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Kiss the Girl || j.h

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Excerpt: ‘he dived under water, you still in his arms as you continued to writhe around all the air escaping your mouth in bubbles. Then your lungs filled with water.’

Genre: fluff, mermaid au

Length: 1.5k

A/N: I’ve always believed in mermaids

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“What’s the difference between a siren and a mermaid, mummy?” Your mother had glowered at you; in all honesty, she just wanted you to drop your obsession that she knew would most likely lead to you going too close to the water’s edge. But still, she pulled you onto her lap, brushing off the damp sand on your knees as she pulled you to her chest,

“Originally mermaids and sirens were two different beings, mermaids known for physical beauty, and sirens had heavenly voices,” you smiled looking up at her, as she continued her story, “but somewhere along the way the lines blurred, sirens became as beautiful as mermaids. That’s why you have to be careful,” she tapped your nose lightly, “These days the only way to tell them apart is you listen. A mermaid may have a beautiful voice but a sirens' melody will pull you to the water against your will.”

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any advice on how to write poetry? I want to get better, but I don't know how to start. (I love your writing, btw.)





This sounds like not-actually-advice but it is true! My poetry suffers when I’m not reading voraciously and widely and with fine detail attention as well as happy abandon. My phrases and ideas start recycling themselves like stale airplane cabin oxygen. Reading keeps your creative spark alive in a really astonishing way, and if you stop feeding your little brain synapses with fresh, weird, quality content, creative death is assured.

Are you reading? Good! Now imitate! Rip off ideas, pilfer tropes, kidnap characters, plagiarize plot-lines…Imitation isn’t just the sincerest form of flattery, it’s the best way to practice stringing together a sentence and is the gateway to original ideas. I cannot stress the usefulness of fanfiction in this regard. I got my start writing fanfiction, and occasionally still pen a one-shot for my own enjoyment because fanfiction allows you to build a coherent, lyrical, effective narrative around the scaffolding of existing, working narratives. There’s nothing in original writing you can’t learn writing fanfiction: flashbacks, character development, dialogue, plot, romance, you name it, fanfics’ got it.

It’s also a great idea to try and write poems in forms you seen before: acrostic, sonnet, villanelle, iambic pantameter, the lot. Don’t like writing in a set form? Great, me too. I’m still going to tell you to do it, because it builds writing muscles. Popular poetic structures found on tumblr count too, I’m no snob. You know the ones:

I. hymns written in blood and stardust

about Patroclus, Icarus, Lolita, the lot:

pretty dead boys with fragile collarbones

and woman-kings wearing weaponized lipstick.

II. we share ichor-sweet kisses in my parent’s church 

      and you whisper:

III. maybe the stories we always about us, after all. 

(I write this parody lovingly, some of my favorite poems follow this form, and I’ve written a number of them. Like, a lot)

Find poems you like and write responses to them! Or pick a theme that you like thinking about and just freewrite about it forever, then pick out phrases you want to string together into something new. There are no rules! Only that you write! And of course, that you remember imitation is healthy and good so long as you aren’t publishing content plagiarized in word or form, and that you don’t turn in a well-structured short story to your undergradaute workshop class only to have your professor point out in front of everyone that “this is masterful work…but it’s also Donna Tartt’s Secret History”.  Because I did that. Lit professors have read everything you have, kiddos, and no amount of clever deviation from the original can disguise a loving homage.

That’s what I’ve got for you to start with. Since youo like my work (and thank you for saying so) check out my linked “poetry that knocks me on my ass” tag; there’s a lot of poems that inspired me there. Happy writing! And please, do write. Even if you think it isn’t good. The world always needs new poems, and I believe in you. 

lovinglots  asked:

This might be out of character for him but could i have a Kakazu fluffy scenario please?😍😍❤❤

Wow, I think this is my first ever Kakuzu request (though I could be wrong lol) Thank you so much for the request, I hope that you will enjoy reading it! :) (BTW I tried to keep him as in character as possible, but giving his way of thinking a bit of a twist ;))



My ask box is always open for any other requests you guys want, so keep em coming!

Kakuzu Fluffy Scenario

Originally posted by osakaxkobe

“Hey Kakuzu,” you mumbled still feeling groggy from getting back so late. While you weren’t an actual member of the Akatsuki you did assist them on missions, and whatever else you could help with.

“Hmm..?” Kakuzu responded taking a sip of his morning coffee. You were both sat at your breakfast bar, enjoying an early morning breakfast and attempting to wake up. While the two of you didn’t have much planned for the day, you were both early risers, and welcomed the morning sun with a cup of joe. A though popped into your head as you took a bite of some toast. While it was most likely your sleep deprived mind going a bit stir crazy, you felt that you had suddenly come upon a realization.

“You love money,” you began with a  definite air in your tone. “And you say you love me, but I’m not money, nor am I profitable. And love isn’t profitable, but then how would you love money? That would make a paradox of some type wouldn’t it. Maybe there’s some type of line, but where would you put the line..” you continued on. It was very evident that your point was becoming lost, and your sleep deprived mind was getting close to overload as you rambled on about your epiphany. In your head you wondered why you had never thought of any of these things before. In he moment everything was clicking together like a puzzle in your mind. However, the words you were speaking out loud were making absolutely no sense.

“You’re rambling,” Kakuzu interrupted. “You know I don’t like rambling.”

“Yes, I know.” You sighed. “But, I do want an answer.” Now that you had the idea fermenting in your head you began worrying. If Kakuzu only loved money and profit, did he really love you?

“An answer to what?” he asked waiting patiently for you to give him some type of a cohesive question. You took a moment to collect your self. You thought about how you would word it so that he would understand exactly what you meant.

Taking a deep breath you finally asked, “If you only love things that bring you profit, why then do you love me?” After hearing you question Kakuzu chuckled.

“That’s what you want to know? Why I love you?” he continued laughing.

“It’s a perfectly valid question,” you answered him, now slightly embarrassed from his laughing.

“Alright fine, if you really must know,” he started, and you could see a slight blush forming on his cheeks. “I love things that benefit me. Now most people assume that that means purely profit, like money. And, while yes I do most definitely love money, that’s not all there is. I love you, because you benefit me. You make me a better person. You complete me, and all that cheesy stuff. Look now I’m starting to sound like Deidera!” He took a quick pause. “You are a light in a world that is full of mostly darkness for me. You bring out qualities in me that I didn’t know existed. You benefit me in every way, and that is why I love you Y/N.” He finished. You looked at the man in front of you with astonishment, and pure devotion in your eyes. He was yours, and he loved you. A man who most people believed loved nothing but cold hard cash, loved you. How lucky could you be? Kakuzu walked from where he was sitting to you, and pulled you into his arms.  "Alright, now it’s your turn to tell me why you love me,“ he said sounding slightly embarrassed.

“Oh we would be here all day,” You chuckled.

Personal Space

A continuation of Out of Water as requested by fraueninflammen. I hope you enjoy this one, dear!!

Warnings: Anxiety talk, maybe.

Word count: 1,911

Berating yourself did nothing for the pure anxiety racing through your veins as you try to find a place that didn’t provide a view of the stupid, ridiculous, outright terrifying surface of the lake. Ultimately, you found yourself back at Bard’s place, hiding in his bedroom after you had nearly begged for some privacy to have your fit in peace. You had tucked yourself into the corner of the room nearly an hour ago, determined to never ever EVER find a reason to reemerge into the world, even if it meant getting off of this stupid lake.

A knock on the door tears you from your rampant thoughts, making you flinch.

“Y-yes?” you stammer.

“Miss Y/N?” says the small girl. Tilda, her name is. The door creaks open and she pokes her head in, face full of youthful innocence as she searches for you. “There you are. There’s someone here to see you.”

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I’m blaming this ridiculous ficlet entirely on raiining and the butterfly incident. Which…wasn’t really an incident, but, it sounds way more dramatic that way so I’m just going with it.

Phil looked up from his papers and directly into the eye spot on Clint’s wings. He tried to tell himself it didn’t bother him that the archer still wouldn’t relax his wings around Phil. That it was good enough that he actually could sleep around him, even if some part of him was still on edge enough that he felt the need to keep his wings closed. After-all, it had taken nearly a year of working together before Clint had even attempted napping on the couch (and now Phil couldn’t really imagine the couch without him on it).

He felt his own wings flutter restlessly as he caught sight of a hint of the still ragged edges of Clint’s right hind-wing. He wished Clint was better with trusting medical, but it was always a tough sell letting anyone near his wings – even if they were supposed to be helping him.  The wing would heal; it would just take a little longer.

Turning back to his papers, Phil tried not to think about how desperate Clint had looked two weeks ago, how he’d plead for Phil to trust him and bring the Black Widow in rather than kill her. They were still interrogating her, and while Fury thought things were looking promising Phil wasn’t entirely convinced she was worth the pain and trouble.

He heard rustling and dismissed it for the time being, probably just Clint readjusting his position. And then movement caught his attention and he glanced up, mouth opening just a little in astonishment as he watched Clint’s wings droop fully open. Vulnerable. A show of complete trust.

He collapsed back in his chair and let out a shaky breath. Perhaps bringing the Black Widow in really had been for the best.

Teenage Drama (Future Camren Fic)

Author’s Note: Hello to you all beautiful strangers! Dev here (the author of Fragments of Us)! So, this is a conversion of my own story that I wrote for another ship in another fandom. I just wanna try it out with Camren. It’s something so light in comparison to my main story; it’s fluffy and funny (I hope, you decide though). This is a future fic where Camila and Lauren are married with kids. Let me know what you think of it, okay? Enjoy!

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Taylor continues to astonish me in everything she does and continues to keep fans and critics on the edge of their seats because no one ever knows what she’s gonna do next. The progression of her musical style was so smooth and beautifully done. She never stops learning, never stops reinventing herself and trying new things, she continues to grow as an artist, a vocalist, an individual and as a business woman and I find that so admirable and I really think those are the qualities that make her so respected in the music industry. These are the qualities that draw people to her because she keeps us excited. These are the qualities that produce legends and I truly believe Taylor and her music will continue to be talked about and respected even years from now when her career slows down a bit. I’m so immensely proud of her for how far she has come!

I used to be really nice before I worked in retail

I’m a supervisor and a cashier at a large chain store, and there are a few bullshit things about customers I would like to address.

1. When I ask you for an email address it’s ONLY because I have a quota to reach. If I don’t make 50% emails on my transactions for the day, my ass gets written up. So when I ask for an email address and you don’t want to give me one, a simple “no, thank you” will suffice. I don’t want to hear your excuses; I can’t do anything with them. Just say “no thanks” so we can get on with the transaction. And don’t tell me “no” and then laugh about it. Getting written up isn’t funny to the rest of us.

2. Same goes for donations. I understand that a growing number of corporate and franchise names are asking customers for donations and that it can put a hole in your wallet pretty fast. Which is exactly why I don’t need to hear “oh, I already gave this month” or “I donated at your other location”. You’re an effing saint. Cashiers aren’t idiots. If you politely say “no, thank you” or better still “not today”, we won’t think you’re a heartless shrew.

3. If you make any one of the following jokes I will automatically hate you:

“No bar code/price tag? Guess it’s free then!”

“Oh yeah, I just made that 20/50/100 this morning!”


4. If you are a grownass adult, then act like one. Because I swear I have seen three-year-olds with better manners than some adult customers and it is disgusting. You are no longer a tiny, hungry, screaming ball of Id. You are a complex individual with the power for rational thought, and dare I say it, compassion. You have these wonderful qualities. Use them. And you know what? If you’re awful to us and then want to complain to a manager, the manager will not side with you. He or she will tell you what you want to hear, but he or she will also resent your behavior.

5. Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine. If you are civil to me, I will do everything in my power to make your transaction as swift and painless as possible. If you are an asshole to me because you don’t have your shit together, I will do everything I can, within reason, to make your transaction slow and miserable.


Wow. I don’t really have words?? I never thought this was a milestone that I’d reach, considering the little time I’ve had Tony. Roughly just over a week. I’m so astonished that I’ve managed to keep you all this long! Thank you, really. I’m speechless. I know I’ve probably missed out people on this list, and I’m sorry if I have. I love all of you, and the people on this list are my special snowflakes, and there are quite a few of you! If we haven’t RPed, then it’s clear that I sit in awe at your amazing writing quality skills, if we have RP'ed, then I’m keeping you forever.


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ironceo, littlecircleoflight.

So, yeah, thank you for being wonderful and I hope to see more of you soon!

03/05/2016 - Commander Peepers!

Last time I did a fanart of my most favourite villain in Cartoons, and that’s telling a lot since I love cartoons and know quite a lot of great villians! Aku, Dr. Doofershmirtz, Skeletor… But we all know that Lord Hater is indeed the greatest in the galaxy!

However what good villain would ever dare to conquer anything without a trustworthy and properly fanboish second in command? And Lord Hater is lucky here for having the astonishing Commander Peepers (*cue music*), who is pretty much in love with his boss and shows a rare quality amongst such characters… He is competent at his job. He knows how to organise an army, how to conquert and govern planets and his plans are pretty solid stuff!

He is also a bon fide badass! Just look at that sculpted eyeball mean machine :D Enjoy Wonderers!


(Click for better quality!)

Happy Birthday, Sara! ;v;;;;; God, time flies so fast doesn’t it? It was such a great pleasure to see you grow and to see you improve so much within a year. It’s astonishing aaA-  Well, I can honestly ramble for hours, but I’ll cut it short. c; Anyways, hope your birthday goes swell friend! Ily, cutiee. Stay determined!


I got to 600 followers, guys, which is just another 150 mark of followers which means a follow forever. I literally can’t believe that you guys are even around??? I really don’t deserve all of you and I??? I REALLY LOVE ALL OF YOU.

Important People to Me, Don’t Fuck With Them


Fucking. Sara. When I first started this account, let me tell you that I did not expect to have really such a great friend at first but you came along and we clicked and Toni and Bruce clicked and you’re just extremely perfect and I want to squish your cheeks. The way that you portray Toni is one of my favorites and our High School Sweethearts verse gets me so upset a lot of the time and we’re not even halfway through the main part of the role play. Just. I really can’t believe that I have a role play partner like you because you deserve like 1000x better than I could ever be, okay? I luff chu Sara.


Michaela, you are my twin in personality and let me just say that I luff chu. Seriously, you are gr9 and you were my stalker for the longest time before we actually talked and I really just. I want to hug you all of the time. Your OC is literally perfection and you’ve been with me for the longest time and I just. You’re perf. Never leave and always be my friend and let Nagi and Bruce have their platonic loving relationship. Because if you leave I will hunt you down.


BEL. Bel, you are gr9 and I really love Sarkis and let me go into it. Sarkis is such a whiny baby but the way you portray him is perfection. When I first met you, I really didn’t think I’d get as involved with you as I am but seriously, you are one of my favorite people and I love that you’re just so open and honest and dahfjhafdl. I want you to know that you. are. perfect. NEVER LEAVE ME.


This is literally one of my favorite Clints, I will come out and say. Bruce and this Clint have one of the most painful relationships with the right threads and the cutest relationship in others. When we have Cards Against Humanity games, they are literally adorable and precious and just –pinches cheeks– They’re so perf.


NICKY. I luff chu, Nicky. We talk on Skype and we used to RP on my Steve account and now you’re here and just –smooches- I luff chu. And I love our dark thread and I just want to hold onto you forever so we can angst and I can come complain to you and hear you give me fab advice. –huggles-


OH CAPTAIN, THIS CAPTAIN. They are literally very nice and the way they portray Steve is perfect and makes me pleased as punch. LOUD SNICKERING. Apparently they really like the way I write dark Bruce and that makes me happy that they say that because APPARENTLY THEY READ MY THREADS AND THAT IS V NICE BECAUSE I AM SO NOT WORTHY. –squishes face– perf bby


This Sam is probably one of the most perfect Sams that I have ever seen and I will not be quiet about it. Sam is perfectly portrayed and anyone who isn’t following them obviously doesn’t know what they’re doing in life. Bruce absolutely adores them. And when Bruce adores someone, you know it’s real.


The way this Natasha is portrayed is incredibly amazing. I used to role play with them back on my Steve account before I swapped over from Steve to come to Bruce and they were uber nice. If you are looking for a good quality Natasha, you have to go look at this perfect being.


I don’t really talk to this Bucky anymore and that makes me sad because I got into WinterHulk because of them and our emotions would spew all over the place. This Bucky is absolutely amazing and existed before the movie was out which I finish astonishing because I could never keep an RP account that long. BLESS THEM. –squishes face-


‘TIC. Do not even get my started on ‘Tic. Tic is a perfect baby and so is the mun. I literally don’t know what I would do if I hadn’t met this person and their fantastic original character because knowing ‘Tic has sent Bruce into a spiral of MUST PROTECT THIS YOUNG ADULT FOREVER. And it’s crazy adorable.


Mun has to admit that she is very biased when it comes to Deadpools, but Deadpool is literally her god and this Deadpool makes her very happy all of the time. They portray Wade perfectly, aren’t afraid to be Wade and come invade your ask box, and just. They’re perfect. I will fight someone if they disagree tbh.


I met this Tony when I was playing Cards Against Humanity and I have never looked back because seriously, this Tony is so great that I just might die. They’re so adorable and honestly we’re so mean to each other and that is so great. I love them.


This Darcy is love, this Darcy is life. They host a lot of Cards Against Humanity games which is how I became really good friends with them and realized just how amazing their portrayal of Darcy is. If you are looking for a great Darcy, GO FOLLOW THEM. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.


This fem!Tony is amazing and I really mean it. Bruce and Toni always are adorable together and the way they interact is amazing. I’m glad that I get to have them as my role play partner and just kajkjhfjkadhf thank you.

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