the quality is astonishing i know

Taylor continues to astonish me in everything she does and continues to keep fans and critics on the edge of their seats because no one ever knows what she’s gonna do next. The progression of her musical style was so smooth and beautifully done. She never stops learning, never stops reinventing herself and trying new things, she continues to grow as an artist, a vocalist, an individual and as a business woman and I find that so admirable and I really think those are the qualities that make her so respected in the music industry. These are the qualities that draw people to her because she keeps us excited. These are the qualities that produce legends and I truly believe Taylor and her music will continue to be talked about and respected even years from now when her career slows down a bit. I’m so immensely proud of her for how far she has come!

03/05/2016 - Commander Peepers!

Last time I did a fanart of my most favourite villain in Cartoons, and that’s telling a lot since I love cartoons and know quite a lot of great villians! Aku, Dr. Doofershmirtz, Skeletor… But we all know that Lord Hater is indeed the greatest in the galaxy!

However what good villain would ever dare to conquer anything without a trustworthy and properly fanboish second in command? And Lord Hater is lucky here for having the astonishing Commander Peepers (*cue music*), who is pretty much in love with his boss and shows a rare quality amongst such characters… He is competent at his job. He knows how to organise an army, how to conquert and govern planets and his plans are pretty solid stuff!

He is also a bon fide badass! Just look at that sculpted eyeball mean machine :D Enjoy Wonderers!