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The Mother of All Last Guardian Theories


As many fans of Team Ico’s work begin to complete the long awaited Last Guardian, there is one common point of contention. Who is “the last guardian?” Theories usually involve either the boy (no given name) or the beast, Trico, as the titular guardian.  This theory seeks to offer an alternative, and to do it, we must venture back to the very beginning, “The Shadow of the Colossus.”

Now you may be thinking and may be getting ready to burn houses down for this claim. Ico came first in terms of game release, but this theory will present a timeline that argues the true timeline begins with Shadow of the Colossus, then Ico, and ends with the Last Guardian. At the beginning of Shadow of the Colossus, the character Mono is condemned to a “cursed fate,” but this fate is not directly spelled out. For this cursed fate, she is sacrificed, much to her love Wander’s chagrin. Thus the events of the game ensue and culminate in Mono’s resurrection utilizing the power of Dormin, the resident demon dealmaker. The sages who condemned Mono to sacrifice arrive just in time to witness the deal take place. Wander is possessed by Dormin and transformed into a horned beast and attacks, sending them fleeing and destroying the bridge connecting the forbidden land and the rest of the lands that hold countless villages.

But as we know, this is not the end for Wander, Mono,…and Dormin (also Agro). Wander is transformed into a horned child and left in the care of the now resurrected Mono. Both have been touched by Dormin’s power, and when Wander comes of age, the two lovers can finally bear children. Mono, having been given new life in an almost complete sense, has not aged drastically and mothers many children. They are blessed a large family of sons, no daughters…yet. Many of these children are adorned with the horns of their father, though some appear as normal humans. Eventually, their children are numerous enough to free the entire family from the forbidden land and venture back to the home of their father and mother.

But they are not welcomed with open arms. The sages, now in their twilight years, see the almost eternally young Mono and her horn-bearing family and decry her as a servant of the demon Dormin. They declare that the horns mark the evil ones and cast her and all her progeny from the land. With still a large number of hands to work, the family finds a new home near the sea and construct an ornate castle that can house them all. Years pass, and Wander continues to age until he is no more, yet he leaves her with one final gift, their first daughter named Yorda. Yet Mono discovers that she has barely aged at all. The life given to her by Dormin seems to be near immortality. And as her children begin to age and die around her, she can feel herself only living longer. It’s as if their deaths force her to live longer and longer with less family to share it with. She decides that the children she has born without horns should leave her. She will undoubtedly outlive them. Perhaps they can have families of their own without ever being found out to be of a womb touched by a demon.

All things wither with age, and in this case, it is Mono’s compassion. She becomes jaded, beginning to abandon the love of her family to seek only the power to live longer and longer. She begins to sacrifice her remaining horned children, draining them of the life they have left to extend hers. Meanwhile, those sons who returned to villages began to sire heirs of their own, but some of these children now express the trait lying dormant within them. The influence of Dormin is shown in the horns that sprout from the young ones’ heads. The new sages, having been warned by those of the past, recognize Dormin’s touch instantly and condemn these children to a new “cursed fate”. They are brought to their familial castle and are left in the clutches of the castle’s queen, Queen Mono the Undying.

As Yorda ages within the confines of the castle, she is shown to have received a different mark of Dormin, her magic. Through her touch, she can bend the castle to her needs just as her mother could. Queen Mono realizes that if the sacrifice of her horned sons could prolong her life, the sacrifice of her daughter could bring about something greater, the end of her life as it was, the end of her cursed fate. If she could become Yorda, perhaps she might no longer feel the sting of her own existence. She may not die and may in fact truly live forever, but she could now live as Yorda, a new being filled with the same power she had but not the stigma of her name. This incites the events of Ico. Queen Mono is slain, and though her plan fails, she is finally free.

Yorda returns with the now hornless Ico to his village and is immediately met with fear and shock from the sages. A horned child has not only returned but has brought along a girl with clear magical potential. Could she be an emissary of the queen, coming to declare war in the name of the demon Dormin? No. She immediately explains in the archaic tongue, a language they alone understand through studies of the ancient texts, that she has seen the wicked influence of Dormin’s hand in her family. She wishes it eradicated and vows to aid them in exchange for Ico’s life. She intends to destroy every other branch of her family tree, but she cannot part with the one member that has shown her kindness. A deal is struck, and Yorda uses her magical power to construct a being of her own energy, an immaculate machine whose sole function is to seek out the remaining children who hold Dormin’s influence within them and exterminate them.

It has been generations since those without horns had dispersed to other villages, and none of their descendants show the horns that clearly indicated Dormin, and those who had had already been sacrificed to the queen. But a piece of him remains within them, and Yorda’s creation can see it. She places the magical device within a dormant volcano, its natural walls protecting the device and stopping any chance of escape for those sent there to die. The machine is given soldiers to protect it and staff its vast workings, and Yorda herself takes up residence within to power the device throughout her life and eternally through her remains. The machine co-opts the winged creatures known as Trico, their avian qualities reminding Yorda of the only creatures she has ever come into contact with other than humans, doves. They are sent out, driven by the magic of the machine to collect the children who unwittingly harbor the demon Dormin, blessed with eyes that can see even the tiniest shred of the demon’s soul. The land surrounding the machine is given the name The Nest, the resting place for the Trico and what will be the final resting place of Dormin once all of the children are collected. The machine then is given the name The Master of the Valley, as its power commands all that lives within the earth walls. Yorda spends her days with a mirror in her hand, gazing at herself and constantly dealing with the decision she has made. She will end her familial line to save the world from a demon. She is seen so frequently with the mirror that it is placed on her sarcophagus following her death.

And here we have the story of The Last Guardian. A nameless boy, a child of Dormin, uses one of the machine’s own servants to destroy it. Without the machine, there is no one left to continue Yorda’s work. Any remnants of Dormin that are left in the world may continue to blossom and grow. Even the boy protagonist himself has the potential to facilitate Dormin’s return. So we now bring you to the answer to the question “Who is the Last Guardian?”.  It is the Master of the Valley, the magical machine designed to guard against Dormin’s return. Congratulations, you’re the bad guy.

((All images are credited to their original owners and were used expressly for visual aid. We did not create any of the images, only the theory for which we utilized them. Thank you))

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Idk if this is unpopular but I prefer taylena to all of Taylors other friendships

I don’t think it’s unpopular, but I totally agree. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of Taylor’s friends, but my heart has and always will belong to taylena. Let’s take a deeper look into this beautiful friendship because why not.

As Selena said to James Corden, she’s the original squad member. In fact, long before the invention of the “squad” and the goals that go with them, two young teens forged a friendship for the history books.

Both of them dated Jonas Brothers, keeping it in the family. A sign of true friendship. Most importantly, this is how they met. Apparently they “clicked and became instant best friends” thank god for Jo Bro dick.

Look at these awkward teenagers circa 2008, it was a dark time for all of us (peace signs, award mirror selfies), but at least they had each other.

Remember when Taylor wore flats and not heels taller than my entire body? Selena does. They look like high school freshman being sent off to their first homecoming dance. It’s fantastic.

And even as those awkward teen years progressed, they managed to stay best friends. Remember 2009/2010? Who doesn’t? Miley was still Hannah Montana, The Jonas Brothers were still wearing their purity rings and the disney kiddos/taylor had new drama every week? Let’s elaborate.

Taylor and Joe broke up, resulting in lots of bad blood

And of course, who could forget the massive feud between Demi/Selena and Miley/Mandy?

So much drama, so little time. But Taylor and Selena remained close throughout this whirlwind of teenage angst, which is not an easy thing to do. 

They look so happy and carefree. True friendship captured, frozen yogurt and all. 

Remember when they went bowling? I truly iconic friendship date. And check out that digital camera!

What I would give to be trapped in this friendship sandwich.

Friends who win people’s choice awards together win life together too. Best friends must have matching trophies, it’s basically law. Another quality moment.

While on her Speak Now Tour, Taylor wrote the lyrics to Selena’s song “Who Says” on her arm. Wow, Just wow. True friendship.

AMAZING. To take things a step further, Taylor invites Selena out while performing in New York to perform “Who Says” together. Such a moment. Definitely one for the books.

The AMA’s. Wow, what a night. Taylor rocking the side ponytail, matching 3d glasses for her and Selena. Lots of awkward dancing.

We can’t forget that this happened

And of course, here we have Taylor playing the awkward 3rd wheel to Selena and the Biebs, an important sacrifice we all must make for the sake of friendship.

The Teen Choice Awards. Look at these fools. Look at them. So happy, so carefree. Holding hands. Supprting each other. I may shed a tear.

Speaking of supporting each other, never forget this gem

Mermaid pose? Nailed it.

Who could forget this day? A vine of them eating ice cream by the beach. Selena’s wearing seen wearing heart shaped sunglasses, similar to the ones Taylor wore in her 22 video.

Of course, who couldn’t forget 22? A song with the secret message: ASHLEY DIANNA CLAIRE SELENA. Wow. A hidden message with Selena’s name for a song about their friendship! Who does that? Taylor does.

Unfortunately Taylor drifted from Ashley, Dianna and Claire. Thankfully, Taylena’s power only increased.

Remember when Taylor was dancing right behind her and she never even noticed?

Here they’re dancing to 1 Direction together, what many consider to be the start of haylor. Of course Selena is apart of this iconic moment.

Hugging it out again

Here we see Taylor speaking for all of us, cringing as she watches Selena’s ex fuckboy try and whirl his way back in. Me too, Taylor.

Some more awkward dancing at awards shows

And when your friend says there’s no way she can beat Miley, there’s only one proper response. One of the few times we get to see Taylor curse and she’s with Selena. Coincidence? Maybe, but probably not.

And here we have Selena being a wonderfully supportive best friend when 1989 came out. Such a heartwarming message. I can’t even get my friends to like my instagram pics.

And as usual, they’re being supportive af at another awards ceremony

And who could forget the most beautiful heartbreaking moment of all time. Taylor’s reaction to Selena’s emotional performance of The Heart Wants What it Wants

But let’s get back to the fun stuff. 

Let’s talk about this lovely compliment

The time they drunkenly danced at the 1975 concert and Taylor posted a video. Truly marvelous.

Or the time they were the cutest couple in met gala history

And then there’s the time they got nail polish with their initials? And referred to it as BFF Birthday Weekend. Cheesy and adorable.

One of Taylor’s riskier fashion ensembles, but Selena was there to support her anyways. That’s friendship.

How about the time Selena imitated Taylor performing and NAILED IT

Of course, we can’t forget the Bad Blood video. Two bad ladies slaying my ass, dressed in S&M gear and surrounded by flames

And the reaction video they made when it won a Grammy, both of them crying tears of joy BECAUSE THEY ARE GENUINELY HAPPY FOR EACH OTHER WHEN SOMETHING GOOD HAPPENS

An iconic moment at the 2015 VMA’s, the night of the bad blood release. How to ignore your douchy ex when he performs at an awards show, presented by taylena

And more supportive friendship hugging of course

This next one is perhaps the most important, why? BECAUSE I WAS THERE. Here I am enjoying a lovely evening at the 1989 tour at the staples center in LA when Taylor brings out the ONE AND ONLY SELENA GOMEZ SO THEY CAN PERFORM SELENA’S NEW SONG TOGETHER, BOTH OF THEM LOOKING HOT AS HELL AND SLAYING MY ENTIRE EXISTENCE.

Remember when Selena once again praised Taylor for how fantastic she is via instagram?

Or when Selena shared her special blanket via snapchat, which she takes on tour for when she’s homesick. It’s covered with pictures of her loved ones, at least 2 squares containing pics with Taylor. A literal friendship quilt. Someone call Leslie Knope, she’d lose her shit.

Let’s not forget Selena’s carpool karaoke, where she not only admitted that she considers herself the OG squad member, but danced it out to Shake it Off

And, of course, the night to end all nights for Taylena: The 2016 Grammy Awards.

When they OWNED the red carpet together

When this wonderful moment happened

And this adorable shimmy. What are they doing? Idk but I love it.

Don’t forget platonic friendship cuddles

And a little private shade 

But most importantly, Selena’s reaction when Taylor won album of the year, crying tears of joy for her best friend and shredding my emotions into a million pieces

And watching as she accepts her award, like a proud sister

And finally

Selena tweets in Taylor’s defense the night of the kimye scandal and gets dragged to hell and back for it. talk about a ride or die damn

And at Taylor’s final awards show of 2016, as well as her final awards show of the 1989 era, we have Selena presenting Taylor her award for album of the year. Look how proud she is. Look at these idiots.

And here we have Taylor being her usual supportive self, cheering Selena’s name from her sofa as she watches her win the award for best pop artist at the AMA’s. Same, Taylor. Same.

In conclusion, Taylena is the most iconic friendship ever to exist, they invented loving and supporting one another and have destroyed my life on a regular basis since 2008 god bless them

Power Rangers: Diamond (Seventeen/Power Rangers!AU) Episode 1

Characters: Seungcheol, Jeonghan, Joshua, Mingyu, Jun and kinda Vernon

Rating: PG-13 (mostly for language)

Word Count: 2307

Summary: The boys head to Stone Canyon for a camping trip and find something hidden away there

Author’s Note: Alright so this is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time and now I’m finally going for it.  I was a huge fan of both Super Sentai and Power Rangers growing up and this fic will basically be a love letter to the franchise, while also bringing my own flavor to it all.


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I see everything. That’s my curse.

What I really love about ritchie!Holmes is that it gives us an idea of how it must be like to be in Holmes head.
Not only with Holmesavision but also with the restaurant and playing-the-violin-after-Watson-got-injured-scene in the first film and the dancing scene in the second.
Most people would envy Holmes for his ability and call it a blessing (which it is for sure if you want to solve a crime, of course) but there is more about it.
And ritchie!verse does a wonderful job portraying that.
The thing about Holmes’s talent is that he cannot turn it off.
If there is no one or nothing to concentrate on, Holmes will get overwhelmed by all the people he can hear and see. It’s impossible for him to rest from that. It’s simply too much.
And the only thing that can break through this big mess in his head is the voice of his one fixed point - Watson.

Fabric Magazine interview with Amanda Abbington


I’ve had transformative conversations before, sure. But I think I may’ve just come out of an hour with Amanda Abbington a better person.

“Just be nice. Be nice, be nice. That’s what I say to everybody. That’s my mantra – just be nice. Pay it forward, send it out into the ether, be decent. It’s such a simple thing.”

She’s not holier-than-thou, all warm and wide-eyed and wringing her hands; Amanda is just very convincing about being nice. She’s even zen about cyberbullies (she’s faced her fair share on her ascension): “You meet it with, ‘Ok, that’s alright, you’re entitled to your opinion.’”

“It counts for a lot. Be nice and civil and respectful. I think we’ve lost that a bit. But I think, ‘I’m gonna set the benchmark a little higher, and at least say thank you.’”

Could I by any chance be talking to a parent? Someone in the midst of setting an example, say? “We do have a high moral code in our house – just about being considerate. I try to be a good parent, but who knows…”

Joe and Grace – Amanda’s children with partner Martin Freeman – aren’t here to vouch for Mum’s parenting skills, but the verdict’s back on one thing: ask any opinion of her, and you’re likely to get the same reply. “I love her!” I heard again and again. “I bet she’s really nice.”

Which is weird, when you think about it, because the last time most people would have seen Amanda Abbington, she was either at the powerful end of a pistol as the newly-wedded Mrs Mary Watson in Sherlock; copping off with a handsome young Belgian in Mr Selfridge; or as educational piety incarnate, Sali Rainer, in the Royal Court’s God Bless the Child. None of them nasty, but none straightforwardly ‘nice’.

But, of course, before a parent, Amanda was first an actress – one fast becoming a familiar face of British television. Until the offers dried up. Just as Freeman’s career was taking off (there was no resentment, though: “I can’t exactly play Tim from The Office”), the phone stopped ringing. “Stopped dead overnight. But I kept going.”

And things improved – but not, perhaps, her confidence. “I called it The Curse of Amanda Abbington,” she says. “Everything I ever did finished after one series. But it’s picking up a bit now – we’ve done three series of Mr Selfridge, and it’s my second run of Sherlock. So I think I’ve finally broken the curse.”

Indeed, if there ever was a Curse of Amanda Abbington, it seems to have lifted. This month sees her return to our screens in slick period drama Mr Selfridge as the ever-lovelorn head of accessories, Miss Mardle – who, now “an independent woman of means” with a love avowal under her neatly-belted belt, finally seems to be having a better time of it.

Amanda-Abbington-2Equally, last year, Amanda defied critics to portray the perfect third wheel as Mary Morstan-turned-Watson in Sherlock. As Watson’s real-life partner and a potential obstruction to the adored Sherlock-Watson dynamic, Amanda faced much online opposition. When offered the part, in fact, she thought she’d been called on to advise on a good match for Martin (Emilia Fox or Maxine Peake, FYI). But there’s no doubt she’s proven her worth. With filming begun this month, Amanda goes into Sherlock series four as the strong, surprising Mary (for which she just received the Best Supporting Actress dagger at the Crime Thriller Awards) – transformed from Conan Doyle’s barely there bit part to an integral element of the show’s dynamic.

“It’s absolutely about John and Sherlock. It should be; it’s about their adventures. But I liked that there was this third wheel, and she was female and strong and could hold her own – she wasn’t there just to accommodate them. But, then, I think all the women in Sherlock are like that.”

Mr Selfridge’s Miss Mardle, too: “Beneath the wrong-footed exterior, she is determined, ambitious. And she shows that you can be ambitious and have a heart. She certainly holds her own. Mary and Miss Mardle are both strong women, and I don’t think they facilitate men – they’re there as equals.”

Is this something that’s evolved since her career began? “Yes, but I still think there’s a long way to go. If you play strong women, they have to be slight lunatics. You can’t have a funny, strong character without an element of strangeness.”

“But in this play [God Bless the Child, a smart educational satire directed by the Royal Court’s artistic director Vicky Featherstone], there are four women who don’t talk about men. Just four women on stage, none mad. It’s so healthy.”

The play marked Amanda’s first theatrical turn in ten years – and to say she was apprehensive is like saying 221B Baker Street is just an address. “I was terrified. I was pre-kids the last time I did it. You’re more fearless when you haven’t had children – I felt more fearless. I think your emotions come to the surface more. It makes everything so accessible.”

So which is scarier, parenthood or acting? “They’re both terrifying, but I’m more in control of acting. With parenting, you’re basically winging it – hoping you don’t cause too much permanent damage.”

And how do the kids feel about Mum and Dad’s line of work? “They love it – they find it fascinating. They’ve been on a film set or at a theatre since day dot, so they think parents who go to an office are really weird.”

“They love Mary. Grace wants to be Mary when she grows up. I said, ‘No, you can’t really be an assassin…’ And they love Bilbo [Freeman’s role in The Hobbit], just love him being Bilbo.”

And they can expect to enjoy a lot more Mum on screen soon: Mr Selfridge will take us through to autumn, then Sherlock kicks off with a special next Christmas, while she comes straight here from a read-through for a BBC sitcom, which, if it comes off, will be “so much fun”.

“I love doing comedy, I don’t know if I’m particularly good at it, but I love it. And theatre. And after ten years off, I’ve got the bug again. I think what Vicky’s doing [at the Royal Court] is fantastic: bucking trends, doing stuff that’s challenging. I love people that take risks, that aren’t afraid of saying something controversial – something thought-provoking.”

A sentiment clear in her wish list: “I’d love to work with Abi Morgan, she’s amazing; Simon Stephens I love; Shane Meadows; Jack Thorne – they’re such brilliant writers. They have guts. And I’d love to do a horror film, like The Babadook. That’s on my wish list. Lady Macbeth is on my list too.”

Which, with a plethora of parts both actual and potential, plus Martin’s busy career, means getting time together can be tricky. “Family is much more important to us, but we also both want to work. It’s finding that balance. It’s hard work, making time for each other. But when you do it’s wonderful.”

Of course, filming Sherlock helps, but a studio isn’t quite the same. Quality time is, instead, spent at home in Hertfordshire or in town: “I love London – it’s where I grew up. Coming in on the train, going to the theatre, seeing the lights, was such a big deal. I love to look at it with fresh eyes. What we have here is amazing: parks, history, that skyline – it’s gorgeous. If I don’t see it too often, I miss it, I miss all it does.”

It’s this that makes Amanda’s ‘do unto others’ axiom so irresistible; adult and parent she may be, but she can be as sincerely awed as a child. And, sometimes, just the right side of childish. She seems as loved up as a teenager (“Martin’s my favourite actor,” she borderline gushes. “I’m desperately proud of him.”); argues with prepubescent trolls on Twitter; loves sneezing panda YouTube videos (this she acts out for me); and is just as amazed at London as she was at eight.

“A teacher once gave me the best piece of advice: ‘In London, always look up.’ Because you’ll see so much beauty. It’s quite a good metaphor for life, actually – always look up!”

With this final charge, Amanda heads backstage, and I buoyantly out onto the street – head tilted dutifully skywards – and into a postbox. With my newfound niceness, naturally I’m profusely apologetic, but I do wonder: is this, perhaps, the new Curse of Amanda Abbington?

Mr Selfridge airs on ITV this month

Henry Cavill on the superhero curse: ‘You’d better look like Superman any time you get your kit off’

Interview with “The Guardian” (August 13)

For the first decade of this century, Henry Cavill occupied the least coveted role in movies: Hollywood’s nearly man. He had lost out on a run of high-profile parts, including Cedric in Harry Potter and Edward in Twilight (both of which went to Robert Pattinson). In the search for a new James Bond, it came down to him and Daniel Craig. Add to that the collapse of a Superman reboot in which he had been cast as the lead and you have an actor whose name was at risk of becoming a jinx.

The 32-year-old Brit who sits before me in a minimalist hotel room in a pale blue shirt and black trousers is in a very different position. Two years ago, he finally got to play Superman in the alternately thoughtful and cacophonous Man of Steel. With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opening next spring, starring Ben Affleck as Batman, and assorted Justice League spin-offs looming, the red cape is his for at least the next five years. His name is even being linked to Bond again as Craig’s spell nears its end.

supermanlodge desert-power-6 cumbermelikecrazy worshipping-superman mtllovelygirl  supermanfanatics youonlylivelifeonce5 peskipixi dragonslikesmaug henryycavillicious supermel18 henrycavillisbeautiful thewife101everything
abadstarfalls curator-at-large lokihiddles2981 drarrysgirl missawkwardmarvel fassyanon mel-loves-all natalines nerdsonandmurdork
mel-loves-all hhagary abadstarfalls teentopchunjoe justdrivesmewild alexismroark 

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» skywalker & solo family tribute | I could tell your eyes; TFA spoilers.


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THIS BEAUTIFUL, HEARTBREAKING, FUCKED UP FAMILY WILL BE MY UNDOING *ugly sobbing forever* Okay so this video I was actually thinking of discarding and never uploading because I just hate the quality so bad. Like, I hate it. But I just couldn’t wait or resist vidding this heartbreaking family because I had a lot of Skywalker/Solo family feels at the moment and it’s my own personal way of venting out my feels. So this happened. So after it was done rendering I kept seeing so many small mistakes like at 1:05 where it cuts off some of Anakin’s head and some of the OT quality was crappy because I used the wrong footage (my non-HD version) and blah boring stuff like that that really bugs me, but hopefully doesn’t bother you much *crosses fingers* I might still end up deleting this, I don’t know… But it was actually my mom who suggested I upload it because I asked her for her opinion on this video because I was very close at discarding/giving up with it, but she’s like, “NO, Cailey, you must upload it!” So I did. So hopefully, despite it’s flaws, you guys still enjoy it! Please let me know what you think in the comments! :D

Also, once the HD version of TFA comes out I WILL definitely be re-making this because then I can fix my mistakes that are bothering me AND use the better quality;D But anyways, back to the Skywalker/Solo’s THIS FAMILY FUCKED ME UP SO MUCH LIKE UGH THEY CAN NEVER GET A BREAK AND BE HAPPY! It’s always heartbreak and sadness, and I just love them all SOO much and want them to be happy but it’s like fate never allows it to happen… Seriously, this family is cursed. Bless the next person who marries into it because god they will need it. At the end of the video I wanted to show all the deaths that have taken place in this family so far and how heartbreaking it is because death keeps on taking them away from each other and UGH THIS FAMILY IS JUST PURE PAIN