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Monday 24th July 2017.

There’s an angry mob outside the Supergirl studios. Actress, and cast mom, Chyler Leigh has to push her way through to get to set.

She spots LGBTQ+ warrior Floriana Lima on set sending tweet after tweet. Chyler nearly has a heart attack. ‘Floriana, you’re on Twitter?!’

Floriana looks up, bags under her eyes. It’s obvious that she hasn’t slept in a while - she hasn’t, in fact, she’s been tweeting all night. ‘Damage control, babe,’ she says before returning to her phone.

Chyler nods and keeps walking, only to be stopped by Jeremy Jordan and Melissa Benoist running frantically across set. The Irish Goddess, Katie McGrath is in hot pursuit, clutching a chair in her hands WWE style.

‘What the??’ Chyler mutters to herself before advancing. She sees her new castmate Odette Annable in the fetal position by a wall. Chyler rushes over. ‘Odette, sweetie, what’s wrong?’

Odette looks at her, eyes wide and traumatized. ‘C-comic-con,’ she stutters.

Stupidest hats in Bloodborne: a definitive inventory

#1: Gold Ardeo. Beyond being merely stupid, this hat is an insult to the concept of the Executioners, who are in all other ways immensely badass and super aesthetic (if, you know, awful, like most or all Bloodborne characters). Their robes are super pretty in their details while also giving that church military vibe, and then when it comes to headgear suddenly it’s traffic cone/die-cast Klansman territory. If that weren’t enough, there literally is no way to see in this hat, which is a theme we find frequently in Bloodborne, but not in connection with the Executioners, who as physical military types really ought to want to see what they’re doing. But honestly, my grudge against this headwear is personal. I really kind of want to cosplay blood&guts Alfred, much more of an experience than just doing the original version, but to do that I would have to make and wear this hat. And that is something that I just cannot contemplate, no matter what other sartorial atrocities I might have to my name.

#2: Master’s Iron Helm. Look, it’s no surprise the League isn’t operating on a super high budget. They’re a bunch of randos who seem to mostly live in the not-so-Forbidden-as-they-claim-but-still-technically-Forbidden Woods, and their obsession with improving humanity seems to run directly orthogonal to everyone else’s obsession with improving humanity, rendering them understandably unpopular. Besides, there’s not a lot of funding left to go around in Yharnam after the secret laboratories and the corpse collectors are accounted for. But. This is a bucket. It is a straight-up bucket, and one in poor enough condition that a Cathedral Ward janitor’s office would have just thrown it out and billed Amelia for a new one. Valtr, my buddy, please: in a world where your enemies bypass armor and rip your head straight off, consider the PR and spend your last few shining coins on a snazzy cap.

#3: Mensis Cage. I’ll tell you, here at the School of Mensis, we hate to come in third. But sometimes you have to come in third in silly hats…to come in first in human evolution. Look, as stupid as the cage looks - which assuredly is extremely stupid - at least you can see out of it, which among this selection is a luxury indeed. And it does tie in pretty well with the whole lunatics strap themselves to chairs to await their horrific death in a ritual the real meaning of which no one understands #aesthetic. And who knows? Once we’ve all ascended, maybe the inferior masses of humanity that remain behind will take on the cage as their newest fashion trend, in hopes of joining us in such rarefied heights of glory. But still…think of all that funding I mentioned earlier. Sure, it’s well spent on decorating Yahar’gul with statues of Amygdala and paying the salaries of a small army of kidnappers, but surely among all that just a little could have been spared on giving the antenna to the gods a bit more streamlined a design. Because quite honestly, it gets a little hard to focus on abandoning your mortal self in search of a higher communion when you’re mostly just trying not to bash your head on a doorway.

Honorable mention: Blindfold Cap. In contrast to every other item on this list, the blindfold cap is honestly pretty cool looking. In conjunction with the heavily embroidered Choir set, it speaks to effort spent more on style than on true pursuit of higher learning - excuse me, I mean to a well-developed sense of aesthetics to complement a concerted academic focus. But people, it is a blindfold. We’re not stupid. We know you haven’t managed to develop eyes. And even if you had, those are eyes on the inside we’re talking about. They’re not going to do any good for profane matters like tripping over your fancy-dress hems. But if you want to keep going on about Master Willem and his contribution to the human project, by all means, be our guests. Just remember that he’s not the one who has to see where he’s going.

Ex’s and Oh’s

A BTS/Min Yoongi Fanfiction

Summary: When its over, its meant to be over; it should be finished, and you should move on. But when paths continue to cross, and the fires reignite, you’re going to need to prepare yourself to perish in the flames, because you’ll never make it out unscathed.

Type: Angst/Smut

Prologue Part 1

Chapter 2


Ignoring Jisu’s cries of your name, you burrow further into the comfort of your duvet, cementing your eyes closed with a wrinkled forehead and proceeding to attempt to stay in the land of sleep and nothingness.

‘Y/N?! Do you know what the time is? You’re going to be late for work!’

Leave me here. I’m calling in sick.’ You grumble, groaning when you realize you’d accidentally opened your eyes and now you could see the morning light attempting to filter through the rumpled covers of your bed, the looming memories of the night before prodding at the back of your mind and causing you to cradle your head in your arms. Although seconds later you have your covers pulled rather violently from your body to reveal your best friend stood over you with a scowl.

‘Why aren’t you up yet?’

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Your Time - Yuzuru Hanyu

The importance of context!
I had previously translated the first bits of this interview that came out yesterday, and sorely wanted to see a less butchered version. Thankfully, sometimes Japanese TV does come through XD (still cut though)

Isn’t the term “expressiveness” something that’s fundamentally difficult to put into words? If you tried it’d be something like “that pose was pretty” and that’s part of “expressiveness” too.

Taking it to the extreme, what comes to mind is “why not just talk to them?”. Why not just face the judges and talk to them - that in it’s own way is also “expressiveness” isn’t it?

Full translation under the cut

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abbadon-abandon  asked:

Light! (For the headcannon meme)

Sure thing Abbo, have some hcs about Lighto and the Yagami family!

Light Yagami HCs:

1. He briefly considered getting involved in swimming rather than tennis. He chose tennis because he likes the mental challenge of reading his opponent. Light also appreciates the one-on-one sort of competition.

2. Before Light learned how, Sachiko often enjoyed reading folkloric stories to him. Light’s favorite was The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter

3. Light was very quiet as an infant but extremely energetic and inquisitive as a child. 

4. Initially he was disappointed to have a younger sibling, but Light soon became increasingly protective of her. He would often ask Sachiko if he could help with feeding or bathing baby Sayu. As adolescents, he consoled her when Soichiro and Sachiko had a quarrel.

5. Light shows affection to Sayu by ruffling her hair. He shows affection to Sachiko by cooking with her. He shows affection to Soichiro by being the ideal ‘man of the house’ in his absence.

6. Light never got in trouble at school. However, he did fantasize quite often about skipping class in his later teen years.

7. Light started to ask Soichiro about work and criminal cases once he was old enough to understand that his father’s job was dangerous. He didn’t like to see Sachiko or Sayu worried.

8. Light didn’t have much of an aptitude for artistic pursuits. He could replicate or echo a certain style, but was unable to construct one of his own.

9. As a child, Light mostly got in trouble just for his curiosity leading him out of sight or somewhere dangerous. Light was frequently caught being in places he shouldn’t have been around.

10. His room was never very messy when he was a child; Light liked that all of his possessions had their own place to occupy. 

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What was Hamilton and Monroe's relationship like?

Alexander Hamilton and James Monroe had the potential for a lasting relationship. When the Virginia Assembly ordered the formation of four new infantry regiments, James Monroe, who rode home to enlist, was carrying letters of recommendations–one of which came from Alexander Hamilton. Both men were present in the withering winter of Valley Forge and Hamilton wrote to John Laurens of him on May 22nd, 1779:

“Monroe is just setting out from Head Quarters and proposes to go in quest of adventures to the Southward. He seems to be as much of a night errant as your worship; but as he is an honest fellow, I shall be glad he may find some employment, that will enable him to get knocked in the head in an honorable way. He will relish your black scheme [Laurens was currently in South Carolina attempting to carry out his plan for raising his black battalions] if any thing handsome can be done for him in that line. You know him to be a man of honor a sensible man and a soldier. This makes it unnecessary to me to say any thing to interest your friendship for him. You love your country too and he has zeal and capacity to serve it.”

Both men were close in age, Alexander born in 1755 was three years older than James born in 1758. At Yorktown, October 14th, 1781, Monroe and Hamilton were with one another as they both led a charge through enemy redoubts at Yorktown. 

After the war, both men went on a rather same route: marriage, starting a family and working as a lawyer until appointment into the Continental Congress. By the time the constitution was ratified, both men were on opposite sides of the political spectrum. 

In December of 1792,  former congressional clerk reported that Hamilton had been involved with a criminal speculator in misuse of government funds. Congress appointed a committee to investigate: Federalists Frederick Muhlenburg, and Abraham Venable and non-federalist James Monroe. All three confronted Hamilton of December 15th who instead, confessed to an affair. The immigrant passed over letters he had shared with Mrs. Maria Reynolds to further show proof that he was not involved in embezzling government funds. The three men promised not to speak anymore about the affair and went on their way; of course not Monroe. Monroe instead sent along the information to good friend and mentor, Thomas Jefferson whom was at Monticello. 

One morning in 1797, Monroe received a letter from Hamilton who challenged his keeping of the secret from five years earlier. Unaware that the information he’d passed along to Jefferson had been released, Monroe put off replying until consulting with Muhlenberg and Venable. The day after Monroe arrived in New York and consented to a meeting between the two, Hamilton appeared at his doorstep with brother-in-law John Barker Church on the morning of Tuesday, July 11th. Agitated, he demanded to know why Monroe had not replied to his letter and accused him of leaking the affair. Monroe explained he had left the dossier with a “friend in Virginia” and still unaware it had been released. David Gelston who was also present at the scene of this dispute wrote an account of the event:

“Colo. Hamilton came about 10 oClk in the morning… [Hamilton] appeared very much agitated upon… entrance into the room… he went into a detail of circumstances at considerable length upon a former meeting at Philada. between Mr Muhlenberg Mr. Venable…

…Colo. M then began with declaring it was merely accidental his knowing any thing about the business at first [the affair] he sealed up his copy of the papers mentioned and sent or delivered them to his Friend in Virginia [most likely Jefferson]—he had no intention of publishing them & declared upon his honor that he knew nothing of their publication until he arrived in Philada from Europe and was sorry to find they were published. 

Colo. H. observed that as he had written to Colo. M. Mr Muhlenburgh & Mr. Venable he expected an immediate answer to so important a subject in which his character the peace & reputation of his Family were so deeply interested…

…Colo. M then proceeded upon a history of the business printed in the pamphlets and said that the packet of papers before alluded to he yet believed remained sealed with his friend in Virginia and after getting through…

Hamilton grew rather infuriated, shouting “This as your representation is totally false!”

Both men rose to their feet. Monroe, offended rose first saying:

Do you say I represented falsely? You are a Scoundrel.”

Colo. H. said I will meet you like a Gentleman [a duel]

Colo. M Said I am ready get your pistols… 

It was at this point that Church and Gelston stepped between the two political titans, “Gentlemen, gentlemen, be moderate,”

Although Hamilton remained “agitated”, Monroe went back into clarity and reiterated his lack of knowledge over the leak of private information. Hamilton agreed to let this whole thing rest until Monroe returned to Philadelphia to meet with Muhlenburg and Venable and both agreed to meet once again in a weeks time with “any intemperate expressions… be forgotten.” In the days that followed, Monroe and Muhlenburg cosigned a letter to Hamilton that neither had any knowledge about the publication of the Reynolds dossier. Venable was away and was unable to reply. 

“You have been and are actuated by motives towards me malignant and dishonorable,” Hamilton relayed, “nor can I doubt that this will be the universal opinion, when the publication of the whole affair with I am about to make shall be seen.” Infuriated by the pursuit, Monroe was quick to shoot back:

“Why you have adopted this style I know not. If you object is to render this affair a personal one between us, you might have been more explicit… I have stated to you that I have no wish to do you a personal injury. The several explanations which I have made accorded with truth… If these do not yield you satisfaction, I can give you no other, unless called on in a way which… I wish to avoid, but which I am ever ready to meet.”

Monroe asked Aaron Burr to serve as his second. Burr urged Monroe to send a conciliatory letter of some sorts, “Seeing no adequate cause… why I should give a challenge to you… I own it was not my intention to give or even provoke one… If, on the other hand, you meant this last letter as a challenge to me, I have then to request that you will say so.” Both men let up on the whole ordeal and a duel, never fought. 

James Monroe has no known reaction towards Alexander Hamilton’s death. Though, in the decades after her husband’s death, Elizabeth Hamilton had one grievance which stuck with her for many, many years: the Reynold’s affair, something which she blamed the leak of solely on Monroe. In the 1820s, after Monroe had completed his two full terms as President of the United States, he called upon Eliza in Washington D.C., hoping to “thaw the frost” between them. Eliza was then about seventy, her nephew read her the invite and “she read the name and stood holding the card, much perturbed,” said a nephew, “her voice sank and she spoke very low, as she always did when she was angry. “What has that man come to see me for?” The nephew said Monroe had come to pay his respects. She wavered, “I will see him.”

When she entered the parlor, Monroe rose to greet her and did not invite him to sit down. With a bow, Monroe began what seemed to sound like a well-rehearsed speech, “that it was many years since they had met, that the lapse in time brought its softening influences, that they both were nearing the grave, when past differeneces could be forgiven and forgotten. 

Eliza believed Monroe was trying to draw a moral standing between them and she was not in a forgiving mood. “Mr Monroe, if you have come to tell me that you repent, that you are sorry, very sorry, for the misrepresentations and the slanders and the stories you circulated against my dear husband, Iif you have come to say this, I understand it. But otherwise, no lapse of time, no nearness of grave, makes any difference.” Monroe was without a comment, picked up his day, bid her good day and left the home, never to return. 

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What do you think of having several art styles ? Like using one for illustrations , one for animations , and another one for comics ? Does this destroy the artist's identity ?

the short and sweet answer is: there’s no right or wrong way to go about art.

A visual style is a combination of decisions and choices made to create a certain tone (intentional or not!) It’s not wrong to always do things ‘in the same style’ but being able to be diverse in your approach allows for a better understanding of what you’re playing with. 

For commercial reasons? Maybe having a sort of BrandTM helps people get attracted to your work, but in the end your work will evolve and change. Plus I’d rather show a diverse range of skill rather than a specific talent.

Your visual style as an overall idea will be coherent because you ultimately have certain priorities, views, and a taste. If I’m doing a painting or a lined work, I’m still looking at the forms in the same way, I’m just deciding to represent them differently.

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I have a lot of male characters, but I can't draw men at all, so I keep them in "chibi" form. Could that get me in trouble designing them, or is that just alright? :'D

Well, it depends!

If you’re designing and drawing solely for your own enjoyment, or to make ocs with friends, or other non-professional pursuits, then you can draw all you want in whatever style you want, and the only reason to force yourself out of that is if you want to expand your own capabilities. Basically, only being able to draw chibi guys would only be an issue of it bothers you.

If you want to make a career in comics, illustration, concept art, etc., however, you’ll likely be expected to be able to draw in varying levels of realism, even if the final product is going to be stylized. So if this is an ambition you have, you’ll probably want to start studying real-life human bodies and learn how to draw at least semi-realistic figures of any gender.

If you do decide you want to start drawing more realistic characters but don’t know where to start, I have some links to various figure drawing resources here:

Either way, good luck with your art!

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(1/2) Heyyy good luck with the blog!! Can I ask a scenario of Kuroo and his older (college student) s/o: nekoma was having an outing/practice match w other school and otw back they got stuck by heavy storm or sth

(2/2) and the whole team ended up staying overnight at kuroo’s s/o place and they never met her before (except kenma). She is very caring and dependable. Super fluff plsss. Sorry for the super long and detailed ask 😅

AN: omg i’m sorry this took so long aksjhjkasf ty for the good luck!

YO I luh dis cuz I, too, am a college student with an apartment who would love to have a soaking wet Team Nekoma randomly show up on my doorstep :D

I hope I fluffed this up enough for you !! Fluff isn’t my strong point haha.

Volleyballs and the squeak of shoes echoed through the large gymnasium. After hours of practicing, Kuroo finally called for a break. The gym felt musty and sweaty, so Yamamoto went to the exit for some fresh air.

He groaned when he opened the door. “Oi, Captain!” He called. “Come look outside.”

Kuroo raised an eyebrow as the team followed him to the door where Yamamoto was. Outside the foreign gym, the sky was gray and the clouds clashed thunder to the earth. Lev flinched at each boom.

“Great, I bet the streets are flooded by now,” Yaku tisked.

“Not my fault our gym is being renovated!” Kuroo pouted. “Besides, it’s a privilege to practice at such a prestigious University like UTokyo. You brats should be thankful!”

“Did Coach even approve of this?” Kenma asked.

“He didn’t NOT approve of it. All he said was ‘practices are up to you while I’m gone’.”

“Look how that turned out,” Yamamoto muttered.

“Shut it.”

“Where will we sleep tonight if we can’t even make it to the train station to go home?” Kai asked.

A smirk slowly grew on the captain’s face. The team began to back away from Kuroo knowing that whenever he smirked, he was up to no good.

“I know exactly where to go ~” Kuroo said, taking out his phone.

“Stop smiling like that,” Kenma said.

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Enneagram 3


Healthy: Self-assured and energetic, with high self-esteem: they believe in themselves and their own value. Adaptable, well-adjusted, and charming, often attractive and popular. Realistic and purposeful with a good sense of their potential. / Ambitious to improve themselves, to “be all that they can be"—often become outstanding, a kind of human ideal, embodying widely admired qualities. Others are motivated to be like them in some positive way. High-spirited, goal-oriented, and persistent. They are effective, industrious people. At Their Best: Inner-directed and authentic, everything they seem to be. Accept their limitations and live within them. Self-deprecatory sense of humor and a childlike innocence emerge. Charitable, genuinely modest, and benevolent.

Average: Highly concerned with performance, doing the job well, being superior, and rising above others. Compare themselves with others in search for status and success. Become driven careerists and social climbers, invested in achievement, exclusivity, and being a “winner.” / Become image-conscious, highly concerned with how they are perceived. Begin to present themselves according to the expectations of others and what they need to do in order to be successful. Pragmatic and efficient, but also studied, losing touch with their own feelings beneath a smooth façade. Problems with intimacy, credibility, and expediency emerge. / Want to impress others with their superiority: constantly promoting themselves, making themselves sound better than they really are. Narcissistic, with grandiose, inflated notions about themselves and their talents. Exhibitionistic and seductive, as if saying, “Look at me!” Arrogance and contempt is a defense against feeling jealous of others and their success.

Unhealthy: Fearing failure and humiliation, they misrepresent themselves, distorting the truth of their accomplishments. They can be extremely unprincipled, covetous of the success of others, and willing to do “whatever it takes” to preserve the illusion of their superiority. / Exploitative and opportunistic, but also deceptive so that their mistakes and wrongdoings will not be exposed. Pathological lying, extreme hostility, and delusional jealousy: betraying and sabotaging people in order to triumph over them. / May become vindictive, attempting to ruin what they cannot have. Relentless, obsessive about destroying whatever reminds them of their own shortcomings and failures. Psychopathic tendencies: murder.

Key Motivations: Want to feel valuable and worthwhile, to be affirmed, to distinguish themselves, to have attention, to be admired, and to impress others.

Examples: Bill Clinton, Christopher Reeve, Michael Landon, Richard Gere, Shirley MacLaine, Jane Pauley, Paul McCartney, Sting, Tom Cruise, Sharon Stone, Tony Robbins, Bryant Gumbel, Dick Clark, Vanna White, Brooke Shields, Kathie Lee Gifford, Denzel Washington, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Truman Capote, O.J. Simpson.

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