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What’s Next for Zephyr

By “I’ll have the post up within the hour” I meant in the next ten minutes because I drafted this last night. Why? Because I’m super excited and hyped!

Click “Keep reading” to read the post! Included are thank yous, info on the next shows, and the new schedule. (Gosh I hope I did it right because this is my first time trying to use the “keep reading” thingy)

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say smth nice abt your fav mutuals make the happy happen

omg I feel like all my mutuals are my fave tho, this post is gonna go on forever~~ okay, lets go off the top of my head (but it got long so I had to add read more lmao):

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Since we now entered 2017 at my place as well, I think it’s about time to finally post what I was planning to do for quite a while now!

Other than a follow forever (speaking of which, I don’t think this is even necessary, like, once I follow you, I’ll always follow you, sooooo), I just wanted to thank every single blog I’m following for making 2016 a quite pleasant year for me! I haven’t been on this blog for a long time, yet I always had a lot of fun when going online and that’s thanks to you and only you, so I hope that with this post I can give some of my happiness to you and give you a nice start into 2017, even if it’s just a little!

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Breaking Down the TWC Wall with Elzaro

Nate: G'day Michel, thankyou for donating some of your time to the “breaking down the TWC wall” project, I felt it was certainly due to have an Aussie represented here =)

There are some key questions I always like to ask so lets kick off with those and see where it leads:

There is a fairly consistent theme of nature as an influence in your poetry, can you elaborate on this and any other influences you draw upon for your art?

Elzaro: Hey Nathan. Well first of all, I feel it must be said that this community and especially Breaking Down the Wall has increased the love shared between writers on tumblr as of late. A lot of you should take a large and low bow for this. It has been amazing to watch. (and also your ‘sharethelove challenge’ has made a huge impact, on my tumblr writing at least). Now. Thanks for having me answer some questions and hopefully I can be as eloquent and amusing as the previous writers on this auspicious 'tumblr website’.

To answer your question about the nature influences in my writing. I find this world beautiful. I am in constant awe of our ingenuity and daring when it comes to what we have become but nothing can compare to the beauty of nature. The sound of the ocean or the feel of the rain on your skin will always inspire me to write. One of the first things I ever wrote on tumblr came from the beauty in the wind and leaves. It got 50 notes (over 6 months ago now, woah!) and I still find myself thinking about it. Not because of the quality of writing, but for the sentiment. It was something along the lines of. “Have you noticed how leaves look like words and songs sound like birds? How the wind feels so new as it rushes on by you?’ And this for me is what writing should be about. Finding beauty and connection between words and the world we live in, natural or 'unnatural’.

Nate: Thank you for your kind words! there is definitely a comraderie here unlike any seen elsewhere.

Your take on nature in writing and in general is beautiful, there is certainly a lot of inspiration to be taken with the wonders of the world - are there writers who impact on you in a similar manner, who are they and what is it that captures your attention?

Elzaro: Honesty in writing will grab me in the heart and pull my eyes until I feel empty and full at the same time. If you write honest then I will most likely read you. Famous or not. I like the classic narcissistic writings of Hemingway and Bukowski but as I grow older I lean further toward Robert Frost and Cummings (vastly different but still I feel connected). I will be forced to steal from Mike ( his favorite line in any poem. It is a Robert Frost poem entitled Stopping by the Woods on A Snowy Evening. 'The woods are lovely dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep.’ It inspires me to keep moving on in life. For a promise to yourself or a loved one will give you a reason to get up, a reason to keep pushing yourself, a reason to be happy. I have miles to go before I will end this journey. Too much info? Feel free to ignore the ramblings of an old soul too young.

Nate: Oh gosh, Robert Frost….i mean…wow, speaks for itself really (if there are any of you out there who haven’t read his work, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!! GO NOW! READ HIM!!)

How about on here, any particular writers that fuel your desire to write better? it’s ok, name dropping is allowed =)

Elzaro: As with many people before me. This question is loaded with an oppurtunity to spurn amazing writers into thinking you don’t follow their words as closely as you actually do. Personally I try to keep the people I follow to under 500 (thats with about 100 being not 100% pure writing blogs). If I follow you, or even if I dont, then you write words I wish I could and should be the proudest of proud. You are brave and lovely. To name drop a few. PoeticallyProfound, MikeFrawley, Nathan-Surman (lyricfountain), Jasremindmetobreathe, lzlabs, A-Quiet-Joy, S-emi-Colon, Leaveyouapen, fforyouu… gosh the list to keep going forever. The mentioned people are at the top of my mind because they helped me start. They reblogged or messaged when I began writing on here and deserve credit for helping me be brave and keep doing it. I’m really sorry if I didn’t include you you. I would have but I realised as I wrote that I could name about 200 people and that would be very boring. Know that if I have ever liked your words, they deserved it and I would read you again. Feel free to message me abuse for missing you, I probably deserve it.

Nate: Haha, it’s easy to overlook the talent here as there is just soooo much around! I am sure if anyone was missed they won’t mind, plus they will be mentioned in other interviews no doubt…

I am so pleased to have you represent Oz in this project, living in Australia i find that there are difficulties in keeping in contact with our fellow tumblites, how do you keep the channels open (does insomnia play a part as it does for most of us?)

Elzaro: To be honest with you. I find it difficult sometimes but not nearly as much as I thought I would. I just message or fanmail mainly *shakes fist at the awful messaging service that is tumblr*. The people who I really communicate with are more than aware I am asleep when they are awake and give me a few hours to respond as well. The notes definitely differ due to time zones but that is expected of course. A piece I post in the afternoon (Australian Time) will not get as much love as a piece posted in the morning but I find its not about the notes for me. Don’t get me wrong. The 6 word story with 200k notes makes my ego a little bigger but mainly I love the comments. The feelings and thank you’s from all the people who read me is truly astonishing and I am baffled every day.

Nate: Would you rather be anywhere else than in this amazing country of ours though?

Elzaro: Never. I love Melbourne. I love Australia. I want to travel this beautiful country this coming year (if I can get over my anxiety). I feel blessed every day to live in such an amazing place. Especially with all our awesome killer animals. They keep the riff-raff in check.

Nate: Oh gosh, Crocs, Snakes, Spiders….it’s a wonder any foreigners come here at all!!You should check out Sydney, i hear it’s BETTER THAN MELBOURNE **points out long standing rivalry between Melbournites and Sydneysiders**

Professional writing, is this a career option for you or just a passion?

Elzaro: I would love to write for a living. Poetry and prose for me is something of a passion that I am unsure if I can ever make enough money off. But I would love to write novels (a giant sci-fi and fantasy reader here) and if I ever get good enough then I will definitely publish. So far I just write because it helps. Words are our magic and I will continue to try and live in a dreamland made up of places and people found in the real world.

Nate: I’m certain there would be a substantial queue for anything you had on offer and the majority would be TWC writers - ok, on to the rest of the tough asks.. Intimidating or inspirational - share your opinion of the 'high calibre’ writers on here, how do you view their posts?

Elzaro: Inspirational. Anybody who writes on here is inspirational. (Hey I guess that includes me). The bravery it takes to put a piece of yourself out in the world, and lets face it tumblr does exist partially in this world, is nothing but inspiring. I try to read as much of the 'bigger’ names as the smaller ones but it’s definitely easier when they are on your dash 10x more. Lang-Leav is still one of my favorite writers. She writes the kind of honesty and simple form that I can connect with very easily.

Nate: The infamous wall. Bear or Bunyip?

**Bunyip - mythological creature from Aboriginal dreamtime stories, similar to bigfoot..** How do you see the divide between newer writers and the veterans?

Elzaro: It is there. It’s not on purpose. It’s not malicious. It’s just in existence because people become friends and if you cannot be seen then it’s hard to break into. No one can make friends with an invisible person (I don’t think at least). I try to keep an open mind to all people who talk to me, small or large, and I assume so does everyone else but there are thousands of writers out there and with that many people come cliques. I remember being terrified of Wolfie and Monkey when I started writing on tumblr (well lets face it, I still am) but that’s because they are so damn funny and I find myself very un-amusing. There is only one way to break down the wall. Message people. Don’t be scared. Dont sound like a bot. Just say 'hey, I’m writing on here and trying to get anyone to read me. Want to be friends? We can chat, make out, send nudes.’ Whats the worst that can happen. They ignore you? Say no thank you? Do it and be brave. You have already taken one step towards having people reading you, and thats posting, take another. *end peptalk*

Nate: So true, the only reason any of us have the followings we do is though communication with our peers - DO IT PEOPLE, MESSAGE YOUR FAVE AND SAY HI!!!

Free time - this is your opportunity to share any pearls of wisdom you may have with the TWC family (or nonsensical ramblings, your choice!)

Elzaro: I wish I could be funny here. Post something life changing. But I am just a simple human. I write words down because it feels right and I hope someone reads them and it helps. Much Love to you all. I hope this isn’t too boring Nath. You rock my socks. Australians are handsome, this I can attest to. Someone go to Canberra and kiss this guy.

Thanks for having me. I’m always here. Ready to chat or write.

Nate: Awww shucks! no need for that!! ok, maybe just the ladies <3

Well thank you again for your time and sharing a wee bit of the Aussie take on the tumblverse - keep those gems coming mate, doing 'Straya proud!!