the purest love to ever exist

Philip J. Fry is the Sweetest and Purest creature. He’s so Pure you have to pair him up with the biggest robot jerk on the planet and the angriest, scariest badass cyclops to ever exist to even it down! He’s the Walking On Sunshine

Good things abt NITW fandom

- everyone loves the game
- cute gay angus x gregg fan art
- everyone seems to get along well??
- people understand that gregg is gay and dont try to ship him with mae
- all the ships seem to get along and are respectful of eachother
- not many OCs, and those that do exist are never super op
- did I mention the fanart???? It’s amazing you guys
- jacksepticeye
- the YouTube memes
- gregg arm flail and cup ears
- pure people. pure game. pure fandom. THANK YOU.

random ik but...

okay so,,, i was just thinking,,, i love my mutuals so much… so why not let them know randomly in an act of an appreciation post ?? im sorry this is so spontaneous i just feel like shouting out to all my best internet buddies so everyone else can check them out bc theyre literally ALL THE BEST. just saying. FOLLOW THEM NOW !!! (pls you wont regret it i promise) in no order:

@smol-anime-phan133 : ty for being with me through life, you’re literally my therapist and i need you to know that any time you need it, i’ll be there for you bc you’ve always been there for me (even during my 12 yo random phase im v sorry) and I appreciate you💕

@malecfangirl101 man we go wayyyyyy back, but i still appreciate you so much, you’re actually one of the most fabulous people i know. it’s a shame we don’t see each other irl as much but im so glad we text bc seriously it’s great to be able to be so open and yet random and weird to someone as accepting as you ✨

@nutellalester don’t even get me started you are such a bean, daniel !! you contribute some of the best bants to the gc and all the amazing creations (art/writing) you make is literally so good,,,also youve got literally the best music taste ty for existing 💛

@huphilpuffs okay so not only are you literally one of the sweetest people, but you make the prettiest gifs ??? how is this fair at all ??you’ve got so much talent and overall just loveliness and support im super happy to know you ty for everything ☺️

@misshktt oml where do i begin?? youre funny, supportive, open and generally just a really great person to be around !! you literally are toriel it’s not even funny the resemblance is uncanny,,, except less goat and more pure bean ty 💙

@actualhatter there’s so much to say about how great you are i literally could ramble on forever but for everyone’s sake i’ll try to be short: you’re funny, kind, really good at drawing AND you share my addiction to tøp and josh dun in general?? how could a person literally get any cooler?? ty for everything fren 😊

@phantastically-over-life phil lester defence squad unite haha thanks for listening and even agreeing with me when i ramble endlessly about my love and appreciation for phil, you’re really great and friendly, i love talking to you tysm fren💗

@philmeup-dildo i have a feeling this might be the longest paragraph purely bc you are literally one of the best people i know,,, you listen to everything i have to say (im sorry i ramble and complain a lot lol) and overall are just so supportive and kind, as well as we share heaps of interests (okay our music not so much bUT STILL) !! ty for being so open and letting me vent and bant with you bc seriously you have made me laugh when i really needed it so ty for everything 🤗 (also my mum loves you more than me im pretty sure)

@totallynotlevi // @totallynotfics you were one of my first internet friends, Levi, and although some of our interest have changed im so glad we still talk regularly bc you’re literally such a great person and im so happy I’ve found someone who loves pj and tøp as much as me 💚

@you-could-say-im-relocating-it you are the purest and funniest bean to ever exist, our gc owes you for making us laugh all the time with your supportive, funny and relatable personality !! if you ever need anything pls feel free to talk bc id love to get to know you better 😁

@little-cheeky-monkey you deserve the world, honestly im so glad we are mutuals, you’re pretty (even if you don’t realise it yet,, believe me), funny, supportive, really kind and just generally share my love of dogs and hp !!! (pls pet your dogs for me btw so pure) ty for everything and just being yourself you matter a lot ❤️

@heck-yeah-fandoms funny! great! supportive! those are only some of the many words i could use to describe you, ty so much for being a great fren i appreciate talking to you, you make me smile 😋

@pepperminthowell have you ever met someone that’s just so great and the thought of them being in your life fills you with joy??? you’re that person to me and basically the whole gc,,, seriously thank you for everything it means so much you are way too lovely and good for this world 💜

@isle-of-the-glowing-eyes although we talk on my other side blog, i just wanted to add you here bc you are really relatable, kind and im glad i feel i can be open around you bc you’ve just got such a great personality !! not to mention we also have a huge addiction with tøp oml ty for listening to me ramble haha 🌸

@dan-phil-obsessed we’ve been talking for quite a while now, and i can confidently say that you are honestly one of the nicest people to ever exist. everyone is kind in someway or another so you probably hear me say this a lot in this post, im not lying when I say that but for you seriously I can 1000% say that you are so genuinely considerate, not to mention really pretty, and great at photography/writing 💖

@phandomsandbandoms ty for being such a funny, witty, relatable and overall amazing person. your taste of music is one everyone should aspire to, not to mention your personality and sense of humour !! basically you’re goals tbh 👌

@glittering-litter i can relate way too much to you honestly you have all the tøp (yes I went there) notch memes and literally such a good music taste !! ty for always listening to me annoyingly talk about phan and emo bands whenever we talk hah you’re really great 🙌

@lestersdog ty for making the gc and Tumblr itself just a generally better place, you’re so nice and easy to talk to !!! your kindness and awesomeness is appreciated by me and so many others 💓 also your pride selfies were actually the cutest thing ive ever seen oml

@pasteldoothowell we haven’t talked one on one, but seriously from what i can tell when you talk in the gc you are a really fun person to be around !! ty for just your general awesome presence i feel blessed 😄

@peachou okay so we don’t really talk on private chat but seriously this may come off as creepy but i love your blog so so much and for you to actually follow me and like my posts blows me away !! you are so talented and i just wanna ty for being really amazing 💟

@softiednp this whole group chat, incase i missed someone individually, means the world to me tysm for everything you all are great people that i absolutely love talking to !!! you don’t even know how much i love y'all !! oml 😩👌

honourable (mostly) mutual mentions that i stalk and admire from afar: (pls feel free to message me seriously you’re all super cool) @wispyphil @fringegaps @florallylester @phanamored @philester @disgustinglygay @stardustphan @hazyphil @macaronidan @decaffeinated-shipper @yodastolemylightsaber @femtastico @britishteacup98 @lozzyg @lost-boy-ben @nonbinary-lester @suchaderp @sparklephil @adorkablephil @astronautdan @clouds-howell @shittywerewolfstudent @fallinghowell @opinionated-internet @stumpostar @tea-and-cozy-idek @purepastelphan @dansforeheadcurl @japhannie @eli-howlter

if i missed anyone pls punch me, chances are i either wrote you on my list but accidentally missed typing it out bc there’s so many names or literally thought we weren’t mutuals bc you are too cool to be following me :))

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Uhhh, sorry but.. What did that anon smoke? lol. I mean, their message made zero to negative sense.. I get where they came from, but it just??? Didn't sound logical at all???? Anyways. Jikook are husbands, can you believe this? Amazing.

(anon is talking about this)

no i honestly don’t know. like i got the basics of what they were trying to say, but it just seemed kind of ignorant to me??? like idk, it’s not impossible for two boys who spend literally every hour of every day together to fall in love? like yeah, we don’t know if they really are or not, but shipping is for fun??? i agree, it didn’t sound logical. oh well 🤷‍♀️ 

Jikook are more than just husbands tbh. they’re like…. super husbands… or something. The Ultimate Husbands™. like i can’t believe i exist at the same time as the sweetest, purest, most beautiful relationship to ever exist. Amazing indeed. 

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wow look at The Ultimate Husbands™ communicating with nothing but eyes and small smiles. When will your favs ever?

I Want Nothing To Do With You, God.

A/N: So last night’s episode made me feel so many things. So this is inspired from last night. If you haven’t watched the episode your probs wont want to read it! This is not a Dean Imagine… I know, I’m as shocked as you are lol

Chuck/God x Reader 

Word Count: 952

Warning: Swearing, Angst

You watched as the fog vanished. With a large suck of air, the cleanness of it all nearly brought you to tears. Sam and Dean stumbled towards you, checking for any signs that the infection had lingered on your body. Dean clutched both you and Sam, momentarily forgetting about the bright light the emanated from the amulet you hadn’t seen in a really long time.

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Someone: you know Park Jimin?
Me internally: you mean the purest and most beautiful 😥 Man to ever exist? To grace this planet?💕🌸 You mean the sun?☀️ The moon?🌙 All the stars?✨ The softest and kindest human being ever, the man who invented love?💕💕💕💕🌸🌸🌸✨✨✨
Me: uh …. yeah I guess why?

Mega geeky comic+MCU theory post about the Infinity Gems, Ultron and Vision

So this is just something I came across while reading up on the old Infinity Gauntlet and Thanos Quest comics.

Have you ever wondered where the Infinity Gems came from?

The Infinity Gems (and all existing reality) are the remains from a supreme being committing suicide due to loneliness.

So okay, there’s no reason that the MCU would keep this origin right? Even though they haven’t given an explanation for the Gems’ existence or power (yet).

But then I remembered something that bothered me when watching Age of Ultron, and this origin explains something about it.

When the Ultron AI first gained sentience and awoke, what was one of the first things he said?

“Where’s my body?”

What bothered me was, why would Ultron even understand what a ‘body’ is or desire one? Why would it bother him so much, to be almost traumatic, to not have a body?

Unless he had one long ago. Unless he was used to being a physical creature at some point, and waking up to being just a floating and limited AI was harrowing for him.

The Mind Gem has been defined as being “the manifestation of the universal subconscious”, in other words, it has some of the mind of the first being.

Furthermore, look at Ultron’s behavior. Why did he want the twins around him? Why was he so protective of them? Why did he become legitimately upset that they left, to the point when he kidnapped Black Widow, he was happy just to have someone to talk to?

Ultron was afraid of being alone. The same fear that caused the first being to commit suicide.

But then you say, why would any descendant of the first being be so nihilistic and evil? Well, Ultron was still an AI based on a bit of the mind of the first being at best. And there’s the issue with the first being apparently being kind of a dick.

In the comics, the first being actually reformed back once, and called itself Nemesis.

However this reformation was tainted by being combined with two characters (Sersi and Loki), and possibly because it crossed two different comic universes (it was a crossover event).

Regardless, the first being has a personality. A petulant, overly emotional personality. It committed suicide from loneliness. It wanted to undo all creation because it saw something it disliked. It called itself Nemesis

What part of that description doesn’t sound like Ultron?

But then you say, what about Vision, who now has the Mind Stone and was made from the same stuff as Ultron?

Well the thing is he isn’t completely the same. Ultron was completely based on the matrix they got from the Mind Stone, without an existing personality or context for him to exist. It stands to reason, Ultron simply reflected the mind of the first being in its purest form.

Vision however, was merged with JARVIS. And that made all the difference.

For one, he probably made the connection that if you protect all life, you wouldn’t be alone ever again.

Secondly, Vision’s personality becomes a merger of JARVIS and the imprint of the first being. So the overly emotional and petulant attitude that manifested in Ultron becomes overwritten.

Vision is the mind of the first being who finally found peers and companions in the form of the Avengers. And in fact, loves the universe that has formed from its suicide eons ago. It is a ‘privilege to be among them’ as Vision said to Ultron after all.

And clearly,

he is trying to not be alone anymore.

  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: harry james potter dealt with an abusive home and teachers, lost a significant amount of people he truly cared about including his parents whom he had never met and his godfather that he only knew about after twelve years, watched cedric being killed right before his eyes and made a promise to bring back his body to his parents, suffered from PTSD and got mistaken by a whiny teenager which could've easily been the case because harry james potter was a freaking 15-year-old boy with feelings, spent every year in hogwarts listening to people gossiping about him, making fun of him, thinking he was a liar or simply crazy, made it out be the biggest joke of the century on the national wizardry news yet he was legitimately one of the kindest and purest and loving souls to ever exist on this planet. harry james potter deserved better.

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are u taking opinions still? cuz id love to hear what u think of alyssa edwards

i love everything about alyssa edwards. i think she’s one of the most unintentionally funniest ppl to ever be on the show….or like, exist. she’s also an angel with the purest heart and her 3 sashays from a show she was easily robbed from PROVED that. she’s an out of this world performer and her personality is so infectious and lovable!!!! did i mention i love everything about her??? cause i do!!! legend….icon…………BOOTS!

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((Purest, nicest and most kindest person ever exist. Must protect at all cost!))