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so if naelia summons lightning and is the thunder queen, wouldn't that make her like. lightning mcqueen.

first of all, how dare you

If I Can Learn To Do It - Anastasia AU with Jason Todd

Prologue | Journey to the Past | Once Upon A December | In the Dark of the Night | Trainwreck

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“So are we footing it to Paris?” Y/N asked as they made their way down the road. They had been walking since they had to jump off their train and Y/N was absolutely certain her feet were going to fall off.

“No, we are going to take a boat in Germany.” Jason answered as he continued walking. He knew they were fading fast, but they needed to keep moving.

“So, we are walking to Germany?” Y/N asked quietly. She didn’t want to irritate him, but she would like to know how much longer she needed to go. It seemed as though they had traveled half the length of Russia on foot by now.

“No, your highness.” Jason said with a bit of irritation showing in his voice. “We are going to take a bus.”

Y/N sighed and continued walking. She could make it until they reached the bus station. Especially now that she knew she only had to get that far.

“Okay, Jaybird.” Roy panted as they reached a covered bridge. “I need a break so we are stopping right here.” He dropped what he was carrying and sprawled out underneath a tree.

“Fine by me.” Jason groaned as he sat down against the trunk. Y/N sighed and put her bag down. She sat down and removed her shoes. The group let silence fall once again as they tried to gather strength for the next leg of their journey.

“Jaybird, I just thought of something.” Roy said as he sat up. “I’m going to see Kori again.” The redhead punched the air and let out a happy cry.

“Who is Kori?” Y/N said, laughing at the man’s antics.

“Kori is beautiful, and wise, and kind, and so fucking hot. Like extremely hot, and she is also the Empress’s cousin.” Roy said as he dug a picture out of his pocket. It was old and had been folded many times, but there was a picture of Roy and a tall girl. They looked to be in their mid teens. “We’ll be talking to her before we can meet the Empress. She discerns the real deals from the really good fakes.”

Y/N was quiet as his words sunk in. Jason could tell that what Roy had just said hadn’t had a positive effect on her. “I have to prove I am the real deal? Like with education and etiquette and all that?” She said quietly. Jason and Roy shared a look before Jason nodded.

“We were going to tell you.” He started.

“When exactly? When we reached Paris? Or were you going to wait until the interrogation started and I was failing?” Y/N said as she stood up.

“We had it all figured out. You were going to have plenty of time to prepare.” Jason said as he watched Y/N begin to move away. “Where are you going?”

“I need some space.” Y/N said as she walked onto the bridge and looked over the edge. She heard someone get up and move to stand next to her. She looked over to find Roy standing there.

“It seems like a bit much isn’t it? Learning how to be a Grand Duchess, that is.” Roy said as he leaned on the railing.

“I don’t even know where to start.” Y/N whispered. She could feel the panic beginning to well up in her chest.

“Hey, you are going to do great.” Roy said as he rested a hand on her shoulder. “You already have the personality for it. I’ve never seen a person who was able to go toe to toe with Jaybird in a sass battle and win.” He chuckled. “Can I tell you a secret?”

Y/N nodded as she looked at their reflections in the water.

“My dad was a member of the court. He was the advisor before Nicholas started chatting with… At any rate, I grew up with your older sisters. I attended a lot of the same etiquette lessons and I remember enough to get you through this, believe it or not.” They shared a smile as they watched a falling leaf marr their reflections in the water.

“So are you two ready to get back on the road and get started with the princess lessons?” Jason asked. Y/N huffed and went to grab her bag. “Why is nothing I say ever good enough for her?” Jason muttered. Roy rolled his eyes and brushed past. Jason shook his head. He just couldn’t win today, could he?

“Now the first lesson you are going to learn, Y/N, is balance and posture. How you hold yourself is vital to making a good impression.” Roy began his first, of many, lectures as they continued walking down the road.

Y/N turned out to be a faster learner than they could have hoped. She picked up all of Roy’s teachings and was able to recall her family history as if she had already learned the information and was just waiting to use it. Jason and Roy were shocked at some of the facts she recounted. Jason swore that there were a few she mentioned that they hadn’t gotten to yet. Roy just shook his head and said that Y/N was just good like that.

Y/N was so busy learning that she didn’t realize they were already in Germany and getting ready to board the boat. She wasn’t feeling nervous yet, mostly because of how easy learning to be a Grand Duchess was turning out to be.

They boarded the ship and Y/N headed to their room. She sat down on the bed and felt her ache in her legs and feet start to fade. Walking all that way and then sitting on a cramped bus was beginning to do a number on her muscles. She stood up when she heard a knock. She opened the door to find Jason standing there with a bundle in his hands. “Put this on.” He said as he handed it to her.

“What is it?” She asked as she began to unfold it. It was a plain dress, but it had nice lines and a neat collar. It wasn’t made for a Grand Duchess, but it was world’s away from the oversized man’s shirt she was wearing right now. “There is so much fabric.” She murmured as she ran her hands over it.

Jason bit back a sarcastic comment as he watched her inspect it.The look in her eyes was doing funny things to his heart and he would rather not start a fight right now. “Just put it on. Roy and I are upstairs when you are ready.” He quickly turned and walked away.

Y/N watched him go before closing the door. She shed the ratty old man’s shirt and put it in the trash. Now that she had a dress, she wouldn’t need that threadbare old thing anyways. She slipped the dress on and turned to look in the mirror. Something about the way it flowed around her body made her feel like she was staring at a portrait of someone else. Someone older, wiser, someone who she had known and loved. She blinked as the feeling faded a bit and she saw herself. She may not look like royalty, but she looked like a respectable young lady. She giggled at the thought. Her, Y/N the orphan, was a respectable young lady. She left the cabin and walked up the stairs.

Titus’s ears lifted the moment she reached the top. He didn’t move, instead he wined a greeting before sighing and falling asleep. The trip had done a number on him as well.

Jason was the second one to notice her presence. He looked up from the card game he and Roy were playing. He could have sworn his heart stopped when he saw her. He had thought she was pretty before, even in her over-mended hand-me-downs, but now… Now she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

Roy let out a low whistle that broke through Jason’s staring. “Damn, Y/N. You clean up better than anyone I have ever seen.” Y/N smiled and laughed at his comment. Roy sent Jason a knowing look before standing up. “Okay, now you are going to learn one of the most important things I can ever teach you. You are going to learn how to waltz. Jason, come dance with the pretty lady.”

Jason sent him a glare. “Why don’t you waltz with her?” Y/N felt her heart sink a little bit at his words. She had thought that she looked nice in the dress he had picked for her, but obviously not.

“Because I am the teacher. Now go wrap your arms around her.” Roy said, making a shooing motion with his hands.

Jason sighed and walked up to Y/N. “Can I have this dance?” He asked, offering her a hand.

Y/N nodded and put her hand in his. A little shiver went through her at the feel of his skin against hers. Jason felt it too, but maintained his composure. He put his hand on her waist and Y/N felt herself tense a bit before relaxing in his grasp. “Okay, now, Y/N, Jason is going to lead.”Roy said as he tapped his foot to an imaginary beat.

They started out slow and clumsy. Y/N stepped on Jason’s toes a couple times and was constantly looking down. Jason let go of her hand and cupped her chin, forcing her to look in his eyes. “Stop looking down and focus on me.” He said as he took her hand. She held eye contact with him as the started dancing again. They found a rhythm and danced circles around the deck.

Roy sighed as he watched them. They had become lost in each other. He could see the glow on Y/N’s cheeks and the softness in Jason’s eyes. Other people might not notice it, but he could tell they were falling in love. “I’m going to regret encouraging this, Titus.” He muttered as Jason dipped Y/N. “There is no way in hell they can be together if our plan works out.” The dog whined in agreement. Roy reached down and scratched behind Titus’s ear. “But I don’t have the heart to break them apart when they are obviously meant to be.”

“This is fun.” Y/N said as Jason twirled her. He hummed and agreement as he pulled her close. “I am getting a little dizzy though.” She admitted as pressed close to him again. His hand moved from resting on her waist to pressing against the small of her back.

“If you want, we could stop.” Jason said as his other hand moved from holding hers to resting on her shoulder. He rubbed comforting circles into the fabric of her dress as Y/N finally broke eye contact with him.

“We have stopped.” Y/N murmured. At some point during their little exchange, they had stopped dancing and Jason was still holding her in his arms. He looked around and cleared his throat, removing his arms from around her. Y/N immediately missed the contact and leaned towards him again.

“You did good for your first time, but I think it is getting late. We should all turn in.” Jason said as he strode towards the stairs. Y/N stood there and watched him go.

“Young love is painful, Titus. Remind me never to fall into that deathtrap of emotions.” Roy said as he got up. The big black dog whined playfully and nudged the redhead. “Yeah, I know. I’m hopeless romantic and there is probably no avoiding it, but you can’t blame a guy for trying.”

Little random thought/theory

So we know the shows gonna be going through some changes next season. One of those changes may be them getting rid of the flashback storytelling.

What if the reason why they split Regina and The Evil Queen, rather than remerged them like we all expected them to, was because they wanted to guarantee we wouldn’t lose the EQ completely if they changed their storytelling style?

I think if they knew Lana would be back next season, TEQ is a character they wouldn’t want to lose in addition to the others that are leaving. Especially a character as popular and marketable as the Evil Queen. If they took out the flashbacks, we would lose her in the process. Doing this keeps her present and usable without sacrificing Regina’s character and development. All they have to do is pop a realm over (which is all too easy now-a-days) for a visit.

On the topic of the wish realm, them duplicating the Enchanted Forest also serves a similar purpose as splitting Regina/EQ does. We lose the flashbacks but still have a fairytale setting that keeps the show true to form.

I don’t think S7 would take place fully in the wish realm but it would give them a secondary setting that doesn’t involve the past (which they’ll need now that cast members are leaving) and which only uses cast members that will probably still be available (Lana, Jared, Colin, Bex, etc).

                                                        ❝ we are not to simply bandage the wounds of victims beneath the wheels of injustice, we are to drive a spoke into the wheel itself. ❞

                                                      the scarlet guard has risen like a phoenix out of the ashes, composed of reds from all walks of life dedicated to one thing: ending the silver rule. they say it takes a village to raise a child, well it takes a village to kill a king as well. for years they have been operating in secret, hidden away in the ruins of naercey, a city the silvers think is drenched in radiation and uninhabitable. they have built a home in the rubble the way only those that have never had anything in the first place could. they’ve been plotting and planning and covering every possible situation that could arise in their quest to bring down the crown, and they are finally ready to strike.

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The Shea Moisture ad should have looked like this.  If you read that bottle they talk about their grandmother from Sierra Leone West Africa.  The Queen who started it all.  They had the nerve to sit in a editing room and sign off on this being the first commercial with 1 mixed woman of color and 4 white woman at the forefront.  While a black woman was in the background in a small square for a second on screen.  White people using the product is not the issue its the disrespect and lack of representation of a black woman.  The blatant erasure of the black women who pioneered this product.  A black woman who founded this product.  A Black Woman of brown skin and kinky/coily hair should have been represented.  This is not about you white people.  It’s about us.

GrandMama Shea Moisture no where in sight… SMH.  She was erased from her own product she created with blood, sweat and tears.  Shame.

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wait, so the translator told you guys to "behave" just because you were talking about swan queen ???

Storytime xd After one of the pannels… I think it was Bex’s -all of this during the second day- we were talking about the rumors of how the swan queen questions were going to be veto-ed during the panels. All of this was discussed outside the… place -for the lack of a better word- in where the panels were taking place. I want to remark this because we weren’t in ANY panel at the moment and so we weren’t talking to anyone but the small group of four or five of us, swen, that weren’t buying food at the moment. So we were basically smoking and talking between us, commenting about the rumors and how some fans seemed to have been ushered up the line of people wanting to ask questions just because when they whispered their questions to the translator they apparently were tagged as questions not apt to be asked -and I want to also remark that even if it’s true that no question regarding JMO seemed to be actually able to be asked (Edit: Except one or two that happened during the first day if I remember correctly) I also don’t have the whole story, just bits and pieces- the translator who was also smoking a little bit further from where we were approached us and saw that we were wearing t-shirts labelling us as swen.

So she approached us and touched my back because I was the one closest to her and told us, very patroninzigly, that we needed to *not* be problematic since what had happened yesterday -the famous question regarding Hook- had been… I don’t remember if what she said was shameful or another word but it was definetely something not very good. I was already quite angry with her because of her manners  -the whole drop the mic and swan queen chill comments- and so I told her so that I understood that within the panel everyone needed to be respecftul -me and my friends told her that I mean- but -and that’s something I said- her job as a translator was not to add anything or interact with the actors but merely translate to the ones that don’t understand english so she needed to be more intelligent with the tools she had at hand. I study this xd I know how it works and the translator wasn’t doing a really good job.

I admit that even if I wasn’t calling her stupid my comment about being intelligent may not have been the best one but she was starting to interrupt me and one of my friends who also studies this and basically knows as much as I do about the whole being a translator concept. She then touched my t-shirt in where a swan queen manip was displayed -I took a step back because hello personal space- and told me that she didn’t know how the ships worked but this was like the supernatural fandom in where some people shipped the actors between them which good for them but she didn’t understand why-I also don’t understand why the fuck she needed to say all of that, believe me- but we needed to behave and that she felt that I was starting to be the one with an attitude. Seeing that she wasn’t going to be open to talk about, perhaps, stopping being an asshole and actually start doing her job I merely closed my mouth and let her go. I mean, I was there to actually have a good time and I’m not usually a person that starts or continues things like this. I was slightly worried for the rest of the morning after that because even though I hadn’t insulted her it was obvious that she wasn’t a very open-minded person and between panels once all the big ones had finished another friend actually heard how she approached some groups saying how bad us, swens, had behaved, (I don’t know how far that went as well, I only know this because a friend of that other friend and an actual swen that was there but without any kind of symbol taggin her as swen was actually asked and so we knew she had approached some people asking that) 

I truly hope she ends up meeting someone who actually makes her stop and see that if she wants to BE a translator everything counts. I don’t, however, think this was another part of some hidden agenda; just a VERY unprofessional person trying to have her five minutes of glory in a line of work that should never be about your own personal opinions.

I just had this horrible realisation that when the Freddie Mercury biopic comes out, the freddie tag will be full of gifsets of Rami fucking Malek rather than actual Queen. And they will mostly be non-fandom people and all the arguments about Freddie will rise again from people who are new to him and believe everything they read on the internet and badly written biographies.

I dread that. Every fandom I’ve been in has ended up being wrecked when some TV series or film comes out and dominates the tag.