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Surface of the Sun

Jonerys Week Day 5: Smut. Not very graphic smut I’m afraid. Barely any smut at all. More like nudity. But I hope you enjoy it regardless.

Dany being Unburnt in front of Jon-here you go. 

For a second, Jon thought he was dead.

The water was clear and cold and for a split second he was suspended, neither up nor down, surrounded by the dead and he was sure-no, he was positive-that he was moments away from breathing his last.

But maybe he had been brought back for a reason. The Dragon Queen would have no reason not to believe him now-and neither would Cersei, once they brought the wight to King’s Landing. There was still hope. And if he didn’t live to see the dawn…well, it was a pity. But Daenerys would make a good queen. He knew it. The more time he spent with her the more he saw how much good was in her.

He would have liked to see the monarch she’d become.

And then he felt a hand close around his wrist and yank him upwards, until the cold stung him so badly he almost fell back in the water.

“Come on! We have to go!”

At first the words didn’t make sense; his head was still full of water. And the sight in front of him didn’t make sense either; there was Dany, fending off a wight by kicking it with her foot every so often (with little success), kneeling beside him in her white coat-and Drogon was gone. Her features were pale and drawn with cold but she stubbornly yanked on his arm, again and again until awareness slowly returned in bits and pieces. “What?”

She pulled harder, her distraction costing her-a wight grabbed her foot and yanked and she nearly fell.

Jon decided he would deal with the cold later. For now he had to make sure that she didn’t die up here, because of him. Because he’d been stupid enough to make a plan like this in the first place and she’d had to go along with it. He heaved himself out of the water, the cold cutting into him like knives, grabbed Longclaw, and sliced the wight in half. All of his movements felt heavy and awkward; there were too many in the army of the dead and he knew it was only a matter of time before his strength ran out. “Where’s Drogon?”

“He already left!” They had to shout to be heard over the melee and the roaring of the wind. “Hurry, we have to-”

He was just about to wonder how they would possibly survive if Drogon was gone when there was a loud roar from somewhere above him and not for the first time that day he had to dart out of the way of a wreath of fire. The green dragon, Rhaegal-it was Rhaegal, wasn’t it?-swooped low over their heads, taking out the nearest wights around them and half of Dany’s coat. He landed impatiently, fidgeting as if he wanted to leave just as much as they did.

At first Jon balked at the sheer size of him-he wasn’t as big as Drogon but he was still enormous-but Daenerys pulled him onto his back before he could protest and they took off, leaving the wights far behind them. Viserion screeched and followed after them and he saw a blur of motion out of the corner of his eye as something went flying through the air towards them and swung wide, just barely missing its mark. He couldn’t tell what it was.

It was even colder with the wind than it had been on the ground. That surprised him more than the fact that he was flying on a dragon and everything below him was a blur of white. He couldn’t see the place where they’d made their last stand now, couldn’t see anything but the snow blowing in his face and the glow of Dany’s hair next to him. His hands were gripping the dragon’s scales so hard that he worried he would break them and he couldn’t tell if it was the fear of flying or the cold.

Dany had to grab him to keep him from falling off, holding him tightly. She seemed to radiate heat, more than most people did; he wondered if that had anything to do with the dragon’s blood she was always talking about. But for the moment he didn’t mind; she was the only warm thing in this cold, cold world.

When Rhaegal landed what must have been only minutes later but felt like hours, they were both nearly frozen through. Jon tried to get off the dragon gracefully but he fell in the snow and Dany practically tripped over him. The scene swam before his eyes-there was Eastwatch, there were several figures rushing towards them and he couldn’t tell whether they were friends or enemies…

And then he remembered-hadn’t the Queen been on fire?

The next time Jon woke up he was on a ship. He could feel it rocking underfoot; the first time he took a step he pitched forward and almost fell on his face. It was warm, almost too warm; although his torso was bare he was covered in bandages and blankets, and there were candles lit on what seemed like every available surface.

It was very quiet. He wondered, briefly, if everything had been a dream and he was still on Dragonstone. But no; floes of ice bobbed around their ship. They were still in the North. And they…were alive.

He found the door and entered a small, dimly lit hallway. There were three other doors in it and he tried them, one by one-two were supply cupboards but one door opened easily under his touch.

The Queen slept peacefully, wearing a long white nightdress and draped in furs. She looked angelic; her hair was down and cascaded down around her face and tangled on her pillow.

She stirred, as if she’d heard him and opened one eyebrow lazily. She didn’t seem surprised to see him there. “Lord Snow.”

“…Your Grace.” She didn’t look at all like the queen she was; she looked so young, so vulnerable.

“Are you cold?”

He couldn’t help but nod. “It’s the North. Who isn’t?” She moved until she was pressed to the side of the ship-and still he didn’t realize what she wanted him to do until she’d been looking at him for a good minute or two. “It’s not proper-”

“You’re shivering.” That was funny. He hadn’t realized it.

He got into the bed carefully, feeling it lower under his weight. He lay on the very edge, as far away from her as he could get. Gods, if someone walked in on them now, he’d never hear the end of it.

“You won’t get warm all the way over there, you know.”

Reluctantly, he scooted a bit closer.

And then Dany moved until she was pressed against his side and there was that delicious warmth again, seeming to warm him from the inside out. It didn’t occur to him to pull away. Her eyes fluttered shut and she sighed deeply.

There was something important he had to ask her before she slept again…what was it? Oh, yes. “Your Grace.”

“Hmm?” Her voice was barely awake, hardly there.

“Didn’t the dragon burn you?”

But she was already asleep.

It felt like they slept for days, drifting in and out of consciousness. Jon’s dreams were heavy and undisturbed, but he was always aware of the woman that lay next to him, everywhere they touched. Ygritte had never been this warm. He’d never really just lay next to her and slept, with no ulterior motive other than them both being tired beyond belief.

Someone told him that they were safe, they were on a boat back to Dragonstone, they had the wight, he was going to be all right and so was she. They were fine.

She’d gotten off of Drogon as soon as she saw him fall and had told everyone else to go, insisting one of the other dragons would take her instead.

Her coat-or what was left of it-lay in front of the fire, which was blazing all the time now. At least, what was left of it. It was nearly all burnt away, scorched by dragonfire. But he didn’t see any bandages on the Queen.

He was confused. Nothing made sense. So, inevitably, he would always go back to sleep again.

One day he realized that he wanted to sit up.

Daenerys was already awake, sitting at her desk below the window. She had a fur draped over her nightgown, pen in hand, head bent over her writing. Her hair was loose, as if she’d tried to braid it but had given up halfway through and it was slowly coming unraveled again. She turned to look at him as soon as he stirred; her eyes were soft. “You want to know why I wasn’t burned by Rhaegal’s fire.”

Yes. “No.”

She stood and cast off the fur, stepping in front of the fire. As he watched, she reached out-until her fingers were practically on top of the flames…and then inside of them.

He tried to stand but she waved him off. Something strange was happening with the fire…it touched her, but it didn’t. It wound lightly up her wrist, jumping up her sleeve, burning at her collar and then jumping to her chest, her back, her legs…but she didn’t cry out. She didn’t even seem to be in pain. Finally she stepped away, turning to face him-and stripped what remained of the dress away (which, to be fair, wasn’t much since it had nearly burned through).

There were no burns on her skin, no abrasions, no bandages. It was as if she’d never been burnt at all.

And then, of course, there was the shape of her-now so clear. He’d known she was beautiful, of course-how could one not know that? But he hadn’t expected…this. The curves, the softness, the planes…he caught his breath and tried not to be obvious about it.

She took a step closer, and then another. She didn’t say anything. Neither did he.

The silence was deafening.

She took a seat on the edge of the bed, not so much as reaching for a blanket, and traced his chest-the paths of his scars, the edge of his bandages. “Does it hurt?”

“Not that much. It’s bearable.” His skin felt like it set on fire where she touched it.

He saw her startle quickly, as if she had come to her senses. “I should let you get some sleep.”

“But what happened-”

“It’s…I’m immune to fire. Even my children’s fire.”

He shouldn’t have been surprised, since out of everything he’d ever seen or experienced that was nowhere near the strangest-but he still didn’t know what to say. “The blood of the dragon.”

She smiled, almost sadly. “Precisely. Fire cannot kill a dragon.” There was something hollow in her words, something sad. It made him want to hug her.

“Don’t go,” he whispered.

She glanced down, not in shame, but as if she’d forgotten why she didn’t have any clothes on. “You need rest.”

“I’ve rested.” He touched her hand, tentatively. It was soft and warm and small in his. “I don’t want to rest. I have to know.”

“Know what?” He suspected she already knew-or had guessed.

“You came.”

“Should I have left you to die?”

“No. I just…I wasn’t expecting it.”

“We will destroy the Night King and his army. You said you can’t do it alone. I’m beginning to realize…maybe I can’t either.”


She was surprised now. “No one’s called me that name in a very long time.”

“Dany. Daenerys.” A beautiful name. Why not? She deserved a name like that. She deserved to be called it all the time.

She laughed quietly. “You’re tired.”
“Only a little. You are too.” He could see sleep weighing heavy on her eyelids, just waiting to consume her.

“I have a letter-”

He wasn’t sure if he surprised her or himself more when he kissed her. It wasn’t something he’d been thinking about even a minute before. It just…came out of nowhere. But it felt right. Her lips were warm too, just like the rest of her. For a minute they were almost slack, surprised-and then she kissed him back, vigorously, only pausing to draw breath.

Her eyes smoldered like hot coals, burning like the fire in her soul.

They came together, again and again, fire and ice. There was something desperate in their passion, something that told them to kiss harder, consequences be damned. And he wanted her-gods help him, he wanted her. Not just her warmth. He wanted her-her kindness, her courage, her heart. He wanted her on this boat in the middle of the ocean when they were already in a dream anyway.

And he could tell that she wanted him too.

When she climaxed, when they were joined skin to skin as close as two people could be, he wondered how he could ever be cold again. How could one fear the ice when they could touch the surface of the sun?

She was his sun.

Maybe he would regret this later, when he had come to his senses. But for this moment, for this time-however short-he was exactly where he wanted to be.

One more thing left thank goodness. As a reminder I’m doing a Hogwarts AU tomorrow because my multichapter story Forever and Always on Ao3 is a soulbond fic and I feel like that’s too close to a soulmate fic to write something new. 

Fixing Up - Prince Adam/Belle

Title: Fixing Up

Pairing: Prince Adam/Belle

Warning(s): None

Word Count: 995

[Can be viewed on AO3]

Prompt: Before their lives can start in the palace, Belle sets out to fix up a few things.

Originally posted by jvh1988

The snowstorms are coming, something that’s felt through the entire palace. Even with the hearths in every room, the large hallways are starting to get cold. Belle gathers the blankets in her arms and continues her walk to the main living room. A soft glow of the fire spills out into the hallway through the open door.

Stepping inside, she smiles at the sight of her husband reclining in a chaise pulled near the fire; book in hand, long hair pulled into a messy bun with stray strands falling down on to his face.

She drapes a quilted blanket over his shoulders. “It’s getting chilly,” she notes, casting a quick glance to the large bay window that opens out on to the large garden. Specks of snow gently sway down to the ground, touching the balcony’s bannister and melting away. It won’t take long. Winter is finally settling in.

He hums, noting the page number and closing the book. The book is placed on a nearby table and Belle sits down on the chaise beside her husband. “Cogsworth says that the snow will come soon,” he notes and she settles beside him, pulling the blanket over her own shoulders. The large hearth is still roaring. The only light source in the room, they snuffed out the other candles and lanterns in the living room.

She rests her head against his shoulder. “I’ve been thinking,” she says simply, looking up at Adam. He raises an eyebrow at her. “I’ve been thinking about the villagers,” she clarifies.

“What about them?”

“Cogsworth says that this winter will be tough,” she says, remembering having an extensive conversation with the head of the house-staff in the kitchen earlier in the day, “and the villagers don’t have a means of getting through the winter without help.”

She remembers spending every winter beating back blustering winds from entering the cracks in the walls. She remembers making every scrap of food count. The bakers and the merchants had to spend their money gathered that year importing goods from other towns and cities just so the village could live through another winter.

And she looks around at the life she has now. Roaring hearths in every room, enough quilted blankets to cover the floor space of the castle twice-over, and enough food to feed the country’s armies, and probably their enemies too.

It’s too much for her, her husband and their small family.

Adam holds her close to him as he considers what she’s implying. “I’m sure we could have a cart of supplies sent over,” he says.

He’s never considered her to be what she fears the most – being his Queen, a pretty trinket to have draped over his arm at dances, to show off in front of other people of importance. She’s told him that it’s not who she is. He’s never considered her to be that. She’s still what she has always been to him.

When LeFou visited days after the curse was lifted, when they had all danced in the grand ballroom, she pulls Adam closer to her. “Do you see them?”

He looks over his shoulder to see. “He seems happy,” he notes, watching LeFou and Stanley continue to stand close to each other, broad smiles on both of their faces.

Adam interlinks his fingers with his wife’s. “What do you propose?” he asks, watching the pair from across the ballroom.

Belle wraps her other arm around Adam’s, hugging it to her. “There is that estate a few fields away. I believe there’s no one living there now…” a small smile lingers at the corner of her mouth.

Adam nods and gestures to the two men. “Consider it theirs, then.”

It takes a number of weeks to get the estate up and running again, but when it is, she doesn’t hear the end of apologies sent to her by LeFou. She takes his hands in hers. “It’s alright,” she smiles, turning around to help load the final crate of supplies from the cart, “it’s behind us now.”

“You were too good for him,” LeFou says plainly as he lifts the crate from her.

She folds her arms over her chest. “So were you.”

Belle tugs her coat tighter around herself when a stray gust of cold wind sweeps through the garden. It rustles the shrubs and bushes, shaking the settled snow from the branches and dumping it on the ground.

She oversaw the last of the carts off that morning Laden with food, hay, blankets and fuel, she and Cogsworth sent the drivers on their way to the village. The worst of the snow hasn’t arrived yet, but with heavy grey clouds looming over the nearby mountains made her worry. The snow would be heavy this year. But at least her home had supplies now that would alleviate the pressure winter brought with it.


She spins around and sees Lumiere walking towards her. “Good morning

Bonjour mon cher,” he smiles brightly at her.

“Where’s Plumette?”

“Training in the new maids, I presume,” he smiles faintly at the mention of his lover, “but you’re the reason why I’m here.”

She takes Lumiere’s arm in hers. “Alright then,” she walks them through the snow-laden garden, “what is it mon amie?”

“We’ve been talking, the staff I mean, and well,” Lumiere waves his hand, trying to put his words together, “and we love the affect you have on the Master. It’s…It has been a while since goodness has been in the palace, and with you and the Master being married now-”

“-I understand Lumiere,” Belle nods. They loop back through the arches, bare now that the flowers and vines have wilted for the winter.

“We look forward to having you live here, mon amie,” Lumiere says when they leave the gardens behind and walk towards the back of the palace. He brings her hand up and kisses her gloved knuckles. “You’ll do marvellous things here: we’re sure of that.”

A/N: I fell head-first right back into my childhood at the ripe age of 21. Curse you Dan Stevens + Emma Watson. Never have I bisexual-ed so damn much during a film. 


Home Is Wherever You Are

Pairing: Kim Seokjin x Reader (mostly Jin’s POV)
Rating: Mature
Genre: Military!au, angst & fluff
Warnings: Minor character death, mentions of blood & violence
Word count: 3,600 

Summary: Kim Seokjin believes he can face any and all things with dignity and strength - prides himself in his resilience and armoured heart. He is a brave man, through and through. The only fear he has is the inability to find his way back into your arms, which in turn would mean he has lost his way home. 

Because home is wherever you are.  

A/N: For @dontcallmemarge who has waited ever so patiently for me to finally write her a Jin scenario. 🙈

“… Sergeant…”

The high pitched ringing is so loud in his ears that it makes him want to scream.

“-geant… Kim…”

When he opens his eyes, everything is bright; all blurry and muddled shapes.

He closes his eyes again.

“Sergeant Kim!”  

Your voice is faint to him. At least he thinks it’s your voice.

“Seokjin, stay with me. Keep your eyes open baby, please.”

Ah, yes. It was you. Only you would dare to call him baby while out in the battlefield. Or at all, for that matter.

“Baby, can you hear me? I need you to talk to me.”

You’re trying to stay calm, but you’re panicking. He can hear it so clearly in the distant sound of your voice. You have to stay calm. He needs to tell you to calm down, not to lose yourself. You need to have a clear mind.

His lips part and he tries to speak, yet his throat is raw and the taste of iron coats his tongue. He doesn’t like it. Seokjin wants to spit it out. He can’t though, he’s too tired. Can’t be bothered.

Seokjin opens his eyes again. This time he blinks away the brightness and the blur. Blinks and blinks until the smudged edges of your face grow sharp and he can find familiar eyes.

Until he can find home.

He sees it there; in the way you look at him. The familiarity of comfort and safety; love and sincerity.

Seokjin sees the queen sized bed draped in your favourite bedding; the one he thinks is ugly but keeps that opinion himself. The lazy nights spent on the couch with your head in his lap and the TV flickering in the darkness of the room. The mess of the kitchen when you spend the entire day baking, only to burn the cookies that Seokjin will happily eat anyways.

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anonymous asked:

Good luck with your blog, darl' ( i'm already in love with it ♡). May I ask some fluff hcs with the junkers duo? Poly or separated (as you wish) with fem reader? *kisses*

D’awww, thank you so much! Decided to do them separate because I felt like I’d have more to write this way ♥ But if anyone would like a poly version in the future, feel free to request it! Went ahead and added the Queen as well - hope that’s cool! Hers are the shortest obvs since all we’ve got to go by her is a poster and some voicelines but they’re called headcanons for a reason, I guess? Haha! I’m sorry if some of these don’t seem fluffy, I tried, just let me know if I need to do better next time hun ♥

Fluff Headcanons for the Junkers

Originally posted by daxratchet


  • It’s hard to have a sad day with him by your side! If he’s not telling you shitty funny puns and lame jokes, he’s doing something silly and entertaining the hope of making you laugh. 
  • Very clingy. Touch-starved. Physical contact with you is addicting to him, and he’ll often get feelings of dread when you’re apart.
  • If you’re shorter than him (which is likely) he’ll very awkwardly cuddle with you, never minding if you’re busy, your hands are full, etc. Think of it like when you’re sitting down reading or on your computer and suddenly five cats all climb up on you and try to find the comfiest spot. Yeah, Junkrat basically feels like five cats. Very grabby, loves nuzzling into your neck, and hugging you.
  • If you massage his head and/or run your fingers through his hair repetitively, he mellows out. He’s fallen asleep because of this on more than one occasion. 
  • You can make this boy’s day by flaunting your love in public. It’s not the PDA itself that drives him crazy, but it’s the fact that you’re not “embarrassed” to be seen with him - makes his confidence level skyrocket. Loves letting everyone know you’re together, and likes to see the look on everyone else’s face when they see that he’d snagged such a wonderful person such as yourself.
  • Lots and lots of love letters. Both his penmanship and his spelling ability are that of a nine year old, and he doesn’t always have the “best” choice of words, but his heart is poured out into each and every single letter. He’ll leave them in random places he knows you’ll look, like when you wake up in the morning and go to fix your hair - there’s a note from him right under your hairbrush. 
  •  Getting him anything old/vintage, scrapped parts from various machinery would be a wonderful present on any occasion. He gets super creative and will often make you jewlery from scrap. It’s all super cheesy, from heart-shaped pieces of metal strung from a necklace, to rings with the both of your names engraved in them. You build up quite the collection.
  • Physically cannot go to sleep unless you’ve exchanged your, “I love you”’s with each other. 


  • He’s got a picture of you that he takes everywhere he goes. When he finds himself feeling lost or down, he takes it out and can only smile.
  • One of the favourite parts of his day, any day, is waking up with you next to him. He’s relieved when you’re there, after waking up on a few occasions from a nightmare where you’re gone.
  • It doesn’t matter how much you weigh, he loves naps where you’re actually resting right on top of him. That belly ain’t just for show, y’know! You put it to good use and it is very, very comfy.
  • Secretly enjoys it when you kiss him, even when he’s wearing his mask. He appreciates that you respect his privacy and love him whether he’s wearing it or not.
  • A lot of long, quiet walks. You appreciate nature together and don’t have to speak to know you like eachother’s company. There’s no awkwardness in your silence, the two of you just sort of…get eachother. An activity he likes to do is go to a park with a pond or lake, and feed the ducks, geese, swans etc. Seeing the babies following right behind the mother makes him think about what having a family with you would be like, and if you’d even want to have children with him. Just the thought makes his heart weightless.
  • It’s odd, but he finds a lot of comfort when you read to him. Can be any type of book, anything you pick out! So long as you allow him to rest his head on your lap and he gets to hear your voice, he’ll be content. 
  • He doesn’t like the thought of getting you freshly cut flowers - what’s the point? They die shortly after, and that’s not the impression he likes to give you, that your love is fleeting and short-lived. Instead, he’ll get you various packets of seeds. He likes to see how much the plants have grown each time he goes to visit.
  • Just as he’s accustomed to following Junkrat around with his silly antics, Roadhog will probably go with you anywhere and you can have a great time. Yes, he would LOVE to go to that concert with you. You walk out with lots of band merch.
  • MATCHING T SHIRTS. He thinks they’re funny. You’ve got the, “If lost, return to Roadhog,” he’s wearing, “I’m Roadhog,” and Junkrat has, “WHERE THE FUCK IS ROADHOG?!” But when it’s just the two of you, you will have the most adorable matching tees. Usually, it’s your idea, but Mako doesn’t object. He’ll wear that terribly-designed graphic tee with pride, goddamnit!
  • Likes watching you bake or cook, and especially likes learning from you. He doesn’t catch on the quickest, but he’ll attempt to cook a nice meal for you, someday. 

The Queen

  • Only into PDA when she’s got to let someone know that you are sorely spoken for.
  • Is rough and dominant with you at all times, but it’s more prevalent in public. Isn’t afraid to pull you into an intense kiss in front of a crowd. In private, she’s more gentle. 
  • Caressing your skin, lifting your chin, pinching your cheeks…well, touching your face in general. She’s rather tall and pretty imposing, so you usually fluster at her touch.
  • So many pet names. At first, you think she’s mocking you, but they’re just her own funny terms of endearment. 
  • If she’s on her throne, you’re on her lap, and she’s got one arm draped around your waist to boot.
  • The Queen could get into an argument with a cockroach. It’d be a miracle if you two didn’t argue every now and then (it’s no excuse, but she’s got a lot of stress on her shoulders given her status. Sometimes she snaps; fights are usually started by her, but finished by you.) But after every argument, if you’ve given her the cold shoulder for a bit, she’ll come grumbling back to you, saying, “Babe, I just got a lot on my plate,” though her pride prevents her from actually saying “I’m sorry.”
Something New

Requested by @forcenturiestogether 

Question: are there really more Jonerys fics being written or am I just spamming everyone lol. But I do have quite a few prompts to do and I have a free day so I’ve been trying to catch up. 

Enjoy :) 

It was their third night in the Red Keep and Jon was still having trouble sleeping.

It wasn’t necessarily that he was afraid that anything would happen to him or Dany. He trusted his Guard with his life and he knew they would do anything to keep him safe. But there was something about the castle that left him uneasy-how many rulers had lived and died here? How was he to know that the Mad Queen hadn’t slept in this very same bed, draped in the red and gold blankets of the Lannisters because the ashes hadn’t yet settled from the battle? The very thought of it made his skin crawl.

“Are you asleep?” Dany turned over so she was lying on her side next to him, moonlight pooling on her silver hair. Her nightdress was falling off one shoulder and he could see her milk white skin shining through the twilight.

He feigned sleep for a moment longer before he shook his head. It was the most comfortable bed he’d slept in for a long time, but in a way he still felt like he was sleeping on nails. “No.”

She sighed. “Me neither. I can’t stop thinking.”

“About what? I can try and ease your mind?”

She shook her head. “I don’t think you can, although you’re welcome to try.” She was quiet for a moment, contemplative. “You know, sometimes when I lie here I think I can almost feel her, still.”

Jon nodded. “I understand. I feel the same way.”

“It’s silly-Cersei wasn’t nearly as dangerous as the White Walkers, but…to sleep in this bed, in this castle…it’s not home yet.”

“It will be.” He ran his fingers through her hair, fine as cornsilk. “It’s your home more than it was ever hers.” 

“It doesn’t feel like home. I thought it would be since Targaryens lived here for time out of mind, but…I’m a stranger in it.” 

“Give it time. The war hasn’t even been over for a moon yet.”

“It’s your home too.”

He tried to smile but it didn’t reach his eyes. “How can it be? Winterfell isn’t my home. Not anymore. Neither is the Red Keep. I’m torn between two different legacies.”

“You don’t have to be. Not anymore. Who says Starks and Targaryens really have to be so different? Who says you have to pick and choose?” She moved closer to him, bed shifting beneath them, until he could feel the heat of her next to him. He had to resist the urge to kiss her head, pull her closer. “The world has turned upside down. It’s our job to set it straight.” 

“We’ll make this place home.” It would be messy and complicated, but life was always that way. “We’ve gone through our trials.”

“Still.” She sat up abruptly, grabbing her white dressing gown from the foot of the bed. “I can’t sleep here tonight.” 

“Where’re you going?”

She grabbed two quilts from the wardrobe, pulled on a pair of slippers, and breezed out the door. “Wouldn’t you like to know.” 

He followed her out to a low stone terrace overlooking the palace gardens. The night was clear and cool, with a breeze blowing out from over the sea. Most of the lights in King’s Landing were turned low, although he could hear a few drunk men shouting bawdy songs in the streets. The dragons soared overhead, passing the Sept of Baelor and the Dragonpit…both ruins now. 

But for the moment at least, there was peace. 

He lay down next to her, using the first blanket as a sheet and the other as a quilt. The ground was hard underneath him, but he was surprised to find that he didn’t mind; the sound of the waves lulled him, reminding him of days spent on Dragonstone where there was nowhere on the island they could go to escape the sound of the sea. 

They were quiet for a moment, immersed in their own thoughts. But it wasn’t a silence he felt the need to fill; he was growing to appreciate their silences just as much as he did their conversations, because he knew that she wasn’t always looking for an answer. Sometimes they just needed to think, and feel. 

“I love you,” he told the stars, “no matter where we are.”

Her hand went to cup his own, sending little waves of heat glancing through his palms. “You’re my home, Jon Snow. Now and always.”

He fell asleep with the waves in his ears and the stars in his eyes. 

As you can see, some prompts are shorter than others because I simply do not have time to write thousands of words each and keep on top of my series and write a multi chapter and somehow get ready for school. I hope you understand. 

Prompts are open here 

Happy Game of Thrones Sunday! 

The Warmth of the Moon

Ignis x Raine
Word Count: 1339

Just something small to commemorate Iggy’s lil nipple, free at last. This takes place sometime during We Intertwined, after Ignis finds out that he and Raine are soulmates, but she still doesn’t know. Hope you enjoy! I missed you guys so much. I’m still not back 100% but I really wanted to give you guys something in the meantime.

Dedicated to my soulmate AU friends who I miss so dearly, @cupnoodle-queen @blindbae @themissimmortal

Ignis tugged at the fabric draped over his torso, hastily trying to cover more of his bare skin by spreading the cloth underneath the fastened leather belts across his abdomen. Compared to the fine silks he was used to wearing, the costume he’d been given felt itchy and restrictive. The wind briefly picked up, a gust of sea breeze that blew across his exposed ribs and made the hairs on his arms stand on end.

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"Sous Ta Caresse" - LokixReader

Prompt :: Inspired by Complainte De La Butte by Rufus Wainwright.  When the world seems against him, a prince seeks solace by looking down on the lower lives of Asgard.  However, he finds a rare light that burns cracks in his icy core.

Features :: Semi-Peaceful AU, Asgardian reader, female reader, Frigga is the best mom, Loki is a sweetie and no one can tell me otherwise

Warnings :: N/A

Word Count :: 4451

Additional Notes :: Translation: Under Your Caress. This is a fic I’ve been working on for a while, and finally finished!  I’m still working on endings and getting back into regularly writing, but I’m getting there.  Sorry if it’s wonky.

Originally posted by killerqueen-with-a-lazerbeam

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PDA // Jay

Requested- yess

Summary- reader, who is quite shy starts dating jay and some people have a problem w how much they love each other (a sucky summary ik)

Pairing- jay x reader

A/N- this is v short, i’m v sorry :((


“They’re doing it again, the staring,” Carlos muttered before going back to playing with Dude.

Jay sighed as he tightened his grip on your waist, you hid your face in the crook of his neck and whined, “I hate it.”

“Ignore them, Y/N, they’re just jealous they don’t have a relationship like yours and Jay’s.” Evie consoled, giving you a pat on the shoulder before getting up with Mal who shot you a smile, “Want me to put a spell on them?” She asked, only half joking.

You looked at your boyfriend who shook his head which made you frown, “Sorry Mal, not now.”

The two girls laughed as they walked away, leaving you alone with Jay and Carlos. You three started talking about upcoming exams when a rather annoying voice interrupted.

“And here you have Y/N Heart, daughter of the Queen of Hearts, draped over Jay, son of Jafar. Get used to the sight of this kids, they’re almost never apart; Y/N is always all over him.” Audrey snickered, a group of new kids behind her.

You buried yourself further into Jay, if that was even possible as he spoke up, “We’re dating, Audrey. This is what couples do, I mean, it’s not like you’d know what that’s like.”

The group of kids began laughing, but a glare from Audrey shut them up quick. She huffed and walked away which left you with a small smile.

You slid off of Jay’s lap, much to his dismay and sat on the bench next to him, “Y-You really didn’t have to do that. You know i’m used to it by now.”

Jay frowned as he wrapped an arm around you, “I’m sorry,”

You shrugged and leaned into him, “It’s okay, Jay. I promise i’m fine.”

Your boyfriend knew you were lying and it killed him knowing he couldn’t do anything about it.

TAGS - @toomanybooksnotenoughsleep , @fireandice-sage , @bekahpaik , @lose-a-fight-to-an-alley-cat , @lahey-trash , @mysticsthinking

I know I look crazy...

Alright I may look like a total psychopath but i really would like you opinion

@squirrellygirlart and @mr-hawkmoth 

Because you are me and my sisters idols I would really like your guys thoughts oh and sorry for basically online harassing you Squirrellygirlart    

Anastasia Au

(DISCLAIMER: They are not ladybug and chat noir)

Adrien has been in a orphanage for basically his whole life.

The King and Queen of England (Gabriel and Mama Agreste) are really sad because it’s been 15 years since their child went missing.

Adrien has the same first name though! And can speak english too

He had a lullaby he always remembered (Once upon a dream!!)

Con artist Plagg, his wife Tikki and their daughter Marinette are trying to find a fake Adrien Agreste to give to the family and get a reward

Plagg helped The queen and king escape when the kidnappers got into the palace when they took Adrien 15 years ago and took Adrien’s music box from the queen’s room (he was going to give it to her but they got split up.)

Plagg and Tikki go to jail for stealing money and they get caught so Mari is going to get the Ten Million Euro reward (DAMN) to 1) bail her parents out and 2) have more money.

She finds Adrien and convinces him he is the missing child.

Adrien has a cat named pooka and she comes along (to basically be Anastasia’s dog, if you have seen the movie.)

Her partner Rose Lavillant (yeah deal with it) helps ‘Train adrien’

He runs away with them.

When they get to London she realizes that Adrien is the REAL Adrien Agreste

Mari also realizes she is in love with Adrien.

Adrien finds out that Mari tricked him and thinks she thinks he is not the real adrien.

He gets mad at her and refuses to talk to her and only talks to Rose.

Mari convinces The parents to let Adrien see one of the royal family members.

Adrien meets Gabriel  late at night (like 11:30) in a guarder room in a separate house in London.

Mari argues with the king to see Adrien and gives him the music box.

“I’m done with seeing impostors trying to pull of as my son.”

“I’m no impostor sir! I am Adrien Agreste!”

“Enough with this!”

“Sir please! I am your son!”

“Do you think i’m some fool?!”

“At Least let me see Mrs. Agreste!”

“My wife is to fragile to meet another Imposter! When she found that the first boy who came wasn’t Adrien she was heartbroken!”

Gabriel goes to leave the room

Adrien starts singing his lullaby with the music box

A: “I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream

I know you, that look in your eyes is so familiar a gleam I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream I know you, that look in your eyes is so familiar a gleam. And I know it’s true that visions are seldom all they seem.But if I know you, I know what you’ll do You’ll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream”

Gabriel remembers that him and his wife sang that to Adrien every night before he was taken.

G: “But if I know you, I know what you’ll do. You’ll love me at once. The way you did once upon a dream”


A + G: “I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream I know you, that gleam in your eyes is so familiar a gleam And I know it’s true that visions are seldom all they seem But if I know you, I know what you’ll do You’ll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream”

Gabriel hugs adrien

(Quietly) “You are my son”

Adrien meets His parents


The king and queen offer Rose a job and she accepts

They offer Mari the reward money… but she doesn’t take the money.

“You sent for me, your grace?” Mari asked

“Ten million euros, as promised, and my gratitude.” The King said.

“I accept your gratitude, you highness, But I- I don’t want the money.”

“What do you want then?” The queen asks

“Unfortunately, nothing you can give.”

“Young woman, where did you get the music box? Your father was the man who saved us? Then you restore our son to us, yet you want no reward.”

“Not anymore.”

“Why the change of mind?” The king asks

“It was more of a change of heart…I must go.”

Adrien’s parents are like ‘Damn she hella in love.’

She leaves the room and runs into Adrien on the stairs.

“Hello, Marinette.” Adrien spoke coldly


“Did you collect your reward?”

“My business is complete.’

“Uh, young lady, you will bow.. And address the prince as ‘Your Highness” the servant said

“No that’s not necessary” Adrien said

“Please” Mari responded “Your Highness i’m glad you found what you were looking for.”

“Yes. I’m glad you did too.”

“Well, then, good-bye, your Highness.”

“Good-bye” Adrien spoke quietly.

Mari goes to say bye to rose

“Well, if you’re ever in the scummy part of paris again, look me up.” Mari said “So long Rose.”

They shared a quick embrace

“Ah, Marinette… you’re making a mistake.”

“Trust me… this is the one thing i’m doing right.”

She goes to pet Adrien’s cat

“So long, cat.”

Pooka lets out a whine.

“I can’t stay. I don’t belong here.”

The epic Ball/party/dance starts for Adrien being found.

They are looking through the drapes.

“She’s not there.” The queen spoke to her son.

“Oh, I know she’s not– she, who’s not there mother?”

“A remarkable young woman… whose father found a music box.”

“No, she’s probably too busy spending her reward money as fast as she can.”

The queen looked off quickly before speaking again “Look at them dance… you were born into this world of glittering jewels, and fine titles, but I wonder… if this is what you really want.”

“Of course!” Adrien answered. “Of course it is. I found what I was looking for! I found out who I am, I found you!”

“Yes you did find me– and you’ll always have me–” She pulled Adrien into a tight hug “but is it enough?…. My darling, she didn’t take the money.”

Adrien pulled back, shocked “She-She didn’t?”

“Knowing that you are alive, seeing the man you have become…brings me joy I never thought I could feel again.” She said before giving him a kiss on the forehead.

“Whatever you choose,” The king said walking through the curtains. “We will always be a family.” He walked over to Adrien and kissed his forehead.

“Mother, father, can’t you tell me the–” Adrien turned around to see both of his parents had gone through the curtains, to the dance floor.

He looked through and took a step out, before stepping back.

He hears a noise and pooka hissing

He runs outside to see men with long metal rods ready to beat the living shit out of him, and probably kill him. (They were the guys who abducted him when he was a baby.)

Mari jumps out to defend Adrien and gets beat the shit out of, but the guys left injured.

“Mari” Adrien said flipping the unconscious (Probably dead) girl on her back.

“No.” he cried into his knees facing away from the girl

Mari groans as she gets up, Adrien gasps

He throws his arms out and accidentally slaps her lightly as he goes of a big hug.

“Ow! Let go, let go.” she said before falling back in pain

“Sorry. Sorry”

She groaned as she propped herself on her knees.

“I thought you were going back to paris?” Adrien asked

“I was.” Mari said

“You didn’t take the–”

“I couldn’t.”


Mari leans closer to the blonde boy. “Because… I-”

Adrien started pulling Mari into a kiss

Pooka meows with the crown around his neck.

“Oh…” Mari said before taking the crown off the cat’s neck. She holds in in her hands as she looks at Adrien. They both stand up. “They’re waiting for you.”

He take it from the dark haired girl.


The king puts down the crown made for his son, picking up a note in a room full of guards and servants looking for his son.

Dear father and mother,

Wish me luck. We’ll be together in London again soon.

Love, your son, Adrien Agreste.  

The king passed it to his wife she read it over quickly

“Oh! They’ve eloped! Isn’t it romantic? It’s a perfect ending!”

The king smiled. “No. It’s a perfect beginning.”

The queen goes by his side as the gaze at the stars knowing that their son will be back.


Adrien (still in full prince attire) and Mari are ballroom dancing and then kissing (much to Pookas disgust) on a boat taking them back to paris, but just for a bit, they need to meet a lovely dark haired young woman’s parents.

Adrien picked her up (bridal style) and spun her in circles, Marinette couldn’t contain her giggles.

“Don’t worry London,” Adrien shouted out to the air “We will be back soon!”



Someone goes back in time to make sure adrien’s parents never meet and he goes back to get them together Au

(DISCLAIMER: They are ladybug and chat noir)

Somehow an akuma gets time travel power (Like a time machine, not like time breaker)

They hate Adrien and are all salty and they’re all like “Ha Adrien Agreste i’m going back in time to stop your parents from meeting!”

Adrien and Mari (both transformed) (plus alya and nino cause the get sucked in for some reason) go back in time to 1986 (Both of his parents are 24)

And because the go back in time Adrien and Mari get EXPOSED (Because 16 years ago they didn’t have their kwami) and the gang freaks out for a bit and then adrien’s like “Yo i’m really happy Mari’s ladybug but the akuma kinda wants me dead.”

Adrien’s parents meet at a coffee shop when Gabriel was just a broke design student. (Mama Agreste’s name will be Mia for the sake of the woman having a name)

But the akuma messes it up and thinks that their work is done.

BUTTTT the squad breaks into a concert that Gabe and Mia are going to.


Adrien notices that he’s slowly disappearing.

Mari, Alya and Nino go out into the crowd to try to push the two together

Adrien hijacking the finale performance.

He pulls a Brian in ‘Meet the Quagmires’  


Mia and Gabe walk towards each other thanks to Nino, Mari and Alya’s coaching.

They first meet and Gabriel is like “I know this sounds weird but… can I kiss you?”

“Yes you may”

They leave the concert to go on a real date.

Adrien isn’t disappearing!!

Mari and Adrien kiss in the V-J Day in Times Square style and a photographer gets it.

Because the akuma fails they go back to their time.

Ladybug captures the akuma, blah blah blah

The next day they go to school the next day and they do modern history.

“And here class (on the projector) is a picture from 1986 that got famous for being an inspiration for Gabriel Agreste’s first very popular clothes line. As you see the three pictures are taken as the boy leans in for the kiss. As you can see this was also very popular because it was an interracial couple kissing very similar to the V-J day kiss.” AND ITS ADRIEN AND MARI KISSING BACK IN THE 80’S AND THEY ARE TRYING NOT TO FREAK OUT.

“Nino, Alya, Marinette, and Adrien do you have a comment about this photo?”

Alya dying laughing “No-no we, were good.”

The whole class is like ‘Wtf guys what’s so funny?’

The squad just giggles the rest of the lesson and almost gets kicked out like 70 times.

When class is over Adrien picks up Mari and just runs the fuck out

And is adorable. And everyones like WTF? What happened since yesterday like Mari couldn’t even talk to him and now the are like a couple???

And someone’s like “Hey that couple from the picture kinda look like Mari and Adrien”

Everyone: “…… Nah!”


anonymous asked:

Oooh ooh oooh can you please do Rex/Obi Wan for the celebrity au.

Celebrity au it is!  And by that i mean clearly I had to go the Notting Hill route.

(for the cliche au meme)

The bell Anakin insisted hanging over the door jangled, hopefully signaling Anakin’s successful return from the bakery down the block. Obi-Wan stepped from the back room into the shop proper, frowning down at his cup of lukewarm tea.

“I think it’s time to invest in a new electric kettle,” he said.

“Yeah, judging by that scowl, I’d say that’s a good idea.”

Obi-Wan looked up. “You’re not Anakin,” he said stupidly.

The man smiled and gave a small, disarming shrug. “Sorry to disappoint.”

“You’re not a disappointment,” he said before his brain could intervene. The man wasn’t nearly as tall as Anakin, who hit his growth spurt at fifteen and shot up seven inches in five months, but he had broad shoulders and fairly impressive biceps. He was not, Obi-Wan observed in a strictly objective manner, unattractive, even if he couldn’t decide if the man’s blond hair was natural or bleached.

“That’s good to know.”

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TrekFest 2017

Four times you fell for Bones, and the one time he fell for you, pt2: The Potentate

Word Count: 2178
Tags: @dolamrothianlady, @supermoonpanda, @kirkaholic123, @shewhorunswithfandoms @youdonebeengarthed, @starmission @emmkolenn@auduna-druitt @outside-the-government @yourtropegirl @pinkamour1588@impalaanddemons @flirtswithdanger @southernbellestatues@engineeringtrashcan @rayleyanns @sistasarah-sallysaidso @samaxraph99

The one thing you’d always loathed about your position as an ambassador was the need to attend functions that were only loosely tied to societies you interacted with. Feasts were difficult, as you never knew what delicacy you might have to gag down lest you offend, but parties and balls were your least favourite. So it was with begrudging acquiescence that you prepared for the planetary ball of Malvar III. It was billed as a celebration of the Malvarite delegation choosing to join the Federation. It was really a gala of excesses the Malvarites could barely afford. Choosing the Federation was a no-lose scenario. Their government was on the verge of bankruptcy and joining would allow the economy of the planet to recover significantly from the recession it had been mired in for decades, as new trade partners would become available. They seemed determined, despite your assurances that there was no need for the fete, to empty the treasury showing the Federation they were somehow worthy.

You checked your reflection in the mirror one last time. The only benefit you could find to the evening was that it gave you an excuse to wear something more comfortable than your ceremonial ambassadorial robes. Which said a lot about their comfort, considering you were poured into a slinky little black dress and a strappy pair of heels.

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Brayden Schenn - Smooth talker.

Originally posted by jamie-the-schennergy-trashcan

Omg can you please do # 5 from the prompt list (“You said my name in your sleep.”) with Brayden schenn I would love you forever.

“Dinner was great Brayden. Thank you again. Who ever said you weren’t a good cook was a lie.” You smiled as you stood on your tiptoe to kiss his lips.

“Thank you.” He grinned as he wrapped his arms around you.

“Well, I better be going, before the rain starts.” You said placing your shoes back on your feet, but as you opened the front door you had saw that the rain was already starting. Crap, you thought. My windshield wiper don’t work well enough for this.

“I think you should stay here tonight. The rain is suppose to go all night and I know for a fact that your wipers are shit.” He said looking outside from behind you. It was like he was reading your mind.  

You and Brayden had been going out for about a year. Yet, within that year you and him never have actually slept in the same bed. You weren’t sure why it felt worrisome to, I mean after all he has already seen you naked. He must have felt the same way.

“It’s just sleep.” he smiled pulling you towards his room.

“Okay. Fine.” You smiled as you took off your shoes before following Brayden to his room.

You loved his room. It was your favorite room of the whole house. His walls were the a lapis blue, with cream color drapes on the his window. He had a queen size bed in the middle of the room, with deep red sheets. A small closet was towards the right of the bed.  His hockey gear was all over the room, along with photo’s of you and him. His favorite photo of you laid next to his side of the bed.

You smiled as you took a seat on the bed.

“How about these for sleep.” He smiled as he handed you a pair of his shorts along with a shirt of his.

Thank you.” You said before standing up to change. You could hear Brayden move around the room to get ready for bed, before you felt his looking. You turned to see him smiling as he stared at you. A blush made it’s way onto your cheeks.

“What?” You said placing the shirt over your head.

“Nothing, You’re just beautiful.” He said as he crawled into bed.

“Such a smooth talker.” You joked as you climbed into bed next to him.

“I know.” He smiled as he wrapped his arms around you resting his chin on your shoulder.

“This is kind of…nice.” You said placing a kiss on his arm. “We should do this more often.” You yawned.

“I like that idea.” He grinned before placing a kiss to your neck. “Goodnight Y/N.”

“Goodnight Brayden.”


You weren’t sure why you woke up, but you did. You looked around at the dark room, panic filled you for a moment as you tried to find out where you where. Once you realized you snuggled back into the bed.

“Y/N.” Brayden moaned.

“What?” You said confused. You were hoping you didn’t wake his with your moving.

“Y/N.” He said once more.

You turned around a little to see what he wanted only to see that your boyfriend was actually asleep. You could hear little snores leaking out of his mouth. You laid there still wondering if you actually heard him say your name.

“Y/N.” He said once more.


“Hmmm good morning babe. Now I could really get use to this.” He said as he pulled you closer to his chest.

“Good morning.” You giggled as you rested your head on his chest.

“Sleep well?”

“I did actually. You?”

“Better than ever.” He smiled looking down at you.

“You sure?”

“Yeah, why?”

“I don’t know.” You said looking down. “You were saying my name in your sleep last night.”
He just looked down at you with a smile.

“What?” You asked looking confused.

“I had a dream that you and I were…um…we were getting married. It was nice.” He smiled placing a kiss to your head.

You couldn’t help but smile and hide your face in his chest.

“You’re such a smooth talker.” You giggled.


chibilenalee25  asked:

Hello, now that you have received a request for a message, I asked the last time if I wanted a follow-up to Dave's fic and if I want it: D is great and I leave a lot of questions about what Dave is going to do, (I have no idea if I had already I send the same message I'm sorry if I already did, I'm kind of forgetful and I do not remember)

Of course I can! No you haven’t asked for this yet, I hope you enjoy this! I’ve been hoping for a continuation request lol.

Read the last one here!

“You know he doesn’t love you.” Tom stopped short when he heard the voice behind him. “You know that a human could never, ever, care about something like us, like YOU.” Tom turned around and narrowed his eyes at Dave.

“Why do you keep trying to convince me of this?” Tom asked.

“I don’t need to convince you of anything. Because you know it’s true. You know you’re unlovable, you know you are a mistake, in your family’s eyes, so why should Marco be any different?” Dave asked. Tom clenched his fist and looked away, trying not to rage at the older demon.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about.” Tom hissed. “You don’t know anything about Marco.” He continued, his eyes were beginning to light up.

“No, but you do.” Dave smirked. “If you truly believed I was wrong, you wouldn’t be so angry right now, you ‘d just go on your way. But you believe that Marco doesn’t love you. That’s why hearing me say it cuts you so deep.” He explained. Tom’s eyes lit up totally and he made a fist with fire surrounded by them.

He was about to rage, attack, do SOMETHING, but he didn’t. Tom just growled at this older cousin and turned away, leaving.


Marco opened the door to the front door and let out a gasp when Tom tackled him in a hug. “Tom! What’s gotten into you?” Marco giggled, but stopped when he saw Tom was in tears. Marco wrapped Tom up in a hug and held him close. “Tommy, are you okay?” Marco asked. Tom sniffled and pulled Marco closer.

“Please tell me you love me, please just say it?” Tom sobbed. Marco gasped and held his demon close.

“Oh Tommy, you know I adore you.” He promised. “I love you more than anything.” He assured, covering him in kisses. Tom sniffled and wiped away more tears. “Was your family telling you those awful things again?” Marco asked, beginning to look angry. Tom nodded and marco wrapped him up securely. “What were they saying?” Marco asked.

“He said you don’t love me and…” Tom broke off in tears and Marco held him close, rubbing his back.

“There, there, it’s okay.” Marco hushed. He looked at his demon and sighed. “You look so tired. My poor demon, come here you need some rest.” Marco told him. He sat on the couch and patted the spot next to him. Tom smiled and put his head down on Marco’s lap, closing his eyes. Marco stroked his hair and covered him in kisses. “I love you, Tom.”


Tom stayed curled up on the couch with his head resting on Marco’s lap for near an hour, fast asleep. Marco brushed Tom’s hair aside and looked down at him lovingly. He didn’t stop the soothing motion when he heard a noise. Marco didn’t look up, he didn’t have to, he knew who was there. “Get out.” Marco still had a calm tone.

“Again, Marco. Not the welcoming type, are you?” Dave asked. Marco narrowed his eyes.

“Oh I’m very welcoming, to those I actually care about.” he seethed, but then went back to petting his demon’s head. “Dave, I am warning you, if you wake up my prince I am going to kill you.” Marco said in an eerily calm voice.

“Oh I wouldn’t dream of it.” Dave smirked and put his arms up defensively. “I’m not here to start a fight, just talk, make an offer actually.” Dave corrected himself.

“You’re offering to leave my home and never harm my Tommy again? I accept, thank you, you may leave.” Marco dismissed Dave and the demon narrowed his eyes.

“No, Marco. I want to make you a different offer.” He explained. “To be a highly honored person in the underworld kingdom, more so than any common prince.” He grinned, and Marco stopped, confused. “You know as well as I do that Tom has something I want, he’s the heir. And he very well shouldn’t be. Which is why I’ve been working so hard at… chipping him down, trying to get him to fall before he reaches the top, so I can beat him there.” Dave explained.

“You’re disgusting.” Marco spat, he felt Tom’s hair and made sure he remained asleep during this. “You work hard on harming and abusing your little cousin to the point of breaking, just so you can be the heir.” Marco recapped.

“Marco, life is a business, and you have to make wise choices to succeed.” He told him. “And my offer is for you to achieve the highly honored position, the queen of the underworld, in return for one small favor.” Dave grinned. “You will be loved! Adored, and everything you could ever want will be handed to you. You’ll royalty, but without any of those dull and annoying responsibilities.” Dave tempted.

“And what horrible thing do you want for me to do to get that?” Marco asked, not willing already. He didn’t need to hear.

“It’s become a chore to break Tom, especially with you building him back up each time.” Dave explained. “So if you could help me out that would be great.”

“Help you out?” Marco asked. Dave rolled his eyes.

“Leave him! Tell him what I know is true, you don’t love him! How could you? When you could have anyone better?” Dave asked. “You are his one last supporting beam. The only thing he loves and relies on. If you leave him he’ll crumble, he’ll fall and then his father will see how weak he really is!” Dave explained. “Then the heir will become me, and you, my dear sweet Marco, I will make my queen.” Dave offered.

Marco held still for a very long time and draped his arm over Tom, who was still sleeping on his lap. “I thought I made this very clear last time you tried to win me over and get me to break Tom’s heart.” Marco spoke. “And you are very lucky that my little love-bug is asleep on my lap right now, because if he weren’t, I would get up and tear you apart.” Marco threatened.

“You could have anything you wanted as my queen!” Dave reminded. “Anything! The perfect life! Why throw that away for him?” He asked. Marco seethed at the demon.

“My life would be nowhere near perfect without Tom. And you know that. And that drives you crazy.” Marco hissed. “I don’t want anything except him, and him to be happy.” Marco admitted, holding the sleeping demon a little closer. “Now please, go, because I already told you what I would do to you if you woke up Tom.” Marco reminded. “He’s tired from everything you put him through, now please go, and just let him get some rest.” Marco demanded.

“Humans never learn. Never.” Dave gritted his teeth. “I made you an offer before, I make you an offer now, and both times you said ‘no’ to accommodate… HIM!” He shouted. Tom stirred and Marco scratched his ears to get him to relax again. A death-stare from Marco was all he needed to back away, afraid.

“You better leave, because Tom won’t be asleep forever, and once he wakes up I’ll be able to get up and attack you.” Marco threatened. “Get out of here, I’m a red belt.”

Presents for a King

It was the first day of the new year, the first in a new century. King Joffrey would marry Lady Margaery today.

Queen Cersei solemnly presented Joff with the wife’s cloak that he would drape over Margaery’s shoulders. “It is the cloak I donned when your father took me for his queen, the same cloak my mother Lady Joanna wore when wed to my lord father.”

 Sansa thought it looked threadbare, if truth be told, but perhaps because it was so used.

Then it was time for gifts. It was traditional in the Reach to give presents to bride and groom on the morning of their wedding:

Golden bows and red leather jousting saddles, a huge chalice and even whole ships were promised. Joffrey was pleased and even smiled when thanking the Lords and Ladies.

 He plays the gracious king today. Joffrey could be gallant when it suited him, Sansa knew, but it seemed to suit him less and less. 

Indeed, all his courtesy vanished at once when Tyrion presented him with their own gift: a huge old book called Lives of Four Kings

“And what is this, Uncle?”

 "Grand Maester Kaeth’s history of the reigns of Daeron the Young Dragon, Baelor the Blessed, Aegon the Unworthy, and Daeron the Good,“ her small husband answered. "A book every king should read, Your Grace.”

"If you read less, Uncle Imp, perhaps Lady Sansa would have a baby in her belly by now.” He laughed. “Don’t be sad, Sansa, once I’ve gotten Queen Margaery with child I’ll visit your bedchamber and show my little uncle how it’s done.”

 Sansa reddened. She glanced nervously at Tyrion, afraid of what he might say.

  Lord Tywin waited until last to present the king with his own gift: a longsword.

 King Joffrey looked as if he wanted to kill someone right then and there, he was so excited. He slashed at the air and laughed. “I name it Widow’s Wail!” he cried. “Yes! It shall make many a widow, too!”

 Joffrey brought Widow’s Wail down in a savage twohanded slice, onto the book that Tyrion had given him. The heavy leather cover parted at a stroke. “Sharp! I told you, I am no stranger to Valyrian steel.” It took him half a dozen further cuts to hack the thick tome. Sansa could feel her husband struggling with his fury.

 "Your Grace,“ Tyrion said. "Perhaps you did not know. In all of Westeros there were but four copies of that book.”

 "Now there are three. You and Lady Sansa owe me a better present, Uncle Imp. This one is all chopped to pieces.“

From George RR Martin’s A Storm of Swords Chapter 59 (Sansa IV) - edited.


Out of the Shadows (Raydan x Kenna)

Prompt: ‘Some souls just understand each other upon meeting’
Story: The Crown and the Flame
Ship: Raydan x Kenna
Summary: Kenna of Stormholt arrives in Aurelia for the first time and Raydan can’t look away. (Raydan’s PoV of Book 1, Chapter 7)

This is my response to this week’s #ChoicesCreates, hosted by @hollyashton and  @pixelchoices. I wasn’t too sure about this fic as I was writing it, although I’m pretty happy with the final result. I hope you enjoy it!

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Queen of Mirkwood cosplay wip - 1 
So my fabrics, buttons and crown accessories finally arrived yay! I loooove the silver and white fabric, it’s just perfect! I gave it a quick drape and pinned on the button just to see how the fabric would blend together and I think it really works! The three sketches ( 3rd pic) are the costumes I plan to make with the first two costumes of the inner dress interchangeable, since I do want a costume where the Queen wears a pure silver/grey palette. Going to start making the pattern next!

A Towering Stack of Blankets

Prompt: Domestic- Day 5 of Sanvers Week

Our favorite de-aged couple look to their sitter, Lucy Lane, for entertainment.

A/N: This is a follow up to my Chapter 2/ SanversWeek Day 2 story where Alex and Maggie get turned into 7-year-olds and try to marry each other. That’s about all the backstory you need to enjoy this, but feel free to read the preceding story for more details!

“Kara, what do you mean you need another day?” Lucy whispered furiously into the phone ensuring that the two sleeping children were not woken.

“J’onn and I are still trying to find who did this to them. And, we definitely need to find them because even if Winn and Lena’s device works who’s to say they won’t try to hurt them again.”

A flare of pain could be seen in Lucy’s eyes as she imagined hurt befalling the two, debatably sweet, seven-year-olds passed out on her couch.

“Fine, they can stay here again. But what am I supposed to do? I need to come into work,” Lucy hurriedly whispered watching as Alex tossed in her sleep- a frown visible on the young girl’s face.

“Don’t worry about work right now. J’onn told me to tell you he has gotten it taken care of. Your most important job right now is looking after Alex and Maggie.” Kara’s intonation carried a firm, don’t disappoint me, quality that, unless listened to closely, would invoke apprehension in even the most stoic of military personnel. Lucy, however, was a good listener and could hear the panicked undertone beneath the tough pretense.

“Kara, they are doing okay. Just breathe. I’ll be here making sure they are cared for and you will find who did this to them. You hear me?” Lucy replied in a kind tone, though one that left no room for disagreement.

“Yea- I uh- just- Thanks Luce,” Kara’s voice broke upon thanking Lucy, “and just, if you could, tell the girls I love them…please?”

Upon hearing Kara’s shifting tone, Lucy’s voice grew lighter, “Of course Kar, and trust me…I have the most amazing videos and photos to show you of their shenanigans. We will have blackmail material for the rest of our lives.”

With a hearty chuckle, Kara replied, “I can’t wait to see it all. I wish I could be there with them…with you all really. Thank you again for doing this for me- well for them- for all of us.”

Smirking at the girl’s stumbling words, Lucy replied, “No trouble at all… Supergirl. Why don’t I let you go so you can find the people that did this to our mischief makers?”

And with that, Kara gave a hurried “Ah, ye- yes of course…superheroing- must- uh- go do that! Thanks again!” before quickly ending the call.

Staring at the phone with a bemused expression, Lucy didn’t notice that her couch was now empty of children. However, the particular pitter patter of light steps left no doubt in her mind that the kids were up and about.

Scanning the room, it was plain to see that they had made it out of the living room and were either in her bedroom or the bathroom. Calling out, Lucy hollered, “Alex? Maggie? Girls…where are you?”

The steps got louder as two tiny bodies came into sight racing up to the unpolished sitter.

“Ms. Lucy! Ms. Lucy! Mags and I had to go potty…and we find your bathroom…and it was sooooo big!” Alex proclaimed spreading her hands outwards in an attempt to physically show just how large she thought the room was.

Bending down to eye level, Lucy questioned, “Do- uh- you both- I mean to say- are you- uhm- able to use the potty alone?” Giving herself a mental pat on the back for being able to ask one of her top agents and friends about her bathroom abilities, Lucy held her breathe waiting for the response.

Pout forming on her face, Alex crossed her arms in front of her chest and proclaimed, “Ugh, Ms. Lucy we are seven not three!” Grasping Maggie’s hand, Alex led them back into the living room and onto the couch.

Quizzically looking after the girls, Lucy muttered to herself, “oh, of course, they are seven…that clears that up,” before standing up and following after the kids.

Taking a seat on the ottoman in front of the couch, Lucy looked at the girls as they stared at her with mirrored expressions of intrigue.

“So, I was- uh- thinking. I could make us breakfast and then maybe we could watch more cartoons today? How does that sound?” Lucy questioned the girls with a plastered enthusiastic smile that looked more pained than anything else.

Only just opening up with Lucy, Maggie looked to Alex for help responding. “Can we play a game instead?” Alex replied knowing that Maggie was just as tired of watching cartoons as she was.

Grimacing, Lucy said, “Of course…games…I have those…for children…” as she gave an exhaustive scan of her stark apartment. “Or, uhm- well- I have an idea. Let’s eat breakfast and then we can get to the games.”

“Is Ms. Lucy cold?” Maggie whispered to Alex confused at their caretaker’s actions.

With raised eyebrows, Alex turned to Maggie, “Maybe she’s sick? Momma always covers me in lottsa blankets when I’m sick.”

Looking at her sock clad feet, Maggie frowned, “My mom never does that.”

Seeing her friends distress, Alex was quick to say, “Well, were married now! So I’ll cover you in blankets if you get sick! And, oh! I’ll bring you soup too. Do you like soup?” Realizing she didn’t know if her newly minted wife enjoyed soup, Alex questioned Maggie’s food preferences with a wide eyed look as she waited for a response.

Frowning, Maggie looked down, “I dunno. I don’t think I’ve had it before.”

Looking ready to cry, Alex made to reply when she was cut off by Lucy.

“I think I have all the blankets we need!” Carrying an arms-load of blankets through the living room, Lucy was hard to see with a queen sized comforter draped over her head like a large thick shawl.

“Ms. Lucy, are you sick?” Alex questioned.

“Yeah, is that why you have all the blankets,” Maggie added with a mumble, feeling particularly social for the moment.

Looking at the puzzled faces of the kids before her, Lucy was quick to say, “Oh no- ah- that is- no I’m not sick!” And with that proclamation, Lucy let go of the towering stack of blankets so that they fell onto the ottoman in front of the children. “These blankets are for our fort!”

Alex looked delighted, while Maggie remained mystified.

Removing the last blanket that was draped around her head, Lucy sat next to the messy pile and began to explain for Maggie’s sake, “We are going to take these blankets and set them up like a tent with a bunch of pillows! Then we can tell stories and play games in it.”

With a doleful veneer, Maggie replied, “That sounds like camping. I’m not allowed to go camping.” Alex’s face dropped, filling with anguish at the sound of Maggie’s broken voice.

Lucy, filled with fury towards the elder Sawyers, was quick to comfort Maggie. “I’m your babysitter today and I say everyone gets to play in the fort. Okay Maggie? That includes you too. It wouldn’t be as much fun if you didn’t play with us.”

Jumping on Lucy’s words, Alex rapidly chimed in, “Yeah! I don’t want to play if you don’t play with us.”

Peering up at Lucy, Maggie questioned, “I can- Are you sure? I won’t get in trouble?”

Moving to sit next to Maggie on the couch, Lucy hesitantly took the frozen girl into her arms, making sure she was okay with being held, and said, “Oh honey, you will never get in trouble with me for playing. You are supposed to play and have fun at your age.”

Alex shuffled closer onto the couch, staring at the scene before her. Noticing Alex’s unusually timid behavior, Lucy opened her arms wider and gestured for Alex to join the hug.

Looking at Maggie as though to ask for permission, Alex moved in quickly to hug the girl when Maggie stretched out her arms.

Giving them both a light squeeze, Lucy said, “Well, whose ready to make a fort.”

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A Cat, a Fox, and a Bee walk into a Bakery 11

Marinette felt that she had every right to be nervous.

The night had already started out strange.  Instead of invading her bedroom and making a sizable dent in the leftover pastries from the bakery, like usual, all three heroes had tugged her out onto her balcony. There, they had laid out a soft blanket, and had an honest-to-kwami picnic basket sitting on it.

“We thought it might be nice to eat up here for tonight,” Vixen had said, her grin having just a little bit too much of a tinge of mischief for Marinette to really trust it.

“And we thought that we’d feed you for a change,” Chat added, yelping as he got distracted in the middle of lighting candles ranged all around the safety fence of her balcony and the match burned down and singed the tips of his claws.  Grumbling, he stepped on the match to make sure it was out while shaking out his hand to cool it.

“Besides, it’s a nice night out,” Queen Bee said, her wings open and occasionally buzzing in the breeze, although not long enough or hard enough to lift off.

Marinette was waiting for the shoe to drop while not being particularly sure that it had even been let go.

And things got even weirder from there.

Look, as heroes they had all quickly dispensed with personal space bubbles with each other.  When you were fighting an akuma, you couldn’t get nervous about picking up and throwing each other at the akuma touching each other in the middle of a fight where failure meant, at best, some shiny new bruises.  Marinette had gotten used to them flopping all over each other for movie nights.

This, though, was something else.  Queenie had never reached over and scritched behind Chat or Vixen’s ears before, and Marinette had to do a double take to make sure she was seeing it right.

Not just that.  Chat nudging his nose against Vixen and Queen Bee’s necks, and Vixen draping herself completely over all of their laps, tail twitching in satisfaction.  They were all being extra touchy-feely tonight.

She glanced suspiciously at her drink.  She was fairly sure that they wouldn’t have added anything extra, but…

“So, um… We all kind of wanted to talk with you.” Vixen spoke up once the food had been demolished (put any amount of food in front of four teen superheroes who burn ungodly amounts of calories fighting akuma and it doesn’t last long).

There’s that shoe.’ Marinette thought, setting her drink down. “Go ahead.”

“All of us talked to each other, and we decided that, well…” Chat nervously rubbed the back of his head with a hand.  “We decided that we all really like each other.  In that way.  So, we decided to try dating.”

Marinette took a second to process this.  Well, that certainly explained why they were all apparently feeling extra cuddly.  She was just opening her mouth to congratulate them when Queen Bee raised a hand.

“We’re not done.” The normally prickly heroine took a bracing breath.  “We also all agreed that we like you.”

“And we wanted to ask you if you want to date us,” Vixen finished.

Marinette’s jaw dropped, and her face flushed hot.  “I, buh… Chat, what about Ladybug?” She finally got out, latching onto the first thing that popped into her head.

The feline-themed hero grimaced.  “I’m not going to lie, I’m still attracted to her… but Ladybug has made it really clear that she’s not interested in me that way.  And I’m tired of being alone, and… I’m selfish, and I want to be happy,” He admitted lowly at the end, ears splayed to the side and looking down.

Marinette felt a flash of guilt, unaware of how she had been unintentionally hurting her Kitty. Still, her mind raced, and she blurted out “How would this even work?! I mean, you couldn’t exactly drag me along on dates while suited up.”

All three shuffled, and finally Vixen spoke up.  “I, at least, was… kind of hoping that I could tell you guys who I am.  Because I know you, outside of the suit, and-“

“Wait-wait-wait.” Chat broke in.  “You know Marinette outside the suit too?”

Vixen and Chat gaped at each other, and were only distracted by Queen Bee’s head dropping into her hands.


“I know Marinette, too.” Came the muffled reply.  “How much do you want to bet that whoever gave us these things planned that?”

Vixen blinked, then covered her mouth to try and hide her sudden giggles.  “Oh gods… you mean we probably all know each other outside the masks?”

“Anyways…” Marinette raised her voice a little to try and get the conversation back on track.  “One, it’s not safe for me to know your identities. And two, I already like someone.”

Vixen gave a small snort. “How long have you liked this person without doing anything about it?”

Marinette’s jaw dropped, and everyone missed Chat’s quiet ‘Seriously, who does she have a crush on?’ in the background as the girl crossed her arms and glared indignantly at Vixen.  “I’m working on it!”

“Well…” Queen Bee smirked, and Marinette felt a flash of apprehension.  It didn’t bode well for people when Queenie was smirking.  “How about this?  Since you’re not making any progress with that crush of yours, let us try and court you until you do.”

“It’s win-win for you,” Vixen added hurriedly when it looked like Marinette was about to shoot the idea down.  “You get incentive to finally confess to your crush, and you get attention from the three most attractive heroes in Paris, bar Ladybug herself.”  The fox heroine got up on all fours and crawled over, flopping down across Marinette’s lap and doing her best impression of puppy-dog eyes. “Give us a chance to convince you.”

Marinette hesitated, glancing at the other two.  Chat was doing his own pitiful kitten face, and even Queen Bee looked more earnest than she had ever seen her.

“… Fine.  But no revealing your identities, okay?  It’s too dangerous.”

Chat and Vixen whooped as they happily tackled Marinette to the blanket, hugging her tightly.  Queen Bee turned her nose up and scoffed, only to yelp when Vixen’s tail snaked up and around her waist to yank her into the hug pile.

Marinette wasn’t sure whether she was already regretting this.

anonymous asked:

Ooh awesome!!! Tysm! I always thought that they become 100 percent more willing to do impulsive crap when they're together so maybe having a quiet secret wedding at Telma's with their friends right before their royal wedding??? Idk something like that!

Nonny you genius! I’m setting this in the same universe as my Zelda sneaks out of the Castle to go see Link fic you don’t have to have read that one first to understand this one

 This took way longer than I thought it would, and ended up being way longer than I thought it would.

 Hope you enjoy.

It took him a few months to realise it, but Link hated weddings.

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