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Oceans Away

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“I cannot believe that you guys got me this gig!” Lance squealed, punching Hunk repeatedly in the arm as they waited for Pidge to talk to the bouncer. “Seriously, how awesome are you guys?”

“I’d be more awesome if I left with my arm intact, buddy.”

Lance grinned sheepishly and pulled his hand away, fiddling with the end of his shirt instead. “Sorry, Hunk. How do you and Pidge know about this place, anyway? I’ve never heard of-“ he squinted at the neon rainbow sign above them “-the ‘Voltron Lions’ before. It’s not a strip club, is it?”

“Lance, if this was a strip club, do you think I’d be wearing this?”

Hunk and Lance glanced up to see Pidge standing there, her brother Matt alongside her with an amused smile on his face. His arms were crossed over a plain black t-shirt that said “Hey Bartender” along the back, and he was wearing a pair of jeans and converse. Really, if Lance was being honest, the only sexy thing about the outfit was the way Matt’s biceps strained at the sleeves. “Dude, there are some people who would pay you to wear that for them. Got the whole ‘dark and dangerous’ look down.”

Matt rolled his eyes, having put up with Lance’s commentary since he was pre-pubescent. “Whatever. You want that gig or not? I convinced Allura that you were a good singer, and she’s taking my word on it. I don’t want to be out of a job if-”

“Hell yeah I’m up for it!” Lance yelped, leaning down and scrabbling with his guitar case. Hunk adjusted his grip on the cart that was tugging their equipment and they followed Matt and Pidge inside, nodding to the mustached bouncer as they passed. He gave Lance a smile, eyes twinkling almost dangerously, and Lance decided it was probably best not to tease the guy about his facial hair.

“Allura’s over there,” Matt said, pointing to the stage. A dark skinned young woman was bent over something, platinum white hair pulled back into a ponytail and hands clenched around a pair of pliers. “Our mic stand keeps slipping, so she’s trying to fix it.”

“I’ll go help her,” Pidge offered, darting away before anyone could argue.

Lance glanced around the room curiously while Matt led them to the back room that was used to store the band’s equipment when they had live music.

It was very clearly a nightclub that you had to hear about to get in, as there weren’t all that many people there yet. Granted it was only about 9:30, but still. The dance floor was checkered with red, black, and white tiles, and the floor was lit with yellow, blue, and green lights that flashed in time with the music. A couple of people hovered around the edges, like they wanted to dance but weren’t quite sure if it was socially acceptable yet.

The main dining area, or at least, the area with the most tables and booths, was decorated in a futuristic chrome-y way, strips of pink and pale orange running up and down the booths and the chairs decorated with the same colors over white fabric.

Lions were all over the place; stuffed lions, photos of lions, sculptures, statues, female, male. A few patrons that passed Lance held glasses with roaring lion heads etched into them.

“What’s with the lion theme?” Lance found himself asking.

Matt chuckled. “Allura’s father, who owned the place before her, was super into lions and lion conservation. He was a zookeeper before he opened here, if you’d believe that. Actually, all of our tips we get go to zoos that preserve the lion population.”

“That’s really cool,” Hunk noted. “So like, Asiatic lions, or-?”

Lance tuned them out, finding the bar in the center of the room and running his eyes appreciatively over the body of the other bartender there, his arms bulging even more than Matt’s and his low slung jeans clinging to a nicely sculpted-


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For the Olicity Hiatus Fic-A-Thon prompt: Out of Place

Word Count: 1330

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Oliver swore loudly, promising himself that he would never fly commercial again if he could help it. The airline first lost his bag, promised to deliver it to his apartment, and then, as he very recently discovered, gave him the wrong bag. The usually broken zipper of his plain grey suitcase was intact. Either the airline managed to fix it or this wasn’t his. Opening it only confirmed that suspicion. Nestled atop a pile of brightly colored clothes and various used toiletries was a pair of red heels. Oliver was almost amused at the bright splash of color that stood out in his otherwise muted, neutral room. It didn’t belong.

“Unless you are leading a very different life, that doesn’t look like your suitcase.”

Oliver looked over his shoulder, narrowing his eyes at Thea. The moments where he wondered about the decision to give her a key to his apartment were few and far between. This was one of them.

“It’s not mine,” he said in a low voice. “Could you at least knock?”

“Don’t get all growly with me just because you couldn’t take the company jet,” she said, walking in to peer at the suitcase. “Looks like this might be just your type of girl though.”

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I was just typing up an email about what kind of work I do, and it occurred to me that I have never posted pictures of my Ridiculous Dragon Hat! This is a hideous oversight on my part that requires immediate correction.

-It’s completely handstitched from black straw braid.
-The horns are thick braids of knit (cut up tshirt, actually) with thick wire through the middle, and then wrapped in black spandex.
-The back is a bunch of braided scrap fabric sewn into an elaborate hairdo, and also beaded. My real hair is under it.
- All the jewelry bits on it came from The Treasure Mart, an absolutely bizarre antique consignment shop in Ann Arbor. It defies description, but if you are in the area, GO. You will not regret it.
-The red glow bracelet was put on there at the very first event that I ever wore this hat to, Chaos in the Red Room’s Funeral for 2015. Totally fun goth club night in Kalamazoo. The DJ will actually be DJing my wedding. I’m so freaking excited.
-Originally, it didn’t have any combs inside, because when I made it, I was just starting to grow out a buzz cut. Now it has two (one at the front, one just under the fancy purple braids. Hilariously, some tourist in Midwestern Mom clothes came up to me at the Ren Faire, yanked one of the horns, and shouted to her husband how cool it was. I shouted something like OW OW OW IT’S PINNED TO MY HEAD PLEASE STOP PULLING IT YOU ARE YANKING MY HAIR OUT. I think sometimes the Mundanes get so excited that they forget to be polite. Whoopsie.

-Yes, almost everyone asks me if I am Maleficent. Well…kind of. That WAS the inspiration. These days, I like to combine it with more dark mori fashions, for that retired evil sorceress look. Gothic Charm School (HI JILLI!) occasionally likes to joke that these fashions might result in her looking like a walking pile of laundry. I find this funny, because I am a slob, my clothes live in piles on the floor, and all my favorite dresses/skirts go really well all layered on top of each other. I am literally a walking pile of laundry. Not just in this outfit. All the time.

(Insert tiny reminder that I do this professionally and I take commissions. cough cough.)

Me- “babe don’t give me a hickey!”
Babe- “I won’t!”
Babe- “don’t worry it’s just a little red!”
*i just finally look in the mirror*

Suit and Tie

Working in the BAU was risky and dangerous, but it can be fun aswell. Your team brings joy to the office and laughs fill the room when nothing is happening, only them and you, having a good time, and today was one of those days. “good morning” you entered the office, placing your drink on your table and getting your coat off, “good morning” they said in unison, you smiled and went towards Emily’s desk, JJ was sitting next to her “so, are we going to see that movie tonight?” “yes! JJ and Garcia are ready and bringing their tissues and tears” both you and Emily giggled, “girls! i made us shirts” Garcia entered, they were purple and in front had each of the gals names one them, “Penelope, this is why I love you” you hugged her and kept talking about that romance movie you and the girls were gathering in your apartment to see. “how do I look?” a deeper voice was heard, y'all looked up to see Spencer in a suit, somehow a smile ended up in your face, then you blushed as Spencer noticed it, “where are you going? the oscars?” Emily joked, we laughed, “Haha, no. David and I are going to a ceremony with Hotch” he smiled, “we’re going to Jack’s 5th grade graduation” Rossi came out of Hotch’s office along with Jack, Aaron Hotchner is your uncle, it’s a long story from on why you’re living with him and Jack. “aww, that little man is growing up so fast” JJ said, “He is, he says he wants to be just like his daddy” Aaron coughed and smirked, “Oh no, lock him up in his little world where everything is safe and fun, don’t let him see the real world” Garcia tensed up, holding on the shirts, you patted her back, taking her back into reality, “well, it’s getting late” Aaron said, looking at his watch, he held Jack’s shoulders and walked him towards the elevator, the girls waved him goodbye, you received a kiss on your forehead by Uncle Hotch, and kissed Jack on the cheek, but you stopped Spencer, “Dr.Reid!” you said, he looked behind him, looking at you running up to him, “let me fix this” you said, then your hands fixed his tie which was crooked, then looked at him, he was smiling at you, his hazel eyes held a strong sparkle inside of them, making you fall in deeper, “Come on lover boy, or else we’re going to be late to the Grammy’s” Rossi said, but it seemed like you were in y'alls little world, “Y/n!” Uncle Hotch said, suddendly you flinched, he was looking at you with dead eyes but with a smirk making you chuckle, you walked back with the girls, they “oooh” “aww'ed” you, you blushed and out of nowhere you felt a pressure on your cheek, it was Spencer kissing it then running to the elevator with David. Uncle Hotch and Jack who were waiting for him, you blushed like crazy, then waved goodbye, the girls teased you all night long, you knew there was something between you and him, and probably Uncle Hotch too, as he stares at Spencer as the elevator closes. Oh how thankful you are for that tie, it might have started of what a love story may happen.

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Constructing a head

First thing’s first, constructing a head. Possibly the most common thing tutorial-ized on the internet and in books. I’m going to try and make this simple and to the point.

Like always, I start at the very beginning, the source, the skull. The main thing to note here is the shape of the skull, which creates the entire structure of the head. The easiest way to look at it is to see a sphere shape, with a protruding angular face, and below that a jaw bone. Separate things into the 3 simplest forms.

Start with a circle, then a triangle/beak shape that forms the front plane of the face and the jaw, and lastly two lines to form the neck. This can also be used to position the head if you started with the shoulders. Although on a side note, I always start with the circle that forms the head.


  • Follow the jaw line around to find where to place the ear.
  • The ear roughly always lines up at the top to the eyebrow line, and at the bottom just above the mouth.

Next, the face. The face shape can be drawn roughly the same way, first with a circle. Then a few other contours (shown here in coloured lines), which are the same for every face, but change varying on appearance. For example, the blue line might be smaller to make a pointier chin on a woman, or very wide, to make a manly square jaw.


  • Using this technique is useful, as the nose usually rests on the very bottom of the red circle.

Above; Differing jaw types.

Where I am after drawing the circle, jawline, neck and ears.

To find where everything should be on the face, I find it helpful to see everything as a series of small lines/arches. This helps further down the line understanding anatomy too.

These little map lines can be skewed in any way to make different types of faces.

The technique below is also useful, and it’s the one most used to show students how to draw faces.

The first (top) horizontal line roughly cuts the whole head in half. This is the eye line. The second horizontal line cuts the bottom section in half, this is the nose line. The third horizontal line cuts the last section in half. Every section is 50% smaller. This works in theory, but in reality it only helps you draw a generic face from a perfect front angle.

Where I am after adding in the framework for the features:


  • The edges of the nostrils line up with the tear ducts/the inner corners of the eyes.

After adding detail:

Drawing a face from a side profile is more difficult.

You can use the same small angles/lines to map out the contours. There is always the same indents in a side profile too, which I’ve drawn here in purple. For example, one indent right in front of the eye, where the nose meets the forehead. The forehead is always slightly convex.

The Meme and His Tutor

Part 17: The Time The Tutor Broke Her Elbow

Co-written with @tragicshadows

Recommended Song: My Home by GOT7 

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Even though he had told you not to get hurt, it still happened anyway

Genre: Fluff, comedy

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader (Y/N)

Warnings: Swearing, Tooth-Rotting Fluff, Clingy!Kook

Word Count:  5069

Length: 17/?

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Pocket Mirror Walkthrough

The main Pocket Mirror Team Has already released a PM Guide, but they were cool with me releasing one too.  Mine is more detailed, and gives you some guidance on where to go (and has a few secrets you can find in the 3rd area).  I also have a post where I point out where some Pumpkin Charms are, which aren’t necessary, but give you access to extra content later in the game.

  The real credit goes to the rest of the PM team as well as the PM beta testing team for helping me through the game.  I’m not the best puzzle solver, so I want to thank them for all their help making this :)

General Tips:

  • “Keep your memories close to your heart” is code for save as often as possible.  You can go 5-7 rooms without seeing a savebox, so save as much as you can.
  • If you’re getting a “Failed to create Bitmap” Error - it means the game didn’t load the area fast enough before you got there.  The best way I found to avoid this is by walking into new maps, not running (don’t do this at a chase scene tho).  Feel free to report these errors to the PM Team @pocketmirror-ask.

Table of contents

  • Start  (Note: This is the area you played through if you played the demo)
  • Area 1 - Egliette
  • Area 2 - Fleta
  • Area 3 - Harpae
  • Area 4 - Lisette
  • Area 5 - Final

If you just want to know how to get each ending, look up “ MAIN ENDING DIVERGENCE ” with ctrl+F.

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Princess Bucky - Bucky Barnes x Reader

Princess Bucky - Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words - 1792

Warnings - Bucky and his cute daughter fluff. That’s it.

AN - Taking a break from the Age of Angst. This is dedicated to my queen, @whotheeffisbucky, who I actually met, fangirling over Pride, and to me, because I’m ill as hell. Also, I’ve watched the Martian twice in 48 hours, which can’t be healthy. 

“You’re kidding.” You say, walking into the living room, where your husband, Bucky, and your five year old daughter are present. Usually, on a school morning, the young girl would be sitting at the table, eating her toast with chocolate spread, (if daddy served it,) and Bucky would be getting ready to drive her to school.

Not today. She was still clad in her pyjamas, and a worried Bucky had her held on his chest, as he had done so many times when she was a baby. The girl had woken up at 5am with a cry, and vomit on her bedroom floor. You were quick to take her downstairs, and your husband got her some new pyjamas. After that worry, she stayed in your bed, curled up between mummy and daddy. 

In the morning, there was no change. She was still warm, but the vomiting and subsided. After phoning The Doctor, it was concluded that she just had the flu - a common illness, seeing as it was supposedly going around in her class.

That wasn’t what upset you the most - no, you were meant to be seeing your mother today, a birthday meal with all of the elders, but instead, you wanted nothing more than to stay at home with your baby girl. You walked over, stroking her head, to which she flinched, digging further into daddy’s chest. 

“She’s really sick.” Bucky murmured, holding her close. You shook your head.

“I can’t go out, not whilst she’s like this-”

“Baby, go. I’ll be fine with her, I promise.” To this, you raised your eyebrows. Of course, you trusted Bucky, he was the one who could stop her crying, and could make her laugh, and if worst came to worst, he could call you back. But this, was your firstborn. You were a little scared to leave her.

“Bucky, I-” You tried to talk again, but were cut off.

“Y/N, go on. I promise. If anything happens, I’ll call you.” He says. Sighing, you lean forward, kissing your daughter’s forehead, before kissing your husband properly.

“I love you, James.”

“I love you too.”

After waving goodbye to them both, you left the house, the thought of the baby on your mind. Bucky felt his daughter shake a little, so he held her a little tighter, talking to the child.

“You still not well, baby?” To this, the young girl shook her head, still hiding his his chest. Bucky sighed, mentally making a list of things he would have to do, to make sure she would be okay.

So first, pop her on the couch, and cover her in some blankets and pillows. Get a bucket, in case she was sick. He needed the thermometer, and some soup. It wasn’t her favourite, unless it was tomato, of course. Oh, and he had to call the school, and tell them she wouldn’t be in.

Bucky put his plan into action; he first put the child down on the couch, who had stopped grizzling, and was now whining every few moments. He hushed her, stroking her forehead with his metal hand, before noting how she was leaning into the cold - it must of cooled and calmed her. When he pulled away, he spoke directly to the child.

“Daddy will be back in a minute. He’s just gonna get some blankets, okay?” The girl nodded, as Bucky ran off, first up to her room, picking up several blankets, and her pillow. Once bringing them down, he grabbed the bucket, and slid into the kitchen, taking the thermometer off of the sideboard, where Y/N had left it. 

He came back in, seeing his daughter making grabby hands at him. He picked her up, resting her on his hip, as he arranged the blankets single handed. Once he had done so, he put the young girl back down, keeping her wrapped up. He then remembered his wife leaving the soup in the fridge, so ran out, popping it in the microwave for a moment, and bringing it back. Instead of making his daughter drink it straight away, Bucky placed it on his lap, letting his daughter lean into his cold arm.

Once she was content, he took the spoon from the bowl, seeing her eyes widen.

“No, daddy! No soup!” She exclaimed, hiding again. 

“Yes sweetie, come on.” He asked, wanting her to have something. The girl didn’t budge. “Please? A spoonful for daddy?”

Reluctantly, she lifted her head, moaning a little. He played the whole ‘Here comes the aeroplane,’ theme, as she took one spoonful, taking a while to decide weather to take it, or spit it out. Eventually, she swallowed it, a small smile on her face.

“Better?” Bucky smiled. The girl shrugged. After a few more mouthfuls of soup,  it most definitely wasn’t better. Bucky felt the girl whine. before she was neatly sick in the bucket, causing her to cry a little. He was quick to take away the blankets, and mop her up, holding her close, and murmuring to her.

“Hey, it’s okay baby. It’s okay. Daddy’s got you.” He kept her close, soothing her, kissing the side of her head. Bucky carried the child to the bathroom, sitting her down, as she was cleaned up, and changed into another set of pyjamas.

It wasn’t going to be fun, cleaning all of them up. 

Once back in the living room, and the sick cleaned out, Bucky took the thermometer, and placed it on his daughter’s forehead. After a moment, he got his result - she was still warm, but not as much as before.

Bucky’s second step, was to get her to have some medicine. Yes, it was horrid, and tasted like something he’d rather not mention, but he would have to. He gently pours out enough liquid for the child, before holding the spoon. She groans, not happy with the outcome.

“Noo…” She whimpers, not wanting it. Bucky sighs. 

“Come on baby. Just one spoonful. Please?” He asks, pouting. The girl grasps as his face, pressing a sloppy kiss on him, before looking to the spoon, opening her mouth.

Bucky makes her take a spoonful, her face instantly curdling at the taste. She groans, not liking it one bit.

His mind trailed to calling you. You were her mother, after all, and there was always something you could do, which would help her. However, he then thought of how much you looked after her, whilst he was out with Steve, or on a mission.

No, you deserved today off.

The solider placed himself back next to his daughter, where it only took a moment, before she nestled into his cold arm. Bucky chuckled, keeping it close to her, as she relaxed a little more.

By 4pm, the young child had dosed off for a little nap. Bucky had thought several times about leaving her, to get himself some food, or go to the toilet, but she looked too peaceful to disturb. Instead, he stayed, keeping a guard over the child.

He soon felt his phone vibrate, with a message, from none other than you. He was quick to pull his phone out, to reply.

Dinner was fun. How’s the little one?

She was sick. But she’s settled off to sleep now.

Bucky! Why didn’t you call me?

Hey, she’s okay. And you deserved today. Okay?

Okay. Traffic’s bad. I’ll try and get home soon. Takeaway?

Pizza. Love you lots.

The man put his phone away, before this time, feeling the young girl next to him stir. He was quick to look down, a smile on his face when she eventually opened her eyes properly.

“Hey princess.” He said, smiling. “How are you feeling?” The girl made a sound, which was supposedly better, before she picked herself up, looking up towards Bucky.

“I want film.” She said. “Princess film.” Of course. Bucky had come home one day, with a bunch of ‘Barbie Princess,’ Films, from Natasha. She had watched them, over and over, driving you and Bucky both determined. Instead, he nodded, pulling himself up for a moment, and putting one of her DVD’s in the player.

However, before he could sit down, the young girl piped up again. “No…we need crowns.” She exclaimed, her voice still hoarse, and her face pale. Bucky sighed, running a hand across her head, before going back up to the child’s bedroom, soon returning with two crowns, and her fairy wand.

“Now.” He began. “I didn’t know what one you wanted-”

“Pink!” She exclaimed, making grabby hands at the crown. He nodded, before handing her the crown, putting the purple one on the coffee table in front of them, before.

“No! You gotta wear it daddy!” She said, taking it out of his hands before he could protest. The moment Bucky sat down, she lunged forward, putting the crown in his dark hair. “Princess Daddy!” She exclaimed, snuggling into his side, the movie now starting.

It was quite late, by the time you came in, Pizza in one hand, a late Birthday Present for your daughter in the other. What bugged you, was the fact Bucky was not there to pick up your calls, or open the doors. 

“Babe?” You asked, walking through the hallway, into the living room. “Is everything-”

Before you can finish, your eyes see something you cannot comprehend. There, is Bucky, curled up next to your daughter, both of them now sound asleep. You sigh, shaking your head, and being sneaky enough to take a photo. You carefully put the Pizza down on the table, and pick up your daughter from the side of her father.

She stirs a little, being pulled away from the comfort, but soon settles in your arms. You gently feel her forehead, feeling she is still a little warm, but nowhere near as badly as she was before. Balancing her on your hip, you go into the kitchen, giving her a spoonful of medicine. 

She is hardly complaining now, being close to drifting off to sleep again. Quietly, you take her upstairs, unravelling the crown from her hair, and putting her in bed. You gently kiss her forehead, before walking downstairs, where Bucky is now waking up, not realising the crown is still on his head. The moment he saw you, he came over, hugging you tight.

“How is she?” You ask, breathing into his chest. He hums.

“Better. Did you bring Pizza?” He asks, running a hand across your cheek. You nod.

“Anything for you, Princess.” You tease. It takes him a moment, before reaching up to his head, pulling off the crown, his daughter had left there earlier, sighing, and smiling.

“Daughters, eh?” He says, and to this, you just hug him tight.


if i ever type “lol” without actually laughing out loud, i force myself to laugh to make it true.


Kim Namjoon김 남준 - Breakup!AU

Warnings - Angst??, no real warnings just a sad fic

Word Count - 1.6k+

Everything is white. The walls, the nurse outfits that everyone wears, the liquid in the syringe being injected into his arm. He thinks that it’s annoying, too bright. But the man standing next to him isn’t annoying. After injecting him, the worker introduces himself as Kim Seokjin but calling him Seokjin or just Jin is okay. The worker looks nice enough with soft features and an odd pink pen hanging off his clip board.

Two short beeps—oddly reminding him of red—sound in his ear. Pale orange walls replace the white ones. That old purple couch pixelates in front of his eyes. He stands, turning to the opposite wall of the couch. His bookshelf stares down at him, worn spines facing outward for him to run his fingers across. He can feel the soft shell of the books, comfort building under his fingernails as he trails their bindings.

“Namjoon? Is that you?”

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the grass on the other side

summary: another beginning to a bigger story.

pairing: vhope (v/jhope), yoonmin (suga/jimin), namjinkook (rap monster/jin/jungkook)

[they met] [they washed] [they promised] [pets met] [a surgery] [flowers] [ring ring] [a back-story]


The meeting is arranged at Hoseok’s home – all the owners agree that it’s unreasonable to have it in an apartment, and out in the open just sounds like a terrible idea. Hoseok’s mother, the angel that she is, even offers to cook dinner for all seven of them. Seokjin graciously declines, saying that he’d be more than happy to provide for the teens while she takes a day for herself.

“Kiss-up,” accuses Jungkook, as his owner pulls out of the parking lot of their apartment.

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for the anon would prompted: could you please move your bed a little further from the wall I’m trying to work” au. Link to more prompts at the end.

maybe I’m too busy being yours (to fall for somebody new)

She moves in on a cold Saturday in November, her mittens dangerously close to falling off as she lugs a box of books up the steep steps leading to her new third story apartment.

“Need some help?”

There’s a good looking guy coming up the stairs behind her, a pair of glasses sitting just a tad askew on his nose, and he smiles brilliantly at her when he reaches the step right behind her.

“Actually,” she says as she shifts the box from one hip to the other. “That would be amazing. I’m on the third floor though.”

“3C?” He asks and she narrows her eyes a little, suddenly wondering just what she has agreed to by accepting his help. “Don’t worry,” he says with a laugh. “I’m not a stalker, I live in 3B. Your apartment has been empty awhile is all.”

“Oh, okay.” She thanks him when he takes the box out of her hands and lifts it easily, his muscles hardly straining under his grey Henley. “I’m Clarke, by the way.”

“Bellamy Blake,” he says brightly. “After you,” he motions with the box and she flushes a little when she starts climbing the stairs towards the next floor. It’s a very steep staircase, probably due to the fact that the building is as old as the city itself and she suddenly feels very self conscious about her ass being directly in Bellamy’s face.

“So how do you like the building?” Clarke asks, mostly as a way to distract her from the fact that this very gorgeous man is inches away from her behind.

“It’s great,” Bellamy says and she believes him. He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to lie for no reason. It’s not like he owns the building or gets anything out of telling people it’s a nice place to live. “We have a lot of older people on our floor so it’s not really that noisy.”

“That’s perfect,” she says and she pulls her keys out when they get to her door. “I’m a graphic designer so I work from home. It’s nice to have peace and quiet when you’re trying to work.”

“Totally,” he agrees, waiting for her to motion him inside before he steps into her apartment. He sets the box down next to her couch and smiles. “You look pretty moved in but if you need anything else, I’m just right next door.”

She only blushes a little when he shoots her a wink and small wave before heading out the door and presumably over to his own apartment.

It takes all of three days for her to absolutely hate Bellamy Blake.

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