the quality is shit but i'll work on that

I am cracking up over the stills of Sara and Leonard.

Like it looks like Sara is spending some quality time with Mick and Leonard. Leonard looks a little amused, I imagine Sara is teasing Mick in some way.

And then this douchebag clearly tries to start something with Sara, which I imagine leads to Leonard holding her drink while she kicks ass.

And then Sara’s like, “That was fun.”

I’m so looking forward to all the dynamics on this silly looking show. AND SARA INTERACTING WITH MORE PEOPLE. And everyone coming to love her, because really, how could they not.

(more still from LOT here)


I’m the Psychic Tracer and saw no other Elsword characters until going to get dinner Saturday evening and ran into THIS WONDERFUL ADD COSPLAYER I WAS SO ECSTATIC YOU DONT EVEN KNOW GUYS

and i wish I had more pictures of my cosplay but my phone is old and takes shit quality pictures