the quality was so high i wanted to cry


So…. I’m crying.
I’ve actually been crying for hours.
Well one word: Seventeen.

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I spent so many days in worry. When I heard that Seventeen are changing their concept I was extremely worried. After all,what I have noticed is that some people do not  accept change. They expect a group to have the same branding forever.

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So like I said, I was worried.

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Human ( Disqualification )

“After being hurt by the world so much, they began to see the demons within humans. So without hiding it through trickery, they worked to express it.” 

…I don’t know how to make High Quality GIFs? I tried my best but gosh if anyone wants to let me know how to fix this terrible GIF please let me know. In the meantime, have some still frames that are in slightly better quality. Loosely inspired by Baroque art and churches. 

@ask-kimdaily OMG LOOK WHAT FINALLY ARRIVED!!! I actually screamed when I saw this in the mailbox my brother thought I had officially lost it :P it’s all so beautiful and such high quality!! I can’t wait to set the polaroids up on my wall :P Thank you so much for making this!!
I kinda wanted to finish him before this got here but I didn’t get to so here lies a partially finished crochet legson (And sorry for the hassle for Canadian shipping )

I don’t know what hit me and made me draw this but here’s a SLYTHERIN Mika.

> Slytherin (surprise), Head of House (suurprisee)

> Species: Vampire (yes they exist in HP universe)

> Eye color: (the most beautiful) blue, turns red when feeding

> Has a benefactor/bloodsource (a.k.a. Krul) whom he meets up with for his ‘stock’. (results to feeding off of others when he runs out of stock, however he prefers not to do those gaudy procedures.)

> Currently teaching (SURPRISE!): Defence Against the Dark Arts, previously taught: Charms

> guess what, his favourite student is Yuuichirou 

> is BFFs with Shinya but has passionate hatred for Guren (what do you expect HA)

> 10/10 A+++++ gorgeous because (surprise) he’s part-Veela before he turned into a vampire

> could be flashy AF (see thigh highs), lowkey a worrywart


If you liked this/want this continued/want a better quality art, throw your ideas at me!! 

Kpop on tumblr:

“Do not edit”
“Look at this little squishy”
“What is he doing”
“What is he wearing”
“4/∞ edits of my bias”
“Brb swimming across the sea”
“A literal angel”
“This is the kind of high quality content I want on my dash”
“Get this off my dash”
“im dYING”
“Why is he like this”
“I am in love with this man.”

Scorpio (sun)

Scorpio is ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto and is represented by a Scorpion or Eagle. These are strong representations of the Scorpio; Scorpios are all about concentration and power. They are like a pool that is small in width but almost endless in depth; you could fall into them, underestimating how deep they are. It's universally understood that these are people who are different.

Scorpio is a feminine sign; there is something romantic and sweet about these people, which is contrasting to the reputation that they uphold. I do not dispute that Scorpios are intense - they have a lot going on inside, but they’re not all cloaks and daggers, secrets and hidden agendas.

Because things can become so overwhelmingly dark for them, they cherish the relaxed moments in their lives and not giving a damn what others think, which is essentially what they work towards. I think all Scorpios have “phases” in their lives and transformations that they go through in order to achieve the best version of themselves. While Capricorns represent death, they represent the process of dying and the afterlife. It’s that planetary effect; in Greek mythology, Pluto is the god of the underworld.  

The transitions that Scorpios go through are painful for them, but like the mystical Phoenix bird, Scorpios will always be reborn from the ashes. They have an inner, unwavering strength and resilience - these aren’t the kind of people you want to fuck with. They’ve suffered so much internally that they have learned to become strong. Perhaps this inner strength is why bad luck tends to follow them like a dark shadow.

The thing with Scorpios is that they do not disregard or try to avoid the darker side of life. These are the kind of people who would try to swim to the bottom of the ocean to see how deep it goes; they’re always testing their limits and they’re not afraid to go where no one else will. Sometimes this behaviour can become self-destructive, but in a way they need to break themselves apart to know their own inner-workings and how to put themselves back together.

Even though they’re passionate, they are also pretty laid-back people at the same time. They understand that life can be ugly and, in this sense, can be very accepting people. You will feel like you can divulge any kind of information about yourself to your Scorpio, and that they will accept and understand it. They’re probably the best people to go to if you’ve murdered someone; as long as you have a good enough reason, they’ll help cover it up. Scorpios do not see the world black and white, they understand those incredibly murky grey areas better than anyone. 

And this is an incredible quality about them; Scorpios rarely feel the need to pretend to be anything but who they are and this attracts many people to them. They have this magnetic energy, no matter what kind of person they are. They can seem meek and shy or sexy and aloof - in either case, people will be watching them from afar, wondering about their lives.

They have a need to control which can be suffocating when you’re close to them. When I say “control”, it’s not usually other people as much as it’s themselves. With Mars influencing them, they can see the world like a battlefield much like an Aries, but instead of fearing physical conflict, they fear psychic ones. They put so much value in the power of their minds, they can become fearful of people trying to take that independence from them. They can be overprotective of their vulnerable side and as a result come off as cold and untouchable. It can also make them critical of people who do not meet their high standards. 

There is literally so much to say about this sign and still so much more to discover. Very much like onions, they have a lot of layers and the more you peel back, the more it makes you cry…(stupid joke, I’m sorry.) Scorpio’s are strong, emotionally understanding, controlling, powerful…there are so many words to describe them, but they all vary as individuals, no two Scorpios are alike. They have amazing qualities just as they have terrifying ones. One thing I can attest to is that a Scorpio is the kind of person you want having you back; if you’re a true friend or lover to a Scorpio, there is nothing they won’t do for the people they love.

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thesoundofnat  asked:

1, 3, 6 and 10 for the artist questions!

1. what is your favorite color to work with?

hmm……a tie between pink, blue, and yellow

3. what song(s) do you listen to when you do art?

i have 6.3 million highly specific playlists on spotify [x] (and also on 8tracks under kayvsworld if u can put up with 8tracks lmao). i like a lot of sufjan stevens and glass animals and portugal. the man….also shakey graves 

6. tag your favorite artists/inspirations!

@thegoldenavenger‘s colours are absolutely phenomenal and their tony is my #1 fave and their ideas make me cry…. @spookyrumba‘s cOLOURS ARE SO GOOD…LINES SO GOOD SO GOOD A++…. everything @beir makes is so soft and beautiful and makes me want to learn to do softer lighter art….all v good high quality art people….also phil noto and kris anka and kevin wada etc etc

10. are you right or left handed?


things i expected from asagao academy and got:
- meme
- humor
- good times
- dating sim cliches
- anime protagonist jokes

things i didny expect from asagao academy but got:
- high quality art & soundtrack
- 1 million routes???
- dRAMA???
- ANGST????

Just started rewatching Person of Interest

And it’s so good so far. 

 Season One Perks: 

 Taraji P Henson 

 People of Color existing in New York (unlike that other show *cough cough CSI New York with only 10 poc ever cough cough*) 

 Jim Caviezel beating up bad guys while being super hot

 Micheal Emerson hacking computers and being super hot 

 Taraji P Henson being badass while kicking ass, being the best character (and I want marry her tbh) 

 It has POC that aren’t always thugs and actually have character 

 Cool mother son relationship 

 One of the shows closer to actually addressing how POC are treated in the criminal justice system

Taraji P Henson 

 The audio mixing is A+. The non diegetic and diegetic sound is so good, like I’m crying. Also the soundtrack is so good! So high quality. 

The cinematography is so good. It’s one of the shows were one can really see tv becoming an art form. There’s so much care taken to create the style.

 Black woman detective who is so lovely and wants to do the right thing who and who is now on Empire™ 

 Jim Caviezel flashing his award winning smile 

 A show about two dudes fighting the Man™ 

 A show about people helping other people because we all have to look out for 

each other Let’s see if this show lets me down (hope not)

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[TRANS] The Celebrity May Issue

‘A tree that will grow well is recognizable by simply its leaves’. These words prove themselves to be true. Even before officially debuting, SM Rookies’ Doyoung and Jaehyun are already MCs of a music program, and they make the saying seem even more truthful. While filming and interviews may still be awkward, and they are still inexperienced, their eyes are no different from regular children their age.

Q: Shall we start with simple introductions?
Hello, I am SM Rookies’ Doyoung. I am twenty years old. I liked to sing since I was young and so I entered SM as a trainee. Now I am learning different fun things on top of singing.
Jaehyun: I am SM Rookies’ Jaehyun, 18 years-old, and in my last year of high school. I auditioned towards my last year of junior high (ninth grade) and came in as a SM trainee. Ever since I was young, my dad liked music and so he would turn on different genres of music. Although at first I was forced to listen to it, the more I did, I started to like it.

Q: Since when and for what reason did you start dreaming of becoming a singer?
In sixth grade, for the first time, I told my mom that I want to be a singer. At first my family looked at me in awe. Because I liked singing so much I would go to the karaoke on my own. I sang by myself but then I wanted to show it to others that whenever I had the chance I would try to. I sang Ha Dongkyun sunbae-nim’s song ‘Whether Rain Comes or Snow Comes’ at the Kyungki Province Young Adult Art Festival and from there I got casted into the company.
Jaehyun: My dad would make me listen to groovy music like Brian McKnight and then it was just a hobby for me. When I got the opportunity to do so, I decided to audition with the mindset of ‘I’m not going to get it anyway’, and they gave me permission. However, I was already dreaming of becoming a singer and have been preparing by myself.

Q: What are your thoughts on being Show Champion’s MC even before debuting?
First the company came to me and asked if I knew about Show Champion, and I said ‘Of course, I definitely do’. They told me that I would be MC-ing for that show so I was surprised. I thought ‘Can I really?’. Something so big came so suddenly. Since then I wanted to do really well so I prepared a lot. Reading the script itself was hard that Jaehyun and I monitored each other and practiced daily.
Jaehyun: While promoting as a rookie I was able to go to a broadcasting environment, MC for Show Champion and participate in a photoshoot like today. We also go to our company seniors’ concerts. I think as time passes I become more definite with what I want to do. There are times when I’m just practicing where I’m not sure what I’m practicing for, but when I promote like this I realize what I am getting ready for.

Q: Is there a role model out of SM artists that you want to resemble?
As a junior high student, I liked band music like Oasis and only thought about becoming a vocalist. Then one day I saw SHINee sunbae’s ‘Dream Girl’ stage, and I thought the performance and music was so cool that I realized that there were different ways of delivering music. From there on I think I expanded my view. I also want to resemble EXO D.O sunbae’s singing and acting because I think it’s cool. I enjoy listening to songs like ‘Don’t Go’ and ‘Baby Don’t Cry’.
Jaehyun: I want to resemble everything about TVXQ sunbaes from there dancing, singing, character, etc. Not too long ago, I saw them at their Tokyo Dome concert, and I kept admiring how hard they must have worked in order to present such a high quality performance. I also felt their sincerity when they were crying in front of their fans towards the end of their concert.

Q: What do you usually do when you have no schedules?
I live in the dorm so in the weekends I always call Jaehyun. We go to Namsam or Itaewon and eat tasty stuff.
Jaehyun: The things others would do with their girlfriends, we end up doing together. We enjoy Namsan’s natural landscape and eat churros. 

Q: What do you want to say to those who dream of becoming trainees like the rookies? 
I didn’t realize it until I started my trainee process, but I realized that the already debuted seniors receive the love they do because of their hard work that brought them on stage. That makes me admire them even more, and it makes me tell myself that if I really want to do this job then I have to be strong. And a nice heart would be important as well, right? 
Jaehyun: I realized that the cool image that I saw on television was just a small part of it. You need an enormous amount of effort, and you have to endlessly continue to fight with yourself. I’d like it if people challenged themselves with a sturdy heart.

trans. cr; jinhee @ fy-sr15b
original source: firefighter_sm
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As the fourth largest U.S. meat company, Verger Meat Packing Co.® has come a long way from our origins as a single beef processing plant in 1830. We are known as an american meat supplier dedicated to building our customers’ success by producing and delivering high-quality fresh, chilled, and further processed meat and by-products. We’re prepared to be a reliable supply partner with the capabilities to exceed the needs of our customers. ​​​​​​​​​​Please join us in the grand opening of our fourth company in Maryland and enjoy a nice evening with the Verger family and associated!

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Today in Free!

  • Jaw? So like

  • Jaw or

  • ????

  • Nagisa, what are you talking about? I don’t see any-

  • oh

  • The Reigisa is strong in this one

  • The quality here is too damn high. Am I even watching anime anymore

  • Kyoani, I am so onto you right now

  • Momo you cutie


  • Rin-senpai, does your anaconda want these buns?

  • Nagisa are you just reading off the menu

  • It’s called Australian swag, mate



  • So is that season three of Free! confirmed or

  • …I’ll take that as a yes

  • ok i know this isn’t relevant, but i’ve been staring at this picture for the last ten minutes and boy, what is that red thing on your shoulder for

  • are you haru number 2

  • are you haru’s long-lost parents?

  • Nagisa’s riding on an orca
  • Makoto is an orca
  • Nagisa’s riding on a Makoto
  • …so all this time, the only true ship was Makogisa

  • Wait. Golden butterflies? I’ve seen these before…

  • …oh
  • ok haru. If you don’t want to see your long-lost-finally-found-parents to die again and again before your eyes, be trapped on an island by mysterious forces, and be forced to lick the shoe of a hundred year old creepy lady, I advise you not to chase after those butterflies. Seriously. You might meet Beatrice, the thousand year old witch. Or worse. You’ll find Maria. 

  • ///////hysterical sobbing in the distance

  • Rin you monster
  • But hey, at least now I know they were talking about Jaws the movie.

  • must suppress…urge to make….immature joke

  • You can’t, Coach Sasabe! One of us drew a dong, and we don’t want you to know who

  • All these hot bishies and Haru’s just chilling in the corner. Ok, Haru. You go do your thing, I guess…

  • OMG

  • OMG

  • So since there are five, they obviously represent Haru, Mako, Rin, Nagisa, and Rei. But considering Nagisa and Rei are the only ones still actually together, they should be the two birds connected together 
  • …so does this make Reigisa canon now?

  • omg these ads


  • Well this is it. It’s the end. Guess my life’s over now. Well, it was nice knowing you guys
  • Seriously Kyoani, I signed up for hot swimming boys and instead, I get a heart-wrenching, tear-jerking story on friendship and dreams

high quality version of the moment when I asked Jensen Ackles if he could spread his legs so Taylor ( jeffrey-dean-morgan), Misha, and I could pretend we were trapped in them. And also when his handler looked like she wanted to strangle me


Lay - 140731 Celebrity Chef Has Arrived’s weibo update: “#乖萌厨王爱上我#粉丝福利来啦!现场高清无码大图倾情奉上!左瞧瞧,右瞧瞧,盯—盯—开心笑,鼓鼓掌!天呐噜,这若隐若现的酒窝!已被萌哭在厕所。话说男神你跳到灶台上这么机(tiao)智(pi)你的粉丝们造吗!还有你到底在看什么!好在意好想知道!八月《星厨驾到》简直不能更期待了”

Translation: “#Good Cutie Chef King falls for me #Fan beneits are here! On the scene high quality uncensored large images presented here! Look left, look right, stare a little, laugh happily, applaud! Oh my goodness, these dimples that are ever present! It’s so cute I’m crying in the toilet. It’s said that this male God, who jumping onto the stove like this intelligently (naughtily), was created by his fans! Also what on earth is he looking at! I really care, I really want to know! August’s Celebrity Chef Has Arrived I really can’t anticipate it more than this”

Credit: 江苏卫视广告营销部.

do you ever see a tumblr user who’s like really attractive and has a quality blog that’s pretty popular, but they’re smart too and you kinda want to dislike them for being so annoyingly perfect but they’re a genuinely nice person and you can’t help but kind of worship them and it’s like

bro no fair you can’t have it all that’s cheating stop 

Fan account for [160214] EXO’luXion in LA
  • I definitely confirmed my bias for Jongdae today. I legitimately watched him for 90% of the concert. When my eyes weren’t on him, I asked myself, “Where’s Jongdae?”
  • His (Jongdae’s) hair was up! My fav <3
  • I don’t know… we were a “one step back” city. I was in a seated section so I wasn’t in the pit. Chanyeol talked for like five minutes asking for them to move one step back. From where I was sitting I could see the whole crowd, no one moved back. It was hard to watch. I cringed.
  • You know what also makes me cringe? Suho’s cheesiness. He was so cute but… so much cheese. He could run a dairy farm.
  • ALSO Minseok said something about angels and Los Angeles being the city of angels. Jongdae gave him the thumbs up. (I’m always watching Jongdae rip. no one else in EXO can top him…..)
  • EXCEPT for Kyungsoo. He got called out during Drop That after Sehun and was so so extra cute and cuddly he did the hearts thing twice
    • for example, when Chanyeol was asking the crowd to move one step back, he said that if they move back, Kyungsoo will dance for them. Kyungsoo then chased Chanyeol like normal Chansoo does, right? But then (even though the crowd didn’t move, mind you), he dug through his stripped jacket and pulled out those finger hearts. I cringed again but it’s Kyungsoo so I forgive him. I could tell he was embarrassed. We cheered for him “D.O! D.O!” when he was hesistant to “dance”. he did a bunch of hearts instead
    • SPEAKING OF DROP THAT: who’s dumb idea was it to get rid of Jongdae’s solo during that song? It’s the best part of the song and it was gone??? Also, I think they got rid of Kyungsoo’s part too. I was recording because rocker!dae is my favorite and I was waiting for the moment…….. nothing rip rip rip rip rip rip breanna. 
  • Jongdae can dance omfg, and I’m serious. He’s a good dancer.
  • Someone better have a fancam of Playboy of JD and Chanyeol because…. fire. 
  • I could see Jongdae’s guns from the back <3 (during Playboy)
  • During Peter Pan, it was Chanyeol time: he tried to reveal both baekhyun and jongin’s abs. kyungsoo tried running away, Chanyeol pulled him back. BUT then magic - all three baekaisoo teamed up against Park Chanyeol. Magical.
  • We failed trying to sing the lyrics to Machine. It took us about four tries to even get it close to right. Poor Minseok was like “no they’re not ready”
  • The crowd really loved Chanyeol. He was definitely the crowd favorite. Then (in my opinion of how much my ears hurt when they were singing) followed by Jongin, Sehun, Kyungsoo, Baekhyun, Xiumin and Suho. 
  • The crowd was really quiet for Jongdae RIP RIP RIP RIP RIP 
    • But this was sort of fine because instead of screaming I got to hear him actually but still… where’s the love????? he’s the best I don’t understand? no comprendo.
    • Maybe it was just my biased ears but I don’t think so? someone back me up on this sadness.
  • They are going back to Korea tomorrow. Pray for them.
  • Miracles in December is probably one of my favorite performances of the night! Which is surprising because I’m not one for slow songs. Baekhyun, Kyungsoo, and Jongdae though…. those are my top three if Yixing wasn’t there (Yixing is #3 after Kyungsoo, Baekhyun is #4)
  • Jongdae wasn’t half naked during Lucky I might have lost it
  • Minseok during Love Me Right lol. He just moves all over and the hips
  • Imagine me, a true Jongdae stan, not remembering anything about Byun Baekhyun. I don’t remember paying attention to him I’m sorry Baek I love you but KJD exists so…#biased
  • I screamed so loud for Yixing when he came on screen. And I was glad to hear that others did too! :)
  • They didn’t once mention Valentine’s Day (I think. The crowd was pretty loud and I’m pretty deaf to begin with so idk)
  • I was in seating areas and people didn’t know the official fanchants. They were just screaming lol
    • I knew them only for Growl and Call Me Baby and Love Me Right
  • NO EL DORADO OR WOLF. I want to cry now that I think about it. I actually like Wolf (Jongdae’s high note with Baekhyun yes) so I was upset I didn’t get to see the tree.
  • We chanted for like 5 minutes for an encore. Since the pit people didn’t take a step back I was getting scared we weren’t going to get one but we did… i wanted to see unfair and sing for you.
  • Jongdae didn’t really talk much. I recorded his last ment I’ll post it later. I don’t think it’s good quality though.
    • Our fan project singing Best Luck didn’t work. If you saw two cuties walking around attempting to advertise it, yeah that was me and the lovely @seizethejongdae
  • I met Lily @mintchocolatechen too!! Such a ray of sunshine. Jongdae stans are all sunshines.

Overall I had a really great time! Honestly my favorite part was walking around with @seizethejongdae attempting to spread the word of our lord and savior Kim Jongdae. I went all alone to the concert so meeting someone there made me feel not so alone. :)
But the first ment was like ‘Hi I’m Chen”, “Hi I’m Xiumin” …. then Baek and Sehun spoke more but it was too quick for Jongdae. I started “Bogo… shit” then he was done lol.

I will update this when I remember more.

the-lady-of-the-blue  asked:

What is your favorite dragon species from the books?

Without even a doubt, the Silver Phantom. 

The Silver Phantom is a very rare, very powerful species of Air Dragon, which according to “How to Seize a Dragon’s Jewel” can fly the fastest and the highest of all dragons. It also has a mysterious quality about it, for the silver-colored dragon is glimpsed only rarely “at astonishingly high distances” so as to appear like a ghost.

This, THIS is the dragon I want most to own and ride.

Look at this enormous silvery beauty. Long, spiky, barbed tail; long, glorious wings; a lithe body and narrow snout; long, sharp claws; wonderful headspikes, and for the females, a narwhal-like spike on the snout. The aesthetic of the dragon is incredible… and they have impressive statistics to match:

Fear factor: 10
Attack: 10
Speed: 10
Size: 10
Disobedience: 10

That’s right. All 10′s. Cry at this dragon’s glory now. It is everything to love: powerful, mighty, fast, ghost-like, beautiful, frightening, and intelligent.

I mean come on, forget Night Furies. Let’s talk Silver Phantoms!!!