the quality is absolutely horrid but

For real though. I’ve been on various image boards on 4chan and 8chan. I went on Encyclopedia Dramatica before their odd turn to being ALL ANTI SJW ALL THE TIME DEUS VULT STOP THE MUSLIM HORDES RAPING EUROPE. I’ve been on Newgrounds when it was edgy school shooting flash cartoons and fascinatingly terrible porn games. I’ve beheld the oddity of Chris chan and the odd group that’s sprung around to document him. I’ve been on twitter in some shape or form since 2011. I’ve trolled furries and have a massive familiarity with the dysfunctions of that set of notorious online communities.

And I’ve gotta say.

Tumblr users are the absolute nastiest and most horrid people I’ve had the misfortune to observe anywhere online.

The worst tumblrs have all the qualities of the most extreme trolls, but have a bizarre tendency to frame shit in a moralistic maze that makes absolutely no sense to any outsider of this hellsite.

You call everyone that even mildly disagrees with someone tumblr Likes a racist ableist pedophile.

Anyone to the right of fuckin Mao Zedong is a nazi to you lot.

Anyone that likes anime that’s not on the list of Funnymen Jackass Approved Japanese Entertainment is an aspiring pedophilic rape monster.

Anyone that doesn’t subscribe to the utterly wrong and bizarre ideas tumblr has about gender identity, being trans, having mental illness or disabilities is a fuckin lightning bolt from Mike Pence’s jumper cables. Even if they ARE that identity, or have the actual fucking diagnosed condition!

Anyone that disagrees with you, even if they’re a member of the discriminated and marginalized groups you CLAIM to wanna protect, they become fair game.

You act like fucking Scientologists, brigading, doxing, stalking and harassing friends, family, and employers of people who Think Wrong on this site. Or even someone Dongsmoker69/cumvaper420/making-your-mom-nut TOLD YOU was a bad person with no fucking sources.

Yahoo can’t axe this shithole and leave you little jackasses wriggling in the sunlight like maggots fast enough

Dating a nobody

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 Another night, having to spend ‘quality’ time with your boyfriend Dylan O'Brien through a TV screen. I know that might sound creepy but Dylan’s always so busy.

Being an up and coming actor isn’t the easiest job. It means months without seeing each other face to face. My job inhibits me from actually going over to sets and seeing him. Not to mention the time differences are absolutely horrid. Seeing as I can only talk to him via text we don’t connect like we used too. Plus he never seems to make an effort to try making our relationship work.

Before he became a big star we would go on romantic dates, watch every single baseball game, and have water balloon fights regularly.

Sometimes I don’t feel fit to be with him. I mean look at him, he could get any girl he wants now he doesn’t need me holding him back. But I love him to much to let him go. Sometimes I think we are just hurting each other by continuing on like this. I just can’t see a life where Dylan isn’t in my life. I’m being selfish, and I’m okay with that.

I decide that I’m going to call Dylan just to see how he’s doing filming his new movie. I dial his number, and it just keeps ringing.

“Hi! You’ve reached Dylan. I’m not here at the moment so leave me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Bye!”

His automatic voicemail says to me. Of course I got his voice mail. It’s only 4 o'clock pm on the east coast. Note the sarcasm. After a few more tries I give up. He’s obviously not going to answer his phone.

I call up Holland to see if she wants to go grab some pizza but she doesn’t answer either. WHY CANT PEOPLE ANSWER THEIR PHONES IT’S NOT THAT HARD!! Whatever I’ll go get pizza by myself and stop by T-Pose house.

As I reach Tyler’s, I see a strange car parked out front. Who’s at his house? I open the front door without knocking, and head to the living room. I stop in my tracks when I see who’s here.

“Oh hey Dylan! Have a great trip? I’m sure your girlfriend was so happy to hear you were back.” My words dripping in sarcasm.

Lately all my words are sarcastic. Both of their heads whip around to see me at the door way upset.

“Y/N! What are you doing here?” Dylan asks frightened.

“Well after I called my now boyfriend about a million times, I decided that I would call Holland to hangout and get pizza but after she didn’t answer either. I went to get pizza myself and stop by Tyler’s to see how he is doing and if he wanted some pizza.” My voice spitting with venom.

“What about you Dylan?”

“Uh..umm…” He can’t come up with an excuse. So he chooses the smart option and stays silent.

“Well I have to go Tyler I have some moving to take care of.” I nod my head towards a shocked Tyler and leave. Dylan looks out the window facing the parking spot that my car is in.

I only turn to give him the bird. I get in my car and drive away from my high school sweetheart, first love and last love.

Do You Wanna Be Companions?
Do You Wanna Be Companions?

Apologize in advance for an absolutely horrid singing voice (and not-so-great audio quality either…) but this was the best of my means to execute the idea. I didn’t have anyone to ask with a better voice than I, though, should the opportunity arise maybe I can re-record. In any case – may I present my Eighth-Doctor-era-inspired parody of “Do You Want To Build a Snowman?”

Do you wanna come with me, Grace?
Come on let’s go and save the day!
We’ll stop the Master – really! Um…
Just need beryllium…
To save the Earth from disarray!
Oh, isn’t this a thrill, Grace?
We can do it more, and travel through space and time!
Do you wanna come with me, Grace?
…No, I can’t really come with you, Grace.
Okay, bye.

[muttering] Traveling, traveling will help… conceal don’t – oh no! Not again!

Do you wanna come, then, Charley?
I kinda made you be not dead.
There might be consequences, true…
I’ve started talking to the voices in my head!
(Get OUT Zagreus!)
I’m getting kinda worried
That you might leave too
And it’ll be like you never were.
(Tick-Tock Tick-Tock Tick-Tock…)

[spoken] I’m afraid it’s getting worse… I keep losing people – no don’t, please, I don’t wanna hurt anyone!

What do you mean a war, I won’t, I can’t, I don’t want to – does this have to happen?


…Do you wanna come with me, Cass?
This doesn’t have to be the end.
Sure, I’m a Time Lord, but a nice one too.
I’m right here for you, just let me in!
At least I’m not a Dalek!
‘Cause we’re NOT the same.
Oh please, won’t you come with me?
Why don’t you wanna come with me Cass?