the quality was so bad omfg

hi i never want to see this again

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Hey there! I had some time this evening and I drew the lovely Athi of @ellstersmash and the badass Nahira of @antivancorvo

Just some heashots! I am so fucking tired sorry

Thankyou for letting me draw your babes ! ;A; ♥


okay okay so this is  my old old post like almost a year old but when I posted it then it was altogether in one picture and I put so much effort into detail etc that I felt bad about ruining some of the quality of each individual picture. Also I’ve been re-listening to The Titan’s Curse and thinking about this more and I thought I might as well as post it again like a year later even though my art has improved so much okay rip me goodbye enjoy higher quality

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hi yes this is a reminder that all of us constantly think that u are an AMAZING FANTASTIC SUPERB writer and u shouldn't belittle yourself bc u honestly have so much writing talent?? and u don't see it but it's there i promise u, it's there and it's always been there. ur writing is 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 and whenever i feel sad i read ur fic cause it's SO GOOD. nothing good comes from self loathing my nougat, u don't have any bad qualities i promise u. u are loved and talented and pretty 👊🏽 u are valid

;_; i lost it at nougat omfg honey this is so sweet 😭 i will try and stop being meh abt my own writing, i promise i’ll try. i’m glad i can make your day a little better w my work :c

Luis’ (aka muji-milk) Art Tips!

i often get asked for tips on watercolour painting and portraiture drawing and things so i decided to make one pretty extensive advice post :^) hope this helps, and it will be tagged ‘art tips’ if you need to find it again. you can ask me if there’s something else you don’t find on here/to elaborate on something if you need!

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Okay I'm done with it! You infected my dash with Iwaoi now you have the obligation of telling me your favorite fics


oh god. how to choose. literally everything i’ve read is so high quality.

Abies nordmanniana” by peralta is what got me into iwaoi in the first place. much cute, such fluff, very sweater

“to be first, to be best” by kittebasu WRECKED ME. and damned me to iwaoi hell for eternity

same with “I Choose You,”warmth,” and “cross my heart and hope to die” by TripsH, “No room for pretend” by sungjoon, “we shine like diamonds” by whitemiists, “i hope you like the stars i stole for you” by iwaoidk, and “A Guide to the Stars, Both Dwarf and Giant” by Mehhh.

dyspnea/arrhythmia” by carafin is SUCH QUALITY. much cuteness and fluff and DOCTOR IWAOI

of course you have the great SuggestiveScribe, who wrote “Conquering the Great King” and recently the very high quality star wars au, “Duel of the Fates” (please, if you love yourself, read these and all the other fics they wrote)

read all things by starlitcities. all the things. especially “Star-Crossed

Build A Temple In Me” by Authoress IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE OMFG

Against All Odds” by SharkbaitSekki is a++++ single parents fic with iwaoi

the “Why Am I Here?” series by idontknowwhatisthiseven IS SO HILARIOUS. PLUS YOGA. MUCH YOGA. 

bad coffee & lemon bars” by abillionstars IS SO FLUFFY AND ADORABLE


I’m currently obsessed with “Mud, Stars, and You” by Beaa and “How Icarus fell in Love with the Sun” by tsukkkiii

finally, let me self promote my own fic “Huascarán”. but only if you like angst.

((OOC: American Cuties for your Dash! ;v;)/

I was trying to draw a 1920s car, as practice for my comic, since I don’t really draw backgrounds and items, etc. Basically, I never draw things that aren’t humanized. Not often, anyways. And then this happened. Amelia and Alfred weren’t supposed to be in it but I couldn’t resist.

Thoughts?? ))