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The Shadow to the Flame- Maven Calore 

“But try as I might, I can’t forget the shadow I thought him to be, the lost and forgotten prince. I wish that person were real. I wish he existed somewhere other than my memories.” - The Glass Sword 


[So I tried to make one of these for the first time, I thought it came out okay but hopefully I will get better at them with time :) Shoutout to @brightbeautifulthings for telling me how to go about making one of these]

The earth, the sun and the moon conspired to create you.
Your existence is a deliberate work of art. You are no accident, no mistake.
The wind, the air and the oceans worked together to birth you.
You are comprised of particles from galaxies unknown, remnants of kings and queens before you, the breath of a goddess, the tears of a warrior and the blood of a revolutionary.
You are not here by mistake, in fact the world would be different, imbalanced without you.
You do not have the right to fight what the universe has created, do not doubt it and do not dull it. Do not water down your rich spirit to appease those who are empty or half-full.
You are here to move mountains, to make change in the world, may it be the world in its entirety or the world of a single person.
You are not here to please others, your mind was not coated in brilliance to be used by another, your body was not sewn together in strength to please another person. Your voice was not fabricated with thunder and lightning to be spoken over by anyone.
You are not pretty, you are not delicate and you are not fragile.
You are mighty, you are fearsome and you are deafening.
Let the world and those who try to defeat you, tremble in the shadows of your thunderous presence.
—  indieluhv
  • Cheryl: Every girl wants a prince who treats her like a princess
  • Betty: Why would I want to be a princess when I have I king who treats me like the queen I am?
  • Bughead: *high fives*
  • Archie: Why can't we be like that?
  • Veronica: Because you're a peasant