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A Guide To Greek Gods and Heroes:
  • Apollo: trash
  • Jason: trash
  • Medea: dubiously evil queen of my heart
  • Agamemnon: dead trash
  • Clytemnestra: takes out the trash
  • Zeus: walk of shame incarnate
  • Hermes: little shit
  • Hestia: literally no one talks about her
  • Artemis: #misandry
  • Hera: woman, scorned
  • Hades: goth wannabe shit baby
  • Persephone: Per-Step-On-Me
  • Ares: God Of War ™
  • Aphrodite: Walk Walk Fashion Baby
  • Cronus: hide yo kids, hide yo wife
  • Athena: i feel like she plays baseball probably
  • Achilles: I Love My Dead Gay Son
  • Patroclus: “Geez Achilles find your chill.” 
  • Orpheus: Gay
  • Hephaestus: allll byyyy myyyyseeEEEeelf
  • Heracles: why does no one talk about him mucking out those stables?
  • Odysseus: total piece of shit
  • Chiron: tired of everyone’s shit
  • Hecate: my wife

  • Patroclus (alt.): Oh look at that. I’ve been impaled.
  • Poseidon: I think you mean Broseidon, bro to the fishes and ponies
  • Dionysus: ambiguously queer and perpetually sloshed
  • Oedipus: the loser of every ‘yo momma’ battle
  • Ajax: Stronger than Grease ™ <-soap reference in case it’s too obscure
  • Circe: basically that scene in Monty Python where all the evil ladies wanna bang
  • Tiresias: Bet he didn’t see that one coming.
  • Cassandra: got the short end of every stick
  • Antigone: that play from high school english that everyone sparknoted
  • Cerberus: whozagoodboyden
  • Hyacinth: what kind of asshole gets killed by a discus?
  • Hippolytus: a fedora sporting MRA
  • Romulus: moon
  • Remus: moon
  • Narcissus: Treat Yo Self

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Ok, the Split Queen was sent to the au wish-verse which is apparently ongoing, so... does that mean that the wish verse Evil Queen that was banished by the (now dead) wish!Charmings can maybe come back from her exile and then there will be THREE Reginas???

Oprah voice:  “You get a Regina, and you get a Regina, and you get one … EVERYONE GETS A REGINA!”


Women of Color in Thriller/Mystery/Fantasy TV Shows!

Nicole Beharie as Abbie Mills on Sleepy Hollow
Meagan Tandy as Braeden on Teen Wolf
Jada Pinkett Smith as Fish Mooney on Gotham
Angela Bassett as Romana Royale on American Horror Story Hotel
Kat Graham as Bonnie Bennett on The Vampire Diaries
KeKe Palmer as Zayday on Scream Queens
Jill Marie Jones as Amanda Fisher on Ash Vs. Evil Dead
Danai Gurira as Michonne on The Walking Dead
Viola Davis as Annalise Keating on How to Get Away With Murder
Kelita Smith as Warren on Z Nation

That time Selûne gave our living ship some divine fuel

We had commandeered a magic galleon (ship) from underneath the throneroom of one of two queens of immense power that ruled the kingdom our characters were located in.
(That happened at our third session with second level characters)
After some sessions of an arena battle in a dwarven kingdom in the underdark on another planet, infiltrating a first-rate ship-of-the-line, landing in the middle of a battle between the ice magician captain of the ship and a massive dragonborn, stealing back a magic object (a source of water) for the dwarves aswell as some power crystals, and being sent into the heart of a tower in the middle of the capital city where we learned that the queens were dead and an evil dragon lived there, we were randomly sent to a destination after a player convinced an npc to send us away, while the rest tried to stop him.
This spent almost all the power crystals the ship had left.
After some checks on the ship, trying to figure out where we were, and spotting a fog rolling up at us with a speed twice that of our ship at top speed,

Preparing one of the four magic cannons on the right side, we put our broadside against the fog, waiting for anything.
Out of the fog, a ship appeared.

After one of out Thieflings cast floating lights, it was a ship just about the size of our own, only shot to pieces and rotten.

One of the two Paladins of Selûne, a human, threw one of the five dwarven npcs over to the other ship, before jumping over himself, shield in one hand, wearing only pants and a shortsword at his side.

As no one else joined over, the Paladin walked through the fog before finding the dwarf holding a skull. A dwarf skull. With several bones of thieflings and dwarves all around. This was our ship.

Jumping back with the dwarf, the Paladin notice the dwarf did not return with him. He explains fast what happened, before jumping back, four dwarf npcs and a warlock player jumping after, we find a black chest where the dwarf was, and some sort of medallion hanging far up above in the mast.
Out of the fog flies a chest, hitting an npc human sailor in the chest, as a warlock appears far above in the mast our own ship.
The Paladin is about to search further when the ship starts spinning.
With the fog, the rotten ship flies up into the air, and with all the dwarves suddenly having disappeared, he had no choice but to jump, landing just well enough to only take a small amount of damage..
Out of danger and without anyone with lockpicking skills nor tools, the Paladin borrows a piton from one of the other players and smash it into the keyhole of the chest he threw over, using a maul and thunderous smite.

The chest flies through the air, while the Paladin shouts “Again!“ with everyone around him facepalming.

The group’s now npc bard (until one of our players return) puts a slightly magic dagger into the lock, that melts the piton and makes itself stuck, which the Paladin, again, smash. With the same maul, divine smite, and a natural 20, sending it half-way through a wall in the back of the ship, opened slightly.

Out of the chest appears the ghost of one of the dwarves.
As this happened, a spellbook that was attached to the ship suddenly comes alive, telling us to destroy this spirit.

Having no reason not to trust a spellbook, we pull the chest forward and the warlock, without thinking, picks up a crystal in the chest and throws it at the mast of the ship, killing the spirit..
Immediately after hitting, the mast starts to rot, just like the other ship.

The first paladin tries to heal it, while the other prays to Selûne.
Praying: DM rolls a D20. Player Rolls a D20. Both land on 20.
From the heavens a light springs forth as an energybeam shoots down into the mast, turning it white.

The first Paladin walks down to the power source to find that out of the three crystals that stood in the slots, where one was at a very dim light, whilst the two others had no light at all, now all three shone brighter than they had when we took them.

And with divine fuel we’re going back to kick heretic ass and save a dwarven kingdom.

Drawn to the Fire (6/7) - DOQ Week Day 6: I Miss You/Reunited (rated T)

Not a part of Flicker Beat, though perhaps it’s an alternate universe of Flicker Beat. DOQ happened after 4b, there is no Peanut, but Hades and the Crystal Dildo of Doom still happens. @doqweek

Summary: Regina brings wish!Robin back to Storybrooke, and the three of them struggle to make things work.

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Drawn to the Fire (Day 6: I Miss You/Reunited)

When she first saw him with Regina, it seemed too good to be true. Her mouth hung open in surprise, her entire being welling with emotion, because he wasn’t supposed to be here. They had tried so hard, done so many things to bring him back after Hades, after that fucking crystal took him from them, and they’d failed. It was impossible to resurrect the dead, even for dragons and evil queens. But there he was, right beside Regina, coming down the street like he hadn’t even been gone, and—

He looks different.

His hair is darker, and he’s wearing attire more suited to the Enchanted Forest, and he smells different, too. Still like forest, but a different forest, and with the stale scent of ale clinging to him.

He’s not their Robin.

Regina has to introduce them, because he doesn’t know her, he doesn’t know anything because he’s not theirs. Maleficent’s mind races the entire time, barely able to hear any words, not even catching his quip about how lucky the other Robin was, because how is this possible, how can he be here but not be here, and what about Roland? What about their daughter?

She can’t believe Regina’s brought him here, this imposter, even as her heart flutters traitorously at the sight of him.

They’d learned there was nothing they could do to bring him back, that he was lost forever, but… here he is.

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