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Freaks Forever (FilthyFrank. aka Joji Miller X Reader)

Here it is, smut smut smut. I tried to include as many requests in this as I could as well as trying to make it a quality fic. I hope you guys like it.

Joji is in a shitty mood. 

(Requests are open)

You pulled the blanket tighter around you, sighing. Your eyes flashed over to the clock on the wall and then back to the T.V. Joji should have been home more than an hour ago, and you were a little upset. He’d promised you that he’d be home to watch your show and it was long since over. You reached for your phone, about to text him for the hundredth time when the door opened with a bang. You looked over the back of the couch, surprised. “Joji?”

Nothing. He just slammed the door shut. You climbed off the couch and walked to where he was taking off his jacket. “Babe? What happened? You missed our show.” He muttered an apology and made his way into the kitchen, digging around in the cupboard you kept your harder liquor in. “Joji, can you please look at me?”

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Major coincidence in Crestwood, soul crushed...

So last night, I had a major wtf moment in Crestwood, post-breakup. It was a series of soul-crushing coincidences, and I needed to share…

It hasn’t been that long since Solas removed my Lavellan’s vallaslin and then made everything terrible. I’ve been killing a lot of time as Lavellan licks her wounds, and somehow, last night as I’m playing, everybody (Quiz, Sera, Cole, and, yes, Solas) just ends up back in Crestwood, on a mission to kill a wyvern for a nice lady named Judith. The quest itself is easy. But the moment the wyvern is dead, Lavellan looks up and sees this:

Cue first moment of major surprise. I must have missed this on my last Lavellan, as I really had no idea you could return to the exact place where Solas plays out his cowardice. It then felt somehow extra shitty and ironic that the title of the quest that brings her here is “Wyrm Hole.” Could that title possibly be a coincidence? Is this just Weekes again, fucking with us? Wyrm Hole? Because that’s exactly what it felt like to me: time travel, diving through a worm hole and waking up in the past.

Anyway. That’s only the beginning.

At this point, Lavellan is feeling stung, surprised, hurt all over again, awkward (because Solas is there), and frankly, a little sweaty. She is brash and hates to wallow, and so she’s ready to go. But one of those creepy murals catches her eye, over behind the waterfall–and like, I personally can’t resist that. So she goes to check it out, and as she’s walking over to the waterfall, Cole just…starts talking. This happens (I apologize for the quality–I’ve never actually used any of my game footage before on youtube and kind of suck):

Notice how she just stops like, dead in her tracks. That’s me, dying a little inside. I was never able to trigger this banter with my first Lavellan at all, but here it is, now, as Cole recounts their break-up in the exact same spot the break-up occurred. This was just one of those scary perfect storytelling moments for me. Of course Cole would feel it here, the pain, all that’s happened. And of course Solas would be replaying the scene in his mind, in this very moment, this exact place, and Cole would feel his hurt, attempt to deconstruct it and to heal. I mean, I lost my breath a little bit I lost all my breath. The banter triggering was completely random (right?), but it didn’t feel that way. This was one of the coolest, most heartbreaking moments I’ve ever experienced playing any game, ever. That it was a coincidence–how we ended up here, the title of the quest, and the banter itself…that’s something else.

Also, I have heard this banter before on youtube, but the version I’ve heard has always had a different Solas line, which is–

Solas: You cannot heal this, Cole. Please, let it go.

But my Lavellan was hurt and angry in Crestwood (I’ve written more about this here). She shoved him around, dared him to tell her he doesn’t care. And so–

Solas: You cannot heal this, Cole. Let her carry her anger in peace.

Ugh. This line just felt really…strong. It was careful, attentive. It’s totally keyed into her emotional state, post-breakup, and the fact that Solas is weirdly mindful (and respectful) of her anger makes it just all the more hurtful, especially given the setting, and everything else. “Let her be angry, Cole. It is her anger to bear. And I deserve it all.”

I just…

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…I needed to share that. <3

Titel : Clouds - The Stepsibling AU

Pairing : Dipper and Mabel Pines

A fanfiction a friend of mine requested and now told me to post here. Sorry for the shitty pic quality.

When Mabel came home from her training she found Dipper sitting in a bean bag chair in the living room. She threw her pink duffle to the floor and herself onto the couch, her ponytail bouncing up and down.

„How is my favorit stepbrother doing?“. she asked, grinning at him upside down.

„I’m your only stepbrother, Mabel. How was wrestling?“

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Title: Raincheck
Fandom: Marvel
Word Count: 1,180
Characters: John Allerdyce x Reader, Bobby Drake, Jean Grey, Charles Xavier
Reader Gender: Female
Warnings: Family issues, making out
Notes: Request from anon for “The reader is really sad (crying, won’t leave the room) because its her little sister’s birthday and she can’t go home because her parents basically ran her out of the house. John does his best to comfort her because his family wasn’t exactly great to him either.”

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       “Where’s Y/N?”
       That had become a question frequently asked by John Allerdyce – much to the surprise of everyone around him. He typically didn’t care much about anyone, but the pretty young woman, with bright smiles and kind eyes, had grown on him. He always made sure that someone invited her when they were going out, always eager to spend time with her.
       “We asked her to come, but she said she wasn’t feeling up to it,” Bobby replied, shrugging. “C’mon, let’s go. We don’t want to miss the movie.”
       “You guys go on, I’m gonna go see if she’s alright,” John stated, as if it were the most normal thing in the world. Bobby and Rogue both raised a questioning eyebrow, but said nothing as he walked off in the direction of Y/N’s room.
       John rapped on her bedroom door with his knuckles. After waiting a few minutes and receiving no response, he did it again, calling out “Y/N, it’s me, open up.”
       “What do you want?”
       Her tone surprised him. She was always incredibly nice to him, but she had said that with an uncharacteristically hateful tone. His brows furrowed together out of concern and confusion.
       “What’s wrong? How come you don’t wanna go out with us?”
       “I just don’t, alright? If that’s all you came here to ask, you have your answer, so please go away.”
       “I’m not going anywhere until you tell me what’s wrong.”
       There were a few moments of silence, before the door flung open to reveal a very annoyed-looking Y/N. John immediately noticed that her eyes were red and a bit puffy.
       “What’s wrong?” he repeated, his voice much softer than before. She opened her mouth to give a reply, still looking irked – then her face scrunched up and she started crying again. John froze for a moment, being that he had absolutely no experience with crying girls. If it had been anyone else, he would have left right then, but his feelings for this particular crying girl compelled him to pull her into a hug. Her arms wrapped around his torso, and he could feel her tears beginning to soak into his shirt. John led her back into her room, kicking the door closed behind him. He noticed that there were a few envelopes and a medium-sized box on her bed, all with a big, bright red “RETURN TO SENDER” on them. He carefully laid down, so as not to damage any of the items, and she laid next to him, still clutching him tightly and crying.
       After about fifteen minutes of Y/N sobbing, while John slowly rubbed his hand up and down her back, she calmed down. Her breathing became more even, and her tears stopped.
       “I’m sorry.”
       “What the hell are you apologizing for?” John asked with a small chuckle.
       “For crying like an idiot in front of you, and ruining your shirt.”
       “Well, I know how it feels to have shitty parents. And you didn’t ‘cry like an idiot.’ Even if you did, I wouldn’t care. Also, I stole this shirt from Bobby, so I don’t give a shit about that either,” John replied, smiling down at her, although her face was still buried in his chest. “Wanna tell me why you were crying?”
       “It’s my little sister’s thirteenth birthday today. It’s our first year apart since my parents found out about my mutation and kicked me out. I knew they wouldn’t let me come see her, but I thought they’d at least let me send her stuff….”
       That explains the envelopes and the box… John thought to himself. He was equally angry and sad, a feeling that he wasn’t used to. Angry because of her asshole parents, and sad because he hated seeing her upset like this.
       “We could see if Professor Grey or Professor Xavier could get a message to her when they’re done teaching their classes; let her know you’re thinking of her,” John suggested. Y/N looked up at him and smiled.
       “That’s a really good idea. Thank you.”
       “Anytime, gorgeous,” he said, smiling back, before standing and pulling her up with him. “Now, let’s go shoot some pool. Me kicking your ass should take your mind off of things.”
       “Me kicking your ass definitely will,” she retorted, then followed him to the rec room. They were only there for a half hour, then they heard Professor Xavier’s voice in their minds.
       “Y/N, John, we need you in my office – immediately.
       They shot each other wary glances, before taking off in the direction of his office, unsure of the severity of the situation. Professor Grey opened the door for them before they had a chance to knock, and she wore a smile.
       “Someone’s very eager to see you, Y/N.”
       She stared at the professor with a confused expression, then her gaze found the young girl in the room. The girl wasted no time in running full-speed at Y/N, screaming “Sissy!” Y/N enveloped the girl in a bear hug, and John could see tears forming in her eyes.
       “Her sister’s powers manifested today, so their parents kicked her out. They packed all of her things, then put her in a cab directly to here,” Professor Grey whispered to John. He nodded, watching the scene before him with a small smile on his lips. He left quietly, knowing they needed some quality time together.
       After Y/N’s little sister had been enrolled and she was settled into her new room, Y/N found John again, playing a game of pool by himself. He was about to give her his usual “What’s up?” when her arms wrapped tightly around his torso, causing him to freeze. He awkwardly wrapped an arm around her shoulders.
       “Thank you,” she murmured into his chest.
       “For what?”
       “For being so nice to me. You were the only one who actually gave a shit that I was upset today, and you did what you could to help. So, thank you.”
       “Like I said: anything for you, gorgeous.”
       She put her hands on his shoulders and stood on her toes to give him a kiss on the cheek, at the same time John turned his head. Their lips met, and they both froze. But neither moved away.
       In fact, John’s other arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her closer and deepening the previously-maladroit kiss. Y/N’s arms wrapped around his neck, and one hand eventually drifted into his hair. When his fingers dug into her hip, she tugged lightly on his hair, earning a low groan from him. Then, very abruptly, she put her hands on his chest and pushed him back, both of them breathing heavily.
       “If I don’t stop myself now, I’m going to start ripping your clothes off. But I promised my little sister that we would go get pizza and go bowling,” Y/N explained, grinning. “Care to join us?”
       “Sure,” John replied, then a suggestive smirk formed on his lips. “But only if we can raincheck you ripping my clothes off.”

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So I Got Into A Debate With A Sasunaru Shipper...

….on a gossip community on Live Journal and HOLY SHIT at the hypocrisy, delusion and sexism.

The debate took place in a post about Bryke’s comments on making Korrasami canon in Legend of Korra.

The Sasunaru shipper’s comments are in italics. Mines are in bold.


Now if only in Naruto stupid Kishimoto had not queerbaited for 15 years and had the balls to do a subtle ending or at least one that wasn’t “everybody is hetero and marries and have kids” my life could be 100% happy /Bitter Sasuke/Naruto shipper that feels cheated.

But it was said in universe that Naruto and Sasuke were like brothers multiple times and Kishimoto compared their bond to him and his brother + it’s a Shounen manga. It was never going to happen.

It was queer-baiting because let’s be real, those 2 had amazing chemistry and their relationship was the most important in the manga plus if Sasuke would have been a girl (or Naruto) the ship would have been canon, hands down, and I knew it wasn’t going to happen, I was 99,9% sure of that (one can dream lmao) but I did not expect that bullshit ending with the “everybody is hetero and marries and has children” ending , I was expecting an open ending with no pairings at all because lots of shonen manga had done that (and the ending pairings are extremely shitty and underdeveloped, so, there’s that)

Except not everybody got married and had kids and I disagree with the ending pairings being “extremely shitty”. All except Choji and Karui were hinted at (some more than others) and the reason they seem “underdeveloped” is because Kishimoto said he’s too embarrassed writing romance. Despite that the series constantly told us that Hinata and Sakura were in love with Naruto and Sasuke and the last arc in particular emphasized their feelings more than once so I figured Kishimoto was going to go -somewhere- with them + Naruto and Sasuke being orphans is a huge part of their characters so I’m not surprised that they ended up having families and Kishimoto also said that he had Naruhina planned quite awhile ago.

I don’t think the ending was perfect. I myself was hoping/expecting it to be longer, tie up loose ends and show how everyone is recovering from the war but I definitely wouldn’t say it was bad. Naruto achieved his dream of becoming Hokage, the shinobi world now lives in an era of peace and all the characters seem happy. But anyway, ship what you like. ^__^

If he really thought about NH and SS being canon then he would have developed them way more, Sasuke tried to kill Sakura several times without any reason and he never cared that much for her, Sakura never gave a true reason for loving him, with Hinata and Naruto they barely spoke and she wasn’t a person on her own, liking Naruto was her only trait, so they kinda came to nowhere, the only ship you could say have some kind of development was Naruto/Sakura and it wasn’t great either but at least had something.

And just because they were orphans that does not mean the had to marry, like, really , an open ending would have been better because if he said romance wasn’t his thing then he should not have made romance at all, Sasuke/Sakura is an abusive ship and that’s shitty and in Naruto/Hinata’s case she doesn’t seem to have a personality besides her liking Naruto and that’s shitty too, it’s not just because ships, it’s because for me characters that I liked a lot were destroyed just for making the pairings work. (and I hope I’m not being agressive or anything lmao, it’s just that yeah I did not liked the ending at all and I felt like I wasted 8 years of my life)

This argument is weak. Sasuke tried to kill Naruto several times as well and other characters (he succeeded with Itachi and Danzo). I mean they blew each others arms off for crying out loud. So if you think Sasusaku is abusive then so are they. 
If Sasuke didn’t care much for Sakura he would not have picked up on her sad mood and try to cheer her up by complimenting her genjutsu skills during the Chunin Exams, he would not have saved/protected her multiple times, tell her thank you after her confession(s), apologize to her, say she (and the rest of Team 7) became his family, tell her his sins have nothing to with her and give her the forehead poke, which is the highest display of affection for him.

Hinata and Naruto may not have spoke as much as he did with other characters but it was enough for Naruto to root for her during the Chunin Exams, vow revenge against Neji with her own blood, open up to her about his insecurities before his match with Neji and then tell her that he likes a person like her after she reassures him up, get really angry and go fox mode when Pain attacked her after she saved him and then cry tears of relief after learning she’s alive, pick up on her insecurities then praise her strength when she started doubting herself, thank her for always being by his side and holding her hand after she pulled him out of his depression when he started to give into Obito’s words after Neji died, etc. Quality > Quantity

Hinata liking Naruto wasn’t her only trait. She started off weak, shy and lacking self confidence. This hinders her from making progress in her training which resulted in her dad disowning her from being the heir of the Hyuga Clan and basically kicking her out. During her Chunin Exams match Neji says she always hated herself for her own weakness and then says shit about how people can’t change destiny. He assumes that her teammates pressured into participating. She rejects this idea and says she wanted to change herself and do it for herself. Not for Naruto (or anyone else), herself and even though Naruto is her role model and seeing him not give up, despite constantly being put down and mistreated by everyone in the village inspired her and even though she admired his determination and her admiration eventually grew into love, the basis for her character is her wanting to get stronger FOR HERSELF and after years of hard work she does. She’s also empathetic, kind, and shows concern and care for other characters like when she tried to give Kiba healing ointment after Naruto whupped his ass and when she expresses support for him when he started talking about how he was the one who was going to be Hokage when everybody else ignored him. There’s also that time she cried for Neji when he died, included him in her Infinite Tsukoyomi dream, cried for him again at his funeral and took her daughter to see him and put flowers on his grave + in The Last, which takes place between 699 and 700, she rejects Naruto after he confesses to her and willingly goes with the villain so she could save Hanabi, her little sister.

Narusaku had no development outside of friendship. Naruto’s crush on Sakura was always portrayed as a joke and Sakura made it clear plenty of times that she doesn’t like him romantically. It was never taken seriously except for when Sakura fake confessed in 469 and Naruto ended up shutting her down because he knew she was lying and knows just how much she loves Sasuke. Kishimoto in a recent interview basically called Narusaku red herring. Unfortunately, a lot of people fell for the trap even though the narrative contradicted it.

It’s true them being orphans doesn’t mean they have to marry but one of Naruto’s main themes is family and Naruto growing up without one and Sasuke losing his is a big deal so, again, I’m not surprised they ended up having their own.

Wow, this ended up longer than I intended.

“(and I hope I’m not being agressive or anything lmao”

lol it’s cool.

This is where the hypocrisy really comes in and notice how they completely ignored my paragraphs that shows how Naruto cares for Hinata and how her liking him isn’t her only trait.

Sasuke always had reasons for attacking Naruto, in the Valley of the end he tried to kill Naruto because he was his best friend and like that he would gain the mangekyou sharingan, the other times when he attacked him were because he knew Naruto was the only one who could make him change opinions (and that’s not implied, that’s canon) , all the times they fight it was always for a reason that impacted both, and Sasuke knew Naruto could at least stand her ground when they fought, Naruto was his rival and could fight against him, Sakura could not, Sasuke knew Sakura never could deffend herself against him, and even in that time when she tried to kill him she didn’t stand a chance against him, again, he didn’t had a necessity to attack her not there and not the other times he did that, he never had a reason to it, never. That shows a difference, with Naruto it was kinda a deffense mechanism because he knew that sooner or later Naruto would make him come back to Konoha, with Sakura it was just because.

And lmao, he cared for her in part 1, yeah, but in part 2 again, he tried to kill her several times with a better reason than because he wanted or could do it, even when he was kinda sane he didn’t gave a shit about her when the floor was starting to become lava, if it wasn’t for Naruto she would have died and he saved her once not because of her but because Naruto, when he was thinking about team 7 she wasn’t even named by Sakura, just team 7, Naruto is always Naruto, is the one that stands, like Sasuke cares for Sakura the 10% he cares for Naruto and that’s canon too, he was the one who saved Sasuke, he was the one who never gave up on him, he was the one to finally break trough his walls and make him change, not Sakura, she helped but her help was so so little compared to what Naruto did. I mean, even when he confessed her feelings for him again he didn’t gave a shit, when Naruto talked to him he cried. Like yeah he gave Sakura that poke in the forehead, but comparing that with all the things Naruto and Sasuke shared that poke it’s nothing.

And Hinata could have been great but she didn’t have much character development besides her fight against Neji, after that she didn’t do much besides stalking Naruto and being worried about him, after that liking him was her only trait, let’s be real, she lose herself because a man, like Sakura that lost everything likeable about her because on chapter 699 she was a fangirl again that forgave Sasuke for making her misserable just with a “I’m sorry” 

And Nah, Naruto/Sakura had something, Naruto always liked Sakura and their personalities matched the tsundere girl trope that’s really popular in shonen and at least they had way more development than NH and SS, Sakura didn’t liked Naruto but then liked him and became his friend and an important person to him, there was mutual respect.

And I’m glad it’s cool, I know myself and when I get excited I can be a little agressive lmao.

Someone jumped into our conversation.

I wish i could have been a part of this arguement,I hate that i once loved Naruto(the series) but not only did it become long drawn out mess but they killed Neji and gave me NO queer character whatsoever. kakashi should have ended up with a male companion….Or maybe one of the 46575937 other characters,throw us the queer fans a fucking bone!

This is the Sasunaru shipper’s reply to them.

The queerbaiting was so so big that I can’t with people saying SNS never existed, like, lmao, Sasuke and Naruto have way more chemistry together than Sakura/Sasuke or Hinata/Naruto and the kisses, the fact that when they are together the rest of the world seems to no exist, them being the main relationship, having way more development than the “canon” ships, like for real it was queerbaiting 101, if one of them was a girl then it would have been canon, but because heteronormativity then , nope, all are 100000% heterosexual and have kids because yeah.

And Kakashi should have been with Gai tbh.

Now back to my reply. At this point I was baffled because I could not believe they seriously started rationalizing Sasuke trying to kill Naruto.

So because Sasuke had “reasons” to kill Naruto that makes his several attempts on his life okay? That’s hypocritical.
The Mangekyo Sharingan is achieved by a Sharingan user suffering trauma after witnessing the person closest to them die. For Sasuke this was Itachi, not Naruto. So him trying to kill him was pointless. 
Sasuke knowing Naruto is stronger than Sakura still doesn’t excuse him. Like you’re seriously trying to arguing that since him and Naruto have a deeper connection all the wrong doing he does to him is totally fine. By this logic that would make Sasunaru the “abusive” pairing and makes Sasuke look super shitty since him and Naruto are suppose to be besties. Sis, you’re sinking your own ship.

If Sasuke trying to kill Sakura isn’t okay then the same logic applies to Naruto since both of them are his friends. End of story. 

I wouldn’t dismiss Sasuke and Sakura’s Part I moments especially since the second databook for the series says Sakura was the one who filled his lonely existence with love and that the only reason he didn’t let her in was because of his ambitions.
So you acknowledge that Sasuke wasn’t sane when he tried to kill Sakura? Good to know.
If Sasuke didn’t give a shit about Sakura’s words during her second confession he would not have started thinking about his family when Kakashi clarified her feelings for him.
Zabuza also cried when Naruto talked to him. He tends to have that effect on people.
The forehead poke is emphasized throughout the series and is shown being important to Sasuke. It was the last thing Itachi did to him before he died. To say it means nothing is bullshit and after he pokes Sakura’s forehead he tells her thank you (this was a callback to the first confession).
Honestly, you keep contradicting yourself. You say Sasuke doesn’t give a shit about Sakura but then turn around and downplay all the scenes that proves he does.

Hinata’s character development continued after her fight with Neji. Even though her relationship with him and her father improved, she still struggled to get stronger and have confidence in herself.
Really tho? I just explained how her liking Naruto wasn’t her only trait and even provided examples of her caring for other characters. C’mon.
To say she lost herself because of a man would mean said man has had nothing but a negative impact on her on her. Naruto’s been nothing but a positive influence.

Sakura blushing when asking the man she’s in love with could she accompany him on his journey does not make her any less likeable. This idea that a female character being in love takes away from them is sexist and she didn’t fangirl. She hasn’t done that since she was 12.
Naruto and Kakashi also forgave Sasuke. Hell, Kakashi even pardoned him. 
Forgiveness is another one of Naruto’s main themes. Neji almost killed his cousin. He was forgiven. Gaara murdered several people and participated in the attack on Konoha. He was forgiven to the point they made him Kazekage. Itachi slaughtered his family and psychologically tortured his little brother. He was forgiven. Pain killed Jiraiya and then invaded Konoha, killed dozens of people and then blew up the whole damn village. He was forgiven. Obito killed Naruto’s parents and is responsible for a majority of the fuckery in this series. He was forgiven. Most of these characters crimes are WAY worse than Sasuke’s and all of them were easily forgiven so why hold Sakura to a higher standard?

All NS had was friendship and there’s nothing wrong with that.
There’s not one panel in the manga were Sakura expresses genuine romantic interest in Naruto and there’s also not one panel were Naruto’s feelings for her evolve from suki to daisuki. The same can’t be said for SS and NH.

Notice how they completely ignored my point about forgiveness and the double standards put on Sakura and notice how they don’t bring up Hinata or Narusaku again.

Where the hell did I say it was fine?? You said the situations with Sasuke and Sakura and Sasuke and Naruto were the same when they aren’t at all so i was replying you to that, I never said it was ok or fine just because of it, I say that they were different because Sasuke had reasons for doing that to Naruto that were important for his character and for Sakura were only because he could in that time, yes, Sasuke/Naruto is abusive and it’s fucked up, but putting it in the same place as Sasuke/Sakura? lmao, no, with Sasuke/Naruto there is mutual respect and those 2 always respond to each other, when they are there then everybody just dissappears, Sasuke cares for Sakura like the 10% he cares for Naruto, that’s canon too. And the magekyou sharingan part, for Sasuke in that time Naruto was his most important person, he said it, that’s why he was going to kill him and then he just stopped (Thing that he didn’t do when he tried to kill Sakura, I wonder why)

And lmao, Sasuke makes Sakura feel like shit, he has said one good thing between a lot of offensive stuff to her, he has treated her like shit, he tried to kill her several times, how is that no abusive? how she forgiving him for that with just a “I’m sorry” doesn’t make her a fangirl again? There is no respect between those 2 at all, like you can say anything but Sasuke/Naruto has way more moments and for Sasuke ,Naruto is his best friend, he is above everyone else on team 7, every time they fight he is the one who matters and Sakura and Kakashi just dissapear from Sasuke’s mind, like that’s not arguable or an opinion, that’s canon.

And comparing the Zabuza situation with the moment between Sasuke and Naruto? did you read the manga? with Zabuza he wasn’t crying because Naruto, he was crying because Haku, when Naruto said to Sasuke what was being a friend to him he cried because Naruto, because he was touched about what he said, that’s way more than he did with Sakura, like SS fans said he hides his feelings but he never did that with Naruto, he always said Naruto was his best friend and the person who he knew could save him. 

Really, you can say anything and a lot of opinions but the canon says that for Sasuke, Naruto is the most important one, way more important than Sakura, the one who he marries, they even had a conection way before Team 7 was made , the paralels of ying and yang, the episodes named “Naruto and Sasuke” , etc, etc, so, nah sis, my ship didn’t sink, heteronormativity made it that way. (and if we are discussing Databooks, Databook #3 , on Sasuke’s info said : “In the past, parting from Naruto had been as painful as ripping off half of his own body )

So, i rest my case, good day !

No, you claimed Sasusaku was “abusive” because Sasuke tried to kill Sakura several times. I used YOUR logic to point out how Sasunaru is too since Sasuke also tried to kill Naruto several times. You responded by trying to rationalized and excuse Sasuke’s attempts on Naruto’s life because he had “reasons”. I then pointed out how hypocritical this is much like your comment here; “yes, Sasuke/Naruto is abusive and it’s fucked up, but putting it in the same place as Sasuke/Sakura?”

Like you’re bothered by Sasusaku being made canon because they’re “abusive” but you’d be fine with it if it were Sasunaru even though you acknowledge they’re “abusive” too. This is logic is faulty and your arguments are filled with so many holes, fallacies and hypocrisy.

The reason Zabuza started crying is because Naruto’s words got through to him. Before that he showed nothing but apathy for Haku dying. The point I was trying to make here is Naruto’s words has the ability to change people (and make them cry). This is displayed throughout the manga with several characters. It’s not something that’s exclusive to Sasuke.

The canon also supports Sasuke caring for Sakura and him showing her gratitude more than once. You can downplay it, try to discredit it and try to misconstrue it all you want but those are the facts.

Thanks for the debate. Good day to you, too~! :)


There’s so much bullshit in this exchange. The biggest one being that they basically said “abuse” is bad when it involves a male and a female but when it’s two people of the same gender it’s completely fine and excusable because “mutual respect”. I just…………. (“ .________.)

Also, last time I checked the tsundere girl trope was more popular in Shoujos, not Shounens and I don’t think the trope really applies to Sakura. I mean sure she has a temper but she’s always been upfront about her romantic feelings.This person presents themselves as being knowledgeable with Shounens (ex. endings and tropes) but if they truly were then wouldn’t they know it’s filled with nothing but straight pairings? Like if you really are familiar with how the genre works then why harp on queerbaiting and heteronormativity? And wouldn’t Naruto’s ending being different from other Shounens make it "refreshing”? I don’t know.