the quality is terrible

jfc, i’ve had to sit through the inappropriate audition songs meme and now this terrible dress meme? can i please get some quality fucking memes on this stupid shitty website god i hate tumblr

FMLS90 Day 57

Share a funny picture of yourself

Me dancing bachata back in October of 2013 lmao thanks Martin for the terrible picture quality.

And me coming out of a frozen lake (it’s frozen except for that hole cut in it) in Helsinki, Finland in March of 2013. 

Idk I think they’re p funny for reasons.

pression asked:

it's just how your eyes are perceiving the light in the picture! it deals with the retinas and cones in your eyes. if you see blue and black, your cones are high functioning (subtractive mixing). if you see white and gold, your eyes do poorly in dim lighting (additive mixing). not to mention that the picture itself is taken with terrible quality. so there's no *right* way to see the picture! you're not going insane, i promise!

I know I’m not going insane, it’s just fun and crazy to have your perception change like that.   But thank you for the explaination!