the quality of this vid was really shitty

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the last daddyofive apology is bs, i really wish i could believe them but i'm extremely wary about it & they obviously got help to try save their ass, even the way the video looks, all their other vids are shitty and in this one they're out of the blue dressed decently, have mics, proper lighting, high quality video, makeup, editing... im not buying it. they mistreated their kids horribly on camera for years and they suddenly had an epiphany? i want that to be the case but its just not realistic

It really isn’t.

One thing to remember is that abusers are master manipulators. They were trying it on all of us in the previous “apology” video with their passive aggressive damage control and blaming Philip DeFranco for everything. It’s apparent they are manipulating the kids by telling them “oh at least we don’t beat you kids” and incentivizing them to play along in the videos by buying them toys with the money they earn from YouTube.

For all we know, they’re making a promise they aren’t even going to make an effort to commit to. It could all be just to appease CPS by appearing more homely and promising to take better care of the children. Since they’ve been at that kind of behavior for so long, and if the claim from Cody and Emma’s biological mom about Mike being abusive in the past is true, I have high doubts about them being sincere. Abusers sometimes promise to their victims that they’ll “never do it again” to have the victim forgive them, but they never actually live up to that promise. Classic abuse strategy.

Those two, Mike and Heather Martin, have caused SO much damage to those kids, especially Cody. I hope they realize it’s the kids that need the apologies more than the strangers on the internet. That the issue lies within their parenting in general, not just the pranks (ie. Mike harassing Cody to put on a shirt and threatening to punish him if he didn’t, yelling at Cody for potentially self harming, allowing his daughter to be hit by her stepbrother, allowing the stepbrothers to beat up Cody, etc. etc. etc.). That they need to begin giving their children proper parenting along with getting them professional help.

I don’t blame you at all for having a hard time believing them, I can’t bring myself to believe they’re going to change myself. If they do change for the best, great. But they have a REALLY huge fucking mess to clean up. From how they’ve messed up their kids mentally to how they keep digging themselves a very deep grave on social media. At this point, though, I don’t see them getting themselves out of that grave.