the purple explosion

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Ace Fred Weasley II would get one of those prank cans that when opened would create an explosion of purple and black glitter with an Ace Pride flag; he sets it off at Weasley Family Dinner to come out. Afterwards, his father is so supportive that he creates a new line of Pride gear at WWW -R

Fred II has been wanting to come out as asexual for a while now. But he wants to come out to his parent’s first, and he wants to do it in just the right way. Inspiration is slow to strike, but it’s okay. Fred’s good at waiting. He’s the kind of kid who can be the life of the party when he wants, but otherwise can go pretty unnoticed - useful for collecting all types of information that he absolutely never uses to blackmail his cousins into doing all sorts of hilarious things. Point being, Fred is patient. He wants to come out. Wants to share this with his parents. But he can wait until the time is right.

Fred really went into the muggle store on a dare. Turns out that the prank shop was a goldmine. Fred II walks out with an exploding prank can and a huge grin on his face. Dinner tonight is going to be the best. With a little creative spellwork, he transforms the green shamrocks into purple and black glitter and the snake into an ace pride flag. He’s finally ready.


The flag hovers over the table and in the brief moment of silence - a rare occurrence indeed - Fred II wonders if this was really the best way to come out. Or maybe he should have come out to just his parents. He’d just gotten so excited and wanted to share it with everyone at once -

“I KNEW it!” Rose roars, standing triumphantly up. “Pay up, suckers!” And suddenly money is being quickly exchanged between all of his cousins.

“I don’t -” Uncle Ron is saying before Hermione cuts him off, reminding him that it’s the ace pride flag.

Uncle Harry, who’s sitting the closest to him, slaps his back in a friendly manner. “Welcome to the Club,” he says. “Charlie’s president, so we don’t meet much since he’s away all the time,” he smiles and winks. Fred rolls his eyes.

Grandma is leaning over past grandpa and reaching towards his wrist. “Oh, really, now, Fred. You know I love you,” she says before turning to Teddy to give him a pointed glare. “What exactly was wrong with just coming out? Now you’ve turned it into a competition between everyone, nearly giving me a heart attack every time someone comes out,” she admonishes. 

Teddy simply winks and gives him a thumbs up, a gesture James copies.

“Thanks, Fred!” Rose grins, stuffing her pockets full of money, clearly having taken the largest share of the pot from their cousins. “Oh, and congrats on finally coming out.”

“She means thanks for trusting us enough to come out to us,” Hugo corrects, starting a small bickering match between his sister and himself.

And then Fred is being enveloped in a ginormous hug from his father, who doesn’t bother to say anything.

Mum quirks an eyebrow at him once his dad has quit hugging him, a huge grin still on his face. “Is that all spelled? You know we’re going to talk about that later. But I’m proud of you for telling us,” she says with the barest hint of a smile.


Two weeks after Fred II comes out, and dad drags him to the shop.

“Dad, I’ve seen the new puking pastilles. The old ones were better.”

“Pish posh,” dad says cheerily. “Besides, this is something new. Just wait here.”

Fred rolls his eyes but stands obediently where his dad asks, near the front of the shop.

“Ta-da!” dad shouts, while at the same time the shop briefly flashes purple, black, and gray, before the color goes right again. Streamers burst down from the ceiling and mini-pride-colored-fireworks go off (one in the shape of a dragon, which Fred files away to absolutely get one of those), and then several new stands pop up in the store. Fred recognizes various pride colors amongst the stands: aro, ace, bi, gay, lesbian, pan, genderqueer, trans, and nonbinary. Others he doesn’t recognize but has no doubts they’re pride-related.

Dad pops down from upstairs right next to Fred, apparating even though he only had to go down a few stairs. “Look,” he says, dragging Fred along the stands. “Candy that lets you breathe a burst of fire in the pride color you buy, some of those cool exploding cans you found that burst into pride flags, plain hats that turn the wearer into your pride colors of choice, pins to show your pride that disappear after a day, lollipops that make the person eating them spout out random messages of support and understanding, and - okay, yes, there are puking pastilles here, but they give you multi-colored pride puke. Not very useful for getting out of class but good for grossing your friends out. It’s not everything, either, just my start! I’m going to offer a permanent pride line here,” dad presents, a huge grin on his face.

Fred lets everything sink in slowly. He feels the grin slowly spreading across his face. “Oh. Dad. I have so many ideas,” he says.

~Hufflepuff Mod

Black Coffee (Chapter 1)

Bughead college AND coffeeshop AU

Jughead’s go-to campus coffee shop is closed so he’s forced to go to a new, much fancier one.  He’s pissed off about it until he sees a certain barista (and tastes the coffee).

My first multichapter fic!!! Title is temporary-ish? I might think of a better one. This chapter is PG but don’t worry there’ll be smut eventually ;)

The “closed this week for renovations” sign taped crookedly to the door of Coffee Planet upsets Jughead more than he’s willing to admit.  This will be the first time in the two months he’s been at this school that he hasn’t grabbed a coffee here on the way home.  Okay, maybe not the first time, but at least only the fourth or fifth, and certainly the first time that he’s gone this far out of his way just to be disappointed.

Anyway.  Coffee Planet is the only place on or near campus with a short, simple menu, which is what brought him there in the first place.  When he wants coffee, he wants it black, strong, and bitter.  And he doesn’t want to wait in line behind eight Art History majors ordering lattes.

So.  He carries on, walking past the little shop that has become a place of comfort to him over the last couple months.  He has a coffee maker in his dorm room, but he wants to drink coffee now, on the way home, and not while he’s shut up in his too-hot room with his sweaty roommate.

It occurs to him that he could go to another coffee shop, but it’s not until he walks past The Littlest Bean that the thought actually tempts him.

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( suggested by @yamiyoukaipao and @rabbit-kinder )

partial role-reversal AU, Roxanne is a supervillain and Megamind is a hero

T rating, (brief language, sensuality)


AO3  |  FFN

“Come on, buddy; hurry up,” Metro Man’s voice comes through Megamind’s earpiece.

“Shut up, Wayne; I am trying to concentrate!” Megamind hisses back, up to his elbows in the circuitry of Temptress’s bomb, attempting to figure out how to stop it from exploding without, hey, making it explode.

“This is taking too long; hurry up; you gotta go after her; she’s gonna get away again—”

“Yes, well, excuse me if I’m less worried about that than the possibility of exploding and dying a fiery death—”

(red wire, red wire, another red wire; why are all of the goddamn wires red; why does Metro City’s supervillain have to be so damn smart; now he has to trace each wire back to its origin to figure out which one is which—)

“What are you, afraid she’s going to kiss you again?” Wayne asks. “Don’t know what you’re so freaked about; it’s not like her powers even work on you—”

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hi!! can i get some witch au's please?? 😙

here you go!! sorry these are taking long we’re all swamped with life /cries an ocean

  • I’m still a witch in training so please forgive me for accidentally giving your cat the ability to speak and turning all your clothes a shade of yellow
  • you came into my apothecary and you sprayed what you thought was perfume on your skin, but was actually a potion that gives people blue hair

  • regular people can’t see familiars but for the past hour you’ve just been staring at my shoulder looking really concerned and you’re making me and my cat extremely nervous

  • I fell off my broom and into the tree in your backyard and I’m stuck and everything hurts and you came out screaming because you thought I was stealing your oranges

  • I accidentally left my spell book on the bus and I was freaking out but then I saw this massive purple explosion and shit I’m sprinting there to stop whoever found it

  • you hate witches because you’re family blood line was cursed by one of them hundreds of years ago, which is too bad for you because I’m your next door neighbour

  • I run a tea shop and shit I accidentally dropped in magical flowers that look a whole hella lot like chrysanthemums and now you can’t stop speaking in rhymes

- jo

Clingy (CrossMare)[BloodLust pt. 1 1/2]

Nightmares POV
After throwing horror into a box and into UnderLust, we all had our fair share of laughs and accualy hoped that he wouldn’t come back for hours. “Hey, I have a good idea-” Killer started “-How about we sent cross somwhere special~” Cross then became terrified of what they may do to him and hid in my side. I just about cringed but brushed it off since I was pretty used to it. “Oh my god, just leave the kid be.” I said simply. “Ooooh~ NMs actually protecting his new found lover~” “ aww, he cares for once~” they all start to tease, I should have seen it coming. “No, accualy, its NOT that at all. Its just that whenever you guys TEASE him like this, HE STARTS GETTING SUPER DAMN CLINGY!! AND CASE YOU HAVNT NOTICED, ITS STARTING TO PISS ME OFF!!!!” I shouted quite harshly as I ripped my arm away from Cross and went up to my room to ignore reality once more.

Cross POV
NM was accualy starting to scare me a bit as He yanked his arm away from me and stomped up to his room. I honestly felt pretty bed for putting him through that. My thoughts got cut of by Dust and Killer giggling from the background, but I just gave them a glare. “So? Go get yo boyfriend Tiger! Hahaha!!” Killer shouted. “One, that exactly what I’m about to do. And two, he’s not my boyfriend, as much as I wish he was.” I pointed out, whispering the last part. They must of heard because they started laughing there ass’ off immediately. I just rolled my eyes and headed up towards NMs room. I knocked on the door softly and wispered his name before opening the door slightly “NM? Are you ok?” “No. Just go away…” doing the exactly the opposite of what he ordered, I walked in, shut the door, and made my way to his bed. He gave me a glare but let me continue as I sat down next to him. There was a awkward silence “Your bed is comfy” “Yah, don’t get to comfortable…” another silence… “I’m sorry I embarrassed you…”

NightMares POV
He was apologizing again. I honestly didn’t know what to say because I sure as hell wasn’t going to say ‘Its okay’. After a bit of sitting, my back started to ach so I layed myself on the bad and cross layed with me. I honestly didn’t care, as long as he wasn’t anoying me “Hey NightMare,” here it comes “….. You can get made at me all you want, and you can beat and you can hurt me–” “ Where are you going exactly with this???” I ask worryingly. He’s never talked like this “I just………wanted… To try something….?” I thought about it for a second before answering “As long you ain’t trying to have sex with me, sure.” His whole face lit up with an explosion of purple. It almost made me laugh at how cute it was. I sat there for a few seconds waiting for him to do or say what he wanted as he tryed to calm down a bit.

3rd person POV
After calming down from the humiliation, cross turned to the side to look at NightMare. NM looked at him slightly confused. Cross took this as an advantage and wraped his arms behind NMs head and yanked him forward. The two shared a passionate kiss. And even though NightMare struggled a bit, he soon calmed down. The longer he let Cross do it, the more and more he would melt. After a few minuets, the two new found lovers broke for air. “Ok, now get off me. You did what you wanted.” NM quikly said out of embarrassment. Cross just giggled but did what he was told and snuggled into his arm instead. “……….. Fine, fine!! Get over here!” NM quickly said, pulling cross over. Cross just giggled more and hugged and snuggled into NMs side.


Yay! I’m finnished! This took me a few tries since my tablet kept dying on me. This is what going on back at the house, kingdom, palace thingie when BloodLust pt. 1 is happening. Speaking of BloodLust, pt. 2 should be coming out today since I got nothing else to do. Anyways, Later Gater!