the qualities of some videos are so awful

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YouTuber!Javid where Jack has one of those art channels or David has like a science channel or something..? Xxxxxxxxxx

I support this.

  • Jack starts off doing speedpaints where he never shows his face but after about a year he does a video of himself thanking his 300 subscribers and from there his channel takes off because he’s a natural on camera. He ends up with a couple of million subscribers after a while
  • Davey has about 50,000 subscribers. He makes a bunch of nerdy educational videos but they’re super interesting and lots of teachers show them in their classes because their students love him
  • His most popular miniseries is ‘This person is important because’ where he picks a lesser known person from history and talks about why the world is a better place because of them
  • Davey has the biggest crush on Jack and used to watch his videos before he made his own channel. His subscribers dig up some old comments on Jack’s videos that are cringingly enthusiastic and Davey wants to die when he sees the screenshots on tumblr
  • The people who watch both channels start zealously shipping them and eventually Jack catches wind of it. He’s never heard of this Davey kid but he looks him up and woah he’s cute
  • Jack sees that Davey follows him on twitter and follows back. He sends him a message saying hi and they start talking
  • They’re just friends over the internet but about one year after they start talking they meet at VidCon and Davey is terrified and nervous and blushing but Jack is such a people person that he’s able to calm him down a lot and get him to relax
  • Jack asks him to dance at one of the parties that Davey isn’t sure how he managed to get himself into because he’s surrounded by people with a hundred times more subscribers than he has
  • They kiss for the first time at the party and Jack ends up inviting Davey to his hotel room for some peace and quiet. They talk a lot and kiss a lot and Davey falls asleep in Jack’s bed for the first of many times
  • There were so many cameras at the party that they end up in the background of at least three vlogs but the lighting is awful and the video quality is mercifully grainy so they get away with keeping quiet and pretending it’s not them because they don’t want their budding relationship to be public
  • Fast forward a year and they’re living together and Davey has gained way more subscribers. He knows they’re all there because he’s publicly dating Jack now but as long as they learn something educational, he doesn’t care
  • Jack has a side channel where he vlogs a lot and Davey is always begrudgingly in the videos, usually working or trying to sleep whilst Jack distracts him. They’re almost nauseatingly domestic and sometimes Jack will end up with footage of this one sleepy smile that Davey does when Jack’s poking or tickling him awake and he hadn’t realised there’s a camera in his face yet. That smile never ends up online because it’s one of Jack’s favourite things in the world and, as much as he shares a lot of his life with the internet, that’s where he draws the line

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Do you have a video of mcr where gerard makes everyone (band, not crowd) takes off their shirts during pro rev?? Ive seen lots of pictures and gifs of ray, frank, and matt shirtless But i cant seem to be able to find the video

Here’s a particularly nice one with shirtless Matt & Ray:

Frank taking his shirt off:

Some others of dubious quality (why was camera technology so awful in 2007?)

These are from the Aug 4th 2007 Project Revolution show in Dallas, TX, if you want to search for some more.

Continuing the trend, good stuff from yesterday!

  • 99-cent baklava what a world we live in.
  • A very good friend handed in her PhD dissertation!! She was on Facebook messenger in our super-supportive messenger chat and we all cheered and spammed stickers when she finally hit “submit”.
  • The super-cool admin dealing with my awful paperwork stuff was incredibly supportive and hunted down some people to give me solid answers, so I gave up on appearing hyper-professional and just straight-up called her a rockstar.
  • I’m having such a good time with the whole CR transcription project. I’m so happy to have been more actively involved recently and I’m delighted that we’re extremely close to having the entire series captioned on YouTube. That’s just incredible. High-quality closed captions on weekly four-hour unscripted videos with typically seven to eight people all talking over each other is an absurdly cool achievement of the community.
  • I finished my Duolingo Spanish course! That app is my new favorite thing. Can by no means claim any level of fluency, but I’m pretty decent with baseline comprehension and can fumble through some vocab and sentence structure, which is infinitely better than I was a couple months ago. I’ve now finished German, Japanese, and Spanish (and French when I first got the app and wanted to see what it was like for a language I already spoke), and I’m starting on Korean because I’ve heard so much about how intuitive the alphabet is to learn. 16-year-old me, who was obsessed with learning languages but had a hard time finding easy ways to commit to it beyond taking allll the classes my high school offered, is over the moon that I can bring a language classroom with me to do 15-minute lessons anywhere I go.

Okay, this is my SamCait video. It’s not perfect and for some reason the quality is awful, but it took me a few days so I needed to post it.
I really hope you like it.


I know that this has been way long over due (LOL 3 years to be exact) - an UPDATED GIF TUTORIAL. Shout out to @holdmetightae for mentioning this to me. 

First off, this tutorial is going to take you through the whole process of making a gif. So yes, I’m going to start from the very beginning: getting screen captures, to bringing it to gimp and also my editing and coloring process.

The very first gif tutorial was very basic - the more so simple version. I’m still going to keep that up for anyone that likes to go back and use it as reference. But I do want to point out that when I make gifs, the process is never the same. 

Some days, my gifs look great and other times they just look awful. That being said, I want you to look at this as more of a guide more than anything. You guys are free to experiment when it comes to the editing AND coloring part. But everything else is just the basic how to for a gif. 

Before we go ahead and jump into the tutorial, a few points to keep in mind:

  • Input Quality = Output Quality ; essentially, what you put into your gif will result in what you get out. So please, use HQ/HD videos when extracting frames and screen captures.
  • Tumblr’s max size for a single gif is 540px IN WIDTH ; so use less frames (10-15 range) for big single gifs. (2MB max for each gif)
  • If you are making smaller gifs such as 268px IN WIDTH or smaller, you can use more frames but don’t over due it. (2MB max for each gif)

What you need:

  • Gimp
  • MPEG Streamclip
  • Animstacks

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look the ___mood shift__ in the video from cute to fucking sappy kimi no na wa level romantic when the disney clips start is some next level quality content i can not believe he let us see this

OKAY BUT SERIOUSLY. like at first it’s like “aw they’er shopping and going to restaurants, that’s so cute” BUT THEN IT’S LIKE “wow. jungkook really sees this side of jimin all the time. this is how he sees jimin. wow they’re really in love wow” like the mood shft is too much.
My house walk-through
My house walk-through This is not horror video. This video was created simply by filming inside my house. ---------------------------------------------------...

nana825763 is back and in full force with this incredible POV video. It’s a Silent Hill PT endless hallway deal, but the atmosphere it creates is so incredibly unsettling with repetitive captions, deep muffled chanting, and a hellish paper mache progression of the apartment. It give me some serious chills at several points. I’m in awe at the production value, nana always delivers something truly engulfed in the grotesque (when they’re not posting ant nursery videos) but this was really something else. This is some truly quality Japanese YouTube horror. This is the level of quality I strive for in my work.

i. coloring gifs: scenery

so since i’ve been asked may times how i color my gifs, i thought i should make a tutorial!

you will be needing:

  • photoshop (i use cs5)
  • knowledge on how to make gifs and some basic ps knowledge)
  • good quality videos to make gifs from
  • the ability to understand my very confused and badly explained tutorials

in this tutorial we’ll be going from

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I'm not trying to send hate mail, I don't understand why you keep making gifs of yourself. I get that you feel amazing in your current state and I'm honestly proud for all of the work that you put into yourself, but it seems slightly self absorbed that you keep posting pics of yourself winking and smiling at the camera. I followed you because of the stuff you posted and reblogged, not to have to constantly see you take pics of yourself and saying "starring Matty Diaz". We know who you are..

I was going to be snarky and a smart ass here, but let’s have this conversation, because I get the feeling that this is going to come up a lot.

1. Why do I keep making gifs of myself.

Well, aside from the fact that it’s.. like.. fun, I literally figured out how to make gifs from scratch 3 days ago. I’ve tried GIF apps and they’re all terrible, choppy, low quality, filtered or have awful water marks all over them. They don’t have the quality I need, so I decided to just follow some tutorials and learn to make them from scratch, through video files in Photoshop.

I’m still figuring out how to do them, and so I’ve been making a lot recently so I can fuck with the settings and file sizes and see what presets put together the smoothest gifs with the highest quality and lowest amount of choppiness so I can get the best possible file that still meets Tumblr’s weird and ridiculous file size constraints.

Besides, making gifs is fun. It’s like taking selfies that move! 

2. Why ARE you taking so many selfies recently?

Besides the fact that I’m cute as hell? 

Well if you go back a few days into my blog, you’ll see where I talked about some ideas I’ve been throwing around for attempting to be an alternative male model. I don’t meet the typical male model body type. I’m chubby, have excess skin, a goofy face, tattoos, piercings and a weird-ass haircut. I’ve got a lot of things working against me, and while my look is “unique” according to the people who’ve encouraged me into doing it, it’s definitely non-traditional.

So part of it is just to help me get more comfortable trying different “looks” and faces in front of the camera, so when I finally do some shoots coming up in the spring I feel more comfortable with others taking my photos and putting me in poses and shit.

This funnels back into the thing about me making gifs. I get so many comments calling me “handsome” and “gorgeous” on all my selfies, but I’ve rarely/never gotten those comments on videos I’ve posted for years, and I seldom get them in person. This has led to an underlying feeling that maybe I’m one of those people that “looks good” in still photos, but awful in person. Who knows? It happens.

So what’s a pretty simple solution? Selfies that move, of course.

They’re getting and overwhelmingly positive reaction though, so maybe I’m just one of those people who only looks good on the internet, Idunno.

3. What’s with this “Starring Matty Diaz” bullshit? We know who you are..

…You are aware of the fact that there are people besides my followers who see my posts, right?

The gifset I posted yesterday has over 130 notes as of the time I’m writing this. The gif I posted the other day about the shower hair has over 500 notes already, many of which are reblogs.

Those people have no fucking idea who I am when they see those gifs. That’s why I get at least 3 messages a day saying “I just found your blog and omg I love it” and stuff.

I’m probably going with Matty Diaz as a name if I really do pursue this attempt at alt modeling. I use permeations of my name for most of my stuff. I go by Matt Diaz. When I write/if my book gets published, it’ll get published under Matthew Joseph Diaz. And when I try this modeling thing, it’ll go under Matty Diaz. It keeps my shit close enough together so that if everything works out, it won’t be hard to find all of the things I’ve been a part of.

So that’s why.


dean winchester - clothes

inspired by the comment on this post

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what did u do on this fine day?

Hey!!! I didn’t do as much as I should’ve probably. I woke up around 11 am which was quite late and had a clif bar & some sort of waffle sandwich w/ mashed potatoes on it. The sandwich was p cool tho. I wrote a lil bit and spent some time replying to ppl online!! I read weird twitter for awhile. Good tweets r very important to me & I want to be better. I played around with one of my old casio keyboards a bit and recorded a voice memo of a song idea!! Went through some photos and drawings and did some editing!! I ordered this vhs camcorder last night and I am hyped about that. Def gonna shoot a short film on it. VHS is the coolest quality and literally nobody uses it. I switched around some parts from a video I have sketched out & am gonna film that tmmrw! Hopefully it goes well. I don’t know much about doing videos anymore. I’m not sure if I even like it. I want to make positive vids and make ppl happy and I want to make films. Mainly it’s that youtube is not fun to me anymore as a community & actually quite embarrassing/awful. Not to be negative!!! It’s nice just creating things at least. I am so specific about how I want to be perceived. I wish I could delete every trace of my internet existence from before 2014. Except for Fox Academy stuff. It means more than anything that ppl support me, but I hate all of the old pictures and videos and everything else floating around. There is this spooky noise that comes from below the floor & we have no idea what it is. I think it is a demon or ghost. It’s chill tho I don’t mind. Anyways what else. Hmmm. Talked to some cool ppl !! I love learning about everyone. I spend so much time just reading and observing stuff online. I think it has made me rly smart probably but I also feel like I’ve wasted a lot of time. Days feel quick and routine lately. I am not leaving the house much either. It’s ok things will change soon. Now I am just laying in bed and it is raining outside and my window is open. I wish I didn’t close myself off from nearly everyone. Trailer Park Boys is the best show. Thank u for asking this btw. Sorry for the answer

okay for those people who are wondering if ed sang friends/kiss me mash up in Madrid (friendly reminder: FRIENDS WASN’T IN THE TRACKLIST OF THE TOUR!!!!!!!!!) I FILMED IT
Some people are saying that he saw a sign that says “sing friends if larry is real” well i saw the girl with the sign but i don’t know if ed saw it but i suppose it
The quality of the video is awful (it was filmed with my iphone sorry) but the audio is actually SO GOOD 👌
Hope you like it!

The future of reviving bionicle (very large wall of text incoming)

I’m gonna break this down into a few parts. It’s long.

Episode 5

So episode 5 is finally out, after months of waiting and whatnot. I’m glad that so many people are enjoying it, because this series meant a lot to me for some reason. It got very personal, and I was worried that it would turn people off due to how…. philosophical(?) it got. But it looks like everyone’s reaction was positive. So that’s good.

There’ll be a credits video coming out soon, with a song that’ll probably be flagged for copyright (I’ve learned nothing). Episode 5 has been flagged 3 times for copyrighted music, and it’s blocked in some countries (youtube only says Germany, but it’s obvious other european countries have been effected). It gives me an option for youtube to try and extrapolate the songs from the video, but that’ll result in awful audio quality (see RB2 on youtube). I’ll think about it. It’ll suck, but then people’ll be able to see it.


This little series meant a lot more to me than I thought it would. I wrote it in a very stupid time in my life, and I think it showed. I made a (very) large blog post in mid-august about episode 5, which has been in my drafts since then, and I’ve been debating on posting it. It gets ridiculously personal, and I think it’d just make me look like like a child asking for attention more than anything, so I don’t think I’ll post it.

I guess I’m just surprised as to how this series basically took over 2015 in terms of content I made. I spent January-May writing RB3, All summer filming episodes 1-4, and then the rest working on episode 5. I’m glad I had something to do during that time, because I think I would be in an even darker place if I didn’t have something like this to work on.

But if I hang on that anymore I’ll just sound like some emo slug.

Reviving Bionicle 4

I’ve gotten so many questions about if I’m going to continue this series or not. I’ve talked with some friends about this, since it’s something I’m trying to figure out myself. I don’t know if I should try to cash in on this little series or do a Bill Watterson and quit on it while I’m ahead.

The answer is yes, but there’s more to it then that. I’m probably going to make this sound deeper than it really should be, but I’m gonna go for it anyway.

Reviving Bionicle is a cycle about endings and beginnings. RB1 was about dealing after an ending. RB2 was about a beginning. RB3 was about after the beginning. That means RB4 will be about an ending. (Then RB1-After ending, RB2-beginning, etc)

That being said, two things need to happen before I start on RB4 (or at least, the best possible way for RB4 to go):

  1. The announcement of the bionicle gen 2 reboot ending
  2. Me finally moving out of my parent’s place

I can’t stop coming up with ridiculous ideas for RB4. I’ll probably have to write them all down. I personally think it’s way deeper and considerably more meaningful then RB3. It shifts it’s focus more to the characters, and the past, all while talking about the future. It’s a little less humor based, but I think it’s actually pretty interesting and fun. It just won’t come out for a long time.

Why Gen 2′s ending?

I think people will need something to be happy about when gen 2′s ending is announced. When gen 1 ended, it was devastating to me (since I’m a sad little child). I could’ve used something to make me feel better. Plus, it goes with the cycle I talked about, and I think the character’s reactions will be interesting. Kopaka, Tahu and denmark all talked about how to not focus on an ending- how do you deal with it when it’s right in front of you, happening right now?

Why do you have to move?

I’m actually planning on being out of my parent’s house by the time RB4/Gen 2′s end rolls around. That being said, I’m absolutely terrified of the concept of being on my own (since, again, I’m a sad little child), and don’t have the money to do so (I just quit my job so the money problem won’t go away anytime soon, ayyyy). I also think a change of set/house will deliver an overall different tone to the series, one that fits with the theme of changes that come from absolutes (endings/beginnings).

I think it’ll be a very long time before I do, though. Like I said, I’m a sad little child and moving out makes me want to cry, even though I’m almost 20. But I’m getting too personal. Again.


don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll be the talk of the nursing home

No, I’ll be posting some small shorts from time to time. Maybe holiday specials and whatnot focused on humor. But the main denmark/ending cycle/”she” story won’t be developed for a while. Could that change? Sure, I guess. But right now that’s how it’s gonna be. I also wanna focus on other projects. Thanks, bionicle fandom, for all the love. Now I wanna try different stuff. (even though I’ll probably still make a bionicle thing sometimes).

Also, it’s really embarrassing to talk about RB in front of people IRL, since I think only bionicle fans will really enjoy it. I want to make things I can talk to people about without sounding weird lol.


wow, this was really long. look at all of those words. I’m not gonna proof read it, so sorry if there are spelling mistakes (which I’m sure there are millions).

If you liked RB, I’m sure you’ll like other stuff I’m making, since I think making things is all I can ever do at this point in my life. Hopefully you’ll like it, and stuff. 

Also, I’m tempted to enter RB into TTV’s chronicler’s convergence thing, when that starts up again. I dunno if I should, but I think it could be fun. I don’t think the members of TTV really liked the series, lmao.

So yeah. Enjoy that long wall of text. Thanks for wishing me luck.