the purple crab


And here is The Crabitat.

A 55 gallon with plexiglass sealed in for permanent filtered pools. I have burlap glued to the back and to the pools, which they love to climb. The floating moss pits are also glued to the back bc suction cups hate me.

Not seen is a 4ft heat mat that I put behind the tank for pics, but I usually keep it on top of the tank to also keep in humidity.

Still a bit of a work in progress, but right now it suits all their needs.


Took all the crabs out to size them! So far, only the one in the last pic has a name: Maize, because he is super super shy and only comes out when I put out corn.
The one in the first and fourth pic is my favorite little boy. I’ve known him the longest- he came from Earth Angels (that local pet shop I worked at that died).

I THINK I have 8 total (unless I have another one under the dirt).

But yeah, here are my newer babies!

Crabs Can Also Be Beautiful

Crabs are not very famous for their look, but there are some species which are really cute. In this post we are going to share some such beautiful crab photos. Hope, you will like them.

The purple crab.

The watermelon fiddler crab.

Atlantic ghost crab.

Red reef crab

Porcelain crab

Boxer crab

The baby crab.

That’s all folks! Wait for the next batch.


I remember all the hullabaloo about Gligar when it was first revealed. Folks were thinking it was what happened when you bread a crabby and a zubat together. I mean, it’s easy to think that’s stupid now given how the mechanics of breeding are established and all that, but back when Gen 2 was first released? The sky was the limit. I’m still a fan of the idea that Gligar is a chimera of sorts. A cute, cute chimera. 

And 2 days in a row?! Gah, this is madness. Let’s see if we can shoot for 3.