the pv is glorious

urob  asked:

ive also just started reading houseki no kuni im not very far yet so my only opinion so far is that the anime will probably be gorgeous

Is it getting an anime? 

The animated PV for the manga was glorious, I love how they did the shading


Kamiya’s third mini album Hareyon will officially be released tomorrow but most stores have it available a day early.

I have to admit… Watching the GLORIOUS TIME PV was even more embarrassing than watching the Such a beautiful affair one, and that’s saying a lot. It’s hard not to grin. HiroC, stop looking this way~~ XD

All the songs are very, very good. They all have a different sound to them and I think it goes to show how far Kamiya has come as a singer.

Happy 5th anniversary!!

Mad Respect: Patricia van der Vliet

Dutch model Patricia van der Vliet can be found within the pages of Vogue and Interview, but in her off-time, you’re more likely to see her traveling the world. The Inside Source caught up with this adventurous (not to mention drop dead gorgeous) spirit to talk about her holiday getaways, what she packs when she gets away, and the year going forward. 

Jenny Bahn: Where are you dreaming of taking off to this holiday season?

Patricia van der Vliet: Tulum! I love it there. Everything is still so untouched and raw. The food is incredible. So are the beaches. Love the Mexican hospitality. And apart from mind blowing beaches you can do so much adventures stuff down there.


JB: Most glorious moment of 2013?

PV: My most glorious moment… Think it might sound stupid to some of you, but – honestly – when I reached the top of Machu Picchu.

JB: What are your top five things to pack before leaving town?

PV: 1) Embryolisse, the face cream I always use, 2) Leonor Greyl Anti-Frizz serum (girl’s gotta keep her curls in line), 3) A good book (I am a huge bookworm. There ain’t no way I’m hitting the road without a good book underneath my arm), 4) Very superficial, but my iPhone, yes.. and 5) My Starbucks instant coffee  (the Bold Italian flavour. There’s nothing worse then finding yourself with a flavourless cup of coffee. My morning depends on it. I always make sure I have one or two packs with me.)

JB: Any goals for 2014? Dare we say, “resolutions”? 

PV: 2014… I would like to cook some more. I keep on buying all these cookbooks, but for some reason I only end up cooking when I’m visiting my family in Holland. I need to make it a point to cook more whilst being in New York.

(Photo courtesy of @hungvanngo via Instagram. Text by Jenny Bahn)