the quality of these gifs are so crappy

The quality is so crappy :,D(FLASH WARNING)

Welp, enjoy my horrible short gif inspired by one of @superyoumna​ ‘s bendy animation. Heck, this was also drawn with a mouse cuz my Wacom tablet isn’t workin anymore..OLD CANT BE USED ON  MODERN XC

Ok, now im becoming obsessed with Bendy xc

Probably Fandroid would be next


Time taken: 2 days

I feel like we need to discuss how the video for Stuck in a Moment is mostly Bono rolling around on the ground, making long distance eye contact with Edge, and waiting for Edge to come save his ass. So basically a true story. 

MadoHomu watching a scary movie when the electricity goes out! But at least they have each other. <3

(I am sorry for the terrible quality ; n ; )


                              first  of  all:  excuse  the  crappy  img  quality, 
                                    secondly:  what  the  actual  hel ??  

I’VE  MADE  this  blog  with  little  expectations  &  that  counts  not  only  for  having  a  lot  of  inspo,  but  also  for  getting  people  interested  in  my  version  of  the  deadly  miss  just  yet.   tbh  it’s  a  blast  to  write  on  this  blog  &  that  you  all,  after  barely  one  ( 1 )  week  are  here  really  floors  me !   if  that  isn’t  a  reason  to  get  sappy  then  idk.   thank  you  all  so  much !


@asgardianhammer​:   mir,  me  sweet  n  salty  kween  &  protector  of  the  most  precious  goldbear  in  the  universe !   idk  for  how  long  we’d  already  hang  out  &  chat  +  rp  by  now,  sure  on  my  elfdad  but  i’m  glad  to  have  you  around  here  too !   your  deep  understanding  of  myth  &  thor  himself  keeps  baffling  me,  our  ooc  talks  are  a  pure  delight  &  i  hope  to  get  our  muses  fite  each  other  in  the  future.  ♥

@dokkstjarna  jessie,  i’ll  never  get  over  the  beauty  that  is  your  development  of  janiebean ?  not  only  did  you  craft  an  exceptional  arc  around  her,  but  you  wrap  it  into  such  marvellous  writing  i  want  to  cry  all  over  it !  i  enjoy  our  plotting  sessions  a  lot  &  how  you  inspire  me  to  become  a  better  writer.  it’s  not  even  so  long  on  this  blog  but  i’m  already  so  in  love  with  our  muses’  interaction  ♥

@vaennadr:  astrid,  we’ve  been  following  each  other  for  hundreds  of  years  &  you’ve  always  been  kind,  understanding  &  deserve  all  the  love !  to  see  your  writing  flourish  &  watch  your  muse  develop  has  never  not  been  a  pleasure,  your  take  on  loki  is  one  of  my  alltime  faves  &  i’m  glad  to  have  you  around  on  both  my  son  &  my  daughter.  ♥

@frigginqueen  chase,  my  fellow  german  &  the  writer  a  true  queen  like  frigga  deserves.  unlike  the  aforementioned  ppl,  we  just  crossed  paths  when  i  made  hela  &  ever  since  i’m  absolutely  in  awe  of  your  dedication  for  the  allmom.  you  simply  nail  it.  she  is  frigga  &  actually  it’s  unfair  bc  thanks  to  your  beautiful  portrayal  i  miss  her  in  the  films  even  more :/  it’s  a  delight  to  write  with  you  &  i’m  really  thrilled  to  see  where  it’ll  take  our  ladies  ♥


I  RUN  OUT  OF  WORDS   fast  with  such  things  &  would  actually  like  to  ramble  on  about  more  peeps  ——–  but  next  time.  i  appreciate  you  all,  whether  we  write  or  simply  watch  each  other  dump  our  stuff  onto  the  dash.   thank  you:

✦ @aerlyth  ✦ @alldaddy  ✦ @armorbattle  ✦ @astralord  ✦ @adarkenedshadeofblue  ✦ @astuciious  ✦ @cnuasach  ✦ @capedhope  ✦ @custospericulo  ✦ @dotunderwood  ✦ @disordinanceandpride  ✦ @finalvalkyrie  ✦ @flaradr  ✦ @hvcdrungr  ✦ @kingxfmischief  ✦ @lokasnna  ✦ @marveliing  ✦ @notaquawoman  ✦ @ofendwigast  ✦ @piraticalwit  ✦ @reliquiia  ✦ @sviker  ✦ @sempitern  ✦ @theboatbuilderswife  ✦ @txcourtdeath  ✦ @thegodoflies  ✦ @untamedtempest  ✦ @vindicatc ✦

                      &  everyone  else !   ( though  i  hope  i  didn’t  forget  anyone. rip )

Six years on tumblr!!!

On May 22nd 2011, this blog was born into existence, *explosion noises* *coughs* *waves away dust* *takes a breath*. under the username ‘ebonythestral’ but this past April I finally changed it to something I liked more ‘galaxymagick’! This has been the only year where I’ve actually, really, really enjoyed being on tumblr, thanks to VIXX and the St★rlights I’ve met!

Some short questions you may want to know, or not. I didn’t know what to put in this post so I’m adding them. ( ^◡^)っ

  • Who are you? I’m Rebecca, I usually go by: Becca, Beck or, Becks, so use whichever you prefer, I don’t mind.
  • Where are you from? The east midlands in the UK. 
  • What do you look like? A potato! 🥔 I don’t want to upload a picture to here, but, I have an ★ → instagram ← ★ my face is on there with crappy lighting and quality, be careful you don’t look too long, you might turn to stone (๑ゝڡ◕๑) ~ ★
  • What other social platforms do you have? Twitter, Facebook, & Pinterest I also have a Kakao Talk, message me if you would like us to be friends on there. _(:3 」∠)_
  • Do you know any other languages? Erm, not fully, Ich lerne Deutsch, and recently Japanese, both on Duolingo. I want to learn Korean too! Hopefully Duolingo will get it soon! I’ve tried memrise but I don’t like it as much. I wish I was more efficient at learning. 
  • Who do you bias? If you can’t tell, I can’t help you.

I want to mention some lovelies who I’ve interacted with the most: @nxnight @saltykong @royalbins @smilange @ottokaji-vixx @shit-vixx-say @tranquies @reila-ravkong @chained-up-taekwoon @honeyjaehwan @hoseoks-kitten @lissachan504 ← she got me into this vixx mess and I can’t thank her enough! ˚‧⁺(͘๑̊/﹏)⁺‧˚ ~~~ I need to interact with you all more!! If I ever become a billionaire, *wishes really hard* and if you’re able to go, I’m coming to pick you all up in my private plane, and we’re taking a loooong trip to Japan and S.Korea!! ⛅️🌸✈️

Follower dears, you can stop by my ask box anytime to ask me anything, it can be weird, random or just a, hi!

Thank you to those who like my posts, and smelly gifs! ٩(♡ε♡ )۶

And to those followers who were here before the kpop EXPLOSION, thank you for continuing to follow my mess! ~ ♥ waits for them to realise they made a mistake in staying

“Where you wanted to go…
…the night we kissed.”