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I’ve been trying to reconcile what I gain by being here with what is lost by not being somewhere else. I started, many years ago, posting one photo a day. In the second year, I expanded to include words. Three years later, I tore it down because an audience had appeared, and I was uncomfortable as a purveyor of content without a clear intention. I met a few people during that time, none who stuck and a few who did damage, and I was - ultimately - just fine becoming a ghost. Or less than; ghosts leave spectral footprints. There was no concern at my absence.

I started again with music. A way to indulge an obsession and the memory of my days as a band photographer. Nostalgia and the glorious revelation of finding and sharing something new. The content grew and this time, I met a few people who’ve done more than open an internet window into their life. I’ll call them friends (a best friend, even), if they’d be so kind as to accept that moniker, because I care about them in the ways that stars arrive at night in hordes under clear skies.

But now, I’m left wondering about all of it, including intention again. It’s a collection of information I don’t always know how to assimilate. There are living diaries working out demons and unicorns alike; there are grocery lists and other minutiae, as though the writer believes that’s all they’re good for (they are good for more, I promise); there are photos of faces and breasts and tattoos and cities and trees; there are loved ones and the music and books that remind us of them; there is sex and marriage and divorce and the underpinnings that flow us from one state to the other. There is also desperation, pettiness, cruelty, and darkness, and while that’s usual in any community of any size, it is strange to find it’s wandered into your house and bedroom, willfully standing over you as you sleep to take photos and talk shit while smiling and offering cookies to passersby.

I am not sure the point of the audience anymore. Is it to prove I’m interesting, still? Appealing in my awkward, stand-offish way? A pat on the back for making social inroads? Do I care if anyone likes my photos or music or musings? Do I require that affirmation? Am I helping here? Is anything I create providing comfort or distraction or thought?

I’ve been propositioned, stalked, fucked with for reasons I’ll never fully understand, had my content stolen. Recently, I learned that someone I’ve never interacted with wrote some petty shit about me on my birthday (for daring to turn an otherwise pointless day into a creative fest featuring you darlings, I suppose?) and blocked me. From the shadows, they consumed enough of my curated chaos to form an opinion they needed to shout to the world. As a community, you ate it up, asked for nothing except more of the same. I’m not the first and I won’t be the last. It’s high school without the lockers. And the wheel spins.

Maybe this occurs because we don’t actually know anyone here, and by extension, don’t really care. We purge our stories to make ourselves feel better, then - waiting not-so-patiently to be acknowledged - we turn to the (mis)adventures of our so-called friends as immediate distraction. When people misbehave, we turn the channel. We don’t do what one would expect in person, which would be to confront the asshole yelling in an otherwise well-behaved bar. We emoji shrug instead, wonder what else we can take a photo of, and go on our way.

I do not say any of this from a distance, either. It’s why I’m here questioning the rest. I have written and deleted this post a dozen times in the last few months and, in the intervening time, tried to be mindful of interacting with your lives in a way that is (hopefully) meaningful. To share and commiserate and help, if possible. To look over my own content and see if it provides something we both can use. And fuck, man. I’m just not sure I’m doing a good job. If I ever did. I feel like an easy target, which is precisely because I don’t do the popularity thing well. My insecurities aren’t settled by fucking with you. There’s a grand life out there for the indulging and at a fundamental level, I’m not concerned with how that shakes out in a stranger’s mind. Instead, I’m increasingly taken with the thoughts of those I call friends. Their gestures and creativity, the way their voices drop when they’ve got a story that needs telling, the way their hands move when they are excited, the tilt of their head when their lives feel out of control, their smiles at accomplishments, their blushes at being turned on. Perhaps most saliently, the feeling of their arms around me after a dinner of delicious food and better conversation.  

Maybe that’s where I need to be for awhile.

As someone who had this haircut:

I really appreciate the YoI staff’s attention to detail because it most certainly grows out into this haircut:


                       “Messrs Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs
                         Purveyors of Aids to Magical Mischief-Makers
                                            are proud to present
                                       ‘THE MARAUDER’S MAP.’”


Duncan Hines, traveling salesman and future purveyor of boxed cake mix, considered himself an authority on a great many things: hot coffee, Kentucky country-cured ham and how to locate a tasty restaurant meal, in 1935, for under a dollar and a quarter.

By the 1950s, Hines’ name would be plastered on boxes of cake mix; housewives would turn to his products for consistent quality and superior taste. Newspaper photographs featured Hines clad in a white chef’s apron, hoisting a neatly frosted cake or thoughtfully dipping a spoon into a mixing bowl.

But Duncan Hines wasn’t a chef — in truth, he could barely cook. For most of his career, he had just been a businessman, desperate for a decent meal on the road.

Duncan Hines: The Original Road Warrior Who Shaped Restaurant History

Photos: Courtesy of Clinton Lewis/Kentucky Museum/Western Kentucky University

Hogwarts Houses: Seventeen


  • gryffindor 
  • head boy
  • quidditch captain; chaser
  • constantly offering himself up for sacrifice when it’s unnecessary 
  • “I’LL BATTLE THE TROLL” “coups…no one really asked you to-”
  • is shadowed by at least one first year at all times


  • slytherin 
  • prefect 
  • on a one man mission to change the perception of slytherin house
  • throws as much shade as the whomping willow anyway
  • clapping back at first years
  • volunteers at the infirmary mostly to remind his peers how avoidable their illnesses are


  • hufflepuff
  • the most liked prefect
  • can’t help but assist house elves with chores
  • gasps and clutches his chest when he hears the “m-word”
  • volunteers in the infirmary with jeonghan but with much less sass
  • responsible for making up all of the house points DK loses


  • ravenclaw
  • quidditch chaser
  • known for his in-air acrobatics on the quidditch pitch
  • infamous for starting study groups for all assignments 
  • has a lowkey soft spot for his slytherin friends
  • uses the dancing feet jinx on people he catches making fun of minghao


  • gryffindor
  • quidditch chaser
  • unsure if wizard or just a really large pygmy puff
  • once burned off an eyebrow in potions and had to beg jihoon to fix it
  • late night recon missions to the kitchens
  • somehow always in detention most often with DK


  • ravenclaw
  • herbology expert
  • general status: barely passing
  • attempts homework while watching mingyu at quidditch practice
  • uses the room of requirement to house his rare plants
  • hobby: creating new spells for mingyu to use in underground duels


  • slytherin
  • death glares from his cobwebby library corner
  • king of nonverbal hexes
  • plays piano for frog choir practices
  • the slytherin that ravenclaws come to when they can’t figure out the common room riddle
  • is tired or the flitwick comparisons - so unless you want to be hexed into oblivion, quit it. 


  • hufflepuff
  • walking felix felicitis 
  • just happy to be at hogwarts, no matter what house he was placed in
  • creates a calendar during quidditch season, so he can cheer on all of his friends equally
  • “N.E.W.T.s this morning! Fighting!”
  • Hobbies include: freeing house elves and passing out cauldron cakes to students having a bad day


  • ravenclaw
  • quidditch beater
  • underground wizarding duel coordinator in which he puts all galleons on himself
  • the quiet voice that whispers the correct answer in the back of the classroom before seungkwan someone shouts it louder
  • asked by six different girls to the yule ball. went with wonwoo instead
  • huge purveyor of owl post. even if it’s just to his friends in other houses.


  • slytherin
  • prank master
  • metamorphmagus
  • completes the slytherin cinnamon roll coalition with jeonghan and vernon
  • dueling champion
  • king of protecting his friends by any means necessary


  • ravenclaw
  • quidditch commentator but always biased
  • uses his intellect mostly for insults
  • too busy trying to find his way out of homework than to actually do it
  • the sole reason why ravenclaw has never won a house cup
  • mingyu’s underground wizard duel hype man


  • slytherin
  • quidditch beater
  • genuinely frightened by the dungeons, so he needs a buddy to get to his common room
  • same for attending care of magical creatures as it’s beside the forbidden forest 
  • literal mad scientist (top potions student)
  • keeps a list of common room passwords on his person at all times


  • gryffindor 
  • quidditch prodigy 
  • youngest keeper in a century 
  • regularly turns in five extra inches on essays but mostly because he writes big
  • aspires to be head boy
  • has to learn to stop talking back first
Of course all thanks for sorting help go to my @novaurora13 :)
Sexy Photo: Mr. Blaque
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Mercy leaned on the counter, still looking through her mail.  She opened another envelope and grin formed on her face.  “My favourite Purveyor!  Surely this was meant for someone else.  But I’m sure they won’t mind if I kept it.  Such a fine looking man, I hope he enjoyed my gifts.  I must admit I do miss him.”


Three Terrifying Reasons for Trump’s Latest Rant

Early Saturday morning, March 4, the 45th president of the United States alleged in a series of  tweets that former president Barack Obama orchestrated a “Nixon/Watergate” plot to tap Trump’s phones at his Trump Tower headquarters last fall in the run-up to the election. Trump concluded that the former president is a “Bad (or sick) guy!”

Sunday morning, Trump called for a congressional investigation.

Trump cited no evidence for his accusation.

Folks, we’ve got a huge problem on our hands. Either:

1. Trump is more nuts than we suspected – a true delusional paranoid. Trump’s outburst was triggered by commentary in the “alt-right” publication, Breitbart News, on Friday, which reported an assertion made Thursday night by right-wing talk-radio host Mark Levin suggesting Obama and his administration used “police state” tactics last fall to monitor the Trump team’s dealings with Russian operatives.

If this is what triggered Trump’s tantrum, we’ve got a president willing to put the prestige and power of his office behind baseless claims emanating from well-known right-wing purveyors of lies.

Which means Trump shouldn’t be anywhere near the nuclear codes that could obliterate the planet, or near anything else that could determine the fate of America or the world.

2. The second possibility is the Obama administration did in fact tap his phones. But if this was the case, before the tap could occur it’s highly likely Trump committed a very serious crime, including treason.

No president can order a wiretap on his own. For federal agents to obtain a wiretap on Trump, the Justice Department would first have had to convince a federal judge that it had gathered sufficient evidence of probable cause to believe Trump had committed a serious crime or was an agent of a foreign power, depending on whether it was a criminal or foreign intelligence wiretap.

In which case we have someone in the White House who shouldn’t be making decisions that could endanger America or the world.

3. The third possible explanation for Trump’s rant is he was trying to divert public attention from the Jeff Sessions imbroglio and multiple investigations of Trump associates already found to have been in contact with Russian agents during the election, when Russian operatives interfered with the election on Trump’s behalf.

Maybe he’s trying to build a case that the entire Russian story is a plot concocted by the Obama Administration – along with the intelligence agencies and the mainstream press – to bring Trump down. This way, he can inoculate himself against more damaging evidence to come.

But if it’s all a big show to divert attention and undermine the credibility of the intelligence agencies and the press, Trump is willing to do anything to keep his job – even if that means further dividing America, undermining trust in our governing institutions, and destroying the fabric of our democracy.

So there you have it. We have a president who is either a dangerous paranoid who’s making judgments based on right-wing crackpots, or has in all likelihood committed treason, or is willing to sacrifice public trust in our basic institutions to further his selfish goals.

Each of these possible reasons is as terrifying as the other.

For Democrats to be the only ones sounding the alarm risks turning it into the new normal of partisanship. For Obama himself to respond would only dignify it.

So the responsibility falls to Republican leaders to stand up and call this what it is: Dangerous demagoguery.

Former Republican presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, former Republican senators and members of Congress, and current Republican senators and members of Congress, must have the courage and decency to stop this outrage.

We are in a serious crisis of governance, and their voices are critical.

Open letter to people writing articles about successful people with disabilities:

Yes, that’s right, [insert disability here] completely failed to stop this person from [insert ordinary accomplishment here].

Do you know why their disability did not stop them from doing well with the thing? 

Here, let me help you. The reason why their disability didn’t stop them? Is because there’s no reason why it would! Because having this disability doesn’t have anything to do with the success that you have described! 

The negative assumptions that other people make about disabled people? The prejudice and discrimination that people with disabilities have to deal with? The accessibility barriers in our environment? These things can slow us down. Sometimes these things can even stop us altogether. But nine times out of ten, articles about successful people with disabilities aren’t talking about these things when they say, “[disability] did not stop this person from [accomplishment]”! 

You may think you are doing a good thing in sharing stories that help bust stereotypes about disability. You are helping show that people with disabilities can be successful!

Yes, this is good. But the way you frame this matters. When you say that the person accomplished X despite having disability Y, you help reinforce the concept that disability Y should normally be a barrier to achieving accomplishment X. These kinds of statements can actually reinforce negative assumptions about disability. This can imply that the person’s success is a rare exception that other disabled people might not achieve. And often that implication is incorrect. 

If you really want to help break stereotypes, then please don’t do it like this. Instead, please help your readers understand that,

  • Yes, this person with a disability is successful!
  • Because lots of people with similar disabilities are also accomplishing great things!

Help employers and other gatekeepers understand that, very often, the only thing standing in the way of the next successful disabled person is the lack of opportunity. And they’re in a position to offer these opportunities.


Signed, Annoyed Reader with Multiple Disabilities Who Sometimes Gets Tired of Seeing the Same Tropes in News Stories About People with Disabilities

[Edited to add these disclaimers: Yes, I recognize that sometimes disabilities are the barrier. I do not intend to erase the experiences of people for whom disability is the primary challenge to meeting conventional definitions of “successful”. However, in a high ratio of media coverage, disability in and of itself is not as much of a barrier as media purveyors seem to assume. Also: Yes, I absolutely agree that people do not have to be employed to have value as people, or to be defined as “successful”. Hence, “and other gatekeepers”.] 

Tomi Lahren reportedly ousted from TheBlaze over pro-abortion rights comments

  • Tomi Lahren’s abortion stance got her booted from TheBlaze, according to Page Six gossip purveyor Richard Johnson. 
  • On March 17, the conservative mouthpiece went rogue on The View and declared herself pro-abortion rights, leading to her suspension from TheBlaze by boss Glenn Beck. 

  • But Johnson reported that the suspension has since been upgraded to a permanent ban. Read more. (12:01 PM)


Midday Man Break: Starbucks Bae

I don’t often mess with Starbucks coffee because it tastes like burnt dirt, but I’d be the purveyor of potting soil if this was my barista.

😂#happyvalentinesday this #boomerang thing is funny lol

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All of a sudden I feel exceptionally parched…

One for the Books: Chapter 1


Summary:  Dan never expected Phil to seriously notice him. Sure, maybe he’d glance at his sign and laugh, but not even in his wildest dreams did he imagine actually getting called up onstage to do the one thing he’d dreamed of for years. But what happens when a simple kiss unexpectedly turns into something more? Musician!Phil/fanboy!Dan AU

Word Count (for this chapter): 3.1k

Genre: Fluffy smut

Extra tags: Musician AU, concerts, first kiss, getting together, first time

Warnings (for this chapter): Smut (but nothing explicit), swearing

Read on ao3

A/N: Based on a prompt from phanfic:

basically, dan is a total fangirl of phil, who’s a musician. phil does this thing, like halsey does, where he’ll be people’s first kiss at concerts. dan goes to his concert and phil notices dan, they kiss but it turns out to be a total make out session. you decide what happens next…

Yeah. Can you imagine how much I wanted to write this? Well, after nearly 3 long weeks, it’s finally here! I hope you enjoy!!

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Make A Wish (4/4)

Stuck in the Enchanted Forest after her wish was granted, Emma seeks out Killian. She doesn’t expect what she finds. Canon divergence from 6x10, including spoilers for 6x11 in this chapter.

Endless thanks to @caprelloidea for reading over this for me and just being an amazing fic cheerleader in general. Also tagging @laschatzi because she asked :).

Rating: T for this chapter, M overall

Word count: 5141

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

AO3 |

Killian takes her to the beanstalk on horseback. Emma is grateful for the few hours it takes them, an excuse to shamelessly wrap herself around him as she sits in the back of the saddle. Her hands start off holding his hips before eventually clasping themselves across his front, her cheek resting between his shoulder blades.

They won’t have much longer if their mission is successful, the threat of the Evil Queen loose in Storybrooke more than enough to hurry them along. But when her hand reaches up and closes over his where he holds the reins she closes her eyes, squeezing him tight against her. It’s all they have left - all he has left - and she won’t spend a single moment without her hands on his skin if she can help it. They don’t talk, don’t need to, and Emma is grateful that she can’t see Killian’s face as they ride, knowing she couldn’t handle it.

It looks much the same as it did before, towering up into the sky and forcing them to lean back to take all of it in. “Do you think this thing is still enchanted by the giant?” she asks, squinting her eyes against the sun. “I don’t have any memories of his story being different in this version of things.”

“Nor do I,” he confirms, still looking up. “I suppose there’s only one way to find out.” Before she can protest, he approaches the beanstalk and places a tentative hand against it.

The force of its magic throws him a good ten feet before he lands on his back.

She’s at his side in an instant. “Well,” he gets out when his breath returns to him, “that answers that question.”

Emma laughs, relieved that he’s only injured his pride. “You are such a dumbass, you know that?”

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