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Arrow Fic: Love is Red 4/?

Love is Red 4/?
Author: dettiot
Rating: T for now
Summary: Actors Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen have known each other for years.  They’ve never been more than acquaintances.  Yet when they are cast opposite each other in an unusual romantic drama about astronauts on the first mission to Mars, the sparks of attraction might just flare up into a bright red fire.  
Disclaimer: I don’t own Arrow. No copyright infringement intended.
Author’s Note:  Thank you so much to everyone who continues to support this story!  I love reading your comments about Oliver and Felicity.  :-)



Felicity did her best to hold in the sigh as Digg put a halt to the scene when it had barely begun.  They were shooting the scenes of the astronaut selection process, a moment she had looked forward to when she had read the script.

When she had been in middle school, she had qualified for admission to Space Camp.  But with only her mother’s cocktail waitress salary, there was no way Felicity could go.  Something her middle school self had not handled well–in fact, she had been a major brat about it.  So this scene had been a way for Felicity to live out that middle school dream.

But in reality, it wasn’t going very smoothly.  Crowd scenes often were difficult, between the extras and the need for multiple angles, but more than that, something just seemed off today.  Maybe it was because of the set: they were back in the large auditorium from the beginning of the film, and Digg seemed to be having trouble getting the cameras in position for the shots he wanted.  Which meant the cast and the extras had been squeezed into the tight seats for an hour without anything to show for it.

Next to her, Oliver shifted, trying to move his large body away from her another quarter-inch.  Felicity pressed her lips together, until she reminded herself that she would need a lipstick touch-up if she kept doing that, which would mean another delay.

Blowing out a breath, she tried to relax her shoulders.  She looked over at Oliver and gave him a small, hopefully-encouraging smile.  “I guess you’ve had to deal with these kind of long days a lot, yeah?”

He nodded, keeping his eyes forward so she could only see him in profile.  “Yeah,” he answered, his one-word response not exactly effusive.

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