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it’s interesting being someone who followed homestuck as a serial reader for a LONG time

back when vriska and terezi’s arc was first taking shape and hussie introduced Troll Romance™ the whole fandom was SO invested in black vriska/terezi. like, we all assumed that vriska and terezi’s interactions + the introduction of quirky alien romance meant that they were Hate Gay for each other and that was it

and funnily enough, hussie actually – in the comic itself – pushed back against vriska/terezi as a spades ship. i remember reading the update where dave was like (i am paraphrasing here) “ohhh u hate hate vriska” and terezi was like “no it’s not like that!!” and i remember being incredibly frustrated by it. i wasn’t even really into vriska/terezi back then, but it was like….. god hussie just let them be gay come on man

HOWEVER…. years later, after watching terezi and vriska’s story come SOOO far…….. i understand why hussie didn’t like black vriska/terezi and why he dropped hints In Comic that it wasn’t a thing.

vriska and terezi’s issues were more human than that. it wasn’t Weirdo Alien Romance – we found out years later it ran deeper than that. their struggle was bound to heartbreak and trauma and loneliness and social issues – a complex web of suffering & pain they endured together and forced each other to endure as punishment. two broken girls trying their utmost to understand goodness and love when it was so foreign to them… trying to piece together where they belong in each others’ lives when the idyllic softness of their childhood gave way to their miserable pre-teen years and horrendous teenage years.

and back then i was SO frustrated but now? i totally understand

being Hate Gay for each other strips away the complex and incredibly human emotions vriska and terezi were actually feeling towards each other, and i actually admire hussie for telling their story even though the fandom begged for something simpler. i don’t know how much he’d planned it all out, or if he just made it up as he went along, but it turned out beautiful and significant.

terezi and vriska didn’t hate each other – their frustration, anger, tears, and anguish were never borne out of Passionate Hate… they were borne out of love. the root of terezi’s grief over killing vriska was not just guilt or morality or losing her Hot Hate Crush and not having someone to Argue With Romantically – it was because she missed her. because she cared about her.

vriska came back and we saw their history and there was so much laughter, so many smiles… the last real conversation they had was private, them tucked away behind the fridge while vriska offered up love and support to terezi that she would never give to anyone else, and terezi poured her grief out to vriska while vriska listened and helped her. their bond was always built on love. terezi killed vriska while angry at her, in a fit of pique, and it was not the guilt that ate her alive – it was the hole in her heart vriska left because she missed her so dearly.

Still, it’s clear Fairchild’s protagonist is reeling from a love that went very, very wrong. She can recall the moments her man was sweet, loving and honest, however. Here’s where “Better Man” separates itself from other songs about abuse or mistreatment. Typically it’s a clear cut good vs. evil drama, but LBT have once again pushed us to consider a more well-rounded story arc. They’re some of the best at creating characters, not caricatures.
—  The Taste of Country reviewing Better Man (prior to knowing Taylor Swift wrote it)
Elizabeth’s Bystander Story

Until January 23rd, MTV is collecting your true stories of successful bystander intervention and will be asking you to create art that helps illustrate how someone can step in to stop sexual assault. Get inspired to create your illustration from this bystander intervention story that protected a student at Ole Miss, or one of the many other real stories collected by It’s On Us (@its-on-us) here:

This senior at a party came up to me and started aggressively flirting, grabbing my arm, trying to squeeze my butt and I was super uncomfortable. He then turned and grabbed the back of my neck, squeezing my hair and started pushing me towards the door that he opened and began to shove me inside. 

That’s when I heard, “hey, man, step off and leave her alone." 

I looked out of the door and there were two guys who seemed to know my assailant. "C'mon y'all, she wants it bad,” he said.

They responded, “no dude, she doesn’t." 

One of them looked back at me and asked, "do you?" 

All I could reply was, "I want my friend.” Then they both led me back out to the party and helped me find her.

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being a tireless burning engine of human consciousness is tough all the time and I know it’s so easy to just let burden and stress consume you but don’t ever forget what’s really really important to you 

laughing until your cheeks ache, curiosity, learning all the time, watching ghosts of light shivering in the sky, helping others and voicing out fear and injustice, sharing stories of sadness, anger, happiness, gratitude, pushing all hell against boundaries, realizing the novelty of every experience from here on out

sometimes my neighbor, an amiable elderly Chinese man, comes over to my family’s house, rings the doorbell, and gives us a loaf of bread or Chinese pastries as a gift for no particular occasion. can you believe it? he makes a conscious decision to buy an extra loaf of bread at checkout just for us, what! why!

that’s a semblance of goodness. that’s resilience. there really is gold in these dark streams, alright.

  • Radio host: Yo Iggy drop us a freestyle
  • Iggy: ...
  • Iggy: Okay I got dis
  • Iggy: This is the story of a man named Stanley. Stanley worked for a company in a big building where he was employee number 427. Employee number 427's job was simple: he sat at his desk in room 427 and he pushed buttons on a keyboard. Orders came to him through a monitor on his desk, telling him what buttons to push, how long to push them, and in what order. This is what employee 427 did every day of every month of every year. And although others might've considered it soul rending, Stanley relished every moment that the orders came in, as though he had been made exactly for this job. Stanley was happy. And then one day something very peculiar happened. Something that would forever change Stanley. Something he would never quite forget. He had been at his desk for nearly an hour when he realized that not one single order had arrived on the monitor for him to follow. No one had showed up to give him instructions, call a meeting, or even say "hi." Never, in all his years at the company, had this happened, this complete isolation. Something was very clearly wrong. Shocked, frozen solid, Stanley found himself unable to move for the longest time. But as he came to his wits and regained his senses, he got up from his desk, and stepped out of his office. All of his co-workers were gone. What could it mean?
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[[ it was such a good movie, i hope they make more focusing on how the other guardians became guardians (like they each get their own movie like frost did!)]]

// i would die if they made more tbh… it would be a dream come true. im trying to push myself to read the books bc i know theres a lot of info about other guardians in them. 

plus i LOVE Pitch’s design in the books, and the story that was elaborated on too. kinda sad he looked so plain the movie bc dang man the book design was epic //

A tiny Jethin headcanon for markmikeashton:

Jonathan and Gethin’s mum first meet in the hospital when Gethin is still unconscious from the attack. At Jonathan is so nervous and afraid that it’ll be awkward between them or that she will blame him for what has happened. But when he sees this cute elderly woman coming down the hall, all he can concentrate on are the traits she shares with Gethin. The next thing he notices is how worried and afraid she is. At once he feels the need to protect her, just like he wants to shield Gethin from everything bad in this world.

So Jonathan pushes away his own fear and greets her like a perfect gentleman. She’s charmed immediately. It’s clear to her what Gethin sees in this strange wonderful man. They give each other solace as they keep waiting for Gethin to wake up. At some point they start talking, reminiscing about the things they’ve been through with him. Of course Gethin’s mum has some cute embarrassing childhood stories about her son.

Gethin actually wakes up to both of them sitting next to his bed and laughing about his first encounter with the sea. He thinks he’s still dreaming because his mother and his boyfriend getting along is just too good to be true.


Maes Hughes

(マース・ヒューズ, Māsu Hyūzu) is an Amestrian State Military officer stationed in the Investigations Office in Central City and Colonel Roy Mustang’s best friend, as well as the closest supporter of Mustang’s secret bid for the position of Führer. A devoted family man and exemplary soldier, Hughes is generally well-liked by the other characters (unless he is pushing his love of his wife or daughter on them) and his murder serves as the major starting point for the story to unfold.


Tall and lean, Maes Hughes offsets his sharp military uniform with a thin chinstrap of scruffy beard and his jovially spiky hair ending in a characteristic forelock as well as the rectangular spectacles framed in front of his hazel eyes. Though his hair is black, the 2003 anime gave a green hue to it (coincidentally the same shade as Envy), suggesting that it could have been dark green.

Manga and 2009 anime

Hughes enrolled in the military academy during his early adulthood, where he met and befriended fellow cadet Roy Mustang; though it is presumed they were close, the two would be separated after graduation and would not meet again until both being sent out to the Daliha region of Ishval during the Ishval Civil War. There, though fresh from his academy days, Hughes was quickly promoted to the rank of Captain due the frequent deaths of his commanding officers. As the two soldiers watched the senseless chaos and rampant atrocities of the front lines, Maes lost some of his idealism but kept his spirits up with thoughts of a brighter future

When the long war finally ended, Hughes and Mustang discussed a new idealism wherein one person would rise above people and protect those below him with his acquired power and authority. Even if all he could protect was a few people, he would make sure that those people protected those below them and so on until the entire nation ended up benefiting from his protection. Remarking that any person aspiring to do so would need to reach the highest echelon of government, Hughes promised to support Roy in his new goal - to be Führer.Over the next six years, Maes was promoted to the rank of Lt. Colonel and was stationed in the Investigations Office at Central Command in the capital while also marrying his sweetheart Gracia and siring a young daughter, Elicia. While in such an important office so close to the top brass of the State Military, he continued to covertly pass inside information to Roy (who had been promoted to Colonel and was stationed in East City) as part of his ongoing support of his friend’s executive bid - effectively working beneath him to push him to the top.

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Creepypasta #717: The Other Side

Story length: Long

“Fuck that, man.” Sam said pushing the board away and standing from his seat.

“Nah, dude, you're not pussying out now. This thing cost me last week’s paycheck.”

Sam looked at the board for a couple of seconds.

“If I get possessed or some shit, that’s on you,” he finally said, returning to his seat at the table. “So, like, what do we do?”

Alex replied: “We just put a hand on the pointer-eye thing and ask it questions, then sometimes it answers, I guess.”

“That’s bullshit,” Sam scoffed,“one of us just moves it to freak the other one out.”

“Hey man, I promise not to move it if you do.”

“Alright, I guess,” Sam resigned.

Both stared at the eye, neither moving.

“Alright,” Alex finally said, “I’ll go first.” He placed his fingers lightly on the eye and looked at Sam. Sam took out a blunt and lighter from his pocket and lit it. Placing it in his mouth and puffing, he said “Fine. Let’s do it.”

Sam placed his fingers on the eye next to Alex’s.

“So what do we ask-” the movement of the eye cut Sam’s question short.

“I-S-A-N-Y-O-N,” Alex whispered under his breath.

“Fuckin’ hell!” Sam screamed, jumping in his seat.

“E-T-H-E-R-E,” Alex continued whispering. “Is anyone there?”

“I thought we ask it the questions!” Sam said, staring at Alex.

“Me too,” Alex said, his eyes not moving from the board.

“Well?” Sam said.

“Well, I mean, we are…” Alex shrugged at Sam. Looking back at the board, he slid the eye over to the red ‘yes’ in the corner.

“Holy shit,” Sam said as the eye moved over the letters:


“Um,” Alex said, his voice shaking. ”A-L-E-X,” he began, moving the eye over each letter as he said them. He slid over to the ’&’symbol before starting again- ”S-A-M.”

The board stood totally still. Sam put out his blunt and Alex gripped the table, neither one taking an eye off the Ouija board.

Finally the eye began to move again.

“No, no, that’s- that isn’t-” Alex said.

”What the fuck, Alex!?” Sam said looking at Alex.

“What does- what’s that even mean?” Alex said, his voice cracking and shaking.

Finally the eye stopped moving after running over the letters:


Credits to: BeezHuts 

I love Steve/Tony

It’s been a tough time wading through the craziness since Civil War and today’s Marvel stupidity.

But I still really like Steve and Tony, together, apart, in many canons. (Preferably together.)

I didn’t know much about the Avengers until I started watching Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes when it first came out. Then the open sequence to the episode “The Man Who Stole Tomorrow” – that whole conversation between Tony and Steve as Tony reads the paper over breakfast and Steve does push-ups made me sit up and say, I want to know everything about Steve and Tony. 

And here I am, totally in the tank for Steve/Tony. 

I could go on and on about what I find fascinating about them as characters, how they interact with and react to each other. It’s an epic love story.

And despite all the craziness, I’m going to focus on what I love (fanart! fanfiction! Avengers Assemble!) and hope to contribute positively to fandom.

Thank you to every creator and reblogger in fandom. People create the most amazing, interesting stuff and people generously share what they find. It’s terrific and wonderful and brings such joy in my life. 

To sum it up, Steve/Tony Forever.

Dressed In Red

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Hey Tumblr fanatics welcome back to the holiday special, today starring Tony Stark. Keep watch for more to come and if you have an idea on a holiday/winter story send them in and I’ll try to do as many as I can but I might not get through them all. Enjoy!

“No! I’m not doing that!” Tony yelled pushing past you and returning to his work.

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I don’t think I have ever been more excited for a story line that revolves around Captain Swan and the Dark One. Not only are we getting a story about the desperate act that Emma did to save Killian but the story of how once Killian’s anger subsides because let’s be real he needs a hot minute, a True Love couple will set aside their darkness to save the other. Merlin was able to push through the darkness tethered to him so makes us think that Killian and Emma can’t. We have the Savior and the man that defeated his own personal darkness. Killian spent hundreds of years trying to kill the Dark One and now he has become one. He now has knowledge of how to truly defeat the Darkness he has fought so hard to destroy in Emma. 

Don’t you see it. Emma and Killian have defeated villain after villain and now they are the “villain” and only together can they destroy the monster within. 

Together they are dark and together they will bring back the light. The couple that goes dark together, defeats the darkness together, stays together. 

We were given a presentation on sustainability today but the teacher giving it was kinda weird and mid presentation he starts telling us this story about how he took his son to the school pond to look for frogs and he saw this big male frog trying to seduce another female frog. Wanting to test out how the male frog would react to competition, he made a fake male by taping a very large zucchini to a stick and pushing it through he water towards the other male. However rather than getting aggressive, the male frog actually swam over and started humping the zucchini and that’s how this man had to explain homosexuality to his son who wanted to know why a male frog would be interested in a fake zucchini male frog.

Oh man, that Melinda-Daisy exchange while Daisy was in the pod on the plane, though. Even though it was cut entirely too short, the weight behind it was oh so important.

These two have been sorely lacking in scenes together throughout the season, but here, at the very climax of the story, they push each other forward. Melinda articulates one of the things she’s been developing towards all season – a certain kind of peace with Bahrain and who she’s become in the years since – and urges Daisy to balance the scales, to be the good.

And when Daisy wavers, she brings it right back to who Daisy is as a person – not her powers, but her. To a certain kind of understanding of what it is for such compassionate people to gain powers with such potential for destruction, something that happened to both Daisy and Andrew. To the core of who Daisy is as an agent.

I love so much – so, so, so much – that the emotional climax between Melinda and Daisy was this is who we’ve become, and how they got each other there. And when Daisy can’t quite find that faith in herself, Melinda turns it right back to herself and Andrew – but we believe in you and if you can’t trust yourself right now, you need to trust that our judgment is sound and our love for you is sound, that there is a reason for Melinda being there in that moment and Andrew breaking through to save Daisy.

It’s an incredibly lovely relationship, and incredibly heartbreaking. More of these two together again next season, please.