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10.12, About a Boy

This scene perfectly illustrates why I’m endlessly banging on about Dean not letting the crap define him and retaining his softer qualities. Dean shouldn’t have been given responsibility of his brother at such a young age. It was not okay. That’s a given. That’s not what I’m shouting about when I make gifs about Dean being caring or empathetic or embracing his nurturing side. This is what I’m shouting about. Dean didn’t have to come up with a hundred and one ways to make macaroni and cheese. He could have told Sam to can his complaints and just eat the damn food. But he was trying to make Sam happy. Just look at Dean’s face when he talks about how Sam found the fluffaroni exotic. That’s a good memory for him: making Sam that disgusting mac and cheese because obviously Sam was a fan. Sam freaking loved marshmallow fluff so much that his imaginary friend Sully brought him marshmallow nachos in 11.08. 

Dean obviously liked making his little brother happy, when all that was expected of him was to keep Sam safe. There was no make Sammy happy clause from John. He came up with that part by himself. 

The burden of taking care of Sam didn’t create the soft, nurturing part of Dean. But it didn’t take it away either, which is why I’m always yelling about soft Dean. He retained those qualities, despite all the crap he had to go through, and that’s what I love. 


These guys are from Cele Trei Creaturi, which I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned has energy creatures? They are made out of magic, which is very unstable under most circumstances and requires a “magic sink” to stay together. A magic sink conducts ambient magic energy and spits it out for the energy creature to use and maintain its form with. They’re like animals made of running water: if the flow stops they die. The best and most available conductor of magic is other living things, so plants and small animals are usually held symbiotically (or victimized) by the energy creatures. For more info on magic physics in CTC, look here: (1) (2)

What’s unusual about them is that Candentia the creator didn’t make them, they arose naturally from the environment and physical laws she created for the universe. She is super fascinated by this and studies them in her weird god house. They are believed to be descended from spells used by plants and animals, having gotten more complex and extended their lifespans with magic sinks. They are colloquially called ‘spell worms’ because of this.


1BitHeart: Main Characters

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I really wish we got to see the first time Phil saw Dan’s curly hair back in 2009. Like I bet they fell asleep talking to each other on skype or something and when Dan woke up he saw a pixelated Phil staring at him who softly said, “I had no idea your hair was curly…it’s so pretty.”
And Dan hoped the crap camera quality hid the blush that spread across his face as he nervously tried to make a joke about looking like a hobbit.

Hannibal Fandom

ok can i just make an appreciation post for the hannibal fandom?

Almost every single person in it is great. They are collectively enthusiastic and welcoming. You will see a person post that they’re just now starting to watch the show and 20 different people will be there welcoming them to the fandom and being just over all super friendly and inviting.

Plus the network for sharing fics and art is just really awesome. I can’t count the number of times I’ve made a post asking for fic recs and had a number of people boosting it until I had an inbox full of suggestions, which isn’t something I’ve experienced before. (not to mention the quality of the art and writing. it’s consistently well done across the board, and some of the best fics i’ve ever read are hannibal)

I’ve had my experiences with toxic fandoms (I don’t even need to name it. We all know) and I basically never wanted to be in one again but man. The Hannibal fandom is just so lovely

Something There

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: excessive eye rolling and fluff

Word Count: 1305

A/N: So for my birthday I went to see “Beauty and the Beast” and I’m obsessed! My sister gave me this little idea and I just HAD to write it!!! Enjoy!!

A movie date was not normal for Y/N and Dean, but she was insistent on wanting to go see something, anything! How many more times could they really watch what they had in their small collection at the bunker?

Y/N had taken the initiative to purchase tickets ahead of time for the movie that caught her attention and only hoped that she could get Dean in there without a fuss.

Distracting him the snack purchases, he never questioned what they were seeing until the previews started running. Glancing around he noticed there were a large number of children and women. Brows furrowed he elbowed Y/N. “What did you say we were seeing?”

Y/N stiffened. “Uh, I didn’t say.”

“Y/N, what kind of mo-” He started to ask, but as the theater darkened further, his question was answered as the intro played.

Y/N kept track of Dean out of the corner of her eye, but was quickly being pulled to the screen, not particularly concerned if he liked it or not.

“Seriously?!” He harshly whispered into her ear. “Beauty and the friggin’ Beast?!”

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