the quaffle and the snitch

Imagine: You’re Draco’s secret girlfriend and you’re in Gryffindor and you get hurt during a quidditch match against Slytherin.

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Warnings: fluff

Title: My little secret


Your P.O.V

I stood by Harry giving him a small smile as we made out way to the middle of the field, we were playing against Slytherin today. I’d say I was excited since Draco was on the team but I knew Slytherin played dirty, what made it worse was it was raining hard, cold droplets pelleting my face. Then the Quaffle was released along with the bludgers and the snitch. I was a chaser, as I made my way towards the quaffle I could see out of the corner of my eye a Slytherin flying up beside me and another Slytherin on my other side.

Great. Just great.

Just as I was making my way to the Slytherin that had the quaffle I saw Marcus Flint fly up to me, the rain making it almost unbearable to fly any faster.

Just as I got closer I felt someone slam into my side. I tried to grip onto my broom but the rain made it slick and I couldn’t hold it tight enough. Then I fell, I wasn’t far from the group but I was far enough for it to cause some damage. When my body made contact with the ground I tried to scream but the air had been knocked out of my lungs, leaving me laying their blacking out. As I started seeing black dots poke my vision I started realizing that I hit my head pretty hard. When I made eye contact with Draco I mouthed the words ‘I love you’ and then everything went black.

Draco’s P.O.V

I saw her hit the ground, I was freaking out I felt like crying. I raced towards her and when I her tears welled in my eyes, seeing her there hurt. Her eyes met mine and she mouthed the words ‘I love you’ to me.

I let out a quiet sob as I made my way to her quickly, “no no no, c'mon baby stay with me.” I said cradling her head in my lap, Lee called the game off and people came to get (yn). I ran to get changed out of my quidditch gear and then ran towards the infirmary to check on my girlfriend, I loosened my tie since everything seemed to close in on me. As I slammed open the door I saw her laying there with Potter by her side. She was awake and laughing at something Granger had said. I ran over to her cupping her face and looking over her.

“Are you okay?” I asked quietly. She nodded and smiled. Potter and Granger stood there confused, “I thought I lost you.” I whispered kissing her passionately. She put her hand on my cheek and smiled her bright (ec) eyes staring into my icy blues.

“Never.” She replied.

Your P.O.V

I heard Harry clear his throat snapping me and Draco out of our trance. “What the hell is going on?!” He asked confused I smiled and looked back at Draco who sat by me putting a gentle arm around my shoulder.

“Seems our little secret’s exposes, love.” He said to me, I nodded.

“I never thought I’d see the day, a Malfoy in love with a muggle born. Is this why you taunted her so much?! How long has this been going on?” Hermione asked quickly.

“About a year…” I trailed off. Both their eyes grew wider and I smiled shyly.

Draco kissed me on the cheek, Harry made a fake gag noise and Hermione smiled. “Well I’m happy for you.” She said.

(Sorry this is kinda bad, but yeah.)

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Could I get a ship darling? My names Gwen, I'm 5'6. I have black hair, quite pale and grey-blue eyes. I'm a bit of a geek. Very smart, I love make people laugh and just joking around! I also play a lot of sports.

Hi there! Moony is here and ready to tell you, that I would defiantly ship Harry Potter with you.

You have just gotten on the Gryffindor quidditch team as the Chaser.

He can’t help to look at you, which leads to him not being the best seeker.

Almost everyone on the quidditch team –including you – notice this and you stand up to him.

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Just as quick as the snitch she flew after the Quaffle, she caught it from Katy Bell. Y/N aimed quickly and threw the ball as she hit the smallest of the 3 goals. Everyone beside Ravenclaw cheered. She smiled and flew back to our, the Gryffindor goals before the Ravenclaw team began once again to try to score on our goals.

It was hard to focus on the snitch with Y/N flying around. She wore a really nice perfume so whenever she would fly beside me I could smell her perfume. Her black hair was in a ponytail and her beautiful greyish-blueish eyes behind some big goggles to prevent tears.

I saw her almost laying down on her broom as she made herself ready to try take one of the quaffles. She was quick, quicker than most. Whenever she would try taking the ball from the other team, they would barely notice her come flying. She was indeed very skilled. Of course I was happy when she showed up for tryouts this season. In the start I didn’t think she would show up, but after 10 minutes I saw in the horizon a girl come running with red cheeks. I mean I know you are supposed to take the best when it was tryouts, but because she was Y/N it may or may not had a little influence on my decision.

My thoughts of her were interrupted by Lee Jordan commentating.

“And the Ravenclaw seeker Cho Chang caught the snitch, 150 goes to Ravenclaw which mean that Ravenclaw have won this quidditch match, a tragedy indeed” Lee said sad, him being a Gryffindor himself.

In the corner of my eye I saw my quidditch team mates sending me cold eyes.

I quickly flew down to the ground and headed for the boys locker room.

I threw my shirt of, ready to take a shower when Ron tapped me on the shoulder.

“Bloody hell Harry, what happened?! You just sat still on your broom looking at Y/n, I know you fancy her mate but Harry, this is quidditch in the name of Merlin!.”

I looked at Ron with a wondering expression. “What? No I didn’t”

“Yeah you did” George and Fred said the same time already in the shower.

I looked down ashamed. If they saw it, that must mean the rest of Hogwarts also saw it, if not Y/n…

I hopped into the shower and putted on my school uniform.

Ron and I as always would walk together back to the castle as the last ones. It was dark, and the only reason we could see anything were because of our wands. We had gotten pretty far before I realized that I had forgotten the box with all the quidditch balls.

“Dang it” I looked at Ron as we both stopped. “I forgot the box, I have to go get it” I sighed. As if this day couldn’t get worse. “Do you want me to come with you?” Ron offered. I shoke my head, “no, I’ll meet you in the great hall. Save some food for me would you?” I asked.

He chuckled and nodded as we departed ways.

I looked in the common locker room and immediately saw the box. I placed it under my arm and began to walk back to the castle.

Walking in my own thought I heard a voice chuckle behind me.

I looked back and saw Y/n standing with wet black hair and a smile.

“Y/n, what are you doing here?” I ask smiling. She shrugged and smiled, “I forgot my wand”

I nodded. In the moonlight her pale skin almost lit up. She was so beautiful.

“I forgot the box,” I answered awkwardly.

“Do you need some help with that?” she offered nodding her head towards the box I had under the arm. I smiled and nodded. She held one of the handles, I hold the other.

We walked together up to the castle that lit up in all the darkness. Talking about the quidditch match, I dearly hoped that she wouldn’t have noticed that I was staring at her.

“You were really good today” I smiled as we both finally put the box down in Madam Hooch’s locker.

“Thank you” She smiled kindly. Feeling me cheeks blushing I looked down.

She chuckled.

That’s when she leaned in and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Get your head in the game Potter” She chuckled and left.

By: Moony

Bold what you prefer

Harry or Ron or Hermione
Voldemort or Umbridge or Bellatrix
James or Sirius or Remus or Peter
Mcgonagall or Dumbledore or Hagrid
Dobby or Kreacher or Winky
Luna or Ginny or Cho
Hedwig or Errol or Pigwidgeon or Hermes
Quaffle or bludger or snitch
Gryffindor or Ravenclaw or Slytherin or Hufflepuff
Hallows or Horcruxes
Hogwarts or Beauxbatons or Durmstrang
Elder wand or Invisibility cloak or Resurrection stone
O.W.L.s or N.E.W.T.s
Quirrell or Lockhart or Lupin or Moody or Umbridge or Snape or Carrow
Crabbe or Goyle
Book 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 7
Fred or George
romione or dramione or snamione or harmony or jily
Owl or cat or toad
Draco or Harry
Felix felicis or Amortentia or Polyjuice potion
Krum or Fleur or Cedric

Beneficios de jugar quidditch muggle

🌎 Cooperación mágica internacional.

Haces amigos de todas partes del mundo: aquí y en China, una quaffle es una quaffle y no hay otra forma de llamarla.

🍻 Tu equipo se convierte en tu familia.

No importa si es para hablar de quidditch o no, siempre tendrás a alguien para hablar de cualquier cosa y una palmada de ánimo aún fuera de los entrenamientos.

💃👯👲💇 La regla del máximo 4

No importa con qué género te identifiques, no puede haber en el campo más de 4 personas que se identifiquen con el mismo género, lo que obliga a que sea realmente un equipo mixto e incluyente. !Bienvenidos todos!

🙎 Ganas confianza en ti mismo

No importa si nunca habías estado en algún deporte, siempre habrá una posición que puedas jugar y donde te sientas a gusto, por lo que tu primer anotación o tu primer noqueo te van a enamorar.

⚡No es necesario ser fan de HP

Puede que no seas fan del mundo mágico pero encontrarás un bello deporte (caótico pero hermoso) que te restará física y mentalmente.

🏆La satisfacción de mejorar día a día

Ver tus progresos y los de tu equipo te harán sonreír y entrenar con más ganas. Perder te enseñará en qué estás fallando y con buena guía, ganar se convertirá en una lección de sencillez y respeto.

🌠Ver la cara de confusión cuando dices que juegas quidditch… Y decir que sí, sí volamos.

A veces la gente creerá que es broma pero tu sabrás la pasión que hay en este deporte. La pregunta más frecuente será ‘¿y vuelan?’, pero tu con total confianza dirás, ‘sí carajo, sí volamos’ porque sabes que no se necesita magia para elevarte y recibir la quaffle o arrojarte al aire por la snitch. ♥


                    …DETERMINE WHO IS RIGHT…

                                                                …ONLY WHO IS LEFT


W h o • I s • L e f t  is a Marauder’s Era roleplay open and running since November. We’re up to  November 1976 in the Wizarding world now, and there are a ton of exciting events soon to come–– so get in on the action while the timing is perfect! We’re full of active members who are eager to plot and build deep character relationships. Who Is Left promotecharacter development and emphasizes plotting between members. But the most important thing about Who Is Left? We’d love to have you.


Shopping in Hogsmeade

Dervish & Banges
- Magical Items: Sneakoscopes, spectrespecs, omnioculars, and the Monster Book of Monsters
- Quidditch Needs: T-Shirts, quaffles, golden snitches, brooms
- Hogwarts School Uniforms: Robes, scarves, ties, uniforms, and sweatshirts
- Extras: Journals and stationery
- There is an active Monster Book of Monsters in a cage that will occasionally growl when someone passes by.
- The Owl Post is attached to Dervish & Banges though it looks detached on the surface.
- You can buy postcards in the Owl Post and get it stamped with a special Hogsmeade stamp, just ask the associate for where.

- purchase copies of the movie characters’ wands as well as interactive wands for $10 more [ I’ve never had any experience with this because $$$ and limited time in the park ]
- According to a blogging site, there aren’t purchases here but is rather an interactive experience with the wands. For HP fanatics it’s a blast as they get to interact with the world from the books if they have an interactive wand. But anyways, make sure with an associate if there are purchases or else that’s a trip bust for a purchase.

Filch’s Emporeum of Confiscated Goods
- Hats, caps, toys, puppets, frames, mugs
- Hogwarts clothing: Jackets, t-shirts, sweatshirts, shoulder bags, caps & scarves, house crest, banners, etc
- This serves as the exit to the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride where you can view the ride pictures as well

- You can pick up pastries like Cauldron Cakes and the works
- There are also an assortment of fudge bars [ And they’re fucking delicious. ]

Owl Post
A small stationery store where you can pick up journals, pens, and post cards!
A small shop attached to Dervish & Banges

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