the q talking

As much as I love your voice darling, I love your gasps better. There’s something…primal about it, don’t you think? When you can barely breathe and you’re gasping for every little bit of air you can get. I really like it and I know you do too or you wouldn’t be grinding against me like this. Ha, you’re adorable darling.

So tell me what you like more, if you can, my fingers wrapped around your neck and squeezing hard and perfect the way you like or the feeling of falling away. Do you like seeing my smile more than the darkness at the edge of your vision? Can you tell me sweetheart? No, oh well that’s understandable.

Mmm, kissing you when your mouth falls open like this is so nice. I get to feel those breaths you aren’t getting and I get to taste the desperation building on your tongue. I get to hear the needy little noises you make, one of the few noises you can make. Poor baby, you want to beg don’t you? Don’t even know what you want to beg for, just that you do.

What a good pet.

one of the reasons im so shitty at talking to people is because i can’t believe that im someone people want to talk to as opposed to them feeling like im an obligation so when people message me i always think that ignoring them would relieve us both of the burden


1) have all your info ready and the page up before the they go on sale to get a good spot. Such as email, your address if you want physical tickets, credit card info.

2) research the theater to figure out where it is and maybe even which row to get tickets for

3) The merch line before hand is pretty clear but if the opening starts while you’re still in line you might be screwed. It’s hard to hear the announcements over the screaming but dimming light mean get to your seat now.

4) Be considerate when taking photos. It can be kinda dark but the stage lights are enough for pictures. Don’t use flash.

Also do not hold your phone way up, people behind you want to be able to see

5) Mind the paddles. Last time there were voting paddles, dont wave these randomly in the air, it makes it hard for others to see

6) Don’t bring gifts for the team. Last time they asked people not to because they are traveling in limited space.

7) Be nice to Amy and Katherine. Last time these lovely ladies went into the audience to hold mics for a QnA at the end. Be nice to them, they’re both very sweet and are helping out. Do not shout or grab at them.

8)STAY IN YOUR SEAT! Do not randomly stand up for no reason.You can stand when they’re asking for volunteers and such, but not randomly to shout things. If you need to leave try and stay low to not disturb others.

9) ASK APPROPRIATE QUESTIONS! there are younger people in the audience, i saw some very young kids like 8 or 9. Also people may have their parents there.

10) Dont bring big signs. it makes it impossible for people to see

11) Just be nice


Things Each Musical Reminds Me Of

*based on the period of my life when I listened to the musical the most, not the actual content of the musical; though it’s kind of funny how each musical relates to what it reminds me of

Wicked: unexpectedly starting a conversation with an old friend and realizing you miss them

The Phantom of the Opera: the kind of love you don’t expect anything from

RENT: rebelling against your parents for the first time

The Sound of Music: finding family in friends you never expected to meet

Newsies: adventures and memories that come from the people you were with not the places you went

Les Miserables: disappointment you won’t remember in a month but you needed to experience

Next to Normal: self-growth when you least expect it

The Last Five Years: losing what you were looking for but finding something better

If/Then: independence is not loneliness

Love Never Dies: sharing something you love with your friends because you want them to know how important they are to you

Avenue Q: going on a road trip with your best friend and singing until your throat is raw

Spring Awakening: continuously learning and falling in love with something you already know so well

The Book of Mormon: second-hand happiness because the person who means so much to you is where they want to be

Daddy Long Legs: accidental all-nighters reading horoscopes with your friends

Fun Home: allowing yourself time for growth; accepting not everything has to come at once

Hamilton: meeting someone once and knowing from then on you won’t go a day in your life without them

Heathers: the worst new beginnings that somehow still lead to the best new things

In the Heights: forgetting why you started doing something and beginning to do it for yourself

Dear Evan Hansen: the trust someone hands you when they introduce you to their favorite band

Waitress: a person you associate with your entire life but you’ve only known a short while

Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812: forgiveness you don’t deserve and the hope that comes from your lowest moments

Falsettos: long distance friendships with origin stories no one will believe

irene: The defining characteristic of my personal work is intimacy in all its forms and expressions, so applying that to Korra was and continues to be a thrill. The way Korra and Asami look at each other; the way other queer characters look at them with gentle understanding; the little touches, the awkwardness and the relief… drawing that stuff is my bread and butter.

me: i owe you my life

anonymous asked:

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Hey Girly!!

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