the quality and coloring is so different in both but :(
20 Comics Canceled for SHOCKING Reasons
From corporate subversion to financial failure of popular titles, comics can be cut short by the most unexpected things.

Some interesting bits of history of teen characters:

One of Jack Kirby’s least recognized creations, Kamandi existed in a post-apocalyptic world where a “great disaster” had all but eliminated humanity and evolved other species to the point of sentience, leaving various animal factions vying for supremacy. Kamandi debuted in 1972 under his own title, but his series ended in the aptly-named “DC Implosion,” which saw DC cancel several of their comics in 1978. Unlike most of its fellow canceled lines, Kamandi had been a consistent seller.

The reason for its cancelation was explained in Infinite Crisis. During the storied comic series, it is revealed that Kamandi’s world is one of the alternate versions of the DC Universe and is actually one of several dreamed up by the Atomic Knight Garnder Grayle, because comics. Though this folded Kamandi into the DC Universe proper, he didn’t regain his own title until 2017.

Anyone remembers why the implosion happened? I think I’ve read once about it but cannot remember.

The late ’90s Teen Titans series was a strange take on the iconic team. Instead of group of sidekicks to more famous heroes striking out on their own, this version of the team consisted of the children of an invading alien force who bred with humans. They were led by a de-aged Atom and Arsenal. Though it introduced comic readers to the likes of Risk and Argent, the title was canceled after only two years.

A major factor in its cancellation concerned a poll that writer Dan Jurgens had released which asked readers who they’d like to see join the team. Tim Drake’s Robin won the vote by an overwhelming margin, but Jurgens was stonewalled by Batman editors and had to use Captain Marvel Jr. as a last-minute replacement. Fans felt betrayed and when sales refused to rise, DC pulled the trigger on this series.

Thanks, Bat-editorial -.-

After inexplicably returning from their deaths at the hands of the Beyonders, Starbrand and Nightmask go on fantastic space adventures until the latter realizes they are both slowly losing their connection to humanity. In response, both of them return to Earth to attend college while maintaining their superhero identities. Though the characters were created by Jonathan Hickman for The Avengers, they were given their own series during the 2015 Marvel relaunch written by Greg Weisman.

And therein lies the problem. Greg Weisman, for the uninitiated, is the creative mind behind beloved but short-lived projects like Young Justice and Spectacular Spider-Man. He seems to suffer from an industry curse where none of his work lasts more than two years. Unfortunately, Starbrand and Nightmask got caught up in the curse and was canceled in 2016 after just six issues.

It cannot be stressed enough just how unfortunate the curse of Weisman is. The Young Justice television show was stellar and critically acclaimed and the Young Justice tie-in comics took what should have been a generic exercise in corporate management and turned it into a universe-growing outlet of expansive creativity. When the show was canceled, the comics didn’t last past another issue, meaning both were shot down due to the same reason.

So why were these great projects ended? Money, of course. The show was a risk for Cartoon Network and was primarily funded through a toy deal with Mattel. But the show was so good that it attracted an older, more diverse audience and toy sales failed, costing the cartoon and the comics their budgets.

Hey, you know what else cannot be stressed enough? That Greg Weisman asked people to not go talking around that he is cursed because it will actively make it harder for him to get new projects greenlighted! What the hell, CBR?!

As part of DC’s New 52, Static Shock was among the mass title relaunch. One of the major draws of the production was writer John Rozum, a key writer of Milestone Comics who responded enthusiastically when DC asked him to write for the series. However, editor Harvey Richards and co-writer Scott McDaniel actively shut Rozum out of the creative process and the series visibly suffered as a result. Poor critical and audience reception was largely blamed on Rozum and he resigned from the company in fury after four issues.

With him gone, Static Shock lasted only four more issues before being canceled, essentially killed because of a writer’s squabble. Apparently the basis of the creative differences lay in Rozum’s desire to make Static, the hero of the series, look like a powerful hero deserving of his own series. Go figure.

I haven’t read Static’s New 52 series, so I need to ask what exactly they wanted him to be if not a hero. But considering it was New 52, total chaos on every front and creators leaving all the time due to editorial fuckery, I dread the answer.

Caught up in the recent explosion of Marvel cancelations, Black Panther and the Crew is one of the more shocking picks for the chopping block. Focusing on heroes of color trying to keep the peace in a restless Harlem following the death of a civil rights activist, the title was arguably more important than most comic fare because it concerned itself with the realistic depiction of issues which typically would take a backseat to colorful and symbolic villains.

The comic was canceled in six issues due to bad sales, which is indicative of numerous problems, none of which have to do with the title’s quality. Marvel didn’t give this series a chance to tell its full story and connect with audiences. And even if they did, canceling one of the most socially important comics to come out in quite some time over a low profit margin was terrible PR for the company.

And this one both so nobody says the article only shits on DC’s fuckery and to maybe show that Marvel is expressing behavior not too-different from that of DC back when they canceled those books.

- Admin

I thought this view looks similar to another I saw some time ago, so after some searching I found this:

The first one is from Lili’s tumblr, the second one is from Cole’s short video on instagram. Maybe at first it doesn’t look alike but notice this stump (or whatever it is) in both pictures, it is the same piece of wood! Also the angle, coloring and quality are a bit different but I’m assuming they were together then? 

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you said you were getting zevran to breed to tem? what are you looking for in the babies?

Yes! I still have a long while till Temmie is ready to breed. What I am looking to make are deep deep brick reds when fired up, and lighter reds when fired down instead of the brighter reds and oranges. Temmie fires up dark brown like this:

And Zevran fires up a bright red/orange:

So, theoretically, with gecko genetics, some will come out looking like dad, some like mom, and some like a mix of the two. The mix of the two should be a deep maroon/brick red color when fired up! Which is exactly what I am going for :) They also both have nice body types, Zev has the ravioli head and Temmie is close. You can increase head size with a longer, cooler incubation time (which is actually healthier than short warm incubation periods which is nice). Gecko breeding, fortunately, is much more up to opinion than ball python breeding is. So while bps have set ‘high quality’, individual gecko breeders and owners look for very different things so there is always a niche to fill with colors :3

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Hello, I've seen people talking about victorian!molly as molly in drag but I find it inaccurate. Do you have any thoughts?

Let me begin this by saying that while I have had friends that do drag, I myself don’t take part in it, so anything that I say should be taken with a grain of salt. I am an observer of it and so should not be considered a spokesperson for it. Furthermore, while I present as a butch woman for the most part, I do not consider myself trans in anyway. I like to play with gender expectations, but ultimately I do (sometimes begrudgingly) identify with the gender I was assigned at birth. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s discuss Molly and what’s going on with her gender presentation in the special.

Molly in the “real” world of Sherlock presents herself as being, for the most part, very feminine. If we look at her in series one, for example, she is actually the stereotypical and traditional concept of femininity. Her clothes are cute, if a bit awkward and young looking, her voice is soft, and her actions timid. She likes cats and Glee and pretty detectives who are assholes. We might even make the argument that Molly in series one is overcompensating for the fact that her job is anything but traditionally feminine. 

In series two, we get to see another side of Molly. In ASiB, she appears at the holiday party all dressed up, presenting herself as more than timid wallflower. Based on the reactions of everyone there (and Sherlock’s cruel deduction), we know that this is Molly trying to appear more as an adult woman, a sexual being, a person who desires and wishes to be desired in turn. While Molly remains, for the most part, in her usual attire in s2, we begin to see more layers to her character. She’s far more observant than Sherlock first gives her credit for, far smarter than many of the characters realize. And while her dress at the holiday part may just be costume for her (much in the way Sherlock costumes himself in his dramatic coat), we do know that Molly has an iron will, a backbone that she is slowly learning to show. This is reaffirmed by TRF.

In series 3, I believe we are beginning to see Molly as she truly is. Think of her outfits in TEH and TSoT in particular. She is starting to allow herself to be both the soft feminine woman and the woman who stands up for herself. I think her during the best man’s speech scene is perhaps the best example of these two sides blending. Her dress with hair bow to match gives her an innocent quality, harkening back to her series one days. She blends into the background; her dress matches the color of the walls, making her a literal wallflower. But her actions tell an entirely different story. This is a Molly who is not so easily dismissed or overlooked. Her aggression at her fiance is anything but traditionally feminine. In HLV this is driven home further by her smacking Sherlock. While many people have said that they were not fond of this particular scene, I do believe it serves a purpose of showing Molly in her workplace taking charge. It’s a sharp contrast to the young woman who fetched Sherlock’s coffee for him in ASiP. 

Which brings us to the special and your question. Is Molly in drag? Drag assumes a level of exaggeration, entertainment, and spectacle. For Molly in the special, it’s more a case of cross-dressing or more specifically gender disguise, rather than drag. While she is “performing” gender, it’s not about the performance; it’s about survival. She does it because she has to, not because she wants to. 

But there is something else going on here as well. If we look beyond the historical context of why Molly would pass herself off as a man, I think we are seeing Molly’s story being told again. Molly, both in the real world and in Sherlock’s mind palace, is aware of being the odd man out, the woman in a male dominated world. While Molly in the real world compensates at first for this by presenting herself as unassuming, Mind Place!Molly is aggressive in her right to be there (perhaps a nod to her aggression in s3), though ultimately she still has to hide who she is. It isn’t until she stands in front of Sherlock in the reveal scene do we see who she really is: unafraid, head held high, a leader, and a woman. She challenges Sherlock to judge her for her actions, daring him to deduce her into her component parts– a far cry from the awkward, embarrassed woman we were first introduced to in the series. Both series three and the special allow us to see Molly as a complex character, something we didn’t really get to see in series one. 

In this way, she very much mirrors Sherlock’s own journey and acts as a guide of what is to come. She allows herself to be who she is, to fight for what matters to her. She lifts the veil, the hood, the costume, and acts as her own true self. Her journey is one of self-actualization, much like Sherlock’s must be. She never needed Sherlock’s approval to be who she really is. And in turn, we see Sherlock come to the same realization: he doesn’t need to be Holmes, doesn’t need the costume, to be who he really is. They both throw away their “hats” and step out into the unknown.  

So while the term ‘drag Molly’ is a shortcut for talking about how she is presented in the special, I do not think it is an entirely accurate representation. Molly’s journey is one of transition, of finding that she can be many things and still be a woman, still be taken seriously, and I believe that is what her characterization in the special is really about.

Not all advisors in college are helpful, I know this from personal experience. But I did learn one valuable thing from my advisor: Making a Plan of Study (P.O.S.) is crucial to your academic success, even if you haven’t been very successful in this area in the past.

This post is going to provide the basics of creating your OWN P.O.S. WITHOUT your advisor. [Disclaimer: I still recommend meeting with your advisor regularly in college, even if they are relatively worthless like mine. You can always look into switching advisors to find someone more helpful as well.]

First: Find Your (Unofficial) Transcripts

While I won’t can’t show you my unofficial transcripts freshly printed out with all of my academic information on them, what I can show you is what I did with them. It’s always a great idea to check your transcripts regularly. Everyone university/college is different, but I find mine by going to my profile and clicking on “Unofficial Transcripts.” It’s great to check them, it’s even better to print them out every semester or ever year just to keep them up-to-date. This is NOT required, just a helpful tip.

As you can see in the picture below, I created a Google Sheet and put in everything on my transcripts (well, not everything: the classes I’ve received credit for & taken and the grade I received beside it). The color-coding has to do with the college I took the classes at; the red tables are classes I’ve taken at my local community college, and the yellow tables are classes I’ve taken at my university so far (I based these colors off of the school’s colors). The stars next to certain classes indicate ones I have retaken (for example, I retook Humanities I this summer through my community college as a Western Civ class, so they both have 2 stars to indicate they go together).

(I’m sorry if these photos are poor quality, they were taken with my iPhone 7, but you’ll still get the gist!)

Second: Look Up Your Requirements

If you don’t already know these or have them handy, you’ll need to look up your gen ed requirements at your college. If you don’t already know what gen eds are (or use a different term where you’re from and don’t know what I’m talking about), these are all of the basic classes you have to take. For example, at my university we have to take a certain amount of physical & life science classes, art classes, humanities, a personal health lecture along with a physical lab (more or less physical education), etc. These are the classes you are required to take that are not required for your major, but required to graduate

You’ll need to know these because these are the classes you use to fill up your schedule when you can’t get into any more classes for your major, or if you are still deciding and don’t have any classes to take for a major yet. It’s crucial to keep track of these classes so you know what requirements you have fulfilled and what still needs to be done; the same concept as keeping track of your major.

So find these and print them off. You may be able to find these on your school profile, so check there first. At my university, you can find them all on your school profile and it will list for you what requirements you have fulfilled and what classes you used to fulfill them, and it will show you what requirements you still need to fulfill and you can look at the options for classes you can take to do so.

After finding your gen ed requirements, look up requirements for any majors and minors you have (if any). If you are thinking about transferring to a different school (this doesn’t have to be set in stone, if you’re just weighing your options it’s still important and I’ll show why in this next picture).

Do the same as you did with your unofficial transcripts, except without grades since you don’t have any yet. Look over the requirements and make notes of how many credits you need of anything. This isn’t going to be 100% accurate, because there are always ways for classes to count for multiple requirements. For example, I have a major and two minors right now. Most of my minor classes can count for my major as well. BUT, since I don’t have my advisor’s help at the moment, I can’t be as specific as I’d like to be when putting classes into my Google Sheet.

Once again, I separated each school by color (I’m thinking about transferring in a year). My school’s colors are purple and gold, and the school I would like to attend is black and gold, so I used those colors in my sheet. Again, not required, just makes it nicer to look at in my opinion.

I included the classes I am going to be taking in the next coming semester and I tried my best to organize a plan for myself for future semesters. 

I also looked up the classes and any additional programs I want to take at the other school and I made tables for them as well. Again, this isn’t going to be totally accurate, but it will give you a general idea of where you’re at and if you are still on track to graduate.

By making myself a P.O.S., I was able to see that I need to take some overloads in order to graduate on time at the school I am currently at. It also showed me that if I transfer, I will be graduating a year later than what is considered the “norm” in my country (4 years is the norm, I will be taking 5 years). 

Third: Email Your Advisor

Did you really not see this coming?

HA! I know the point of this post was to be able to do this on your own, but let’s be realistic: this is college. If you want to get shit done, you need to talk to your advisor. If your advisor is relatively worthless (and by worthless I mean: missing appointments, not responding to emails, not giving real answers when you ask them important questions, or not knowing what your meeting is even about when you show up), then seriously switch advisors. I haven’t had to do this yet, but if I plan on staying at my current university then I’m going to be switching. My advisor sucks, honestly. BUT since I’m thinking about transferring anyway, I’m not worried about that yet.

I’ve told you the absolute basics on how you can create your own P.O.S., and by no means is any of this information wrong, I promise. Get your transcripts, get your requirements, make your own Google Sheets and put everything in. But you should still talk to your advisor, because they can help you out with the specifics.

Your advisor is the one who can tell if certain classes can count for multiple requirements (my minor classes fulfilling major requirements). And if you need to retake any classes, they can help you figure out solutions. They are there to help you. Some may not be helpful, but I promise there are others who are.

So make your P.O.S. Make it look great. Have your previous classes and future classes handy as you email your advisor asking if you can schedule a meeting to create a plan of study. When it comes time to meet with them, bring your binder filled with everything you just printed: your transcripts, your gen ed requirements, your major & minor requirements, any information on possible other options, and your Google Sheets you spent so much time making. Hole punch everything and put it in a binder so it’s all together and bring that with you. Plop that thing down on your advisor’s desk and get down to business.

College can be hard, or it can be easy. A huge part of your journey depends on organization and how on top of everything you are. Creating a P.O.S. is a HUGE step to success, especially if you haven’t been as successful as you would’ve liked thus far (like myself– I promise you’re not alone!).

xx Hayden

This is a long post where I will list helpful and useful links for your cosplay creations.

The first part contains links to international stores and in the end is a section for my swedish followers with links to shops useful in Sweden. Most of these links are from mine and Tiddeli Cosplay’s panel at ComicCon, and we also promised to publish this list which at least I completely forgot, so here it finally comes with some new additions.
In this text is a short summary of each link and in the picture below you’ll find them all listed.

International Websites
General Supplies

Ebay – Your first stop for everything cosplay related. Contains both high and low quality stuff, so be cautious and critical. You can find pretty much everything here.

Amazon – Same as Ebay, but shipping can be slightly faster here and you might find cheaper items. – European vendor of thermoplastics like Worbla and Wonderflex but also otehr useful materials such as Fosshape and Kobracast. Also sells contacts, prosthetics, smaller materials and the occasional wig.

CosplaySupplies – American vendor of thermoplastics like Worbla and Wonderflex. Can be slightly cheaper than MyCostumes depending on what you’re buying, and sometimes has a larger amount of supplies, however European buyers usually must pay a customs fee when ordering from here.

MoeMall – Website where you can buy finished cosplays. Have never bought from there myself so cannot vouch for prices and quality, but have a lot of friends buying from here.

9mmSFX – My favorite store for contacts. Vendor of hand painted contacts, huge collection of sclera and half-scelra contacts. Both with and without prescription. Sometimes they close their shop for private buyers, but it varies from time to time so it’s worth to keep an eye on. Also distributor of contacts to several different movies and series.

Samhain Contacts – Same as 9mmSFX, vendor of hand painted contacts. Haven’t bought from there myself but have friends who have and are satisfied. Slightly cheaper than 9mmSFX.

HoneyColor and PinkyParadise – Vendors of colored lenses and circle lenses, but also have a small supply of Halloween contacts (mostly without prescription though) and scleras. Both stores have similar contents which varies a lot. PinkyParadise might have slightly more Halloween contacts than HoneyColor.

Arda Wigs – Vendor of high quality wigs. Wigs come in variety of colors and styles, also have large supply of lace fronts, twin tails and flipped weft wigs. A little pricey but totally worth the price, one of the best wig vendors for cosplayers.

Ebay (For example CosplayDNA) – Ebay has a large variety of wig vendors, my personal favorite being CosplayDNA. They have both cheaper low-quality wigs, medium kanekalon wigs and higher quality heat resistant wigs. For the cosplayer who can’t really afford Arda wigs but still want quality wigs. There are many more good Ebay stores, this is just one example.

Lucaille – I have no personal experience from this store – and I’m not even completely sure of the link since I believe it’s a Taobao store originally that recently opened up an english store, but I have a lot of friends buying wigs from here and really praising it.


Swedish Websites

Panduro – Säljer de flesta typer av material som dekorgummi, färg, tyg, lim, papper, garn, pennor, färg, penslar etc. Lite dyrare än nödvändigt men har onlineaffärer och levererar snabbt.

Cchobby – Liknande Panduro men billigare. Stor återförsäljare av mossgummi (ungefär samma som dekorgummi men mjukare). Levererar snabbt.

Kinn – Återförsäljare av mer konkreta byggmaterial som gips, alginat, resin, lera och vax. Också en av Sveriges första återförsäljare av Worbla. Den bästa hemsidan för dig som vill skulptera och gjuta.

Mapont – Stort sminkutbud. Säljer alla former av teatersmink, puder, latexsmink, airbrushsmink, vattenbaserat/creme/alkoholaktiverat etc. Säljer också maskspecialistprylar som latex, gjutmaterial, färdiga proteser, hudlim, lera etc. Har massvis med guider och tutorials till hur man använder deras material.

Eksons – Återförsäljare av maskeradartiklar. Stort utbud av hattar, käppar, pälsar, glasögon, peruker (relativt låg kvalitet) och även mer avancerade maskeradprylar som smink, effektsmink, lösa proteser som öron, näsor och sår. Supersnabb leverans. – Enorm utbud av tyg. Skickar hem tygprover för en billig peng så att man kan studera och jämföra tyger innan man beställer. Tyger finns i alla prisklasser.

Slöjd-Detaljer – Säljer sömnadstillbehör, knappar, band och även hantverksdetaljer och tillbehör. Stort varierat utbud.

Cosmos – NärCons cosplaybutik. Säljer färgade linser, cirkellinser, termoplaster och är även återförsäljare av Arda Wigs peruker. Bra alternativ om man är osäker över att beställa från utlandet.

Khaos Hair – Svensk försäljare av peruker och många perukstylingsprodukter som kammar, detangler, perukschampo etc. Brukar ofta finnas på konvent och sälja varor men har också en Etsy.

The term jade for the ornamental stone most identified with China is a total misnomer. In the sixteenth century, Spanish conquistadors learned of a stone worn by Mesoamericans as an amulet to cure colic and similar maladies. The Spanish called it piedra de la yjada (in Latin, lapis nephrictus), meaning “stone of the loin,” and brought fine examples back to Europe. In translation from Spanish to French, the phrase was misprinted as pierre le jade.

In the mid-seventeenth century, the New World sources had disappeared, and Europeans forgot the material but not the name; they applied it to the stone of numerous carvings arriving from China. In 1780, geologist A.G. Werner described the traditional Chinese carving material and labeled it nephrite, after the Latin term. In 1863, French chemist Augustin Damour chemically analyzed a Chinese carving of a somewhat harder stone and found it was different from nephrite. He labeled this material jadeite, derived from the “original” term jade. It was also learned that the nephrite stones were sourced in China proper, whereas the jadeite was sourced from northern Burma (Myanmar). In 1881, Damour discovered that Burmese jadeite and the original Mesoamerican material were mineralogically identical. Nevertheless, the common term jade persists for both jadeite and nephrite. To make matters even more complicated, other stones that appear similar or have been used in similar manner in ancient cultures are also simply called “jade.” Such is the confusion with the most important ornamental gemstone.

The special quality that nephrite and jadeite jade share is exceptional durability; nephrite is one of the toughest substances. Both rarely yield to a hammer blow—a convenient field identification technique (obviously not suggested for art or artifacts.) This property means that jade can be carved into remarkably fine and intricate forms with minimal risk of breaking.The differences in quality and prices of jade are great. Color and translucency are the major considerations in evaluating both nephrite and jadeite. Most of the jadeite mined is used as so-called utility grade for making bathroom tile. The rarest and most valued color for jadeite is pure, even, and intense emerald green. When this color is combined with maximum translucency and smooth, uniform texture, the stone—known as Imperial jade or fei tsui—commands an extremely high price.

This post is an excerpt is from the 25th-anniversary edition of Gems & Crystals From One of the World’s Great Collections by George E. Harlow, curator in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, and gemology expert Anna S. Sofianides, featuring photography by Erica and Harold Van Pelt, published this month by Sterling Publishing Company.

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I love your art/works and when I saw lil raptor sculptures I wanted to try making one myself but I failed miserably. I thought if you had some free time and no idea what to create next you could do a little tutorial maybe? (No pressure, just an idea)

I’ll do a tutorial on the really tiny clay raptors since the larger ones take up a lot of time and supplies to make. Sorry about the bad quality pics, my camera has a hard time focusing on small things. :P

So I used 3 different colors of clay for this one; one for the body, one for stripes, and one for the eyes. You can use whatever colors you like when you make them :)

So I start out with a small ball of clay for the body.

Then I gently roll out both sides of it until I can make a head and tail out of it. Keep a bit more clay towards the middle so that you can make the arms/legs for it.

Next I start pinching out the 2 arms and legs to how I’d like them to be. I continue on forming and smoothing them out until I can get it to stand on its two hind legs.

Next, I take a tiny pinch of the second color for the stripes and then roll it out really thin.

Next, I cut up the thin pieces of clay to apply to the back of the raptor. I usually use my fingers for this, but you can also use a toothpick to make it more precise.

Finally, I roll out some black clay to make the eyes for the raptor and stick it firmly on top of the head.

There you have it, a tiny raptor! Now into the oven she goes for 30 mins of baking time }:)

Feel free to experiment with this however you’d like! This is just my personal preference when I make them, but explore your own imagination when making these as well :)

What are vocal types?

A lot of people ask me in my inbox ” What is a vocal type” or most of the times “What’s my vocal type?” So, today I am going to tell you how to figure out your vocal type without having to read an article that has 25 paragraphs and has words you don’t understand. Let’s get started!

Keep reading

[Trans] B.A.P "Not to think about Bang Yongguk's vacancy, determined to fill it together." Interview

How does it feel to have finished your first performance at a domestic music program after a long time.

Daehyun: It was nerve wrecking because it’s a stage we haven’t been on for a long time. I think I have been nervous a lot, my hands kept trembling. (We) could have done it well since (we) prepared for it very well but (I) was nervous very much because of the feeling that we wanted to be shown off well.

Himchan: I was also very nervous.

It’s an album with lots of efforts not only in the title song but other songs included as well. How do you want (fans) to listen.

Daehyun: I think through this album, a lot of our individual skills have been improved. I wish (you guys) would listen to it well because it’s been improved both on skills and qualities of the songs. This concept itself is what we feel are the most confident.

Himchan: It feels like the beat is more refined than before. As well as sound itself too. That’s why it doesn’t feel old so it’s good. Recently with “Young,Wild&Free”, we have been showing off different colors of music but all of the members thought, “shouldn’t we show a color like that once again?” while preparing this album, we thought about a lot of things. Rather than this album not getting the spotlight, I think it’s an album which holds a meaning, that we want (people) to listen to the old B.A.P’s colors once again.

It’s a full album that’s been unveiled since last 2014 February’s first full album which has been 2 years and 9 months. If there are parts (you guys) specifically put attention.

Daehyun: The members and me also, (we) focused on the song’s qualities. We sang many times, a lot of times and worked for a long time.

Youngjae: The first full album has a feel of what the company has made, and the 2nd full album is an album we focused on more.

Himchan: The first full album that includes songs such as “1004” is an album that came out from very difficult situations. It was the time when it overlapped with our world tour. Although (we) were a bit busy this time as well, we worked with more terms. As soon as “Feel So Good” promotions were over, there were talks about the 2nd full album. I think since we started preparing it since then, a very strong album came out. The fans showed (us) a reaction more higher than what we were expecting. (We) were wishing you guys would feel the images of the old us once again but showing us more bigger reactions than that is what makes us try more harder. I thought we shouldn’t lose our original/beginner’s intention.

With continuation of maknae Zelo participating in a lyric making of last February 5th mini album’s “Carnival” with song “Albatross”,  you also participated in lyric making for this album’s songs such as “주소서”, “I Guess I Need U”, etc, were there any changes while working.

Zelo: This time as well, Bang Yongguk hyung managed this album’s producing, (I) once again participated in lyrics. I was proud at the fact that I was able to make product pieces(lyrics). It was a huge help on lyrics studying too.

Jongup’s self composed song “Now” is also included. How was the producing process?

Jongup: During the hiatus, I had time to think. I met with a friend that does music and it’s a song that we said let’s try making it so we made it. (I) had an opportunity to do a solo at the tour concert so I showed the performances of “Now”, and since the fans liked it very much, we added it on this album. If there is a point while listening, I think it’ll be good if you look at the lyrics together.

Leader Bang Yongguk was not able to participate in this promotion due to diagnosis of panic disorder. There are changes on stages such as vocal Himchan doing leader’s rap part instead, etc…are there any differences on (your) attitudes while engaging this promotion.

Daehyun: To be honest, we don’t feel it very much. Not that (Bang Yongguk) hyung’s presence is not there, although there are always hyung’s vacancy, there are parts where (we) decided not to think about those. I think (if we) keep thinking about it constantly, it’ll keep flowing to the bad side. There was a place/time where the members gathered and had a talk before the comeback, and we thought we could and we can if we altogether filled hyung’s vacancy.

Himchan: While we were on break, after our hiatus ended, (we) are doing well with the stuff we each have to do. Saying things like it’s a bit of pressure during the showcase caused about 15 of articles titled to be “Bang Yongguk’s vacancy is big”, “Very pressured”. Fans worried a lot after seeing those articles so I assumed I made a big mistake. There’s no way it can not be a pressure. Since I am wearing someone else’s clothes. Because I am wearing that friend’s clothes, I think if the person who’s originally in charge does it, (he’ll) do them better. Not that it’s not impossible, I think I am wearing it well. I have the same height and feet size with (Bang) Yongguk. Our weight is a bit different. I think that’s the only thing that’s different. (laughs)

Daehyun: I think years have passed (with experience) that now (we) are able to fulfill an empty space.

In 2 months it’ll be a 5 year anniversary. Until now (you guys) have done many different concepts and built only B.A.P’s colors.

Jongup: There were lots of happenings and I think there were lots of progressions to the stuff we didn’t know back then and with the stuff that we lacked on.

A word to the fans that are trying and supporting their best with downloading and streaming new songs.

Himchan: I know very well that you guys are cheering for us. Thank you.

Daehyun: I think the fans are going through lots of difficulties because of us. I really want to say that (I) always carry sorrowful feelings (towards the fans) and that I am truly thankful. (I) somewhat formed an ardent feeling with the fans. Since there were lots of talks and also lots of hardships, I think there are lots of fans that wants to make us do good. Looking at images like that, I think we can only do/try more harder. (I) am always thankful.

© Newsen ; trans cr bydaehyuns ; take out with full credit


Escaping Marshmallow: Unused Clip vs. Final Film

Now that Frozen has become such a huge phenomenon, there are a lot of scenes and songs that many people have memorized and grown to love. So I wondered if any of you remember this deleted/alternate scene that was shown months before the film was released. It was the scene where the group escapes from Marshmallow, and if you watch it next to the same scene in the final version of the film, you’ll notice some key differences between them. Of course, the most obvious is that the unused scene ends with the group encountering a snowstorm, which turns out to be because of Elsa. This seems to indicate that the scene may have been made when Elsa was supposed to be the villain, but it remains unconfirmed.

This forgotten scene now seems very rare and hard to come across anywhere, because it’s not among the deleted scenes on the Blu-ray/DVD of the film. Although I have seen it occasionally on YouTube, it isn’t on there too long because sooner or later, Disney has it removed due to copyright infringement issues.

However, because this scene differs from the final version, I wanted to do an analysis on it if I could, and I couldn’t have done it at all, including acquiring gifs showing the major differences, if it weren’t for my good friend arrendelle, who made a three-part gif set to show the two different scenes.  ;) Here are the links to all three parts:

Because they both show the escape from Marshmallow, the final scene is played out similarly to the unused scene, including the actions performed by the characters and their lines. At a first glimpse, it’s not difficult to notice that another major difference between them is the shading, lighting, and picture focus. The deleted scene looks somewhat darker, duller, and a little out of focus than the film scene, which definitely shows a sharper picture quality with the brighter colors and lighting. Other differences include the way characters look when they speak or perform their actions, as well as the background soundtrack and sound effects.

So for this analysis, I chose to discuss and point out sections of both scenes and highlight the differences between them. And since I can only hold ten gifs, I picked out those that showed the most distinct differences. Particular ones include when Anna points out that the beast is coming their way, then when she refuses to jump over the cliff. This stands out to me because the final scene instead reflects her fearless nature, regarding when she excited to jump off the cliff. Apparently, the production was still in the process of developing the characters when this scene was released.

Deleted Footage

  • The scene begins with showing some snow-covered trees, behind from which Kristoff and Anna emerge. Anna briefly falls down, then Kristoff helps her up. They begin to take off again before they realize they have come to the edge of a cliff.
  • After they comment on the drop, Kristoff ties the rope around Anna’s waist. She gasps upon hearing Marshmallow roaring and briefly places her hands on Kristoff’s arm before he turns around and starts digging the snow anchor.
  • With wide eyes, Anna looks ahead and points in Marshmallow’s direction as she nervously states, “Uhhh…he’s coming!”
  • From off-screen, Anna asks, “What if we fall?” and briefly points to and looks at the ground. Kristoff assures her that due to all the snow on the ground, they will land on it like a pillow, ending his line with “probably.”
  • After Kristoff says they will jump after he counts to three, Anna looks over the edge again before she laughs nervously and says, “No, no, no, no. No way. No. I’m not going.”
  • The trees are shown again, and Olaf emerges from behind them before he trips. When he stands up, he notices how disorganized his body is, so he quickly reassembles himself.
  • As he calls to Anna and Kristoff (saying his name correctly), Marshmallow sneaks up behind him. The appearance of Marshmallow includes what look like large tree trunks for arms, sharp ice spikes running down his back, and his body sections look similar to that of a basic snowman, without any real special or distinct features.
  • When Anna and Kristoff try to get down the rope, after Anna tells him to go faster, he says, “Stop squirming!”, then she adds, “Keep moving!” before Marshmallow begins to pull them back up. As he does, Kristoff cries, “Hey!” while Anna shouts, “No, no!”
  • Once Marshmallow has pulled them back up, he holds on to the rope while he roars out snow right in Anna and Kristoff’s faces. Then Anna takes Kristoff’s knife and cuts the rope, sending them falling while Marshmallow (who appears to look disappointed) watches from the cliff’s edge.
  • Upon landing, Anna’s body is positioned so that it appears diagonal rather than the direct front. She comments that Kristoff was right about how they would land, then she laughs before she notices Olaf.
  • Sitting right at Kristoff’s feet, Olaf taps them and softly exclaims that he can’t feel his legs. He turns around when Kristoff immediately sits up and states that it’s because the legs are his own. It’s noticed that his clothes are barely covered in snow.
  • Looking to his right, Olaf sees his bottom heading in their direction and asks Kristoff to grab it. Kristoff scoops Olaf up just as he grabs the bottom and puts him back together. Olaf hardly gets a chance to say that he feels better before he is almost blown away.
  • Immediately afterwards, a blizzard begins blowing their way. While Kristoff holds Olaf, he comments that they have to survive it, and Anna, who puts her hands up for protection says that the blizzard is actually her own sister. It then transitions to a spot in the mountains, where the source of the storm is shown to be Elsa. She dissolves the snowflake above her head before shooting ice from her hands towards the camera.

Final Footage

  • Kristoff and Anna are running from Marshmallow as he chases them. Right before they come to the edge of the cliff, they are laughing in victory after Anna managed to hit Marshmallow by pulling back a tree.
  • After they comment on the drop, Kristoff ties the rope around Anna’s waist. She cries out in pain for him tying too tight and tries to adjust it before she asks Kristoff what he is doing.
  • After he answers, she says, “Okay. What if we fall?” As she asks about falling, she points her right arm out towards the ground.
  • Anna continues to look down while Kristoff assures her that due to all the snow on the ground, they will land softly, ending his line with “hopefully.”
  • While Kristoff counts to three, Anna continues to look down as she eagerly and excitedly says, “Okay. You tell me when. I’m ready to go. I was BORN ready!” She even rubs her hands and shakes her fists as part of her excitement, and Kristoff tells her to calm down.
  • Olaf emerges from behind the trees in complete disarray, and acknowledges this right after he appears. After he stops and takes a moment to catch his breath, he reassembles his body.
  • As he calls to Anna and Kristoff, he calls Kristoff “Sven” like he had been doing prior. When Marshmallow appears, we see that his arms and hands are made of snow and his legs actually have knees. His fingers are made from rounded icicles, and his elbows and knees are covered in sheets of ice like protective pads.
  • When Anna and Kristoff try to get down the rope, after Anna tells him to go faster, neither of them say anything else before Marshmallow begins to pull them back up (and Anna says, “Wait, what?).
  • As Marshmallow holds Kristoff and Anna by the rope, he yells at them, "DON’T COME BACK!”, causing him to also blow snow in their faces. Anna says, “We won’t” before she takes the knife and cuts the rope. While they fall, Marshmallow scowls and nods with satisfaction, then walks away.
  • Before landing, Anna keeps her eyes closed tightly, then opens one after the other. She lands in a position in which her body appears to be more facing the front. After commenting on the landing, she briefly struggles to stand up before she notices Olaf.
  • Sitting right at Kristoff’s feet, Olaf practically screams that he can’t feel his legs and shakes them as he does. He immediately turns and faces Kristoff (who is covered in snow) when the latter pops up and realizes his mistake after Kristoff says that the legs are his own.

Since many people said that they prefer the old Juvia more, I greatly disagree because check the differences. the new Juvia(left) looks way prettier and badass looking. Compared to the old one, for me the animators at that time are way lazy to make her look good. Regarding the look of Juvia in the manga, cmon we all know she is so beautiful and I am happy her new anime design shows that side. If you compare the manga and the old Juvia? No just no. The coloring? Both colors are fine to me buut the quality of the New One is WAY better esp her shades of blue. This is just from my own point of view guys. Anyway I cant wait for the return of FT this April! I wish Hiro Mashima could at least release a mini trailer?

And lastly, the new Juvia looks so hot and cool with the New Gray♥
People, if you dont like it, see if you can make your own. Stop complaining, think about the people who are behind this esp the animators for I tell you, Animating is not that very easy

anonymous asked:

what is a good quality brand to print shirts on but won't cost too much money?

first of all thank you for asking me this question because i really do love talking about printing. it’s like, one of the funnest things i can talk about and nobody ever wants to talk about it with me so really, thank you

anyway, it depends on who’s printing your shirt and what kind of print it is. traditional screen printing uses plastisol which sticks to any fabric, but digital prints (dtg) only hold well to cotton. at the end of the day screen printing is always going to be cheaper, BUT it’s important to keep in mind that digital prints have no minimum and can be printed on demand. i’m only bringing this up because you could theoretically find a fulfillment company that prints on-demand shirts digitally and avoid the initial investment. it’s complicated, you make way less per shirt, but there’s nothing cheaper and more risk free than zero dollars.

that being said, i’d screen print when possible and only do digital prints when you have to, like when you’re printing photography onto dark colors.

back to shirts. most people print on Gildan because it’s dirt cheap. i myself avoid Gildan because they’re heavy and stale and don’t wash well, they also have a low thread count so they’re pretty useless for digital prints. some people like heavier, looser fitting shirts, so it’s all preference. 

i’ve printed on everything from Gildan to American Apparel. one is too cheap, the other is too expensive. right now i’m working with Next Level 3600 which i love more than anything but, like American Apparel, it’s considered a “premium” shirt so i don’t think i can suggest it if your goal is to save money.

god i fucking hate myself i’m talking so much okokok i’m going to answer your question here i go 

THE CONCLUSION: i think a good middle ground would probably be something like Anvil 980 or Canvas 3001. both are fashion fit, both are really soft, and both are pretty affordable. they both fit and wash different. Anvil 980 is like a premium version of Gildan 64000, where as Canvas 3001 is literally just an American Apparel 2001 clone with side seams.

based on price and quality alone, i lean heavily toward Anvil 980. it also comes in a lot of cool colors.

What Leopold Fitz, Engineer Extraordinaire, Means To Me

“Well, if you didn’t hate me,” Jemma says, looking skeptically over her sunglasses, “what was the first thing you liked about me?”

She expects him to have to think, but it only takes him the space of a swallow before he’s setting his smoothie on the wicker table between their lounge chairs and swinging his legs over the side. “Your equations.”


“Professor Fiddyment’s class—remember how she had us work out problems on the board? Yours were always so creative and intuitive and elegant, and you make your twos with that little curl.” Shrugging, he reaches out to take her hand. “I thought, ‘now, this girl—our minds work the same way, but she’s better than I am. I’d like to be her friend.’”

“Fitz,” she says, incredulous, “we were only with Fiddyment three weeks before they transferred us to Ramos.”

A smug grin spreads across his face. “See? Never hated you. Not for a second, then or later.”

Although his smile is cocky, his steady eyes behind the dark lenses do not waver and she hears what he means as clearly as though he said it. Perhaps someday his trueness will not bring her to the verge of tears, but it is not this day. She blinks back the prickle and tugs him to her for a kiss.

“You’re so easy,” he murmurs before dropping to sit at the end of her chair. No one else has ever told her that; her admittedly few boyfriends found being with her a bit of a task, and even her parents had to work more than she thought was usual. In truth, he makes it easy. At the Playground—anywhere else, really—words would stick in her throat, but something about the air of the Seychelles gives her permission to act without thinking so much, and she opens her mouth to tell him. Then he pokes her knee and the moment vanishes. “So,” he says, his mouth curved in the infitessimal way that means he’s teasing, “it’s only fair. What was the first thing you noticed about me?”

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I did it!!!! I drew Sam and Dean Winchester

It took me almost the whole day to draw them both but it’s sunday so what else should I do haha

I also spended some time in the bathroom to wash of the black chalk color from my hands as well but I think it was all totally worth it! 😁

I’m pretty satisfied with my work and really proud of me!

I’m really sorry for the bad quality because you can’t see the details and the different shades in their hair but I hope you all like it anyway ♡