the quality of this blog

wow I can’t believe I actually have to say this again, but oh well I guess some people just don’t WANT to get it?

i don’t ACTUALLY think krafti and michi are in love with each other?? nor am i claiming that they will EVER BE in love with each other?

I’ve said it before and for fucks sake i’ll say it again, these edits are nothing more than a fun thing for me to pass time, if you see an edit that’s ‘romantic’ or whatever you wanna call it and you immediately go 'wow all these fangirls must be so stupid, how dare they think these two men are in love with each other’ then maybe you’re on the wrong website?

i make these edits bc it’s fun for me to make them and at least a few people enjoy them so where’s the harm in that?
None of the jumpers will ever see them anyway? So i don’t get what the big deal is?

but whatever, i’ll just stick to posting one-person edits then, fine by me

when u start following all them gOOD and pURE™ Hunk blogs, filling your dash with quality shit

shout out to @hunkiest-hunk @hunkgarrett @hunk-appriciation-squad @hunkisanangel @hunkispure @hunk-voltron @hunkappreciation for being radical. from the very bottom of my heart I thank yee for your service to our country. nay our universe.

ya that post about how to avoid getting deported by ICE doesnt realy fit my blog theme like i prefer more quality posts and wholesome memes XD dank! you ever fight santa claus outside a cvs after drinking hte ketchup????? LMAO

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Nicknames: don’t have any

Height: 151cm

Time right now: 9:42pm

Last thing I googled: “How to learn Norwegian”

Fave music artist: Pantera

Song stuck in my head: Winged Hussars - Sabaton

Last movie I watched: I can’t even remember

Last TV show I watched: BoJack Horseman

What I’m wearing now: baggy black pj’s

When I created this blog: nearly over 10 months ago

The kind of stuff I post: metal, dank memes, animals, TV shows, nsfw content, y’know, high quality shitposting

Do I have other blogs?: nope

Do I get asks regularly?: uhm, yeah, often, I guess

Why did I choose my URL?: it’s a Black Label Society song

Gender: an anxious wreck™

Hogwarts House: not a HP fan, sorry

Pokemon team: Instinct

Fave colors: Blacker than the blackest black times infinity

Average hours of sleep: 5

Lucky number: none

Favorite characters: Dean Winchester, Nathan Explosion, Lathgertha, Sheldon Cooper

Dream job: Idek tbh

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1

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a breathtaking duet staring victuuri