the quaffle and the snitch

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For the moment, A random Prongs

Before many of you could ask me : that is NOT a nimbus 2000. I know that was created in the 90’s, so it could easily be a nimbus 1000/1001/1500/1700  :D

 I solemnly swear that I’m working on a new marauders illustration. ;)

Here’s 1930s Gryffindor! a little bit on my thought process on this whole series- whenever I do pinup series, I like to play with different body types and such so it’s not just one type of body for one type of girl. I wanted to make Gryffindor confident and kind of muscular. I imagine she practices Quidditch all the time, and catching quaffles and trying to contain the snitch makes you kind of strong! She hopes to be a star Quidditch player one day ;) I had fun imagining what a 1930s Quidditch outfit would be.

If they lived, though
If they lived

She was like a ray of sun––when she came to pick up little Harry, all of the fathers looked around to stare at her. She was so young; everything about her was young and bright, the way she wore denim jackets, t-shirts and chuck taylors, the way her hair floated around her arms like a fiery halo, the way her eyes were green and sprightly. She was loving, she kissed her little boy and told him stories as they walked home, holding hands, a bag with schoolbooks suspended on her arm.

He was so young. Tall and handsome, messing his hair in a careless way, he seemed so unresponsible as he laughed and smirked and chatted with his son’s friends. All of the mothers whispered enviously, he must’ve left her with a child. But then, they’d show up together, and the way they bickered and the way he kissed her freckled nose and she rolled her eyes, it was so vivid, so obvious that they were in love.

Lily blinked. She let out a shaky breath.

It was too late.

‘Avada Kedavra.’


Harry Potter vocabulary in Japanese

ハリー・ポッターと… - Harry Potter and…
賢者の石 [けんじゃのいし] - the philosopher’s stone
秘密の部屋 [ひみつのへや] - the chamber of secrets
アズカバンの囚人 [アズカバンのしゅうじん] - the prisoner of azkaban
炎のゴブレット [ほのおのゴブレット] - the goblet of fire
不死鳥の騎士団 [ふしちょうのきしだん] - the order of the phoenix
謎のプリンス [なぞのプリンス] - the half-blood prince
死の秘宝 [しのひほう] -  the deathly hallows

魔法 [まほう] - magic
魔女 [まじょ] - witch
魔法使い [まほうつかい] - wizard
マグル - muggle
スクイブ - squib
ホグワーツ - hogwarts
グリフィンドール - gryffindor
ハッフルパフ - hufflepuff
レイブンクロー - ravenclaw
スリザリン - slytherin

杖 [つえ] - wand
箒 [ほうき] - broomstick
大釜 [おおかま] - cauldron
組分け帽子 [くみわけぼうし] - sorting hat

占い学 [うらないがく] - divination
マグル学 [マグルがく] - muggle studies
飛行術 [ひこうじゅつ] - flying
呪文学 [じゅもんがく] - charms
古代ルーン文字学 [こだいルーンもじがく] - ancient runes
変身術 [へんしんじゅつ] - transfiguration
数占い学 [すううらないがく] - arithmancy
闇の魔術に対抗する防衛術 [やみのまじゅつにたいこうするぼうえいじゅつ] - defense against the dark arts
魔法薬学 [まほうやくがく] - potions
魔法史 [まほうし] - history of magic
魔法生物飼育学 [まほうせいぶつしいくがく] - care of magical creatures
天文学 [てんもんがく] - astronomy
薬草学 [やくそうがく] - herbology 

クィディッチ - quidditch
チェイサー - chaser
ビーター - beater
キーパー - keeper
シーカー - seeker
クアッフル - quaffle
ブラッジャー - bludger
スニッチ - golden snitch 

ホグズミード - hogsmeade
ダイアゴン横丁 [ダイアゴンよこちょう- diagon alley
魔法省 [まほうしょう] - ministry of magic

  • Lee Jordan: And it's Gryffindor in possession again, as Johnson takes the Quaffle — Flint alongside her... Merlin, Potter seems to have glimpsed the snitch! And that's Draco Malfoy tailing him. He's catching up to him and grabbing him by his robes! Foul! Foul! Come on, Professor, that's clearly not- oh, never mind. At least Potter doesn't seem to mind. At all. He's turning around on his broom and... is he kissing Draco Malfoy? Dear heavens! And what a show they're giving us! Alright you two, get a room! YES! Johnson has scored! ... As has Potter apparently.
yours, ‘that slytherin chaser.’

character: lai guanlin.

genre: fluff, comedy (?), hogwarts!au.

word count: 1,888w.

summary: you wouldn’t know love if it hit you in the head with a bludger. but maybe if it hit the object of your hidden affection instead?

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Do you have any Headcanons about the time when Sirius was living with the potters?

While he lived with the Potters:

  • Sirius slept in James’ room, and James was able to comfort him right away if he ever got nightmares.
  • Mrs.Potter fussed over every single injury and scar he had, and tended to them right away.
  • Mr. and Mrs.Potter referred to Sirius as their son, and James called him brother.
  • The Potters encouraged him to eat his fill to help his growth, but he was never able to. At home he had been allowed to eat barely anything for years, so eating too much all at once was more than he was used to, and made him feel sick.
  • He and James were allowed to fly brooms in the back garden during the Summer, with makeshift hoops, bludgers, a snitch, and a quaffle.
Beginnings {REMUS LUPIN}

CHAPTER TWO IS HERE! I’m sorry that this sucks, I’m just super tired but I thought I should have wrote something for you guys. So here it is! I’ll leave the link for part one right below n case you hadn’t read that already. Thank you guys for continuing to support my work x



That day was the first day that she held a long conversation with Professor Lupin. He greeted her into his office with a wide, genuine smile on his face, which was shortly followed by a gesture to sit down. Y/N sat there and Professor Lupin sat opposite her. They spoke for hours about Sirius Black and the old teachers that walked the halls of Hogwarts; the older man seemed shocked when he heard about what happened to Professor Quirrell. He also then went on to speak about some of the things he got up to at Hogwarts.

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  • Toddlers getting distracted by butterflies and frogs in the middle of games.
  • Bewitched brooms that don’t go higher than 6 feet or so
  • Practice turning into snowball fights in the winter
    • The coaches being okay with because it’s cute and “hey, they’re learning to dodge the bludgers!”
  • Bludgers being padded because “you are NOT hitting that thing at my five-year-old!!”
  • Eight-year-olds using accidental magic to play. Like. Making the posts lean toward them making it easier to score.
    • Nobody knowing whether to laugh or not
  • Ten-year-olds arguing about who’s going to actually make it onto the quidditch team at school
  • Parents of toddlers bragging about how great their child is at quidditch already
    • Bonus points for the kid falling off their broom or being totally distracted as the parents say this
  • Nine-year-olds who make fun of each other because “oh my gosh, I can’t believe you dare to have a crush on someone on the other team.
    • And nine-year-oldS who definitely do not have crushes on someone on the other team
  • Seven-year-olds finally getting to use non-bewitched brooms during games and spending hours seeing who can get the highest, with bonus points if they’re the fastest.
    • Parents fighting over who has to coach the seven-year-olds this year because of this
  • Little kids racing each other on bewitched brooms and wondering why the older kids go so much faster
  • Thirteen and fourteen-year-old kids getting to referee during the summer for some extra pocket money
  • Very little actual house rivalry at Hogwarts because “oh my god, Jennifer, shut up, we’ve been on the same little league team since we were six. We don’t have to stop being friends just because you got put in Gryffindor and I got put in Slytherin
  • Little league team sleepovers.
    • No, you cannot stay up to watch last year’s championship game AGAIN. I don’t care if it was Joey’s idea!
  • Kids sneaking out in the middle of the night to play quidditch
  • The snitch has to be bewitched to slow down so the little kids can find it because "Uh. Guys. The Night Owls have the field in half an hour for their practice. We need to wrap this game up!”
  • The kids switch positions during the games because “they need to experience every job on the team”
  • Overly involved quidditch moms basically being soccer moms.
    • “Barbara, you were supposed to bring apples to the game! My child cannot play an entire quidditch match with only brownies to eat!”
  • Giant fields with like six different quidditch games going on.
  • Parents vs. kids matches at parties at the end of each season.
    • The parents always being surprised by how much those padded bludgers still hurt. And by how good their kids actually are by age ten.

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do u know the whole deal with "the life and times" fic? I know everyone praises it. Also, whats the whole deal with it being abandoned? thanks

  • so i kind of joined a bit late (in terms of the whole tlat thing??)
  • But, what i do know that this was The Fic
  • The Fic of All Fics
  • ppl had urls abt it, ppl had fanfics abt The Fic etc etc
  • something abt not chasing the quaffle if u can see the snitch…. (which ik sounds Cool, but this is not how quidditch works)
  • people absolutely loved it, and apparently it was great and like it was The Fic along with Commentarius
  • it has like 60+ chapters?? v v v long
  • i joined too late to start reading it tbh, like there was Too Much for to me dive into especially when so many other lil fics were being uploaded!
  • i did Try to read it tho and….. the writing was quality 10/10 in terms of like fluidity, description, characters etc. etc. but for me it had too many original characters who i didn’t rlly care abt and there was A Lot going on and it wasn’t rlly a jily fic? like ik the best stuff has a lot of background and supporting stuff, but i didn’t rlly Get Into It personally 
  • and then it kind of just stopped….. uploads were rlly far apart and then just stopped and idk what happened but i think the author just got v busy with real life? which is tbh a v valid reason to abandon a fic
  • i’m not sure of the whole story: someone like @hiddenpolkadots or @snapslikethis might to be able to give u a more comprehensive understanding! <3
  • hope this helps anon
Kang Daniel Hogwarts Au!

So I thought, hey, how could I start this blog? A Hogwarts au! Please nice I’m only a small bean~

•Kang Daniel is your friendly neighborhood Hufflepuff,
•(Could also high key be Gryffindor but Hufflepuff Daniel!!!),
•He’s probably prefect because let’s be real could he be anything else?,
•Also one of the teams chasers,
•You’re Slytherin who’s also a chaser so yanno, You’re competitive,
•And when you pass each other in the halls you always shout playful jeers at each other that are SO BAD,
•"Hey Y/N,  they say laughter is the best medicine, everyone would be healthy if they watched you play.“,
•"Was I ment to be offended, Kang? The only thing offending me is your face.”,
•You can’t help but laugh at eachother/your selves because they seem to get worse each time,
•But Daniel is a goof with you and it’s probably just what you need,
•(Don’t we all need a lil bit of goofy Daniel?),
•Although sometimes he makes you want to scream,
•You were in potions and making a potion that would flash colours and fizz (because it’s pretty yanno) but yours would only turn dull blues and browns,
•So here comes Daniel with this pot of whatever,
•"Here Y/N this should brighten it up.“,
•Next thing you know it’s a neon orange and FIZZING,
•Although fizzing isn’t a strong enough word because that stuff is like a bowl of Coco pops on crack,
•Long story short you manage to loose your eyebrows and could only see in black and white for a few days,
•Daniel walks you to madam Pomfrey, Apologizing all the way but you can see him laughing when he thinks your not looking,
•So you hex his hair to turn pink but he actually turns out liking it,
•So you become his new hair stylist,
•The Slytherin stereotype is to be great at potions but nope, not you,
•So you reluctantly start working more with Daniel because, despite a few rare hiccups that are generally hilarious, he’s pretty good at potions,
•And you’re brilliant at transfiguration so it works both ways and you end up spending so much time together that others start to think it’s suspicious,
•And, honestly, so do you,
•Daniel always catches you at breakfast or lunch and asks for help in something or another,
•And then when you get round to it you can tell he’s lying and is actually perfect,
•You confront him each time and it always goes like,
•"Huh, I guess I’m just better than I think I am,”
•"So can we head off, I heard Jisung and Seongwoo are going to See who can eat the most Puking Pasties in a minute"
•"No, come on Y/N, we’re here now we might as well just stay, do you want to go for a walk around the lake?“
•And you can’t say no to him, because when he asks you it always makes your heart flutter in a small way that you crave,
•It’s the final quidditch match of the summer and boy are you ready to WIN,
•The score is 130-160 to Hufflepuff and you aren’t having any of it,
•One of your team mates manages to steal the quaffle (right as the snitch has been spotted) and launches it at you,
•Just as you throw the ball the bludger comes flying at you and damn is that thing fast,
•You fall off your broom and are dangerously hurtling towards the ground but you don’t care because the quaffle has just gone through the hoop,
•But then u realise,
•Damn what happens when you hit the ground?
•But before you know Daniels swooped down and rescued you like a damn knight in shining armour with a huge grin as you gather your surroundings and rest your hands on his shoulders for support,
•You giggle a little when you see the shine in his eyes as he leans in slowly,
•Woojin’s the commentator "And just as we where all about to never be able to watch Quidditch again, Kang Daniel flies in to save us all from being scarred and- LOOK AWAY KIDS! JISUNG YOU OWE ME 5 GALLEON- and prof. McGonagall would like you to know Hufflepuff have won”
•Your kinda salty Hufflepuff won but you’re going to have to live with it,
•That trip to Madame Pomfrey is a hell of a lot of pain but, hey, Daniel doesn’t leave your side,
•Dating Daniel would be like before but x10,
•More awful jeers but just as everyone thought they couldn’t get worse,
•"Hey Y/N, you need more quidditch practice, not only do you fall off your broom but you fall for me.“
•"So you can catch me but not the quaffle?”
•Everyone groans,
•But you guys are giggling,
•Dates to the astronomy tower late at night where you’d talk about your worries for the future or your deepest thoughts,
•Dates to the kitchen where your joke around and give Daniel a beard with whipped cream,
•The room of requirement used atleast twice a week to be able to chill and cuddle together in peace,
•Everyone knows about you guys so constant teasing,
•Your THE couple in Hogwarts even the first years know and everyone comes to you for advice aswell,
•"you’re asking me to help when I’ve got that dork?“
•You love him really,
•You both get eachother goofy hand made Christmas presents, like a poorly stitched pillow that says ‘My Boo’ in changing colors because you’re cheesy,
•You could be walking to the nearest park to your house in the holidays and suddenly Daniel will apparate , grab your hand and you’re off to a new location he’s found that are always so damn pretty,
•Daniel talks you over and you ultimately become part of the pink hair Squad,

Ta da! So it’s nothing spectacular but I love Daniel and Hogwarts headcanons! Hope you enjoyed~

(Also I gotta say I’m heavily inspired by imagineproduce101 because they’re great pls check them out)

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Darling, Hold me, Hold me, Hold me, 
And never (never), 
Never (never), 
Never (never), 
Let me go

Have any of you guys read or watched Never Let Me Go? Cause I did and now I have this horrific and amazing idea for a jily war AU where rules of donation thing apply to muggleborns. I just can’t get it out of my head.