the queen and king of tumblr

“What is a queen without her king?”

I don’t know, but let’s ask Cleopatra, Nefertiti, Hatshepsut, Sammuramat, Victoria, Elizabeth, Amina, Tzu-hsi and the countless other kingless queens who turned mere kingdoms into the greatest of Empires.

—  Nikita Gill

“Too dark skinned”, “Ugly” “Not his type” “Angry” “Too Independent” “Masculine” these are reoccurring themes in all of the racist comments I have seen on twitter, FB, and here on tumblr, those comments are rampid throughout the social media pages that are promoting 7X12. These comments are simply a mirror of where we are as a country and society and frankly where we have always been. Black skin has been degraded and criminalized in a way that regardless of how beautiful our kings and queens are they are met with the societal shackles of what they assume true beauty is. The “not his type” crowd say they aren’t racist but don’t face the reason why they say their relationship “doesn’t look right” or makes them “uncomfortable”. The “she’s to angry” crowd use a decades old sterotype margilizing Michonne because of her initial introverted and independent status. Yes, us black women know how to fight and make it, that doesn’t make us “angry” that makes us survivors. The “Too Independent” crowd blindly believe that being independent doesn’t warrant the right to find true love and vulnerability. The one that bothers me the most is she’s “too masculine”….this comes from the same individuals who praise our dark skin and features on someone else but not when it comes on us naturally. No, black women don’t fit into your blonde haired, blue eyed standard of beauty but in turn that’s what makes us beautiful…I say that to say this, we see all these comments everyday, we experience the microaggression everyday but we must lift each other up and also lift Danai up in these spaces. Never internalize any of the negativity, TO ALL MY BLACK GIRLS YOU ARE MAGICAL, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE POWERFUL, YOU ARE A FORCE, YOU ARE ROYALTY. Danai Gurira, I adore all you are and all you inspire me and so many others to be. Thank you for your brilliance, thank you for your gifts. God bless you and God bless all my kings and queens. Godspeed 🙏


Tumblr Banners 1/?→ the Pevensies

i. She has war running through her veins, anger in her heart. Her cries shatter the souls of men and the hearts of women. She loves those who worship her, those who hide their brilliant minds with bloody hands. Leaving tracks in the bloodstained sand, she wanders through the battlefield.

ii. Her mind sees all the moves her opponent makes. These pawns on a chess board, sacrificing and doing the same moves again and again. She blesses the scholar. Her eyes flash as she advises kings and queens, the one whose deed become immortal. She challenges those who are mortal to reach for the stars that she lives in.

iii. How the times spins by her as she sits at her loom, creating stories of strength and despair. To her they are one and the same. The colored strands gleam as she finds her peace. The world wanders in and out of the artwork. The glories of men and gods are proclaimed and she weeps.

iv. The councilor, the warrior, goddess of strength, her fire burns as she kisses the heads of those who still whisper her name. She is unmatched, sainted and sacred. Owl eyed goddess, her hands are claws, dripping with blood as she sings a funeral song

v. where is she? there. she is on the bloody beach, staring at the pyre of the lovers. She’s crying, ichor bleeding, heart breaking, yearning for the stars. She wants what has been denied to her for so long, she wants the gentle touch of a lover, kissing her scars. She wants a hand gripping hers as she marches into battle. She wants. She burns for someone to caress her skin, to run a knife across her heart, to pull her away from the war that threatens to consumes her mind. Whirling, burning, yearning. She needs.

—  Athena by Abby S