the quality is horrible and i apologize


Thought I would share with you the Overwatch doodles that I had lying in my sketchbook! I apologize a thousand times for the bad quality, but these pictures are taken with my horrible phone xD 

I really wanna do some more. This game has caught my heart<3 Maybe when I finally manage to get some time in the following holidays… 

Now excuse me while i go to sleep.

Dating Kim Seokjin
  • him sending you good morning texts every day when he’s overseas
  • him tagging you in cute animal pictures he comes across on his timeline through his private account
  • getting into debates frequently about who cooks the best food
  • having cute dates at amusement parks 
  • not to mention coffee shop dates
  • “Did you know “Why did the chicken cross the road” was really about suicide?”
  • “Jin… Are you okay?”

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Fire Emblem Acapella (AKA Latin: The Anime)
Sean "sonicmega" Chiplock
Fire Emblem Acapella (AKA Latin: The Anime)

I like to pride myself in thinking I have a wider “opera falsetto” range than most people of my gender; years upon years of using it to sing Legend of Mana/Touhou songs has me at least somewhat certain that I can hold a note (and hold it on-key).

I don’t expect this to be perfect, and I apologize if this is actually horribly off-tune, but enough people have strangely inquired about my singing/utau potential that I guess a sample was in order regardless.

(Disclaimer: I do NOT practice this professionally, so don’t expect performer-level quality!)

anonymous asked:

Choose one or more pictures to post and pass it: 1. Your wakeup face 2. The magnets on your fridge! 3. Your last draw 4. The view of your window

ok then #3! 

apologize for the horrible picture quality, but this is a drawing i did of taeyeon from snsd

Paranormal Inactivity

Hello, friends! I’m certain the vast majority of you are experiencing the affects of withdrawal from my lack of posts, yeah? ;)

I’m here to apologize for my slacking off, I really am sorry! I have no good excuse for why I’m not answering your asks. I’m just lazy and procrastinate a lot, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think of you guys! 

So far I’ve drawn a low quality image for an ask and haven’t done much else besides binge watch Naruto and scratch my legs. Although I have been practicing my art in a horrible way, so I’ve been just slightly productive I could say! 

Until we meet again, wieners.


Gary: He [Mark] hates saying anything nasty about someone. “I don’t mean to be awful, but that person over there just beat me up”. In fact I have even heard him -and this is the truth- I have even heard him say in an interview, “I don’t mean to be awful, but do you mind if I go to the toilet?”. And he hats it when he hears you saying something horrible about someone. He’ll go, “No, don’t be awful”. But it might not even be horrible, I might say, “Mark, I think that girl over there fancies you”. And he’ll go, “Oh, don’t be awful. Leave her alone!”

Robbie: See, he’s the nicest person in the world. I told you.


I was randomly drawing and thought last second of putting Ren and Hux in the HP universe. Here’s a past Kylo in (apologies for the horrible quality of the patch) Gryffindor house and older Auror Armitage Hux who kinda came out looking like older Draco. I may finish these but I’ll leave them this way for now. :)


Anonymous asked: did you record the video of elizabeth talking about the fitzsimmons kiss? if so can you post it please?

Elizabeth Henstridge and Chloe Bennet - Wizard World Cleveland 2016

I apologize for the horrible video and audio quality (the sound was not that great to begin with), but take from it what you will! It’s only a couple minutes and there’s bonus commentary from Chloe about the rules for kissing on television. :)