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Markiplier Character List

Now, before you complain, none of these characters are listed in order of appearance, they are listed in the order of which one i’ve searched. Every character has a source listed as “(x)” if you want to see the character yourself. I may not have listed all of them, but here is the post anyways!

Purple Wiggle (x)

Brad The Dad (x)

Survivor (x) (x)

Elder Jeremiah (x)

Dr. Iplier (x)

Bim Trimmer (im guessing thats his name!) (x)

Captain Falcon (x)

The Author (x) (x)

Frank The Policeman (x)

Google (x)

Security Guard (x) (x) (x) (x

Big Maker 6 Superhero (x)

Wilford Warfstache (x) (x) (x) (x

Silver Shepherd (x

The following characters all come from the same exact video which can be found here (x) His name in it is “Brian”



Winter Is Coming


The Doctor

Mad Men

Dad (x)

Bill (x

Mark Leader (x)

Opinion Minion (x) (x)

Cool Guy (x

News Anchor (x)

Ed Edgar Adoptallott (x)

Perfume Seller (x)

The Little Army Doctor Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

Once upon a time, there was a little army doctor who was not afraid of anything.

One windy afternoon, the little army doctor left his flat and went for a walk through London, leaning on his cane.  He walked so long and so far that it started to get dark.  There was only a sliver of moon shining through the night.  The little army doctor started to walk home.

Suddenly he stopped!

Right in the middle of the pavement were two big shoes.  And the shoes went CLOMP, CLOMP.

“Get out of my way, you two big shoes!  I’m not afraid of you,” said the little army doctor.

On he walked, down the street.  But behind him he could hear…
two shoes go CLOMP, CLOMP.

A little farther on, the little army doctor stumbled into a pair of trousers.  And the trousers went WIGGLE, WIGGLE.

“Get out of my way, you pair of trousers.  I’m not afraid of you,” said the little army doctor.

On he walked, but behind him he could hear…
two shoes go CLOMP, CLOMP,
a pair of trousers go WIGGLE, WIGGLE.

Farther still, the little army doctor bumped into a tight purple shirt.  And the shirt went SHIMMY, SHIMMY.

“Get out of my way, you purple shirt!  I’m not afraid of you,” said the little army doctor.

On he walked, a little bit faster.  But but behind him he could hear…
two shoes go CLOMP, CLOMP,
a pair of trousers go WIGGLE, WIGGLE,
a purple shirt go SHIMMY, SHIMMY.

A little way on, the army doctor came upon a deerstalker hat.  And the hat went NOD, NOD.

“Get out of my way, you deerstalker hat!  I’m not afraid of you!” said the little army doctor.

On he walked, just a little bit faster.  But but behind him he could hear…
two shoes go CLOMP, CLOMP,
a pair of trousers go WIGGLE, WIGGLE,
a purple shirt go SHIMMY, SHIMMY,
a deerstalker hat go NOD, NOD.

By now, the little army doctor was walking at quite a fast pace.  He was very near his flat when he was startled by two plump cupid’s bow lips.  And the lips said, “JOHN…  JOHN…”

This time the little army doctor did not stop to talk.  He did not stop at all.  He dropped his cane and he RAN!

The little army doctor did not look back.  He ran as fast as he could and didn’t catch his breath until he was safe inside his flat with the door locked.  He sat in his chair by the fire and he panted and he panted.  

It was so quiet in his flat before the KNOCK, KNOCK on the door.

Should he answer it?

Well, he was not afraid of anything.  So he went to the door and opened it.  

What do you think he saw?

Two shoes go CLOMP, CLOMP,
a pair of trousers go WIGGLE, WIGGLE,
a purple shirt go SHIMMY, SHIMMY,
a deerstalker hat go NOD, NOD,
and two cupid’s bow lips say, “JOHN…  JOHN…”

“I’m not afraid of you,” said the little army doctor.  “What do you want, anyway?”

“We’ve come to kiss you,” said the cupid’s bow lips.

The little army doctor’s heart beat faster, but he was not afraid of anything.  So he stood up on his tiptoes and kissed the cupid’s bow lips.

And what do you think happened next?

Two shoes went CLOMP, CLOMP,
a pair of trousers went WIGGLE, WIGGLE,
a purple shirt went SHIMMY, SHIMMY,
a deerstalker hat went NOD, NOD,
and two cupid’s bow lips said, “JOHN…  JOHN…”
as Sherlock tossed all of his clothes in a heap
and took John to bed.


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jack wrapped his strong arms around you, kissing your neck softly. his smell intoxicated you, making your head spin. his hands were massaging your stomach gently as your eyes fluttered open, your body instantly awake from jacks tender touches.

“morning princess” he mumbled into the back of your neck, his lips never leaving your skin.

“mmm” you groaned out. jack chucked at your dreariness. “why so grumpy baby?” he questioned, giving your body a squeeze. “m'tired” he smiled against your neck.

“I can wake you right up.” he smirked and rolled his body onto yours, kissing your lips. he reached his hands around your waist, sliding his hands under your ass. his hands started kneading your ass, forcing a weak moan to leave your lips, only for it to transfer right into jacks mouth, which was still on yours. he grinned into your mouth, loving how good he made you feel.

he slid down your body, taking off your shirt and your bra, kissing your boobs tenderly. his hands smoothed out over your body as he got closer and closer to your pussy. your legs instinctively spread open, giving jack a place to settle. he smirked and mumbled “good girl” he started pressing his lips above your pussy and around and started moving to your inner thighs, suck lightly on the skin. your hips jerked up, unsatisfied with his work so far. “be patient baby” he promised and pushed your hips back into the mattress, a whine leaving your lips.

he started kneading your thighs with his warm hands and his lips were kissing your heat through your wet underwear. your hand grasped onto his soft hair, pulling his head closer to you, only for him to pull his head back, grabbing your hand. “don’t make me tie you up baby” he threatened. your face flushed and you brought your hand to your chest, looking worried. he grinned and continued his torture. “good girl”

“fuck jack please stop teasing” you moaned out quietly. “shh princess be patient” he responded.

after another minute of his teasing and he pulled your underwear down your thighs and you squirmed in excitement. he pushed your hips down with his large hands again to get you to keep still.

he blew hot air on you making you squirm more. he brought his lips to your pussy, licking you roughly. you gasped out, trying hard not to moan. jack noticed and nuzzled his nose into your clit. “let it out babygirl” he stuck his tongue in you and you let out a loud moan, your cheeks instantly heating up. jack smiled into you and continued fucking you with his tongue. your hand reached again for jacks hair, running your fingers through it until his index finger pushed into you. your fingers clenched around his blonde locks and you moaned out again.

“angel what did I say about touching me” he whispered, pulling away from you, his fingers leaving you and you instantly whined, feeling empty.

“fuck I’m sorry I won’t do it again” you gasped and folded your hands behind your back. he grinned I’m approval and leaned back down and pushed three fingers into you again, pumping them slowly. his tongue was lapping at your clit. his other hand was massaging your thigh again. your orgasm was building quickly in your stomach.

“c-close” you gasped out. your hips started grinding into jacks tongue as his fingers started pumping harder. jack hummed around your clit, making you moan and wriggle around as best you could under jacks weight holding you down. he nipped at your clit, pushing you over the edge. you moaned out, your hand reaching for jacks hair yet again, this time he let you.

your hips rocked into his mouth as he locked up your orgasm.

“give me another” he ordered as he pulled his fingers out you. he wrapped his arms around your thighs and pulled you body against his tongue. he started eating you roughly as if you were his breakfast. you screamed out as his tongue entered you again, licking roughly.

your already sensitive body was close to a second orgasm. your hands were holding jacks head right against your pussy. shortly after, your body started to shake as you came on jacks tongue for the second time. he repeated what he did the first time, licking you up.

after you had come down from your orgasm, he started kissing up your body, leaving a trail from your pussy to your neck. he started sucking on the skin of your neck, leaving dark purple marks.

you wiggled underneath him as he nipped at the skin under your neck. he finally brought his lips to yours, kissing you deeply.

“are you still tired?”

Too Young for Lady Jams

Protective Aca-Mom Chloe finds evidence that her daughter may be growing up, and she just can’t find it in herself to allow it.

(This was seriously inspired thanks to the many comments about Emily and her Lady Jams. I loved all of them and felt the need to write this. I hope you like!)

Word Count: 1796

Chloe stopped in front of the white wooden door with the lime green sign with Emily’s name written in cursive with sparkly purple paint. She wiggled the nob and shoved on Emily’s door, stumbling into the room when it finally opened. She had told Beca they need to fix it so it won’t jam, but they both know that neither one of them has any idea how to do that.

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Colour Theory: Klance style.
  • So Lance is the blue paladin, and Keith is the red paladin. Do they get together and make a purple paladin?
  • Lance: Hey Keith, wanna go somewhere and make purple? (wiggles eyebrows)
  • Keith: (looks exasperated)

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Imagine bucky taking sarah to her first day at school tho😍

I turned this into a 1k thing. Whoops.

“Bucky, she’ll be fine.”

“I’m just checking.”

“She isn’t staying the whole morning yet.”

“Well, you never know.”

“It’s Tony’s school, Bucky. She’s going to be safe.”

“Just checking, doll.”

You couldn’t help but roll your eyes as Bucky started to fumble around Sarah’s Captain America bag, checking all of the trackers he’d placed with Sam’s helpagain

Sarah was going to her first day at pre-kindergarten at one of Tony’s funded schools and though you were a little apprehensive, Bucky was one hundred percent more nervous than you. He had checked her supplies 3 times, the GPS tracker 5 times and was pacing around complaining about every little thing that seemed to be out of place. 

Every. Little. Thing. 

“Bucky, you need to calm down.” You tried to assure him again, your expression falling to an amused as he gave you the look. “Glare at me all you want, you know I’m right.”

“How are you so calm about this?” He protested indignantly, stopping his pacing for a moment to throw himself beside you on the couch. “She’s leaving us.”

You tried not to laugh at his sudden defeated, almost sorrowful expression butGod, it was so cute and funny that you couldn’t help yourself. 

“She isn’t leaving, Bucky.” You replied with a roll of eyes, a small grin pulling your lips. “She’s going to school. For three hours.”

“I know that but what if something happens?” Bucky pondered, looking like a kicked puppy as he stared at her small bag resting on the coffee table as if it was something from another planet. “I won’t be there to protect her.”

You never thought you’d be having this conversation so soon because come on, Sarah was only four and she was just going to school but nothing in your life is normal so you shouldn’t be so surprised anymore. 

“You can’t protect her from everything, baby.” You cooed with a small smile, cupping Bucky’s cheek affectionately as he glanced helpless at you. “She wouldn’t have done a lot of things by now if you had protected her from everything.”

“I just worry.” Bucky smiled weakly, shrugging apologetic but soon letting out a chuckle when you threw your body against his, his arms immediately wrapping up your waist as he searched for your lips. 

You pressed a small smooch to his mouth and quickly got up from his top, grabbing his hands on the way and pulling him up to stand. 

“We have to ger her ready!” You beamed while Bucky just groaned, nearly dragging himself to Sarah’s room as you laughed. 

An hour later, Sarah was ready and dandy. Her little uniform fitting perfectly, the small Captain America’s shield bag securely placed on her back as her brown hair fell over it, arranged with a small, golden crown that Thor brought from Asgard. She looked so cute and happy that no one could blame you for being the typical mom, taking loads of pictures before actually leaving the Tower.  

Despite the softness behind his eyes, you knew Bucky was still in a brooding mood with the whole situation, barely saying a word while the three of you drove to the school. You could easily guess that the fact that Sarah was actually excited about ‘leaving’ just made him worse. 

Not that he was going to admit that though. Ever. 

When you reached the school and Sarah spotted all the children running around, a loud shriek left her mouth and she quickly started pulling off her belt, her excitement making you laugh and Bucky let out a subconscious chuckle. 

From there, it didn’t take long until you were all at the school’s main door, all the kids saying goodbye to their reluctant parents before running off without looking back. With you and Bucky included to those parents. 

“Be nice, alright? You’re going to make a lot of friends today.” You confided to Sarah with a small smile as you kneeled before her, insistently adjusting her uniform as she nodded excitedly. “Mommy and daddy will be here to pick you up in a few hours.”

“Okay, mommy.” Sarah squealed with a small jump and threw her arms around your neck, hugging you tightly as she pressed several smooches to your cheeks and lips, imitating your goodnight kisses as you giggled. 

When Sarah stepped back, she immediately looked up to where her father was standing, a few steps from you as he watched the whole scene unfold with a small scowl and arms crossed over his chest. 

You almost squealed in delight when Sarah walked towards him and extended her little arms, Bucky quickly scooping her up to his embrace as she wrapped her arms around his neck, slowly and so softly that you’d bet your ass it melted Bucky’s facade. 

She buried her little fingers into Bucky’s hair and nuzzled her face against his neck, Bucky soon doing the same against her hair as he let out a deep breath. As she reluctantly pulled back, her lips went straight to Bucky’s lips, pressing a small peck before hugging him again. 

“Bye, daddy.” Sarah mumbled against Bucky’s skin, her voice slightly muffled but dripping tenderness as his arms tightened around her small frame, a small sigh escaping from his lips meanwhile. 

“Bye, princess.” Bucky smiled softly and shook her in his arms, a loud giggle escaping from Sarah’s lips as he did so. “Have fun for us, alright?”

She nodded and waved eagerly as Bucky placed her on the floor again, turning around in a heartbeat before running off to where her teacher was standing, not even once looking back as the both of you just stood there. 

When her class finally entered the building, you wrapped your arms around Bucky’s waist and smiled cheekily at him, resting your chin on his shoulder. 

“Soo, how do you feel?” You asked with a playful smile, squeezing him lightly as he chuckled quietly. 

“Empty.” Bucky replied dramatically, making you punch his chest as he let out a laugh, his arms soon hugging you back. “I’m good, I guess. Thought it’d be worse.”

“Will you laugh at me if I say I already miss her?” You murmured quietly between a sigh and Bucky immediately hummed an equally quiet 'no’, making you chuckle in amusement. “God, Bucky. We’re becoming weeping parents!”

Weeping parents that were, three hours later, firmly placed at the school’s door, so anxious to see the little girl as if it had been ages. 

Sarah left the building with the hugest smile ever, her cheek covered in purple glitter as she wiggled her arm playfully, making the balloon attached to her wrist to bounce in the air too. Until she saw the both of you and started running like her life depended on it, Bucky’s arms quickly grabbing her as she jumped up to you. 

As she started rambling about all the activities she did with her teacher, everything seemed fine until…

“Daddy, I saw uncle Sammy’s Red Wing on the window!” She squealed excitedly and you immediately turned around to face Bucky, giving him the look. 


“I was just checking!”

Okay. So much for weeping parents. 

one time my boyfriend had the purple wiggle as his icon and he changed it but for some reason, on mobile for me it wouldn’t change from the purple wiggle, and he tried to talk dirty to me but i made him stop because i just could not handle being felt up while the purple wiggle man was staring into my soul

Colorblind (Mikey) (Part 3/Final)

A few days ago you had gotten the package that Ashton ordered. When you opened it you fumbled with the packaging because you were nervous about confronting Mikey about his colorblindness. You carefully handled the glasses, overly afraid you were going to break them. Ashton had said he saw a video online about these glasses that were designed to help colorblind people see color. Honestly, you weren’t sure how they worked or even if they worked but it was worth a shot. 

You took a deep breath and gripped the glasses case in one hand, gathering the courage to go find your boyfriend. “Mikey” you called as you walked into the living room. He wasn’t there. “Mikey” you tried again, making your way up the stairs. “Yea babe?” you heard from the bathroom. You rushed the rest of the way down the hall to find Mikey in the bathroom drying his freshly dyed green hair. He must have noticed the confusion wash across your face. “I can’t change it babe. I just need to accept it” he admitted, finally coming to terms with himself. “Not my hair, I can change that” he added with a laugh and flashed the smile that you missed terribly. Today would be easy, you thought to yourself and hoped it would be true. 

“Mikey would you come outside with me?” you asked gently. He gave you a look, knowing you must want to talk about what happened. Mikey reluctantly nodded and grabbed your hand. Once outside you sat down on your front steps and he followed. You set the glasses case down next to you and grabbed your phone from your pocket. “Is it okay if I ask you to explain the colors the way you see them?” you asked. “And are you okay with me filming it?” you asked as an afterthought. “You film or take pictures of nearly everything y/n. Go ahead” he replied confidently. 

You turned the camera on and asked him what he saw. You could listen to him talk all day, it had always been like that. You stared at him, watching him take in the scenery and explain colors in relation to things you owned, trying to put them into context for you. He was hoping he was explaining things clearly, as clearly as he could. It was difficult for you to understand. You had done research on colorblindness and stared at pictures of what the see versus what a normal person sees. You hoped the pictures would help you understand what he would describe. It surprised you how vibrant he made everything sound and how much effort he put into his descriptions, you knew he was doing this all for you. 

What he was doing for you right now, it was a gift. It was a new way for you to understand him. It was a very private thing about himself that he was putting mass amounts of detail in just so you could try to understand. He was trying for you. You hoped what you were about to give him would be enough in return. He looked over and caught you staring. “What?” he smiled. “I want to give you something” you said. You reached down and picked up the case and handed it to him. “What is this?” he asked before he opened it. “Open it and see” you replied. You watched as he opened it and checked to make sure your phone was still recording. He was looking down at the glasses when you told him “Put them on”. 

You looked down, making sure the camera had a clear view of his face. You looked up just in time to see him slip the glasses onto his face. His jaw dropped and he looked over at you. “What the-” he stopped himself, to engrossed in looking around to focus on one thing at a time. “They’re supposed to help colorblind people see color” you explained. “Y/N MY WORLD JUST GOT TEN TIMES BRIGHTER” he shouted. “Your boots” he paused “is that purple?”. You nodded and wiggled your feet. He reached down and touched your glossy finished boots. “That is purple!” he exclaimed. 

Watching him was like watching a child on Christmas day. He was touching everything, taking his time to pause and stare at whatever it was that he was holding. He turned to you “You’re hair is so bright!”. He grabbed your face roughly and pulled you in for a kiss. He got up and rushed into your yard, only to crouch down by a bunch of flowers. “Is this how you see everyday?” he shouted back to you. You nodded back at him, feeling tears well up in your eyes. 

Mikey put his face in his hands and took a deep breath. Then he raked his fingers through his hair, still staring at the flowers. Suddenly he stood straight up. “My hair!” he exclaimed, running back towards the house. You got up and gave chase, grabbing your 3DS and following him right back to the bathroom. He was leaning over the counter, touching his hair gently. “This is green” he mumbled. “And this is red” you said, handing your DS to him. He took it in his hands and stared. He started looking from the DS to his reflection and looking back what was in his hands. He took the glasses off for a second and sucked in a deep breath as he put them back on. “This is incredible” he said softly. 

“Thank you, baby” he said before he wrapped his arm around your lower back and pulled you in for a kiss. When you pulled away you replied “Thank Ashton”. You ended the video and looked back up into his eyes, you couldn’t wait to share it with the lads and Mikey’s parents. His hand came up and cupped your chin. “Your eyes are so bright” he muttered, leaning down so that your foreheads were touching.

“Wait, what did you mean by ‘Thank Ashton’?” Mikey asked you. “He paid for them. But he wanted me to give them to you” you told him. “Let’s go see him” you suggested. “Yea. Let’s” he smiled, lacing his fingers through yours with the biggest smile still plastered on his face.

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