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Story of How a Show I Once Loved Has Caused Me Deep and Flaming Anger

I hate how this show, a show I used to love has been turned up on its head. Today we were promised a “sanvers-centric” episode and all we got was about 5 minutes total - if that. I know there are people out there that just LOVE Mon-El but seriously? How much does Kara actually know about him? Nothing. Except for maybe the fact that he enjoys club soda. We heard and saw the depth of Maggie and Alex’s relationship. Alex knows all about Maggie’s little quirks and enjoyments and now we know about Maggie’s rough past. They have a developed and layered relationship. And here’s Kara and Mon-El, no build up, no true love, just basic white straight guy getting what he wants because he’s a white straight male. How is this show supposed to set a good example for the audience it’s targeted for (I’m pretty sure it’s one of CW’s only fully family friendly show) if it shows a guy dominating and succeeding in getting what he wants? The fact that a layered and deep relationship is thrown to the sidelines for this BS is actually homophobic. A strong relationship was set up, simply to queerbait the audience. It’s true. It’s true and it’s sad. This show, Supergirl. A show I used to love and respect for its immensely strong feminism and powerful themes. It’s awful because part of me wants to stop watching it. There are some of you out there who are probably thinking “wow, stop watching a show because you hate one character? That’s ridiculous”. It is so much more than that. Thank you for hanging in here with me. Unfollow me, block me, I don’t care. I guess I’ll see you next week for lack of a better option.

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Do you know of any Korean fitness Instagramers or YouTubers?

Fitness/diet youtubers:

  • Daisy 데이지
    • Lost 9kg (20lb) mainly does makeup but there’s a lot of workout videos and diet advice videos
  • Jenny Eats Cake
    • Lost 25kg (55lb) and power lifts so good to watch if you do heavy weight and want muscles (only in Korean)
  • Laella
    • Mainly does “what I eat in a day” and weight loss recipes
  • thin 씬님
    • ssin’s other channel and she does recipes, diet mukbangs, and advice (not really active but gives good motivation)
  • 쿠몬 다이어트 Coomon Diet 
    • Lost 20kg (44lb) and posts how she lost/maintain the weight (only in Korean)
  • Dano TV
    • Lost 20kg (44lb) and mainly posts workout videos and diet advice

Specific videos you can watch:

And I don’t use ig anymore but if you search the tags ‘ 다이어트’ then you could easily find some to follow! Hope this helped best of luck :o)

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*whispers* ✨✨Rebelcaptain✨✨

Why do I ship Rebelcaptain, you ask?

Short answer: because I’m a complete sucker for Battle Couples, and generally pairings that are on a Mission together. Blame The X-Files. :D

They ended up being angstier than I initially expected, but while I would have loved the juxtaposition of a slightly edgier version of Jyn with a more Diego-like Cassian too, I think what we got might have been ultimately more interesting (and I wish I could shake my writer’s block because exploring these two damaged, lonely souls falling in love despite themselves amidst terrible circumstances is delicious).

And, you know. The chemistry. I could honestly watch Diego and Felicity sit together, like, eating crackers and doing crossword puzzles or something. For hours. Without getting tired.

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Does that answer your question? :D

How can you speak like a bajillion different languages and still sound like a dick in every one of them?
—  Caroline to Klaus, at some point.

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@kyuchikos-scissors : this meme wldn’t work in ask form fdhkfdhkdhd BUT ILY AND I HOPE U START FEELING BETTER ABT UR ART BC IT LIGHTS UP MY DAY <33)

;;A;; aaAAAAAA this is so sweet of you!!!!! Q////Q aAAA than K YOU <333 this brought a huge smile on my face T____T <3

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It's kind of rich coming from you, all of this fake concern towards the bullying that gay people face, when you're out there bullying people for liking the orange mclaren

Please, PLEASE, tell me you did not put the persecution that LGTB+ ppl suffer through on the sAME LEVEL AS BEING LITTLE BITCHES OVER THE DAMN COLOR OF A CAR.


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last movie watched: la la land
last song you listened to: i got love by taeyeon
last show you watched: the office (us ver)
last book you read: 1984
last thing you ate: pizza
if you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?: where jimin is
when would you time travel to?: to the future where it’s hopefully better
first thing you would do with lottery money: save it in the bank
character you would hang out with for a day?: ummm nothing comes to mind
time right now: 9:44 pm

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hi, here's the kiddo who wanted to larn how to read russian properly!!! um, ah, idk how to ask this, but are you okay with writting something for me within the next days? c: if you'll answer this q positively, can i message you? ahhh, i feel so awkwarddddddd sorry!!!!!!

yes, message me!♥

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Some q's about animation school: -Do they expect you to buy your own animation system? - what courses must you take in that school? Do they make u do animation projects and stuff (BESIDES learning history)? Like, how does the program work?

Actually to say,I didn’t know what course the school would teach before I took in the school, most animation programs school or teacher will buy for us, their is very little course about animation history, and of course, teachers will teach you the basic of every programs, also skill of every animation(also how to tell a story and draw the storyboards), then you can use what you had learned to make your own animation. 

It’s possible to be friends with a ghost even if they haven’t died yet.

Q: What’s the difference between a silhouette and a shadow?
A: A silhouette shows when something was there and isn’t anymore.
A shadow stands alone and unremarkable, unchanging and profound.

Q: Where does trust belong?
A: Neither.
A silhouette will fade with only a passing glance to revive it.
A shadow fails to respond, only there for you to observe as it changes every hour.

Q: How do I deal with both kinds?
A: Pick one.

Q: What if I can’t?
A: You’ll know.

Q: Aren’t I old enough to be past this?
A: You’re never too old for this.

Q: Am I one?
A: Can you read minds?

Q: I should apologize.
A: That’s not a question.

Q: Do silhouettes and shadows have memories?
A: They have forgotten who they were, but you won’t. Will never.

The waves will tug at your feet. Turn away. The ship has sailed.


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Hello lovely ladies! I have a silly question... So I've just finished my first Fluffuary bingo fic and I'm wondering about a few admin-y type bits. Like, I noticed there's a collection on AO3- am I supposed to post it in there? Or is that something you guys do (I don't want to be THAT person, lol). Are there tags I should be using (I used legendslikestardust and fluffuary) or is tagging the blog enough? Sorry, they're probably really silly q's! Thank you so much!

Not silly questions at all, thanks for reaching out!! I’m gonna break this down into parts.

On the AO3 collection

For anyone who doesn’t know, we set up an AO3 collection HERE and it’s for any fic that was even partially inspired by a prompt or an event from LegendsLikeStardust.

So, YES please post your fic in there!! There is no permission needed to post a work into the collection so, any prompt fills can go in when you post to AO3 :D

On Tagging

For prompt fills being posted here on tumblr, the easiest way to make sure we see it is to tag us at #legendslikestardust within the first five tags and/or mention us @legendslikestardust

I (Kelsey here) personally see the tag before I see mentions but we check both so…either works! Also f it’s been like… a week and we haven’t reblogged your fic or reached out to tell you that we saw it and we’re working on getting it reblogged but life, then please send one of us a message or ask to make sure that we saw your work!

Again, thanks for the questions!! We’re always here to help clear up any confusion and we hadn’t really done an announcement post about the AO3 collection to get that clarified so… thanks for asking! And thanks for writing with us!!

– Kelsey