the quality of this video makes me want to punch a wall

My Calgary Expo Experience

Okay guys so I’m still kind of dying. Today (probably yesterday by the time this goes up) was kind of amazing and I can’t believe that I met Bob Morley BUT I’M GOING TO ATTEMPT TO SHARE THE AWESOMENESS WITH YOU ALL.

Apparently recap posts about cons are a thing and I still can’t believe that I actually have reason to write one!!

I only decided to go on the Sunday because I could fit in the photo op, autograph signing, and panel all in one day so I felt that it was a good option, so I don’t know much about anything that happened on any of the other days.

It was sooo incredible. Bob is just … wow. 

He just has the most adorable personality. And we all probably know this because you don’t need to meet him to be able to tell but he really does. As my friend who was with me likes to say, he’s all “soft and squish” hahahaha.

I was so so so nervous when we first walked into the autograph line (which was not very long at all because we came on the last day, and we also came early) and we were, like, two feet away from him because the line looped around. It was so weird. I still can’t believe that I was that close to him, let alone actually TALKED to him, and TOUCHED him. 

Also I’m about 99% sure that I saw Robyn from the Afictionados podcast in the line ahead of me because she has a very distinctive voice and I heard her mention Unity Days but I was too shy to talk to her and I wasn’t 100% it was her until later but anyway SHOUTOUT TO ROBYN IF YOU’RE READING THIS WHICH YOU PROBABLY AREN’T BUT IN THE UNLIKELY EVENT YOU ARE JUST KNOW THAT I REALLY LIKE YOUR PODCAST AND I’M REALLY AWKWARD SO I DIDN’T TELL YOU IN PERSON

anyway ..

Bob is just amazing because he was out in front of his table instead of behind it like basically all the other guests. It was really neat, he’s very interactive with the fans and likes to be very personal with everyone. He shook everyone’s hand that came to get an autograph and introduced himself (AS IF I DON’T KNOW WHO YOU ARE) and asked how we were doing and he was just so polite and cute and ugghh. I’ve never been to a con before but my friend was telling me how usually the autograph signing is very quick and they get you in and out of there very fast but Bob was so sweet and generous and took his time with everyone, actually attempting to have a real conversation with the fans. 

The people before us were taking a video of him which is prohibited apparently and the security guy there was getting mad at them but Bob was like “oh, I don’t mind …” and he looked kind of uncomfortable (about the security guy, not the fans). 

He shaved his beard the night before and my friend was hEARTBROKEN because she LOVED it, haha. I think he looks nice either way, but I kind of prefer him cleanshaven so I was happy. HE PLAYS WITH HIS HAIR SO MUCH. And I swear that boy has an entire closet dedicated just to his various hats, its like every time I saw him he was wearing a different one.

My friend was a little starstruck so I ended up doing a lot of the conversation, but honestly I barely processed most of what he was saying. I mentioned that Zach talked about filming a movie with him at a recent con and asked him if he could share a little bit about it. He laughed and said that he was surprised Zach had said anything because they were supposed to be secretive about it so he didn’t really say anything more than what I already knew. He talked about how he was going to be filming in Malaysia pretty soon (which I already knew cause i’m extra lol) and how he hadn’t spent a whole lot of time prepping for the role so he needed to do some of that beforehand. It was fine that he couldn’t say much about it though because I was mostly just trying to keep the conversation going so I didn’t spontaneously combust and/or faint in his arms … you know, the usual.

My friend was dressed up as Season 2 Octavia (with the warpaint) and I had a really crappy cosplay of Season 1 Clarke going on hahahaha. Basically I couldn’t find a jacket (and i have no idea how to make one) so I just had like the shirt and the watch and the hair and stuff so it wasn’t anything special. Most people probably thought I wasn’t dressed up at all. When I walked up to Bob he went “WOW that’s a big watch” cause my wrists are really tiny I guess haha. I don’t really know if he knew if I was Clarke or not. 

He started both of our autographs with “Dearest [name]” instead of just “Dear” or writing only our names, which I thought was adorable. It’s such a Bob thing to do - or at least something I would expect from him. He also put two x’s at the end.

I didn’t end up getting anything special signed because I couldn’t think of anything super creative, so I just chose one of their prints instead. They were nice though. 

When he saw my friend’s print that she’d chosen he went “wow I was so tan” and I kind of laughed because he’s still really tan and his skin is so nice haha, but meanwhile I’m white as hell and can’t tan for the life of me

Then we both took photos with him. I always see people talking about Bob smelling really nice and I was like “okay” because I don’t tend to talk about how people smell BUT HE ACTUALLY DOES OKAY. lol I know that seems weird, I don’t know how to describe the smell but its a thing, guys, all right?

Afterwards we looked around a bit at the convention and waited to head to Bob’s panel at 12:00. I ran into a few friends who I haven’t seen in awhile which was kind of nice. It was super packed. There were a lot more people who showed up to see Bob than I was expecting, but it was nice to see so many people coming together. :) The panel was 45 minutes but it went by soooooooo fast. The moderator kept asking Bob to expand on his questions basically, which ended up eating up a lot of time so I didn’t get to ask the question about Jasper and Bellamy that I wanted to, which was kind of disappointing. 

I was being so extra though, waving my hand in the hair and everything, trying to get her attention. I made eye contact with Bob because he saw me but then the woman picked someone else and it was really sad lol. I raised my hand EVERY SINGLE TIME. But I was ignored. 



They were really strict about there being no videos so I couldn’t really get any, which is unfortunate, and I wasn’t close enough to get very good quality photos so I won’t post any of them here. If you have any questions about some things people are spreading about the panel or want confirmation about some stuff Bob said, just hit me up and I’ll hopefully clear some things for you because I know that the truth often gets skewed a little at conventions. Its like the fandom is playing a little game of telephone, except online.

Bob is soooo cute and endearing and funny, so I really enjoyed the panel. I know a lot of people have been posting about stuff that Bob but I’ll point out the stuff I remember anyway

  • Someone asked Bob was his favourite episode/scene was and Bob said that his favourite episode is yet to air, and that it really delves into Bellamy’s “psyche”, which he liked, so I’m super excited to see that. I do wonder if he’s referring to 4x10, actually, since the promo seems pretty Bellamy heavy and it’s written by Aaron who tends to write Bellamy pretty well, I think. We’ll see!
  • There’s a video of the Bellarke question going around which, to be perfectly honest, isn’t much different from anything else that he’s said. He apparently ~ doesn’t know ~ if they’ll go the romantic path but he believes that they have a very “special relationship” that is deeper than any romance. It’s not in the video that I’ve seen going around but he also said that Bellamy and Clarke have a certain understanding and honesty which he believes is definitely a good place to start to build a relationship on, if they were planning on going that route.
  • He said something that I really haven’t seen talked about at all, but both I and my friend thought was a little odd when we heard it. I think the question was asking what scenes with Bellamy were most difficult or something like that but he said “the romantic side I find very hard to play”, which I thought was kind of interesting because Bellamy hasn’t really had any romantic partners besides Gina very very briefly. Idk if that’s who he was referring to? *side eyes emoji* Take it with a grain of salt in any case.
  • Bob joked about how Bellamy gets beat up so often because he’s “been told that [Bob] sells hits really well” lol. He also said that he maybe takes punches a little too well because when Octavia was beating him up in 3x10 he got too into it and accidentally fell through the wall of the set and broke it.
  • The moderator pointed out that it’s remarkable how well some characters have recovered from being impaled and he made a cheeky little comment about how “it’s science guys!” because we all know just how accurate the science on this show is hahaha
  • Someone asked Bob how he and Bellamy are similar and he responded by saying that he was loyal to his family and that the similarities “start and finish there”. He talked about how Bellamy is so much more aggressive than he is and how he wouldn’t go around killing people. The moderator then asked him if he thought he would ever be capable of doing something like that and Bob went “NOOOOOOOO! I don’t have that in me, its ACTING!”. He sounded so offended, it was really funny, especially since Bob is so cute and pure so it just sounded bizarre when she asked that.
  • Apparently during the scene where Pike sentences Kane to death Mike Beach and Henry Ian Cusick had a solid 15 minute argument about whose side Bellamy should be on and Bob just decided to leave the room after awhile. Bob was just like “okay I’m just going to walk out and you two can decide which one of you is my dad”.
  • Bob enjoys doing fight scenes “because its always kind of exciting to feel like you’re tough, even though you’re not” (he laughed after he said that) and he also enjoyed doing the Bellamy speeches because he thought that they felt cool and kind of empowering to feel like you have the power to actually influence someone else, since there aren’t many opportunities for that in real life.
  • Since he likes fight scenes, he joked about how he always would ask “can’t I at least try and put up a fight”  and he also said that Bellamy tends to take more beatings than he gives now because Bellamy feels like he deserves to be beaten up for what he’s done.
  • In the scene where he found out that Octavia “died” apparently Bob went full out and was banging his head against the bars and actually got a cut all along his forehead because he was so into it.
  • He was asked if it ever hurt his vocal cords to talk so low in Bellamy’s voice and he joked that it’s painful when he has to scream all the time at such a low octave. He also talked about why Bellamy’s voice was so low, because he was really hungover when they shot the Pilot and when he saw the video he went back and was really surprised and he just kind of had to roll with it from there on out. I’ve heard that story before but it was cool to hear Bob talk about it in person.
  • I know we all love to talk about the drastic difference in pitch between Bellamy and Bob’s voice but I’m telling you that its something else to hear it in person instead of just in a video. The change is SO dramatic.
  • One time when Bellamy had to do a big speech in Season 1, Bob had a really bad cold and he couldn’t speak properly so he was kind of screeching and messing up and he said it was really “embarassing” and so frustrating that he actually started to cry. The whole crowd went “aWWWWWwwwWWWWW” when he said that and he was like “yeah, yeah, I know, I know” all bashful and it was really cute.
  • He talked about how he would rather be judged for his “content” versus his physique and he said “maybe its not even me to feel that way” which made me sad, and then he said that he now recognizes that being judged for his appearance comes with the job sometimes.
  • Bob says that he likes polarizing the audience but that some people on social media can’t seem to separate him from Bellamy and he joked about all these people who meet him and are just like “I hate your character but, you know, you’re okay” and I was honestly like WHO DO I HAVE TO FIGHT COME AT ME
  • If he could bring back anyone he said he would bring back Pike and someone yelled “WHYYYY????” and Bob talked about how he caused lots of chaos and whatnot which was interesting, to which the mod was like “they already have enough chaos” and then Bob responded with “what’s wrong with a little chaos?” and I died. nOT like that’s one of the most iconic lines of Season 1 or anything ..
  • He also said he thought bringing Finn back would be interesting because “his moral compass is very different from Clarke and Bellamy’s” 
  • When he was a kid he wanted to be a stuntman and he would bite into ceramic plates because he thought that’s what they did, lol. Bob just went, “SO stupid” after he described it haha
  • I CAN’T BELIEVE I FORGOT. He joked a ton about his hair and how the apocalypse is great for the characters’ hair. He talked about how the hair team is great and how Bellamy has “great hair game” in Season 4, but that all seems to change after Bob finishes filming and he doesn’t really do anything with it. He’s very self-deprecating
  • Bob says that when he struggles in getting into Bellamy’s headspace a lot of the time he just starts thinking about lunch because that’s what Mike Beach told him to do, hahahahaha. He also talked about how there’s “a lot of stupid stuff” going around in Bellamy’s head a lot of the time.
  • He said that he likes to do rock climbing, but a lot of the time he just ends up playing video games instead.
  • He finds Octavia and Bellamy’s storyline together this season “heartbreaking”.
  • He says his scenes with Eliza are “always really great” because they’re very “emotional” and he gets to cry lol
  • Apparently Bob is like one of two people who actually knows how to drive the rover because its stick shift and its “impossible”.
  • One girl that was picked said “sorry” and Bob was like “what are you apologizing for?” and the moderator was like “it’s the Canadian way” or something along those lines but the girl was just like “cause I’m so awkward” and the whole time i was thinking girl SAME i feel you
  • Bob says playing Bellamy has changed his real voice. He thinks his voice has “dropped down because of it” even when he’s not playing Bellamy.
  • Bob said that one of his friends tried to get him to compete in a smashbrothers competition and he went but he said it was really intense so he was like “no, no, no, I’m going to stay home and be the king of my own house”
  • Bob doesn’t like sitting behind the table when signing autographs because he “feels weird” about it and enjoys interacting with fans because he feels that social media is really “devoid of connection” and he’s “just a normal person” like the rest of us, which was sweet. <3
  • Bob says that “I’m very loving but I’m very pragmatic” when referring to Bellamy (not himself)
  • Bob loves Bellamy soo much and he is super protective of him (like us!). He says that when people don’t like Bellamy sometimes he’s just like “oh well let’s talk about this, maybe I can talk you around” but it doesn’t usually work haha
  • He said that he went to a play in Australia because William Mcinnes, who he really loves, was in it but he didn’t know what it was about and it turned out be about IVF treatment lol and he was like “yeah that was kinda weird […] maybe I should have read the plot first …”

After the panel we looked around at all the merchandise but there was barely anything for The 100, which wasn’t all that surprising. I honestly didn’t expect to find anything, but we stumbled completely by accident onto this jewelry stand and we saw one necklace for The 100 and started freaking out because we couldn’t find any The 100 merch ANYWHERE and the lady heard us and told us that she sold stuff at Unity Days so she’d designed an entire jewelry line for The 100 and showed us her collection.

It was so awesome. She makes all these neat little themed charm bracelets for all shows, so there was one for Lost, and OUAT and Supernatural and all that, which was nice but she had a whole COLLECTION for The 100, with themed bracelets for almost all the individual characters. I remember seeing something similar online, maybe even the same ones, and had told my friend earlier that I thought they were cool.

I DEFINITELY wasn’t expecting to actually find them. 

My friend bought the Bellamy one and I bought the Raven one, because I personally thought that the Raven one was more true to the character than the other one (but they were both really cute!). I’m not one for fandom merch so it was kind of exciting for me to buy something. 

Here’s a pic of my Raven bracelet: 

And here’s my friends Bellamy bracelet:

Later we went to go get our photo ops with Bob, which we did individually. It was very fast-paced so we didn’t get to spend much time with him or anything but I was actually surprisingly relaxed and calm the second time I saw him? Idk he’s just so humble and down-to-earth and he really makes you feel comfortable around him, so I wasn’t nearly as nervous as I was earlier. 

When he saw my friend and I he was just like “hello again” and I thought it was cute that he remembered us, after meeting hundreds of individual people!

I just took a regular photo with him, no special poses or anything, because I felt weird asking for anything different. But to be honest I wish that I asked him for a hug, because I saw a girl go before us who did and her photo ended up looking REALLY good and now I’m super jealous, dammit. 


(I feel like I’m making a lot of promises to myself in this post, hmmmmmm)

Anyways, after we got the photo he turned to me and said “thank you!” and I was just thinking WHY ARE YOU THANKING ME??? YOU JUST MADE MY ENTIRE EXISTENCE, THANK YOU!

So that was my experience seeing Bob. I’m so far from over it and just looking at the pictures makes me feel all light and happy. He’s such a great person and you can tell that he’s not just putting an act or a show for the benefit of his fans, he’s truly genuine! 

Now I know what people mean when they talk about how after they meet some of the cast, they just want to do it again the next day. I’ve got the con fever, I want to go to another one so bad (but of course I’m infinitely grateful that I got to see him in person at all, because it was such an incredible experience)! Bob is so sweet and adorable and KIND (like I’ve reiterated half a million times) and deserves everything amazing in the world, I don’t know make the rules, k?

And there’s just something so … amazing about cons. No one there is judging you, everyone there is a shameless nerd as well, haha, and its such a safe space for fans to go and meet celebrities, guests, and each other. Whenever my friend and I saw anyone wearing The 100 merch or cosplaying as someone from The 100, we always got so excited. Because there are ACTUAL REAL PHYSICAL people in front of us who are just as obsessed as we are, and you don’t get that connection through TV. Everyone is so friendly and accepting, complimenting each other’s costumes and whatnot. The community is just amazing

Here’s hoping that I get to experience this again, and that any of you who haven’t yet get to as well! Everyone deserves to go to a con and have as much fun as I did. :)

Not sure if I’m going to post my photos with him because I’m really weird about posting photos of myself on the internet. I guess I’m just paranoid that someone I know will stumble across it, or my fandom days will come back to haunt me in twenty years or so and someone will pull up my photograph and my account with my dramatic ass screaming about Bellarke and Bellamy Blake and all that and judge me for the rest of my life. We’ll see. Maybe BFSN??

I’ll consider it. ;)

Colors of Dissonance

Welcome, welcome, audience members, to ‘Colors of Dissonance,’ an interactive story-telling experience brought to you by your favorite master of angst, Reverse! The year is 2070, and our story takes place in a world obsessed with augmented reality. You, the members of the audience, will have the chance to choose your own path within the story, and the outcome, whether good or bad, will depend entirely upon the choices you collectively make. So, choose carefully, and most of all, enjoy!

Mark sprints down the alley with three of them on at his heels, moaning and reaching for him with claw-like fingers. Fear pickling in his chest, Mark curses loudly when realizes that the alley is a dead end. He presses his back to the concrete wall as the zombies lumber closer. He takes a deep breath, squeezes his eyes shut, and prepares himself for…


The words blink in Mark’s mind for a few seconds before he chooses the option to close the game. “Well, that’s all for ‘Zombie Maze,’ guys. I can’t find my way through to the end. I’ve been trying for hours! But if you all want to see more of this game, let me know, but for now, thank you so much for watching. Give me your suggestions in the comments below, and as always, I will see you… in the next video. Buh-bye!”

Mark’s visual display goes dark with a wink of his right eye to cut the feed from his neural cam, and when he opens his eyes again, he peers out at his office through a layer of green gas. The gas drains away slowly from his Tube, the emersion clearing from his mind along with it. Mark removes his wrist and belly sensors, sends the footage off to Kat to be edited, and heads out.

Mark turns his music up a little louder as he boards the hover-train headed home. The train car floods with other people immersed in their holo-screens and ignoring one another. Mark glances up at an advertisement playing over the car’s outdated screens and can’t stop himself from smirking slightly at the advertisement for the newest craze in augmented reality, a YouTube. New experiences, better quality visuals, and now, added sensory details, like the smell of zombies that Mark can’t seem to get out of his nose.

Tubes have become the last word in gaming, boasting the only full-body immersion experience to hit the consumer market and not leave said consumer brain-dead. The only problem is, few people can afford them, and even fewer can afford to use them regularly. Mark, on the other hand, has made a career of it.

When the hover-train reaches his stop, Mark stands, trying to avoid eye-contact with anyone who might recognize him. He doesn’t mind seeing fans in public, but after the day he’s had, he’d rather just get home undisturbed. Neon lights grab at his attention as he shoves his hands deeper into the pockets of his coat and pushes through the crowd headed for the stairs leading down to the road below. When he finally reaches his apartment building, the doorman is whistling as always. “Mr. Fischbach! And how was your day?”

“Crap, Simmons. Absolute crap.” Mark gives the elderly man a smile and a gentle pat on the arm.

“Those headaches again?” Simmons clucks his tongue a few times and shakes his head. “My brother used to have headaches, complained about ‘em every day, and then one day, he just up and died.”

Mark snorts and starts to step inside. “Thanks, Sims. That really makes me feel better.” Mark turns to leave, but the doorman calls after him.

“Oh! There’s a buddy of yours waiting on you in your room! Said he knew you when you were kids?” Simmons shrugs. “I figured you wouldn’t mind if I went ahead and let him go up.” The doorman gives one last smile and goes back to whistling.

Mark furrows his brow. He can’t remember agreeing to have anyone over, especially not someone he knew when he was a kid. Confused and slightly concerned, Mark heads for the elevator and punches the button for the top floor. Not every let’s-player makes the big time, but “Markiplier” is one of the most popular names in the gaming community at present. And the title doesn’t come without it’s perks.

Mark’s large flat is dark and quiet when he enters save for his dog, Chica, who comes running to greet him. “Hey, bub! How’s my girl?” Mark kneels to pet the beautiful golden retriever, but Chica is whining, tail tucked between her legs as she glances nervously behind her. Mark follows the dog’s gaze to find someone standing by the glass wall of the flat overlooking the city below.

“Hello?” Mark stands up, trying to make out the person’s face, but it seems that their back is turned to Mark. “Just who are you?”

The young man standing at the window turns just as the full moon slips out from behind a layer of clouds, illuminating his face. He’s shorter and slight, dressed all in black with a patch over his right eye. A hovercam glows at his shoulder, blinking at Mark like an eyeball. The little green ball hovers nearer, getting right in the other man’s face, and Mark takes a step back as he sees his reflection mirrored in the cam’s black pupil, ringed with electric blue. “Sam?”

Mark glances past the little bot to its owner whose shock of green hair is exposed when he pulls back the hood of his jacket. “Jack?”

The younger man winces at the name, hissing slightly as if it causes him physical pain to hear it. “I don’t go by that name anymore. It’s just Sean, Sean McLoughlin.”

Mark’s jaw drops. He never knew the Irish YouTuber very well, but he’d been another big-name channel. Mark had collaborated with him once, trying out the new ‘group emersion’ along with a few other Tubers, and the two had gotten along pretty well. Well enough even to talk of doing more collabs just between the two of them, but then Mark had gotten the news.

Jacksepticeye was killed in a freak car accident. Only, they’d never found the body.

Now Mark knows why. “You… but… Everyone thinks you’re dead!”

Sean brushes his hair back and sighs. “And I’d like to keep it that way.”

Mark’s mouth drops open, but he’s not sure which of all the thoughts running through his brain is going to fall out first. He finally decides on, “Well then what the crap are you doing here?”

Sean reaches up as Sam, once his channel’s icon, hovers closer. The young Irishman taps his drone carefully so that it’s glow expands to light up more of the room, casting both Mark and Sean in an eerie green light. “I’ve come to warn ya, Mark. Before it’s too late.”

Will Mark… listen to Jack? or call the cops?

(So this one is a bit longer than normal, just to lay the groundwork, but to vote, please send me an ask, anonymous or not, and vote for what path you think the story should take! The new header was made by @all-meh-edits by the way. It’s phenomenal! I hope you enjoy this special event, cutie pies! I know I’m super excited for it!)

Into It (V)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You/Suho

Rating: 18+ (smut)

Word Count: 4,219

Summary:  Suho is the mysterious new kid on campus. No one knows much about him, except that he seems to have a certain attraction to you.

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REALLY REALLY LATE FOR @nickiwinchester97 and @rosie-winchester Challenge. My Wifi went down so I had no way to upload it. 

Prompt: I wanted to break the rules, but broke my arm instead.

Beta’d by this bitch: @fangolf 

Warnings: Description of fights.

The protectiveness your brothers had for you was both appreciated and annoying for the following reasons : You couldn’t go out after hours, Never to go on hunts alone, and to always tell them where you were going at all times. Not only was privacy nonexistent your date life was also thrown out the window. Any boy you either mingled or flirted with; No matter if victim or stranger they were always scared off by your brothers.

You three were at a town posing as cops for a (presumed) werewolf kill and you were able to talk to the witness a few years older than you and gain her trust. It was then that she invited you over to a house party since her parents were out of the house and left her to attend it. It was the perfect chance for you to live a normal teenage life for once in your life.

You had to be extra careful though. If your brothers found out it would be hell. Sam would give you a lecture while Dean tried hard not to yell at you; It’s happened before and it isn’t pretty. It normally ends up with you locking yourself in your bedroom and avoiding them at all costs.

“Okay.. Phone - Check. Wallet - Check” You pranced around in your bedroom thinking of anything you could have forgotten or missed. “Ah! GPS.” 

You quickly turn off your GPS before using multiple pillows to form a semi body shape under the covers. If you were leaving you had to convince them you were still asleep. Quietly leaving the room you called Sasha to go and pick you up.


The music blared and vibrated off the walls, The room so filled with people that it stretched all the way to the backyard.

“You enjoying the party?” Sasha —  The witness asked.

“Uhm yeah! It’s alright.” You answered; Taking a swing of your soda from your red cup.

You weren’t much of a drinker like your brothers, But found closure in it when rough times hit.

“That’s good. I’ll talk to you later!” She walked off when she was invited to dance by what you presumed was her boyfriend.


You didn’t know things were going to escalate this much. A group of boys drank too much and now were in an argument. People tried to push them off but that caused a stir and now both were throwing punches. Yells and shouts from both the fighters and standbys were getting louder by the minute.

Some encouraged the fight while others tried to end it. Half of the room was now covered in white by the flashes of the ones who were taking videos on their phones.

“Stop! Guys!” Sasha tried to control them, But her voiced wasn’t acknowledged.

One of the fighters ran up the stairs and everyone followed.

“Wait!” You tried to call after Sasha but she ran upstairs behind the wad of people.

You waited a few seconds before going after her. Being here was a bad idea and you wanted to go home. Making your way up the flight of stairs you get to the top and yell her name. Hurried footsteps get your attention and next thing you know you’re falling down the stairs.

You hit the steps and roughly land at the bottom.


You land on your arm. You shout curses due to the shooting pangs of pain going up and down your arm, Your eyes watering.

People crowd you and ask if you’re okay, Some even asking if you were alive. Out of nowhere your brothers are in front of you, Suits and all.

“(Y/n)! Are you okay?” Sam calls your name and inspects your arm.

“Sam?- FUCK” You yell in pain when Sam moves your arm.

“Definitely broken” He mutters.

“Alright everybody! Get the hell out before we call for backup!” Dean ordered. 

The music stopped and just like cockroaches — They all scattered.

“Alright (Y/n) You gotta get up. We need to get you to a hospital” Dean helps you to your footing while being careful with your arm.

“You’re so not getting out of this” Sam murmurs, Staring at your limping frame.


You were out of it for most of the ride and ER visit but were given pain killers that immediately knocked you out.

Your eyes opened and the first thing you saw was a white ceiling. Not a good sign. You tried moved your right arm, But mild pain shot through. Looking down you saw a blue cast. And right in front of you were your very VERY angry older brothers.

“Hey guys-” You tried to dodge the seriousness of a conversation.

“Don’t ‘hey guys’ us. Why the hell were you at a party? in the middle of the night?” Dean’s voice was low and rough, Trying not to waken up the whole hospital.

“You can’t-”

“You turned off your GPS even!” Sam adds in.

“I was-”

“You even tried to trick us with a bed full of pillows! We thought the worst (Y/n)”

“If you would let me finish I could tell you why!!” You shout, Glaring at both of them. “This is the first ever party I went to in my life. I’m a teenager! Tell me one time I spent quality time with friends! I have no life guys! It’s all hunt, hunt, hunt. There’s no time for me! I have no privacy! You guys scare away any possible relationships! I bet Dean sneaked out to parties when he was a teenager! Why can’t I!? Oh yeah, Because you guys won’t let me! Just because I’m your sister! You can’t keep my locked up for ever.” 

Your voice dies off when you see their faces riddled with guilt.

“I shouldn’t have done it, I know that. I wanted to break the rules, but broke my arm instead. I know what I did was wrong. But you can’t really blame me”

You’re all silent until Sam speaks up.

“We’re sorry. We just want to protect you. You’re our little sister.. You’re only one and you can’t dodge death just like we have.. We’re sorry. Do you forgive us?” Sam shows you his signature puppy eyes and you can’t hep but give in.

“Alright. But I get to leave the bunker more.”

“Deal.” Dean finally speaks up. “But no more sneaking out for parties” He raises an eyebrow awaiting your answer.

“Fine. No promises though.” You laugh, Moving your arm by mistake and letting out an cry. “Let this be my lesson. I learnt it. Can I be off the hook?”

“No” They both say simultaneously.

“Oh come on a broken arm isn’t enough!?… Did I fool you guys with the pillows though? Also, How did you guys know where I was?”

“Nope. I used to do the same thing. You can’t play a player (Y/n)” Dean has a smug smile on his lips that you wanna rip off.

“You didn’t notice until I pointed out she wasn’t breathing” Sam chuckles at his brothers annoyed face.

“Shut up”

“And Sasha called us. Told us there was a party and a fight started. We took our chance and went to see what was up. One of the dudes that was fighting was the one who threw you off the stairs. He said he was running away before he bumped into you and you fell down the stairs. We got there just in time too. You’re lucky you didn’t die. The boy even offered to pay for the hospital bills.” Sam yawned.

“We got burgers instead. You want one?” Dean asked, Getting Baby’s keys out of his pockets.

“Do you even need an answer?” You laughed, Mouth watering at the sound of a juicy burger.

“Be right back then” Dean made his way out the door quickly, Also wanting a bite of a delicious greasy burger.

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Pain (Simon Request)

(This was so difficult to write correctly! Sorry if it’s not very good😟)
“For fucks sake!” Simon yells, loud enough for you to hear from the kitchen.
You look down at the saucepan you were currently cooking some pasta in and sigh.
“Is he still getting this stressed?” Josh questions, surprised at your boyfriends actions.
This was never like Simon. He was always the carefree, happy, jokey one of the group. He was happy with you and nothing changed that. That just seemed to be slightly brushed aside recently as ‘YouTube stress’ built up more and more. Whether it was comments being pointless, tweets giving him hate or rude comments about you- it all built up. To this.
“Its getting worse” You sigh, “He hasn’t been sleeping enough and everything seems to make things worse”
“Have you tried talking to him?” Josh asks, clearly concerned that it would get to the point where Simon said something or did something that he didn’t mean… To you.
“Of course I have” You nod, plating up the pasta and sauce onto five different plates, “It makes no difference or it seems to make things worse. He feels guilty that they’re saying things about me”
“There’s always a spare bedroom okay (y/n)?” He puts a hand on your shoulder, “If you ever feel unsafe or like something’s going to happen just go there okay?”
“It won’t get to that” You state though you’re unsure whether you even believe your own words.
You hand over a plate to him and he takes two up the spiral stairs to give one to JJ and one to Vik whilst you take two for you and your boyfriend.
With each step you took, you became more and more nervous to reach the closed door of your shared bedroom. When Simon got angry, he became furious. And you weren’t ready to see him now.
“I made us some dinner” You begin, carrying the plate over to his desk.
His hands grip the table to turn them the same shade as the GTA car on his editing screen from his last video.
You cautiously place the plate and fork onto the desk and step back.
“So, do you want to talk about it?” You ask quietly, hoping to take some advice from Josh as you perch onto the side of the bed.
He stays silent. The veins prominent in his neck and the muscles of his arms shadowing in their tense state.
“It might help. Getting it out. It sounds stupid I know but-” you start before your words are cut off by his loud bellow.
“I don’t need a fucking counselling session!” He shouts, his hands releasing the desk for a split second to throw the ceramic plate across the room until it smashed into the wall opposite him. Flying past you.
You knew he had no intention of hitting you. It was an infuriated instinct. It just happened to fly in your direction.
“Okay. So no talking” You nod, putting your food on the bedside counter and walking over to the mess that now pooled on his light carpet, “You know we have a punching bag right upstairs. Maybe you could take your anger out on that”
You carefully try collecting together the pieces of smashed plate without cutting yourself.
Simon drags a hand through his hair and a loud sigh pulls through his lips. He was guilty. He just wouldn’t stay anything yet.
Though as you turn to check his state, the sharp ceramic cuts through your hand to leave a deep line across your palm.
“Shit” You mutter, holding it up to stop any blood hitting the carpet.
“are you hurt?” He asks, the worry lacing each letter.
“Just a scratch” You wince, hurrying to the bathroom and wrapping it in one of the spare face towels you had in the room.
“(Y/n) I-” He starts.
“Don’t start to apologise” You comment instantly, “You’re still too stressed to mean it and I think you need to seriously consider what’s going on with you before we start to go through this whole ‘I’m sorry’ business okay?”
Simon stares, dumbfounded, as the light material around your palm becomes more and more scarlet.
“So take some time to think” You nod, walking over to the nightstand to grab your phone, “And you can clean up your own mess” You state, walking out of the door without saying anything else.
You instantly head to Josh’s room, knowing there would always be someone to help you there.
“Hey Josh?” You begin, opening the door to his room, “Where do we keep the bandages?”
~~~Time Skip~~~
You spent last night in the spare bedroom. It was uncomfortable and it wasn’t warm like your normal bedroom. You didn’t have two long arms around your waist or a warm breath on your neck. You had a mattress that was too soft and sheets that enclosed you too much. And the bandage round your hand felt horrible.
Your phone was buzzing with notifications from Twitter suggesting someone had tagged you in something.
There were two tweets.
One read- ‘Time for me to take a break. Want some quality time with @(y/n) without YouTube stress x See you soon’
And the second said- ‘me and @(y/n) will be spending two weeks in the Maldives and we can’t wait 😘 #love’
A lump was forming in your throat. Because you knew that Simon wouldn’t have slept last night either. He would’ve spent the entire night worrying that he truly had ruined things. And this was his was of proving that he still needed you. He always would.
You climb out of the sheets and head down the corridor to the room Simon would still be in. And you’re instantly welcomed by him jumping out of his chair to see you.
“(Y/n)” He starts, “How’s your hand?”
“Josh just said I have to keep it wrapped up for a few days” You nod, “How are you?”
“I’m tired (y/n)” He sighs, “And not just because I’ve not been sleeping. I’m tired of waking up and being scared to see what new shit is on my timeline about you. I’m tired of getting stressed that an edit isnt right or that the video isn’t good enough. I’m tired of taking things out on you. And last night, it just opened my eyes to all of that you know?”
You look down to the wall and carpet, he had cleaned them as much as he possibly could clearly. With only the wall showing a slight red stain now.
“So I decided I’m sick of it. I’m changing how I have been” He nods confidently, “We’re going away for two weeks and we can forget all about YouTube and stress and shitty tweets and pathetic comments because its only us two okay?”
“Looks like you did do some serious thinking” You chuckle.
“So what do you say babygirl?” He asks, walking over and taking your good hand in his, “I don’t want to take things out on you. I don’t want to have another night like last night”
“Okay” You smile simply.
“Okay?” He raises his brows, clearly thinking you’d be harder to convince.
“When do we leave?” You grin and he wraps his arms strongly around you.
The volume he now speaks in seems to be a volume he doesn’t even want you to hear as he buries his head in your neck, “I’m so sorry beautiful”

I’ll Wait With You - Jack Maynard Imagine

Requested by @1dnhhsmk: “can i get an imagine with Jack Maynard where they have been dating for awhile but nothing has happened yet and the boys are picking on him about it and it makes Y/N said but jack cheers her up”

Also: “So I got this idea for a imagine but my writing skills aren’t nearly as good as yours… So y/n’s Jack’s girlfriend and Conor accidentally makes a joke about one of her insecurities when they’re all drunk so Jack gets pissed and punch that FUCKING hOLE in the wall during the fight. Of course you can add and take away stuff, I just really want to know how that hole was born lol”

A/N: Wow this one got so long (WC: 1,439) I actually had to put a “keep reading” in! I really hope you enjoy it!

“Don’t do anything stupid while I’m gone!” You said to Jack and Conor while opening the door to the apartment. You were going to visit your family and while you were only going to be gone for one night, you knew that was plenty of time for things to go very wrong. Not to mention, Josh was in South Africa and he was just about the only other person you trusted to keep the brothers in line.

“We’ll try our best but no promises” Conor told you with a cheeky smile.

You rolled your eyes at him. “I suppose that’s the best I can ask for.”

“Bye Y/N!” Jack said, kissing you on the cheek. “Have a safe trip.”

“Bye!” You said, taking one last look at the apartment before walking out the door, hoping it would still look the same when you got back.

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Part Two: Search & Failed Rescue. (Wendigo S01E02)

[ Previous Episodes | Part One ]

A/N: This is rewritten because I am dumb. I just added more to the story because I didn’t really like how short it was. I hope you guys like this one better! 

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The Avengers and the Media

Based on my headcanons here. People seemed to like them, so I whipped this up because I needed fluff. 

The GIF of Steven Colbert feeling up Captain America’s bicep becomes an internet sensation within seconds of it happening.

The GIF of Steve Rogers turning to the camera, looking right at it, and saying “no homo” in a perfect deadpan almost breaks the internet.

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Happy holidays to @sithbellamy!

Main Pairing: Bellamy/Clarke

Summary: “i was super pissed so i went to the gym even tho it’s really late at night so i was the only one there and i was at the punching bag listening to music and you surprised me by tapping me on the shoulder, holy shit i didn’t mean to punch you, i’m so sorry, but srsly why the hell would you sURPRISE SOMEONE WHO IS ANGRY AND PUNCHING THINGS"

A/N: I actually really enjoyed writing this, very fun prompt and honestly got kind of carried away. I wanted to add on but figured 3k words was enough. Maybe I will continue it and just kinda make it a small short story? The ending I kind of felt like it had to be done due to your blog, but anyways, I hope this is what you were expecting/hoping for. If not I apologize. Merry Christmas!

Bellamy didn’t think he was that angry until he went to the gym and settled on the punching bags around 8:30 PM.

Bellamy didn’t desire to start adding in the training bags to his list of things to do at the gym, but Bellamy saw that Octavia was getting pretty good at her martial arts from all the classes she’ had been in since she was a little girl, and seeing her kicking ass with what she had learned made him kind of envious of it. He wished he had decided on attending some classes when he was a kid as well.

Octavia also had a tendency to use him for practice and whenever she did she kicked his ass, a lot. Bad enough he was on the couch for a few hours covered in ice packs. And honestly, his baby sister should not have the ability to beat him up.

He talked to O about it, seeing if there was any classes for 21 year old men at her dojo and her response was “yeah but they totally suck.”

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Flip a Coin

Prompt: Freewood (Slight mavin) - Ryan and Michael both like Gavin and try to win him over? Ends either way ^_^

A/N: I turned this into more of Gavin’s struggle to choose? I really hope you don’t mind, I just couldn’t figure out how to write them fighting! ;a; Great prompt, hope you like<3 (cliché ending  is cliché) 

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VidCon (danisnotonfire imagine)

Requested: ’could you do a dan imagine where y/n is a youtuber and when she goes to vidcon and bumps into dan and stuff (fluffy plz ^-^)’

You can still remember when you first set up your camera on a shaky tripod, smiling nervously with shaky hands that were fiddling with the ear of an old cuddly toy out of shot. You had so many ideas that you kept to yourself for perhaps years before you had the courage to spill them out onto the internet for the world to see. And it was all because of the fantastic inspiration that was Daniel James Howell.

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