm not going to get attached to them and I won't ship them with anyone. And I heard that (name) and (name) get together but it's still really painful but I bet it won't be that sad.
  • me after joining a fandom: god fucking dammit