the quality is not the best but youre my red badboy

Badboy/Boxer!Luke AU Series PART 1

Hey guys! So this is my first AU Series so I hope you like this! Please message me and tell me what you think! Thank you so much! 

“What are you having?” Your friend nudged you, snapping you back to reality. Your friend, Natalie, and you were in a crowded, stingy bar. The air was thick and the stench of cigarettes filled the space around you.

           “I don’t know.” You shrugged, not looking at the drinks menu. “I guess I’ll just have a martini, extra dry.” You pointed to the waiter who nodded in response.

           “You okay?” Natalie scooted closer after she ordered her cocktail. You sighed as you sat back in the high chair bar seat and ran your fingers through your hair.

           “I just had the most stressful day ever. My dad practically yelled at me when I told him that I didn’t want to Yale for additional college.” You recalled his face, which was red with anger at the time. “I just want to take a gap year or something, you know? I’ve been working nonstop since high school and undergraduate. I just want to relax for a while.”

           “I assume he didn’t take it well.” She twirled a piece of her long brown hair between her fingers, chuckling. You gave her a grin as the bartender passed you your martini. Quickly, you let the cold rim of the glass touch your lips and drank the clear concoction, almost finishing the drink in one sip.

           “Whoa, slow down there, Y/N.” She laughed as she grabbed a couple of napkins and dabbed your chin, where a little of the martini had started to drip down. “You trying to get drunk?” She raised her eyebrows as you took the napkins from her and continued wiping the alcohol off your face. “You know what?” She stared at you for a moment.

           “What?” You looked over at her with a questioning look as you grabbed your martini glass and took the last sip.

           “Let’s have some fun tonight. Let’s be reckless. Let’s go see a fight!” She tried to gauge your reaction.

           “A fight?” You almost choked on the martini and looked at her wide-eyed. “I’ve never been to a fight before.” You blushed.

           “I’ve been to plenty! It’s actually really fun! My aunt and uncle used to take me when I was a kid!” She said enthusiastically.

           “When you were a kid?” You asked, surprised.

           “Oh please, you know I wasn’t a violent kid. The atmosphere of the matches was the best part! Everyone cheered and the echoes of the screams radiated throughout the arena! It was a great experience! I hear there’s a fight in a few minutes down in the old boxing arena just a few miles from here.” Her eyes pleaded as you left some money for the bartender.

           “Okay. Fine. We’ll go.” You gave in, making her squeal in excitement. “Come on, you lead the way.” You got up from the seat and followed her out of the crowded bar.


           “Here we go!” Natalie’s pace had slowed down as you both came to the end of a gloomy street. The pavement was still slick from the rain that had fallen not too long ago and made a grainy sound against your dark leather boots. The outside of the old boxing arena looked like it had been abandoned for decades, but that didn’t stop people from coming to watch the fight. There must have been over 80 people pushing to get inside the tiny one-story building.

           “Who’s fighting?” You asked, curiously.

           “Some local kids. Apparently one of them is striving to go pro soon and he’s really young. He’s about our age and really hot.” She grinned in response.  

           “Can’t wait.” You said sarcastically.

           “Come on.” She made her way through the crowd and pulled you along. The suffocating mass of people shoved and filed into the tiny arena. Within a few minutes you guys squeezed past people and found your seats in front of the boxing ring. The arena was musty with a certain dusty quality, and the lights circled around the ring.

           “Ladies and Gentlemen, take your seats because we’ve got quite a fight tonight!” A man screamed to the audience. Everyone immediately cheered and howled in response, you looked around and laughed at the overly enthusiastic fans. “First up, we have Charles Smith! He holds the record of 23 seconds to KO his opponent and he’s definitely a fan favorite!” The audience screamed and jumped around in the stands. Everyone’s head turned toward the right entrance where there was a muscular man with bright red boxing gloves on. “Now, please welcome one of the youngest and most dangerous boxers. He’s defending his title of 23-0 to makes his way to the pro league so let’s see if he can keep his winning streak going, give it up for Luke Hemmings!” The crowd roared and threw roses at the entrance to the left, from which the boxer came out. He was in a black hoodie and red boxing gloves. He pounded his gloves together and raised one hand up, filling the crowd with deafening screams and shrieks. With one swift motion, he slid the hood off his head, revealing a chiseled blonde-haired boy. He looked younger than his opponent and his structured jaw along with his sparkling ocean blue eyes left me in awe as I studied his features further.

           “Isn’t he just beautiful?” Natalie leaned over to you, without taking her eyes of Luke. “I’m so glad we got these seats. We’re literally right in front of the action.” She jumped up and down.

           Your eyes were still focused on Luke, though. His tall stature made him look like he was towering over the others and his gaze had shifted towards Charles. He looked like he was trying to burn a hole through Charles’ head with his deadly glare.

           “He looks… intense…” You deduced.

           “Don’t forget ‘hot’!” Natalie giggled.

           “So I assume we’re cheering for Luke?” You watched as Luke’s coach whispered something in his ear and gave him a firm pat on the back.

           “Yes! Believe me half-way through you’re gonna be screaming your head off.” Natalie assured you.

           “Nice.” You took a deep breath, nervous about this whole thing.

           “READY?” The announcer screamed aloud. Everyone responded by cheering and chanting “Hemmings” or “Smith”. Luke’s coach put his mouth guard in and he backed away and moved towards the center of the ring.  

“ROUND 1! Let’s BOX!”