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“So what is this rumour I hear? Hook’s finally proposing to David? It’s…”

I don’t think that Charming or Hook is gay

That was a joke. That being said, why not? Gay, probably not. Bisexual men, though, they could do with some quality representation.

Pretty sure the actors would sell it too.

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Like, between the two of you?

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i saw a post asking what makes oliver important……damn. what a question.

i’ve been thinking about it…. and to be honest i think oliver queen is more than just a fictional tv character. i think he represents an ideal.

see……he’s done some terrible things. he tortured people. he killed people. he made bad choices, he is well aware of all of this, and yet he still gets up every morning and tries to save his city. he still gets up every morning and tries to make the better choice, the right choice. he still hopes for happiness.
despite the countless horrible things that have happened to him, the pain, torture, grief and unresolved mental health issues he had to endure over the last 9 years, he’s still kind. he still tries to make jokes sometimes. he still smiles and he still believes that the world is worth saving and that he is capable of playing a part in that. 

i think the real reason so many people relate to oliver is because of the idea he represents.
he’s proof that no matter how horrible you think you are, no matter what bad you’ve done, you can be forgiven, you can be better, you still have the power to make the right choice.
he’s proof that whatever crap you’ve had to go through, you can still be warm, you can be kind, you can do good, that doesn’t define you. 
(really, it’s the best kind of hope)

and, i’ve seen a lot of posts that say laurel is the real hero of star city, not oliver……..and you know what, maybe.
but it doesn’t really matter if oliver is the ‘true hero of the city’ or not.
he suffered, but he kept a good and pure heart through it all. he did bad things but he’s still trying to be better……. and honestly……i hope i have the courage and strength to be like that too 

because goddamn, that’s what makes him a hero.

Awkward moment when you realise fictional characters make you smile more than people in your real life…


this is the same person.

look at the changes : the clothes, the hair, the expression, the make up, the body language, the look, the colors.

character development by walt disney animation studios, ladies and gents.

Unpopular opinion

I really liked Celaena but I’m not a huge fan of Aelin