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5 September 2017

Ravenclaw tower, floor of the common room

Hi Lily,

Luna did not exaggerate at all when she told you about Ravenclaw tower, it is the best place ever! Even better than WWW or the Burrow, and I am not sorry at all to say that a big part of my writing today will be a rant about Ravenclaw.

I’ll start with the spiral staircase leading to the bronze knocker, which is hell and way too long. If I hadn’t been reading all about the global obesity epidemic last christmas I would have demanded an escalator to be installed. The thing has more than one hundred steps! It’s pure torture!

Then, when you’ve finally mounted the stairs you reach the knocker and it asks a riddle. So far I haven’t found one I couldn’t solve yet but I think it changes in difficulty depending on who wants to enter. It’s a nice confidence boost anyway.

The common room is totally worth the trouble even when you do need to wait hours before you can enter. The ceiling always depicts the night sky and so does the fluffy carpet on the floor that cleans itself and is amazing to lie down on and write (as I am doing now). Despite the dark sky the room is still very light with arched windows and couches that manage to be both perfect for studying and for sleeping.

I think some of my housemates sleep in the common room more often than the dorms, which is weird considering how amazing they are. Queen size beds, desk with a view, a personal extendable set of shelves… It is heaven. My theory is that Rowena Ravenclaw made our dorms extra comfy because otherwise we would never emerge from the library again. At least I know I wouldn’t. It is like my mothers library but bigger and better and maybe a little bit less illegal (not much though).

I do miss my mother. I miss my dad too of course, but at least he was at the platform to see me off. I forgot to tell you but my mom wasn’t. Another department head went into early labour and the Chinese minister of magic was visiting so she had to leave. I understood that of course, but still, I missed her goodbye hug.

Now I need to end my letter because one of my new friends is hugging me to death after reading over my shoulder (Rude Flint, Rude! Never heard of privacy?). Apparently getting hot chocolate when you’re sad is mandatory here.

Still with the most love, Rose Granger-Weasley

Ps. Wow, just a little bit of love? How petty of you.

Pps. But I did won so I don’t care. What’s the love of a family worth compared to my giant victory anyway?

Ppps. Angelina Flint here, sorry for dragging your cousin away but she was looking really sad. Also divorced parents suck, go buy yourself some ice cream and please send that howler, I would love nothing more than to see your brother’s face when he gets it


Now that Littlefinger lost he is ENTP? He is clearly INTJ: cautious, calculating, focused, suspicious. Littlefinger’s books are ENTJ, much more charismatic, communicative and less suspicious than the series. Stop devising INTJs.

Stop ultra-simplifying Ni into a list of traits any type can have and calling it INTJ.

Being focused, cautious, calculating, and suspicious does not make you INTJ.

I’m willing to debate INFJ as a strong possibility, but show Petyr is not a strong Te user and it was never anywhere more apparent than in his downfall.

Whenever a character is wildly inconsistent due to writing, I look at the overall methods they use and compare them to a solid character of their potential type from another franchise.

My go-to for villain INTJs is Cardinal Richelieu from The Musketeers, hands down the BEST evil INTJ in recent television, because his NiTe shows literally in every episode. If you want to study the INTJ ‘villain’ mindset, start there. It’s flawless. Those writers know how immoral Te works and were consistent in his characterization and thought processes.

I won’t waste your time (and mine) with long comparisons, so I’ll focus instead on both men’s downfalls and their responses.

When the Cardinal is caught, he responds with a speech about how they may find him evil, but he does the “necessary” things leadership requires when you run a country. He clearly articulates his logical reasoning, and it makes total sense from an amoral Te perspective – he believed the queen barren, France needs an heir, the rational thing to do for future national security is to kill her, so the king can marry someone who can produce children. And yeah, that makes total objective Te-based sense … it’s just IMMORAL.

When the Cardinal knew he was screwed, he responded with Te (here is why I made that decision; can you prove to me it wasn’t rational?) because that is who he is – he has objective Te reasons for all his decisions, however immoral.

What happened when Sansa confronted Petyr?

Did he respond with NiTe reasoning? Did he tell her exactly why he made each decision he did, in plain Te terms where everyone in the room could see how it benefited and served the bigger picture even if they did not agree with it?

No, he responded with emotional reasoning – with Fe, to persuade her.

I saved you. I love you. Please, Sansa, have mercy. I taught you. I helped you!

Why did you do this, Petyr?

Because it made sense in his head (Ti), but all he can articulate is … Fe.

Please… I love you. Don’t kill me. I saved you, I serve you. You need me.


I do the things none of you have the stomach to do. I do what is best for the future of France, and while you may condemn my methods, you cannot say my reasoning is not solid, because everyone in this room knows I’m right and a barren queen serves no purpose in a society based on heirs.

Like I said, INFJ is on the table (especially in the first couple of seasons) but INTJ is long gone as a possibility. He just does not use Te.

If someone wants to present a good argument for Ni/Se vs. Ne/Si, I am open to it and delighted for a good sharing of ideas, but vague generalities, blanket stereotypes, and insults do not sway my views.

- ENFP Mod

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Exr for late night talks and “I know you better than I know myself” from the friends to lovers post

( i went with established relationship because it was… necessary… for reasons but I kept to the two prompts)

It’s past midnight when the sound of clacking keys wakes him.

At first he thinks it might be a mouse, and it takes him a few moments to remember how unlikely that is. It’s a few moments more before he recognises the absence of another body in the queen size bed. 

He sighs. Has a very, very brief argument with himself about the fact that he needs to be at work in 6 hours, and then swings his legs out of the bed anyway, padding across the bedroom, out into the hall and towards the strip of light coming from under the study door.

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Studying Abroad: Is It Really a Trip of a Lifetime?

Exciting new people, another culture, different academic environment — all sounds very cool. But wait until you actually get there.

Studying abroad has always given off a glamorous image. People assume that everything about it is smooth sailing; but young people travelling abroad face challenges adults would struggle to overcome. Difficulties begin even before they board their planes, and continue once they land. Studying abroad is not as glitzy as people may assume. It has a dark side.

Finding an apartment abroad can prove a nightmare for domestic students. It’s much worse for international ones. Often, they can’t view an apartment before renting it. The search becomes like a game of Russian roulette; the student takes a risk, and the gamble either pays off with decent living conditions or it doesn’t, in which case money has been wasted and conflicts with landlords arise.

Many students face situations in which their dreams of adventures abroad begin to fall apart before they even arrive at their destinations. Peter Kwiatek, Assistant Director of off-campus housing at Boston College, says international students can end up being duped by landlords. ‘We’ve had situations where [an international] student moved into a place which was uninhabitable; it wasn’t a room zoned to be a bed space. The student was able to find another place with a friend’, but getting back his first and last month’s rent and security deposit was hard.

Finding out about security deposits, finders’ fees, or even the normal cost of hiring a car can be overwhelming for an international student. ‘Moving all the furniture is such a hassle because I don’t drive’, says Daria speaking about her move to BC. ‘Especially when I came to Boston for the first time and I didn’t know anyone. It was hard to find someone who would drive my furniture from place to place, and delivery services are really expensive’. After returning from Russia to the States, she spent the first two years of her college career in California, but then decided to transfer to BC. Not having her family nearby to help her with the moving process, she found it difficult to move her possessions from one place to another. International students don’t just have to worry about the logistics of moving intercontinentally; once at their desired locations, they also have to figure out how to survive in the new place they call home.

Most airlines have strict limits on the amount of luggage allowed on international flights, standardly permitting approximately 23 kilograms. This however is barely enough for a semester abroad for many people, let alone a whole year. This means international students probably won’t bring that much with them.

‘On-campus housing is not really designed for international students because if you get into your apartment there is nothing apart from furniture and a mattress’, says Ester Rudhart from University College Utrecht in the Netherlands, who has come to study at BC for a semester. She adds: ‘So, basically, on the first day if you want to sleep with bedding, and have toilet paper you need to, no matter what time you arrive, start looking for shops where they sell these things. And buy everything, which is a big expense for the first day. There are no cleaning products, and no vacuum cleaner to rent because American students, apparently, bring all that from home. So that was strange that only the bare minimum is supplied’.

The realization that they are no longer children, but adults who have found themselves in a foreign country and must independently untangle the mesh of grievances that can spontaneously arise from the search for an apartment, hits international students pretty quickly.

Trips abroad evoke images of sandy beaches and dangling hammocks on utopian oases where cocktails magically appear. What does not come to mind are the challenges of having to adjust to an entirely new way of life.
Once students arrive, the realization that they are in a completely unfamiliar place hits home. It might as well be Mars than any earthly country, because the reality of absorbing a new culture often does not fit into the expectations international students bring. One example is the erroneous belief that it is easy to interact with people in the US collegiate system. It is difficult not to be influenced by stereotypical portrayals of American students in the media. As a result, international students often end up expecting an endless flow of booze to be pouring from the rims of fiery red Solo cups at frat parties, and think that it’s easy to connect with Americans.

But it takes time to fit in anywhere, especially when settling down to live in a new place involves overcoming cultural boundaries. The social life that every student craves is not instantaneous. International students can find themselves feeling isolated and forming their own social groups to make the adjustment to life in college easier.

‘A huge part of making friends is hanging out with other international students’, says Daria. ‘I do have American friends, but I feel it’s harder for me to make connections because there is some kind of a gap’.

Some of the issues international students can face while adjusting to life abroad may seem trivial, but overcoming them can prove just as challenging as finding a place to live. Getting acquainted with a new academic system is amongst the biggest hurdles.

‘The workload I expected to be less [intense] because that’s the universal perspective that in America the workload is much less than England’, says Jean Arkas (not her real name), a one-year exchange student at BC from Queen Mary University of London. ‘I was warned by professors in England that the workload was going to be easier’.

In fact, the work proves to be more than many international students expect, as was the case for Jean. At her home university she is given more time to do a long academic paper compared to what is expected at BC. She knows that the grades she earns in the United States will be converted to the English grading system. This conversion worries her because committing to one whole year, as opposed to a semester, means that if she does not attain the grades she needs, her overall academic prospects could noticeably suffer when she returns to Queen Mary.

Studying abroad does have its perks, but be warned that challenges will arise and coping with them will take some speedy growing up from any aspiring international student.  

anonymous asked:

hi there! i was wondering about your opinion on something since you're basically the sloth pair queen. i've seen some people calling the ship problematic/abusive because of the age difference, do you have any thoughts on that?

Hi there~ Well, well, well… what? I’ve never ever heard of people calling Sloth Pair problematic or abusive, there are people who do that? Like, WHO does that?! I’m glad you told me, anon, because now I have a word or five to say here! Good practice for me anyway, seeing as I’m starting to study law in October, lawyers need to know how to argue, right? X’D Jokes aside though, let’s get to the point…

People say Sloth Pair is problematic or abusive because of the age difference. Now, we all know that an age difference can be problematic in a relationship when the older partner has much more experience than the younger partner and/or is taking advantage of the younger partner’s lack of experience to manipulate them. Right? Good.

Now, let’s break this into different parts. First of all, the experience or maturity. Kuro has the body of an eighteen-year-old, and as we know, in the Servamp universe, the vampires’ mental age is usually identical with their “physical” age - see the subclass kids at Misono’s who still act like kids despite being way older, or Sakuya who acts 15 despite probably being at least in his twenties. Going by that, Kuro should be about eighteen mentally too - and he sure acts like an eighteen-year-old, he’s lazy, he’s awkward, he’s immature at times. It’s true that he’s still several centuries old, but he’s been alone for the overwhelming majority of these centuries, meaning he has little to no experience with people, let alone relationships. He’s not any more experienced than Mahiru here. If anything, he might be less experienced.

Second of all, let’s get to Mahiru. Mahiru’s naive, of course, and he’s inexperienced with relationships (which is not a problem because so is Kuro), but he’s pretty mature for his age, especially emotionally, having had to grow up faster than his peers due to the loss of his mother. Mahiru is good-natured, but he won’t let people do to him as they please; he stands his ground, and if you try to take advantage of or manipulate him on an emotional level, he won’t take none of your crap and chances are you’ll get dumped or punched in the face. Don’t worry about Mahiru, he knows how to defend himself.

Then there’s another point. Kuro couldn’t manipulate, abuse or take advantage of Mahiru even if he tried - he doesn’t want to. He cares about his Eve way too much; we all know how many times he goes out of his way to protect him and ensure his safety, we all know how often he helps Mahiru out, and we all know how ticked he gets when somebody even hints at being a threat to Mahiru’s well-being. Kuro puts Mahiru’s well-being over everything else, including himself. Of course that could cause an unhealthy relationship too because only thinking of your partner’s happiness without paying a thought to yourself isn’t a very good strategy, but that’s a problem stemming from Kuro’s insecurities and has nothing to do with his age. Kuro would never take advantage of Mahiru or manipulate him, it’s completely out of character.

Long story short, the age difference alone isn’t a problem in itself; the only thing related to it that could cause an imbalance in Sloth Pair’s relationship would be a difference in maturity and experience, and it’s simply not large enough for an unequal relationship. They’re both inexperienced, they both have (mostly) the minds and feelings and personalities of boys in their later teens, and they can both get this whole romance thing figured out together as equals. An unhealthy or abusive relationship would also be out of character for both of them because Kuro prioritizes Mahiru’s well-being so much and Mahiru would dump anyone who’s not treating him well or at least do something about the situation. Besides, if you call Sloth Pair unhealthy because of the age difference, then please be consistent and say the same about all vampire-human ships, because it applies to all of them.

I rest my case.

mlentertainmenti - Idk!! Um, the different types, like maybe elaborate on the previous post about species and colour schemes? Ugh they’re so pretty I can’t deal haha

Ooh okay! Sure! Brace yourself for some really old art haha :D

Seelie Court fairies - pixies, sprites, and nymphs

Pixies - smallest type of fairy. Disproportionately strong, hiveminded and travel in large swarms. Usually only visible as glowing blue specks, or blue clouds if swarming. Cute, but nasty biters. 

Sprites - bigger, much less vicious. Particularly like riding birds, such as crows or pigeons. Similar hive behaviour to pixies.

Nymphs - blue-winged, blue-eyed fairies about the height of a twelve-year-old human child. Can have blue or green skin, and a wide range of hair colours. 

Seelie Court fairies are known as ‘good’ fairies (although that kinda depends on who you ask). The ruler of the Seelie Court is the Sylph - distinguishable by large, orange/gold wings. Sylph are made, not chosen; there is only one Sylph at any time, and when a Sylph dies, her powers and memories are transferred to a random nymph, usually one close or related to her. 
As such, Sylph have memories stretching back millennia. 

‘Bad’ fairies, or Unseelie Court fairies, include goblins, wraiths, ghouls, spectres, and - more recently - vampires. What distinguishes them from other fairies is their need to feed on fear. As such, they are dark, creepy, and often deliberately scare or harm humans in order to feed; hence why they’re seen as ‘bad’.

Ghouls and spectres are pretty similar - insubstantial, smoke-like creatures that hang around unseen and feed off negative emotions. Can be the reason why you feel ‘off’, or why you shiver when you walk into certain rooms.

Goblins - human-sized and with more humanoid proportions, with lavender skin and smaller ears than nymphs. They don’t have eyebrows, possessing long antennae that start where eyebrows would. Their eyes are different colours (like heterochromia), and they have gold pupils. Gold speckles across their skin, like freckles. Hair+eye colour varies. 
They don’t have a Sylph - rather, they have a monarchy system that requires a king and queen in partnership. Kings+queens are not necessarily married; brothers and sisters commonly take the throne together. The main aspect is partnership and collaboration between the two individuals, to ensure fair decisions and leadership.
They have magical abilities like nymphs, but unlike nymphs - who have generalised magic power - goblins each have a specific personal ability, such as time-travel, healing powers, mind-reading etc.

Wraiths - created by pure accident. The first wraith is a creature known as Thorax, or the Green Lady (Queen Mother to wraiths).
She has the ability to create more wraiths like herself, of wildly varying shapes and forms, limited only by her imagination. Like her, they feed on fear, and they are all connected to her, each wraith containing a piece of her soul.
They are the source of common monster legends and ghost stories, such as Slenderman and the Bogeyman. 
Thorax holds leadership over the entire Unseelie Court, ruling along with the goblin king+queen. 

Vampires - an accident caused by nymphs who sought to study humans by swapping genetically-modified fairy infants for human infants, raising them within the fairy world.
Human physiology does not agree with the fairy environment, and nymph food is particularly poisonous to them, causing physical corruption. If the human children had been kept in the fairy world, they would have died. A side-effect of their corruption is the need to consume blood to survive.
They don’t feed on fear, but were allowed to join the Unseelie Court on account of their ability to create fear in humans - very useful for the Unseelie Court denizens who feed on such fear.

Other Creatures (not part of either Court) - changelings, Sky, valkyries, dryads

Changelings - the fairy infants swapped for human infants during the experiments that caused vampirism. 
They were genetically modified to appear humanoid, though they’re distinguishable by their stark blue eyes and pointed ears. Did not survive well in the human world, as many common things like iron, salt, garlic, and holy water are toxic to them. Most of them lived out short lives of pain and suffering, not surviving til adulthood.

Sky - a living black hole, who gained sentience and found her way to the fairy world while exploring her galaxy. She decided to settle there, fascinated by the life there.
Has godlike powers, and is often worshipped as a goddess by fairies who believe she created them in her image. It’s the other way around - her physical appearance is inspired by the fairies she encountered when she arrived.
Secretly collects souls and encases them in glass orbs in a huge garden she has created for the purpose of providing an afterlife for fairies. Fairies are not typically aware of this.
The concept of death horrified her from the moment she arrived, and after an unfortunate accident in attempted resurrection (resulting in Thorax), she decided to instead collect souls after fairies died so she could at least provide the afterlife many fairies believe in.
She created the valkyries in order to help her collect souls for the garden.

Valkyries - strange, Frankenstein-esque mishmashes of various creatures that were created to help Sky collect souls.
They all have varying appearances, but share wings, horns/antennae, and stark blue eyes (like Sky’s).
All wear white (the fairy mourning colour) and carry thuribles to attract and collect souls. Often seen at funerals and crime scenes.
Treated with contempt and disgust; seen as little better than flies and graveworms, just more scavengers at the scene of death. Their connection to Sky is not commonly known; ironic as Sky is worshipped, while her valkyries are scorned.

Dryads - in the fairy world, trees are sentient. Young trees have power of movement, and these saplings are commonly seen in forests, exploring and breeding before their movements can become hampered by bark and permanent root growth.
Once their skin hardens and roots form, they slowly become more and more immobile, eventually settling in place and growing still. At this stage, they are still aware, and communicate with one another via telepathy. Forests are giant interconnected communities. 

Fic Rec: Olicity Fanfics - The List - PART 2

To maintain a certain level of sanity, I’ve decided, like 5 seconds ago, to stop my original fic rec list at 50. So say hello to Part 2 :D Once this part reaches 50 a Part 3 will be up and so on to infinity and beyond. I am subscribed to so many fics (and respective authors) that some of them, alas, get lost in the madness of my MacBook. So, without further ado, I present you the 4 fics that didn’t make it to Part 1 but have the honor to launch this one. 

[Part One is here if you are new to this thing] 

1) Cross Your Heart by jemmaniac High School AU. Oliver Queen, football athlete, has to pass all his midterms exams or he’ll be permanently off the team. Principal Steel has the perfect tutor: Felicity Smoak. 

2) After Hours  by befitandchase BDSM AU.  Felicity Smoak is crushed by the debts of her student loans from MIT, so being a QC’s IT specialist is not her only job. As the Author points out, this is an OLICITY story but it starts out as a Smoaking Canarrow thing (but the term in this case is not 100% appropriate). Oh and currently, there is a mystery going on and every monday I sit and pull my hair because I need to know. If you like the genre, check this out. 

3) Timeless by mogirl97 Time Travel AU. This is a “funny” light one, for me at least :) Based on the River of Time books, sisters Felicity and Thea are accidentally transported back in time to 14th century Italy.

4) Unflinching by cityofolicity Bratva AU. Felicity and Oliver went to High School together; she tutored him. Seven years later they see each other again in not so pleasant circumstances. 

5) The Phoenix  & Free Fall by supersillyanddorky06. AAHH. Put these two together because I found them today and promptly inhaled them. The first one is a Bratva AU and the other one a Soulmate AU that loosely follows Season 1. In “The Phoenix”, Felicity is the daughter of a Bratva Captain and she falls in love with the broody Oliver Queen, a Bratva member. Then he breaks her heart. Three years later, a marriage between the two is arranged and she’s not down with it; Oliver though, always gets what he wants. In “Free Fall”, Felicity never believed in the soulmate thingie but she has to reconsider when she meets a mysterious man in green leathers..and a hot billionaire playboy.  

6) Darkness And Smoak by SomberClown. Shall I call this Bratva AU? Yes I shall *wink*.  [copy/paste the summary because today I’m too lazy to use my words] Working to pay off her mother’s debts, Felicity Smoak takes a job moonlighting as a dealer at an underground casino run by none other than Bratva captain Oliver Queen. It was supposed to be temporary, a way to get quick cash. She sure wasn’t supposed to fall for him. But then again, darkness has always haunted her. Looooooove this. 

–> Phew, it’s been a while! Here you go! <–

7) The Legacy Series by ash818 Next-Gen. ficSet in 2039 and then 2-3 years later, Legacy tells the story of Jonathan Queen, firstborn of Oliver and Felicity, and the event that lead him to discover his parents’ “other life” and subsequently put on the Arrow suit himself. You know, this series surprised me. It’s not Olicity Olicity, they’re not the main focus of the story but..I loved it. Tears were shed here and there. Did I mention it is written in the 1st person, Jon POV? Oh you’ll love him :P

8) Can’t Escape This Now by callistawolf​ Mob AU. Not Bratva! Don’t get confused! In this story, Oliver returns home after a year - I think - of exile in Russia, and discovers that his mother is basically planning his marriage to a docile young woman, and of course he takes the news badly..but then he meets her. 

9) It Runs In The Family by dettiot  Arrow/Iron Man crossover AU. And the funny thing is, I don’t even like Iron Man (my ex tried to show me the light but…no) *hides*. But this I had to read. Felicity Stark, daughter of Tony and Pepper, vice-president of a brand new division of Stark Industries, moves to Starling City to run the company and crosses paths with a masked vigilante in green leather, because of course someone is after her and her brand new processor… 

10) I Don’t Need No Cure by edanyeros The Paramedic AU you didn’t know you wanted. Ok, so, we all know that ogling someone comes with a price. Felicity meets Oliver the fireman and sparks fly. Obviously not everything is perfect. I’ll be honest *constructive criticism alert*. At least I think it is a criticism…or just my opinion. I, personally, found the last chapter a bit confusing and..a bit rushed. But I loved the story anyways, that’s why I’m putting it in here. *wink wink*  

11) My Friends Won’t Love Me Like You Do by smoakingbillionaires​  & amellthirst  THIS ONE. This one is my favorite College AU like..EVER. *fangirls*  Felicity moves to the East Coast to begin her first year of college. What happens when playboy Oliver Queen asks for her help to not lose his baseball scholarship, and the two of them begin a friends with benefits relationship? I am obsessed with this fic…and it is currently on undefined hiatus, but I’ll live! 

12) Safe and Sound by pangirl-fangirl Bratva AU *wide grin*. After a tragedy, Donna Smoak sends her daughter Felicity, to live with the notorious Bratva captain Oliver Queen. Danger is around the corner and mysteries need to be solved. 

13) Sportsmanlike Conduct by mogirl97 College AU. Felicity Smoak plans to stay two years at Starling University and then transfer to MIT to finish her master in cyber security and computer sciences. One night, her roommate Iris drags her to a hockey game and …

14) The Bratva Olicity Series by lala123. Bratva AU. Felicity and her mother are on the run from her father. Oliver Queen will lose his Bratva status if he’s not married by the age of 28. They agree to marry in order to benefit one another. 

Oh can I add that I basically read EVERYTHING by dust2dust34, supersillyanddorky06 & hopedreamlovepray? Yes I can. Some of their works are listed here or on Part 1. If I strongly recommend a single fic, I’ll include it here anyway.  

15) Model Behavior by befitandchase Just a quick 2-chapter College AU that I probaby enjoyed far too much *evil grin*. Felicity’s an art student and for her final sculpting project, she has to create something using a non-clay medium. The course’s teacher is a bitch, so what better way to troll her than to make a dildo with the help of the gorgeous man who models at the campus? Safe to say that chapter 2 is a total smut fest ;)

16) Fool Me Twice  by darlinginmyway. Hospital AU. You know…there is a reason why it’s 10.00 pm and I’m only online now. This fic is why. I found it earlier and I just had to binge-read it. I didn’t want to step away from the laptop, the chapters are massive and so satisfying to read. Of course tears were shed here and there..I suggest reading this one with your fave cookies in your proximity. What can you do when your first love comes back into your life after fifteen years apart? Or, Felicity is the best PT in Starling General Hospital, and she is assigned to help football player Oliver Queen to recover from ACL reconstruction. To do so, she’ll have to move in with him for 6 months. What will happen?   

17) What Happened In Vegas… by juleswritesallwrongs Oh this is a pretty pretty Season 1 Rewrite, almost 5000 kudos on AO3…and it deserves every single one of them. This fic is one of those evil things who make you cry even if you don’t want to; Jules took my heart and squeezed it. Be sure to have your Kleenex near you! So, in this fic, Oliver and Felicity met in Vegas and have a drunk wedding…and wedding night. The thing is, Oliver disappeared during the “accident” with the Queen’s Gambit, before the pair could annul the marriage. 5 years later, we found out Felicity is CEO of her own company and is known as the “Cool-hearted bitch Felicity Queen” - why? I hear you ask - … and then Oliver returns…

18) I Got Sinning On My Mind by Singing_Dreamer. This is *drum roll* A Bratva AU! You know..the problem with Bratva AU’s is that they are almost all about Felicity needing protection from something, so she goes/they send her to the cold Bratva Captain Oliver Queen. But I don’t effing care. I read them ALL, because every story has its twists and turns. In this story, Felicity is in Vegas when she meets Anatoly Knyazev and they form a friendly father-daughter bond. Some time later, while studying at MIT, she does something stupit and the Triad is after her. For hers and her mother’s safety, she agrees to do “jobs” for the Bratva, and Oliver Queen and John Diggle are sent there to protect her. The trio forms a strong friendship, but what happens when a few years later, Oliver and Felicity are told they have to marry each other?   

19) Layers by @writergirlwrites. Can I…? Sigh. I request the highest of fives for this fic. And more kudos on AO3. This is not your usual Bratva AU fic: women with agency, non-possesive Oliver - and it’s still glorious - mistery, romance..gah. Felicity Smoak is hiding a secret. One night, she returns home to find two murderous strangers in it. Running away, unable to let go of her shopping bag, she’ll find help in a blonde woman who will bring her in the world of the russian mafia..and in the house of the handsome Oliver Queen.  

Amourshipping Week 2017 Themes!

I got exactly 7 suggestions, so instead of putting it to a vote, I think we’ll just use these. As an aside @boutiqueshipping-week is the same week as Amourshipping Week, so if you want to participate in both, plan accordingly. As well, please don’t be rude to Boutiqueshippers during this time.

Here are the themes for Amourshipping Week 2017, January 1-7th! The name of the game is creativity! Each theme is only an idea, and not something you have to use 100%, or even 1%. As long as you’re creating Amourshipping Content during the week, it’s good for Amourshipping Week. These are just ideas to kickstart your works!

January 1st: Fireworks - It’s New Year’s Day, after all! Ash and Serena can be watching the ball drop together and watching the fireworks! While the theme is “Fireworks”, they don’t have to literally be them, either! Why not have Serena working on a Performance with Ash’s help? Or even put them in other holidays, since even Halloween got Fireworks in Pokémon!

January 2nd: Letters - It’s not secret that Ash and Serena are seperated for now, with Serena studying Contests in Hoenn while Ash is enjoying the sun in the Alola Region, but obviously our couple would stay in touch! Write a letter from Ash to Serena (or viceversa) or maybe draw Ash or Serena’s reaction to getting a letter from each other! You could be creative and have Serena asking Bonnie (or others!) for help on making her letter pop! (And Ash could totally get help from Mallow, Lana, and Lillie!)

January 3rd: Royalty - Every Queen needs a King, right? Tuesday’s a day for our favorite pairing to achieve their dreams! What does Serena do as Kalos Queen? How does Ash react? Is Serena cheering in the stands for her Champion-Master? Or is she spending her time more quietly, confident in his victory? There’s also an opening for showing them as literal royalty. Who hasn’t thought of an AU where Prince Satoshi from Japan marries the kindhearted Princess Serena of France?

January 4th: Kiss - This is Amourshipping Day on Tumblr! And of course, we have to have a reference to the big event that happened at the end of XYZ! Serena’s Kiss on Ash is only one way to interpret this, though! Maybe you want to get in Ash’s head as he’s kissed, or you want to have him kiss her back? This is their first kiss, so maybe you want to talk about their second? Or maybe you want to think about their most sanctified kiss, when they become husband and wife in the future? It’s all good in the Pokémon World!

January 5th: Sweets - Serena loves making them almost as much as Ash likes eating them, and there’s all sorts of great imagery here, too! I mean, the song that’s supposed to be about Serena’s feelings for Ash is literally called ‘Candy Girl’, right? So stick to the sweet stuff! Is Serena making Ash a cake? Is Ash giving her chocolates? Or maybe it’s just a sweet activity, like walking through a park, or maybe even a picnic? Let your imagination carry you!

January 6th: Reflection - Ash and Serena went through a lot of experiences during their journey through the Kalos Region, and it’s time to reflect on those experiences. Maybe they talk about their favorite ones, or remember how they grew through their trials. Or maybe we take “Reflection” more literally and look at the ways Serena and Ash reflect each other? Two determined dreamers who go for broke and never give up? I’d say they have a bit in common!

January 7th Family - We close Amourshipping Week 2016 with the ties of Family. While a marriage between Ash and Serena is the most obvious way to make them a family (And let you include your Amourshipping Fan Children in the mix!), let’s not forget that we already have families for them. Maybe that feast that Delia promised finally comes to fruition with a visit to Pallet Town? Does Grace teach Ash more about Rhyhorn? And of course, they both have tons of Pokémon they love!

Thank you for your participation! Let’s make this Amourshipping Week an amazing time to be in the fandom!


DEATH IS WONDER: a look at the pevensies in death


Death is sort of funny. Everybody tells you it’s so morbid, so dark, so sad, but really, dying is very much like living—at least, from Lucy’s perspective. Nothing has really changed: she still gets up at dawn and eats pancakes for breakfast before practicing archery in the fields or visiting her parents in their apartment or bugging Ed. In all fairness, death is a little dull and she occasionally envies her sister for having something to look forward to, besides the endless and infinite monotony of vacation.

People also forget to tell you that death is not a linear progression, either. Here, in the after life, Lucy notes how everything, all of time, seems to collide at once. She can take a walk amongst ancient Romans and stop to browse the internet at a cafe with free wifi, then watch the sunrise in the heart of Africa, amongst creatures as old as the earth itself before they crumble into dust.

She spends very little time (or maybe a lot of time—she never can tell) at Cair Paravel, preferring to revel in turn of the century Parisian art and feel the brush of thick grass against her ankles at the height of the Mongolian Empire. When she tires of earthly pleasures, she seeks out the lands that once could only be accessed by pools. She visits stars that were ruled by princesses and finds a favorite ice cream shop in a corner of London that had once been hidden from her eyes. She sees empires rise and fall and such beauty she could never have imagined in Narnia. All of existence is spread before her and Lucy cannot believe that she ever thought ruling a nation was the pinnacle of her life when death was the true beginning. In those moments, she does not envy her sister, but instead wishes she could show her the depth of millions of universes neither of them could have ever dreamed of. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, but here, right now and forever, the sun is shining and Lucy is smiling and crying and screaming from every single emotion all at once and she has never felt more alive.

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My Hot Topic does not sell the Regina shirts, or the Rumbelle shirt. They only have Hook merchandise. When I asked the employee why this is, her response was “studies have shown Hook is the most popular character.”

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Feminists must read this, its beautiful!

I Have No Power
‘I have no power to change you
or explain your ways
Never believe a man can change a woman
Those men are pretenders
who think
that they created woman
from one of their ribs
Woman does not emerge from a man’s rib’s, not ever,
it’s he who emerges from her womb
like a fish rising from depths of water
and like streams that branch away from a river
It’s he who circles the sun of her eyes
and imagines he is fixed in place

I have no power to tame you
or domesticate you
or mitigate your first instincts
This task is impossible
I’ve tested my intelligence on you
also my dumbness
Nothing worked with you, neither guidance
nor temptation
Stay primitive as you are

I have no power to break your habits
for thirty years you have been like this
for three hundred years
a storm trapping in a bottle
a body by nature sensing the scent of a man
assaults it by nature
triumphs over it by nature

Never believe what a man says about himself
that he is the one who makes the poems
and makes the children
It is the woman who writes the poems
and the man who signs his name to them
It is the woman who bears the children
and the man who signs at the maternity hospital
that he is the father

I have no power to change your nature
my books are of no use to you
and my convictions do not convince you
nor does my fatherly council do you any good
you are the queen of anarchy, of madness, of belonging
to no one
Stay that way
You are the tree of femininity that grows in the dark
needs no sun or water
you the sea princess who has loved all men
and loved no one
slept with all men… and slept with no one
you are the Bedouin woman who went with all the tribes
and returned a virgin
Stay that way.’
Nizar Qabbani :

—  Nizar Qabbani
Wherein Loki and Jane are not like the rest of them. (Kingslayer!verse)

I was sick yesterday. Then I watched The Secret Garden. So here’s some kid!Lokane, written at a 101º fever, which made for an… ah… interesting combo. Also threw in some Norse mythology just for the hell of it.

Also, yeah, yeah, standard disclaimer that Thor and Loki’s childhood actually took place about two thousand years before Jane’s birth. Eat me, canon.


The tale is such:

The Queen the Realm Eternal bore the All-Father a single son, Prince Thor. After him there were no more.

And she cried.

There were murmurs that perhaps the realm would be better served if the King put her aside, but any who were found to be speaking such thoughts aloud faced quick and severe retribution.

But shortly thereafter came Loki, a child of origin unknown to the people of Asgard. The All-Father treated him indulgently, allowing him to be raised in the palace and play with his heir, a son and brother in all but name.

The few who could remember said that the previous King would never have permitted such a thing. But then, his wife had not been possessed of an iron will. It was well known that this wife — the sorceress — always got her way in the end, by one method or another.

And the Queen was happier, but still lonely.

Then came the mortal girl.

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londonrainings  asked:

Bellarke or Gadge (your choice): Greek Gods AU.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Slight trigger warning for implied (hypothetical) rape

In this lifetime, the myth has reversed. Nothing is done against her will— the kidnapping, the seduction, the rape. There are no dark bruises on her hips, and when the pomegranate juice stains her lips it doesn’t look like a gaping wound, but war paint.

She talks her way into the underworld.

Liquor is liquor, and Dionysius (called Monty, in this lifetime) doesn’t discriminate against how it’s served, whether it be in high-class wineries, or bottom-feeding dive bars, and it’s in the latter that she finds him, seeks him out.

She is all that is light and spring, and the god of the Underworld merely raises a dark eyebrow at her when she slides into the bar stool beside him.

“Long way from home, aren’t we, Princess?” Hades remarks, blowing smoke in her face.

She inhales to be obstinate and show she isn’t afraid, although she can feel her lungs crying out in pain and betrayal at the carcinogens (but when you’re immortal, does it even matter?)

“Clarke,” she says, in a voice as smoky and rough as the cigarette between his lips. “I go by Clarke now.” They haven’t conversed in over a thousand years.

“Persephone,” he spats out, also to be obstinate. “A tiger can change its name, but not its stripes.”

She looks unimpressed. “Says the god who goes by Bellamy,” she replies coolly, uncaring that she’s revealed she’s researched him before this meeting.

He shrugs. “My dearest brother,” he says, and although it’s spoken without a hint of malice, Clarke can feel the tension seep out of each syllable, “doesn’t like it when I spend too much time away from my… designated post. I disagree. Thus, the subterfuge.”

“You really think Zeus doesn’t know?” Clarke asks, without disdain but curiosity and perhaps a touch of fear. He can’t know what she means to do.

Bellamy gives a dark laugh, lifts the cigarette to his lips and blows out, short and tense, tight curls of smoke instead of languid waves like earlier. “He’s too busy fucking one of his many girls under his many pseudonyms,” he says, thinking of the latest name: Finn. His eyes turn to her in bright amusement. “Rumor has it that he has his eyes on you, Princess. Or perhaps he’s had more than just that?”

Clarke scowls. “He’s tried,” she says sourly. “But I have no interest in such a man.”

Now, unwittingly, she has his interest. He leans away from her, appraising, his arms folded. “Such a man? He’s a god, Princess. The highest one there is. The supreme ruler. He’s had the most beautiful women, mortal and immortal, fall into his arms. What makes you so special?”

“Hera,” Clarke says bluntly.

Bellamy blinks, thinking of the small, sharp, dark woman his brother chose as his wife. She’s tougher and smarter than he, and Bellamy has long thought she deserves better.

“His blatant disrespect and disregard for his wife is sickening,” she says. “And Hera is a friend of mine. Even if I wanted Zeus, I wouldn’t give in.”

“I see,” Bellamy doesn’t realize it, but his eyes darken as he looks at her, swaying forward to close the distance between them. “You want a different sort of man,” he says, lowly, a purr in her ear, “one who will make you his entire world. Who will never want anyone else. Who will love and worship you— not merely as a goddess, but as a woman.”

Clarke tries not to breathe too deeply and quickly, struggles to maintain an unaffected facade. “Yes,” she whispers, a confession that she never intended to make.

Bellamy swallows, leaning back. He had done it to intimidate her, perhaps frighten her, but it backfired spectacularly, giving way to images that he has to hastily squash, though tendrils of them snake around his subconscious, a caress he wants desperately to lean into.

In the dim light his features look ominous, but Clarke knows now she has nothing to fear from him. His move has only endeared him to her, and he has to backpedal to put distance, both physical and emotional, between them.

“But Zeus— he could make you be his,” he says, frankly, harshly, his face stone. “He’s done it before.”

Her lips tighten. “I know,” she says. She understands the motives behind such a callous speech, but can’t deny that they’re not true all the same.

“And your mother can’t protect you?” Demeter’s reputation as a mother is known far and wide amongst gods and men alike.

“She can try,” Clarke says grimly. “But you know Zeus—”

“He’d turn you into a fucking bird to have his way with you,” Bellamy says in disgust.

Clarke’s list twist in a slight smile. “And you’ve never tried such tactics?” She teases.

Bellamy snarls. “I shouldn’t have to,” he says, “no one should have to.”

They fall quiet for a moment.

“What do you want, Princess?” He asks lowly, done with this dance that’s spiraled out of control.

“I came to warn you,” Clarke says, and he wonders if he’s looking at goddess or prophet.

He stiffens. “Warn me?”

She explains: The Titans, the Gods who ruled before Zeus and his siblings took over, were making plans to escape Tartarus, the deepest abyss in the underworld, their prison for thousands upon thousands of years.

Instead of scoffing at her and rolling his eyes at her theory, like Zeus and Poseidon and her own mother did before him, Bellamy leans closer to her. He asks her for proof, how the goddess of spring and girlhood and all that is light and innocent, could know such knowledge— and about his own territory!

“I’ve heard talk,” Clarke says, keeping her voice down. “Some of the other gods. There are those who are tired of your and your siblings rule and want to see Titans restored.”

“Like, who?”

“Atlas. Prometheus. Helios. Selene.” Gods who had been replaced by younger gods or ostracized and condescended to Zeus.

Bellamy swore. “Have you told Zeus or your mother?”

Clarke’s eyes are a dark blue, the ocean after Poseidon’s storms. “Yes. They don’t believe me.”

“Why wouldn’t they?”

Clarke shrugs. “They dismissed my fears. They think of me as a child and believe that they are strong enough to face anyone or anything.” The Titanomachy— the long war against the Titans and the Olympians— was so long ago that the Olympians have forgotten just how difficult the war was.

But Bellamy, the god of death, knows the price all too well. He is immortal, but feels the effects of mortality every day.

“I believe you,” Bellamy says, “and even if all their talk is for nothing, I would rather be safe than sorry.”

“I want to help you,” Clarke says, immediately.

Bellamy’s lips twist. “You’ve helped enough,” he says, though not unkindly. “And I appreciate your warning. But—”

“No buts,” Clarke says firmly. “I want to protect my family and my home. This isn’t me trying to prove to anyone that I’m no longer a child. My intentions are pure.”

As pure as she is a maiden, Bellamy thinks, gazing at her golden hair, her bright eyes. She is lovely, in a way that all untouchable things are.

“You would need to come into the underworld,” he tells her. “And it’s difficult, even for gods, to leave. There’s a reason why Zeus doesn’t visit. Or anyone else.”

Clarke’s gaze softens. He doesn’t say it, but she knows he’s lonely. There’s a reason he likes to leave, and it’s not because he’s uncomfortable with death. He needs to be reminded what it feels to be alive.

Suddenly another plan comes to her mind. “I’ll come with you,” she says. “And I won’t leave.”

Bellamy eyes her warily, his muscles tense. “What?”

She stands, closing the distance between them as her blonde waves touch his bicep as she leans towards him. He feels them acutely as she says, “I will be your queen.”

“You can’t,” he says, instinctively, although something in him smarts and aches at the suggestion. “You think your mother would allow such a thing?”

Clarke scowls. “My mother is not my master,” she says. “I am not a child, and have not been for some time. She just believes she has power over me because her interests and mine have happened to align all these years.”

She had done what her mother wanted because she, naturally curious and intelligent, loved learning, loved learning about earth and the land. She studied medicine and music with Apollo, philosophy and mathematics with Athena, strategy with Ares, mechanics and forgery with Hephaestus, and even love and homemaking with Aphrodite and Hestia.

Her mother would love to have her married to the handsome and wise Apollo, or, better yet, Zeus, to be the new reigning queen of the Gods, but Clarke despises the condescending Apollo and the lecherous Zeus. She has never put much thought into marrying, although many times she does want companionship.

Marriage for her doesn’t need to be for love, although Bellamy seemed to instinctively be able to voice what her deepest, most secret and fantastical wishes for marriage were.

And she instinctively knows that he is the only God capable of giving them to her. Perhaps not now, not right away, but they are immortal— they have plenty of time for that.

“I will help you,” she tells him, “ensuring Tartarus is completely inescapable. I will help you rule and look after your subjects.”

“And what do you get out of that deal, Princess?” He asks her. “You don’t know what it’s like down there. Why are you so willing, so eager, to give up life here?”

“I get you,” Clarke says. “Your protection and your kingdom.”

It dawns on him. “Zeus can’t touch you there,” Bellamy says, slowly. “And I would never let him touch you if you ever came up here with me.” He scrutinizes her, knowing that Zeus’s pursuit of her must be far more aggressive than she let on if she felt her only option was to marry him.

But her assessment of him was correct: Zeus might be his brother, might be the ruler of the Gods, but even he feared Hades. He wouldn’t dare touch what was Bellamy’s, no matter how much he wanted her.

“I agree on one condition,” he found himself saying, his lips and heart speaking faster than his brain could reason.

Clarke draws herself up, bravely, her chin thrust outward. “Yes?” She says, hoping to convey more courage than she feels.

Bellamy stands and gently takes that darling, proud little chin of hers in his hand. “If we are to spend eternity together,” he breathes, and she shivers, “I should like to see if we are at least compatible.”

“And how…”

She trails off as he kisses her, raven black lashes, so long, close and descend upon her own cheeks, the stubble from his beard scratching her porcelain skin, lightly, like nails massaging scalp, and his lips touch hers. The nicotine is slightly sweet, but she detects mint, sharp, fresh, and tart, and she touches her tongue to his, eager for more. In return he plunders her berry mouth, buries his hand in her golden tresses, long, dark fingers tangled. She raises up, hooks her arms around his neck, pulls him closer, mark for mark, this kiss a war all of their own.

He wants to cave in on himself, wrap himself around her, but they’re still in public, even if it’s only a dive bar of Monty’s, and the patrons don’t know that they’re Gods.

They pull apart at the same time, and Clarke clears her throat, her smoky voice rough. “Does that… answer your question?”

In response, he wraps his arms around her and in a blink of an eye, they’re gone. When Clarke opens her eyes next, they’re in a place she’s never been before: the Underworld.

“Welcome home,” Bellamy’s voice rumbles in her ears, and instead of shivering she feels a long tendril of warmth curl within her and spread, like a glow, “my queen.”

Maleficent and Snow

anon prompt: How about Maleficent and Snow? Maybe talking about Regina?

Maleficent sits by herself in Granny’s, her plate empty and her tea going cold in front of her. She was there before Snow arrived, speaking to no one, eating alone. Was Regina meant to meet her? Was Lily? Does she just eat alone? 

David kisses Snow’s cheek and leaves her to watch Neal sleep in his carseat. She rocks him, almost absently, still watching. Without warning, Maleficent meets her eyes, lifts her tea and stands, crossing the restaurant and sitting down. 

Snow sits back, startled. “Would you like some more tea?” 

Maleficent smiles, and Snow almost expects her teeth to be sharp. They’re not, but perfect and white. She lifts her hand and waves over Ruby. “More tea.”

“I was thinking of getting pie,” Snow says, trying to be normal. 

“I like pie,” Maleficent said, nodding once. “At least, I liked Regina’s.”

“The apple pie here isn’t as good, but the chocolate cream is excellent.” 

Maleficent tilts her head to Ruby, ordering the pie. They sit there, staring at each other. Snow realizes that the dragon could probably sit there all day and looks up from her plate. 

“How do you find Storybrooke?”

“It’s next to the ocean, between two outcrops in the coast, just west of the beach.” Maleficent takes a bite of her pie and smiles. “This is good.” 

Snow blinks, trying to decide what Maleficent means. “Oh, I meant, how do you like living here?”

“It’s crowded. There are many people.” She toys with her pie, but looks up. “My castle was very isolated.”

“And here everyone is very close together.” Snow glances at Neal, then looks through the diner at all the full tables. “Is that difficult for you?”

“Not difficult, different,” Maleficent says. She lifts her tea and sips it, watching Snow eat. “You weren’t staring at me across the diner to find out if I liked it here.” 

“No, well, I guess not.” Snow looks down, then back up. “Lily’s stayed, and you’re happy, but that’s not it, is it? That’s not all you want.” 

“You think I’m still after some kind of petty revenge?” The way she smirks around her fork suggests that yes, maybe she’s just waiting her time, but there’s no malice in Maleficent’s eyes. 

“Are you?”

“Of course not,” Maleficent says, glancing at Neal’s sleeping face. “I give you my word that I will not hurt your children or attempt to inflict some terrible fate upon you.” She takes another bite of pie, then smirks. “What?”

“So it’s her?”


“Regina,” Snow realizes. “You’re comfortable with Lily. You’re getting along, you’re here because of Regina.” 

Maleficent’s expression softens. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” 

Snow sets down her fork, because she’s right. She’s absolutely right about this. “You were together, before, weren’t you? In the other world. I heard her talking to you, sometimes, when she thought I was asleep.” 

“Oh really?” 

“I slept in her room, when my father was away,” Snow explains, her face burning. “I didn’t know how much she hated me.” 

“Her feelings for you were complicated,” Maleficent allows, taking the last bite of her pie and savoring the taste. “I offered to kill you several times and she never took me up on it.” 

Snow blinks. That’s not a joke. “Thank you.” 

“I would have made it quick,” Maleficent promises, smiling like a predator. “For her, but she never let me. It was easier then, no children, no responsibilities. Now, there’s Henry, Lily, and a whole town of people she has to keep safe.”

“Storybrooke does have a terrible history of being attacked.” A dragon would certainly make it easier to the defend the town. Regina’s practical, but that’s not it. “And you’d like to help her?”

“She needs help,” Maleficent says, her hands in her lap. “She never asks for it.” 

Neal starts to fuss and she lifts him up, holding him in her arms while she studies Maleficent’s face. Maybe this is what Regina needs, after all she’s lost, someone with the strength of a dragon. 

Arrow Fic Masterpost

Ta-da!  Behold, all my Arrow fics, relatively organized.  

You can always check the my fic tag on my Tumblr, which should be the most complete rundown of all my writing.  All links go to AO3.

ink in my pen ran dry

Holding My Breath: Felicity Smoak’s newest book is called Invading the Treehouse: Why Women Are Needed in Technology. Oliver Queen’s first book is The Frat Boy Way: Life and Women According to the World’s Most Successful Frat Boy’s Twitter Account. These two authors should have nothing in common except their publisher … but that’s not at all accurate. Publishing/writer!AU Olicity.

Jumping Off a Cliff: Felicity and Oliver are standing on the verge of a precipice without realizing it. What happens after they jump–and when they realize each other has jumped, too?

Blinded by Love and Daring: Five years have passed since Oliver Queen or Felicity Smoak published anything. The world thinks it knows why–a shipwreck and an attack. But the truth is much more intense than anyone realizes … not unlike the connection that exists between Oliver and Felicity. Publishing/writer!AU slow burn Olicity.

Core Curriculum

Women’s Studies:  He was a frat boy. She was a sassy Goth. At a frat party, Oliver and Felicity meet.

Archaeology:  After meeting at a frat party and having incredibly hot sex, Felicity walked out on Oliver. Now he can’t get her out of his head. So he does some digging to find her. Follow-up to Women’s Studies.

Microeconomics:  It’s been five years since that frat party, since that night of amazing sex. Now Felicity runs her own computer company and Oliver is CEO of Queen Consolidated. What’s changed about them–and what hasn’t?

Psychology:  The morning after the night before, and everything that happens next. What do you do when you run into your one-night stand the next morning?

Humanities:   Five years ago, Felicity Smoak walked out of his life. Now Oliver Queen walks back into hers, needing a favor. And Oliver Queen always repays his favors.

Jerry the EA

The Secretarial Arts: Felicity Smoak isn’t the first executive that Jerry has worked with. The first half of season 3 from the perspective of Felicity’s executive assistant.

Administrative ScienceA good executive assistant knew how to keep things running when the boss was gone for a week. A great executive assistant could keep everything under control when the boss was gone indefinitely. Jerry reflects on the changes that have occurred in Ms. Smoak–and in Mr. Queen, too. Spoilers for early season 4.

beauty in the breakdown

beauty in the breakdownso let go jump in/oh well whatcha waiting for it’s alright/’cause there’s beauty in the breakdown.

these mishapsthese mishaps/you bubble-wrap/when you’ve no idea what you’re like. A one-shot set in the same universe as beauty in the breakdown.

staring at the sunsetsay you’ll see me again/even if it’s just in your wildest dreams. Oliver’s having dreams. What is he trying to tell himself in Felicity’s voice? Title from Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift. No spoilers past 3x05.

Justifiable Kissing: Just how do you explain Oliver and Felicity’s interactions in The Flash 1x08? Clearly, it’s a ‘what happens in Central City stays in Central City’ kind of thing. Set the night that Team Arrow arrives in Central City, after road tripping from Starling City.

Doing O. Henry One BetterBut what do you get a restored billionaire who also understood how much there was that money couldn’t buy?Felicity attempts to find the perfect Hanukkah/Christmas gift for Oliver. Set in December 2016 with established Olicity.  Written for the 2014 olicitysecretsanta exchange.

‘cause I followed my star (and that’s what you are): When Christmas Eve and the last night of Hanukkah align, something special could happen for Felicity and Oliver–with some help from a couple of strangers in a blue box. Crossover with Doctor Who.

But I Was Already There: The first time for Oliver and Felicity, after a return from the dead, three weeks of making out, and one night of whispers and growls. Post-3x09, but with no real spoilers.

My Mind Was Aching: Felicity works up the nerve to talk to Oliver about one element of their sex life. There’s babbling. But then there’s a happy ending. A couple of them. Follow-up to But I Was Already There.

i bet these memories (follow you around): Drabbles & ficlets originally posted to my Tumblr. Title from Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift.

Between Love and Skate: After an injury ends his chances for a career in professional hockey, Oliver Queen doesn’t know what he’s going to do. And then he gets an offer to become a figure skater and partner with a beautiful, babbling blonde skater: Felicity Smoak. With a gold medal at the Olympics on the line, can love stick its landing?

The Bathroom Proposal:  Oliver pops the question. This is how he does it and what happens next.

Our Love Was Made for Movie Screens: A series of movie AU ficlets featuring Oliver and Felicity. Part of my Olicity Movie AU Challenge on Tumblr.

The Closest Distance: An exploration of laughter, from the pre- to post-coital states, starring Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak. Inspired by 3x16, but with no future spoilers.

At Your Request: A collection of ficlets based off prompts. Almost exclusively Oliver/Felicity, but with guest appearances from all the other Arrow characters and then some. :-)

At Your Request (Explicit): A collection of mature/explicit ficlets based off prompts. Exclusively Oliver/Felicity, but with guest appearances from all the other Arrow characters and then some. :-)

Liars in LoveSwept away for a moment by chance/yeah, we danced and danced and danced. Starling City, 1985: Oliver Queen lives uptown and is reluctantly taking his place within his family’s company. Felicity Smoak lives in the Glades and is ignored because she’s a woman in a man’s world. When these two meet on the dance floor, everything changes. 1980s Olicity AU. Title from And We Danced by the Hooters.

A Little Bit Longer:  Three loosely-related ficlets set at the end of season 3 focusing on the emotional and sexual connection between Oliver and Felicity. Spoilers for Arrow episodes 3x20-3x23 and The Flash 1x22.

Working Out the Kinks:  Gym AU. Oliver teaches Spinning, Felicity is the new yoga instructor, and things are about to get interesting at Battlefield Fitness.

It Runs in the Family:  Felicity Stark is the best of her parents. But becoming vice-president of a brand-new division of Stark Industries and moving to Starling City will test her in ways she never thought possible. Especially when a masked vigilante in green leather crosses her path. An Arrow/Iron Man crossover.

All the Difference:  Oliver has a question for Felicity … but he doesn’t know how to ask it.

I’m a Fool for You:  In a Nashville honkytonk, Felicity finally finishes that third beer and Oliver walks the line.

Underneath Your Clothesunderneath your clothes/there’s an endless story/there’s the man I chose/there’s my territory. The aftermath of Oliver and Felicity getting engaged.  Written pre-4x09.

The Calculation:  Three words and a wedding invitation. Set between seasons two and three.

Miss Congeniality:  FBI Agent Felicity Smoak’s career is on the verge of being derailed. An undercover assignment at the Miss United States pageant, working with fellow agent Oliver Queen, might save her job–but she doesn’t realize it will also change her life. Written for Round 1 of the Olicity Fic Bang.

Little Flowers of Eloquence:  After two bad relationships, Felicity Smoak has accepted that she’s not physically attractive to men. That doesn’t mean her life isn’t good, but her friends make her realize that something is missing. Something that might be fixed if she gives a chance to a certain newly-back-from-the-dead ex-playboy …

Becoming a Team:  Oliver gives Felicity space, while trying to find a way to bridge the gap between them. (Post 4x15)

Loving Your Work: The war between America and Russia is very cold, yet when an organization of former Nazis obtains the method and means to make an atomic bomb, the two nations are forced to work together to prevent the end of the world, by sending their best agents.Tommy Merlyn of the CIA and Oliver Queen of the KGB don’t like each other, but they both want to win. Which means keeping Felicity Smoak safe, finding Dr. Noah Teller (her father and the scientist building the bomb) and preventing the bomb from being delivered to the Nazis. Oh, and acquiring Dr. Teller’s research without the other one getting access to it.While Tommy is focused on obtaining the intel in order to give him leverage to get out of his deal with the CIA, Felicity simply wants to maintain her freedom now that she’s out from behind the Iron Curtain. And Oliver? Well, he’s trying to keep his violent tendencies in check–especially around Felicity.An Olicity AU of the movie The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Caveat DatorOliver regrets giving Felicity a million dollars. Because those dresses. Set early season 2.

A Battle of Wills:  The Bratva is trying to move into Star City. Oliver knows this requires the captain, not the mayor. XXX Felicity knows something is going on with Oliver. She follows him one night and gets an eyeful–and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Season 5 spoilers/speculation

Love is Red:  Actors Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen have known each other for years. They’ve never been more than acquaintances. Yet when they are cast opposite each other in an unusual romantic drama about astronauts on the first mission to Mars, the sparks of attraction might just flare up into a bright red fire.

Two Men, Same Name:  Oliver Queen’s path in life is set in stone. Suffocating under the high expectations of his parents while running a company he’s barely interested in. Still, he never fails to disappoint his parents, even when he’s on his best behavior. He’s supposed to settle down, marry well and follow in his father’s footsteps, without stepping an inch out of place … until a red streak with yellow lightning changes his life forever. Co-written with @melsanfo.

secret santa

Lily had been shocked to find out that Secret Santa was a muggle tradition only. She had suggested in the common room that her and the Marauders do a Secret Santa once they return from Christmas holiday, but was greeted simply with vacant stares from all four boys. After about an hour of a question and answer session between Lily and the boys, (most of it being her setting rules for what the gifts could be as Sirius suggested hundreds of inappropriate gifts no one would want), she finally created the slips of parchment with their names written on them and everyone’s Secret Santa was chosen

The night people began returning to Hogwarts, still the weekend before classes actually started, all of the Secret Santas got together in front of the fireplace in the Gryffindor common room. Everyone had their wrapped or bagged gift in front of them and Lily had brought them all Christmas jumpers to wear as they did this Secret Santa. No one protested this, since she was the expert and they all just assumed that the Christmas jumper was necessary to do this. 

Lily, with her french braids and snowman jumper, decided to be the first to give her gift since she was very proud of the gift she had gotten him. “I was your Secret Santa, Sirius!” She exclaimed as soon as the boys stopped talking and were ready to begin the gift exchange, her excitment evident in her voice. Sirius took the neatly wrapped gift from her, warmly smiling as he sat up a bit from his previous lounging position against the coffee table in the common room. 

As Sirius unwrapped the gift his warm smile transformed into a wide, excited grin. Lily had gotten him a muggle leather jacket to wear when he would ride the motorcycle she knew he had been working on. Sirius had shown in interest in the muggle ‘biker’ look, as he really did care about looking cool. Immediately, Sirius slipped on the jacket - which he noticed had a patch near the right shoulder depicting a black dog - over his Christmas tree jumper and reached over the circle to give Lily a big hug. “I’m going to wear this every chance I get. Thanks, Evans.” He told her earnestly, making her smile right back at him.

Sirius, being reminded it was now his turn, grinned and tossed his gift to Peter who caught it. Sirius’ gift, which was in a bag under a pile of parchment, was full of Peter’s favorite sweets, which seemed to give him a similar reaction to Sirius receiving his leather jacket. “I knew you were out, Pete, so I figured I’d save you a trip to Hogsmeade. Also, you’re out because I’ve been taking them every once in a while, so it’s the least I could do.”

Lily was positive she had never been happier than watching the boys get immediately overjoyed as they received their gifts. James wore that oh so familiar crooked grin when he opened his Quidditch posters and t-shirt with a small graphic of a broomstick from Remus and nearly tackled him in an appreciative hug. Remus even got a bit teary eyed when Peter gave him a handmade coupon book full of friendly and helpful things he was willing to do for him for free. (The one that really got Remus was ‘skip class after the full moon to provide you with snacks I will sneak from the kitchens’ with a crudely drawn full moon). 

Once only James was left it was clear who he was the Secret Santa for, (and was immediately met with accusations of rigging the drawing), he had drawn Lily. 

“First of all, I did not cheat. Though I greatly appreciate the accusations from my closest friends of dishonesty. I feel all warm and fuzzy.” James began, standing up from the circle to make a speech in classic James Potter fashion. “Second of all I would like to give the highest praise to our woman of the hour Ms. Evans, who introduced us to this brilliant muggle game. I think everyone here agrees that this was a much better idea than having to buy four gifts.” James actually paused for laughter. This speech was extremely well rehearsed. “Now, Evans and I have a complicated relationship, I will not get into details since you all know them but I knew that this gift could make or break me. It could get me to the highly sought after position of Lily Evans’ boyfriend. So, I present to you all: the ultimate Lily Evans’ gift.”

With that, Lily was handed a very neatly wrapped box - wrapping job courtesy of Dorthea Potter - about twice the size of any other present given. Once she opened it it was an actual box on the inside, filled to the brim with everything she had ever spoken to James about. Three books from her favorite muggle series she had not yet gotten around to reading and a t-shirt from the Wizard band that James had introduced her to that they constantly spoke about. Along with the wizard band shirt was a shirt from the muggle band Queen that Lily had introduced him to that they both loved. A few pieces of parchment full of notes they had taken the first time she helped him study for a test, a small porcelain poodle referring to a time they teased Sirius mercilessly for needing to be groomed like one, several lilies, naturally, and a stuffed doe which James knew from memory was her patronus, as he took great joy in the fact it was a counterpart to his, were also in this box. The bottom of the box was lined with her favorite candies both muggle and wizard. 

“Merlin, Potter, this is by far the most thoughtful gift I’ve ever gotten. Like, in my entire life.” Lily commented, reaching forward to give him the biggest hug she could. He grinned, wrapping his long arms around her.

“Thoughtful enough to convince you to go out with me?”

“Thoughtful enough to consider.” She promised, taking James by surprise. Did that really work? Was that all it took? He pushed his glasses up on the bridge of his nose, scratching his head.

“Well, naturally. Yeah.” He tried to deflect his clear flustered nature at the moment, receiving a snort of a laugh from Sirius.

“Happy Christmas everyone.” Lily smiled happily, not even asking James to remove his lingering arm from around her shoulder.

AU where Belle and Regina are the best of geeky friends during college and spend hours in the library together, studying and sharing sci-fi/fantasy headcanons via chat.  Belle has a crush on Mr. Gold, the dashing librarian, but he doesn’t know she exists.  (Or does he?) Regina is reluctantly enamored with a transfer student named Emma Swan–until Swan starts breaking the curve.

(Brought to you by my need to see more of geeky Regina and Belle pouring over books together in order to save their partners.)