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Asa Butterfield Imagine (ASAnators)

Anon asked, “heeey, could you write an Asa Butterfield with 39 and 53 pleaaase”

A/N: Of course! This was fun to do in class, because pshhh who does their actual work in class. Not this girl! (eh sometimes lol) Anyway- I hope you enjoy it! Reminder: Reader could be male or female.

39. “How long have you been standing there?”

53. “I’m flirting with you.”

Word count: 605

I slept over Asa’s apartment… I kind of got into an argument with my parents about stupid stuff, so I called Asa asking if I could hang around his for a while. “For a while” ended up being the whole night. I didn’t really wanna be at my parent’s house.

I had a crush on Asa too, he was just- the best. He was my best friend too, and he was just so great, how could I not like him!? His voice is so soothing and beautiful. His eyes? Precious. Everything about him, is so good…and I just- like him a whole lot.

In the morning I woke up in Asa’s bed. He wasn’t next to me which means he probably slept on the couch, leaving me the bed. I got up out of his bed, and went to the bathroom to do the casual morning routine or whatever.

When I got out I went to the kitchen and happened to pass by the living room and saw Asa sleeping on the couch. I smiled softly. He looked all cuddly and warm and adorable, and just…he looked perfect.

I saw a paper on the table, and in his handwriting it said, “make yourself @ home, stay as long as youd like” I smiled again and left it at the table and went to the kitchen to make breakfast. Might as well, right?

I decided to make beans and some toast. That’s Asa’s favorite. Beans on toast. That would sure make a nice morning. I put some music on. It wasn’t so loud, just in case I would wake him up or anything.

I started making everything, and I just do this naturally I guess…but I started singing quietly and dancing to the music that was playing. When I turned around to get a plate I saw Asa standing there next to the door way.

My eyes widened as a deep blush grew on my face. “How long have you been standing there?” I asked with a worried voice. Of course I was worried! That i so embarrassing, oh my gosh…

“Long enough.” he said walking to get the plates I was going to get IN THE FIRST PLACE. “Was that supposed to be cute or something? Intentional?” he asked. Yes Asa. I dance like an idiot to look cute. Duh.

“Yes. I’m flirting with you. Can’t you tell?” I say sarcastically. He laughed and put the plates down at the table. I laughed as well trying my best to not seem awkward. Thank God, I didn’t burn the toast…

I put some breakfast on his plate, and some on mine, and I kept the music on. “You don’t mind, right?” I asked about the music. “No, no, it’s fine.” he did say to make myself at home so, that’s what I’m doing. I nodded, and we both started eating.

After breakfast he looked at me and asked, “So when are you going back to your parent’s?” I sighed, “If you wanted me out that quick you could’ve just said so.” He shook his head and a smile showed up on his face, “I’m kidding. Come here.” he said holding his arms out and I received them.

This hug was amazing…it felt like all the bad things in the world no longer existed. I mean- that sounds stupid, but it’s true. “Thanks Asa. For letting me stay here and honestly everything.” I said. “No problem. It’s what friends do.”

Oh, friends. Right. Yeah, I doubt this is going any farther. So I nod and smile, hoping this hug lasts forever, even though I know it won’t.

Boueibu Puzzle Game Kinshiro Pyjama Route

Okay so finally get to post this. I had this one completed right before I left on my trip, but I don’t have photoshop on my Mac so I couldn’t do it while I was gone >.< But because I did this a while back, my translations might have some memory gaps OTL

So this time we are stay at Kinshiro’s place! That bed looks so damn tiny compared to everything else lol

Look how happy he is that you are over >.<

Now we are switching to PJs, I am positive he wasn’t blushing much or I would have screen capped the crap out of it xD

Awwww Everybody loves a happy Kin-chan <33

Due to the books I might guess it was a PJ study date? Which sounds weird to me, but thats Otome game logic xD

He looks so precious though ;u; 

The way he looks at you when you’re not looking (a Jason DiLaurentis one shot)

Author: imcgine // sp0na
Request: Instead of doing all of these seperate requests, this is 5 requests merged together to form a super one-shot (who knows, I may even continue it into a fic)
Word Count: 2833
Requested by: severals
Warnings: spoilers for the season 6 mid-finale, alcohol, vomit

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Boueibu Puzzle game Ryuu Pyjama Ending

So I loved the PJ route =D 

Ryuu’s pjs from the game are my favourite, especially with his hair down >///<

So for some reason you end up having a sleepover in the pyjama routes… seems a little odd but not as much as the hot spring one where you bathe together naked so let’s get started >.<

He is the cute one >.< (Saying your pyjamas are cute!)

For some reason you start tickling him! He is the cutest when he is laughing >.< I love Damasu’s voice <333 Of course he is begging you to stop!

Such a flirt (Who can’t help bringing up Io <3)

UGGGGG What I wouldn’t give to live in this god damn game! 

Again the puzzle images don’t save so I had to photoshop them together OTL

So worth it!!! Who wouldn’t want to wake up to that face every morning???

(Not to mention the things you would do at night >//////< I will leave that there…..)

Books and CupcakesFebruary Book Photo Challenge

Day 15 • Books & Flowers