the queen has finally announced that it's time

1989 has been out for 6 months.

Time to reminisce!

Me after the live chat:

Me after being graced with the full album and listening once a million times through

Me after seeing how many of my friends “finally realized” knew all along taylor swift was indeed the queen of music not pop or country but music 

Me once it was announced Taylor hit 1.287 Million in the first 24 hours

Me after Shake it off, Blank Space and Style’s video premieres

and NOW we bring us to today.. ME awaiting the 8 long tiresome days until the TOUR COMMENCES

taylorswift lets just say its been a long six months (lol I HAD TO) and I’m immensely proud of you each and every day. Here’s to the next 6 months filled with touring, more surprises and amazing career changing moves!