the quality of this download makes me cry

insomnia-z  asked:

Hello, i'm ConflictLuka from deviantart and i'd really like to ask you for some critique on my models(especially the male ones) and pictures if it's okay >< The page is NSFW though :/ Thank you in advance

Hey! Let’s get to it!

Okay, so, I will actually admit. I hate R-18 models like, so much? No offense to anyone who makes them or likes using them! Do what makes you happy! It’s just my personal preference. But I’ll put that aside for this blog~

Model wise, I’m fairly impressed! You actually have some high quality models from what I see! Now, if they were t so mature, is actually download them and use them! (If they were for download). They are realistic yet cartoonish in their own way, which I love. Realism mashed with cartoon styles just make me cry happy tears. I can tell you have you’re own style, and I say stick to it! But there are a few things I can find things you might want to fix. Facial hair is probably my biggest complaint…I see one example which you called cringe, which I’d have to slightly agree with. Facial hair added on as a texture seems weird because with facial hair, it would be expected to have volume, such as the hair on the top of your head. I can see the reasoning for it being flatly textured on if it’s stubble, or a 4 o'clock shadow, and like the treasure trail on the model. The bad thing is it may still look weird as these things tend to have some sort of texture that when you see it, it’s almost as if you can feel it. It’s also something along the line of how the faces are shaped, I think. The chin is usually really off putting with any kind of stubble on any model just because of how animeish it looks. There are no true definition to hear face on the part of going outward (such as the nose). It just looks weird all together. But if you are planning to make a beard of sorts on the model, try and make some sort of beard accessory and add it to the model. It will look a lot better, trust me. I’d also say the same with the pubic hair. The shorts ride low on the model, exposing such, and pubic hair tends to be bushy, and as I said before, should have volume. I know that making some kind of object to do that with may seem hard, but it is possible! I think also that you could try varying the ways your models are built? Like weight and height. You seem to have a grip on the basics of human anatomy, which is good seeing as how it seems you’re going for a more realistic body form. But it can get kind of bland just seeing the same things, you know? Tall muscular guy with short hair. Try practicing other body types! You don’t want to bore your audience with a loop of things they’ve already seems. Give them s sort of variety to looks at. I call it the “anime school girl syndrome”. Typically, when you imagine a school girl in an anime, you’d imagine a girl with with pigtails or long hair (typically a bright color or brown and black), short skirt, bow or tie, large breasts, and an outgoing personality. It can be just the same for modelers as well. This is what I see for the TDA Craze, they all look the same just for their shapes and they way they present themselves. Don’t do this with your models. Give them all some form of differing personality, give them different looks, different stories. Just make a diverse cast!

Effect wise, you are completely fine, but posing seems a bit stiff. I can see that you make more risqué picture (sexy) which can be difficult. Sexually charged moments are hyperactive, but fluid in movement. It’s hard to portray things in a still picture because there tends to be a lot of movement. It really helps to lookup reference pictures, or act out things yourself, such as hand posing and facial movements.

Other than that, you seem to be on the right track! Hopefully this finds you useful!