the quality is awful but

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Hi! I was wondering if you have any advice on audio boot recording? I'm seeing a show soon (1500 seat theater, not great seats/near back of stalls, but I haven't been to this theatre before so idk how far from the stage) that I'm thinking of getting an audio of but I've never done it before. What do people usually use to record? Can you use a phone/voice memo or will the quality be really awful (it doesn't need to be great)? If so how much storage would I need? Any other important things/advice?

It’s really easy to record an audio! You can just do it with your phone: most people who record audios use their phone. 

I wouldn’t recommend phone memo, but rather apps designed to record voices. If you’re using Iphone, I recommend Voice Record Pro 7. For Android, I recommend Voice Recorder by Green Apple Studio. For me, using Android, the files were typically 60 to 100 Mo per file (one file = one act). The quality was quite nice, of course depending on your seat location but generally, a theater is designed so everyone hears well so if you hear everything alright, so does your phone. 

My advice would be: don’t fidget too much and don’t look suspicious, but honestly… People really don’t pay that much attention to you, especially if you’re going alone. Just put the phone on your lap and don’t look at it or think about it, hold it when you have to switch leg positions and put it back and you’ll be just fine. I had one person give me a glance during one performance I saw and recorded but all other times, nothing at all. People really don’t care much.