the pure mood


To be cuddled in bed w/someone who is a friend, lover, partner, safe haven…

& not to converse verbally. Instead just lay & let our bodies converse.

&No. Not sex… Like that laying on their chest being lullabied to sleep by the sound of their heartbeat.

The body language of calmness when your breathing becomes synchronized.

Cuddled were your body snuggles into theirs like a perfect puzzle piece.

Feeling safe.

Having pure intimacy

👑 B


♡ fictional crushes ♡ Grace Glasser, How to Make a Wish

“I know I’m too much sometimes.”

“Hey.” He nudges my shoulder until I look at him. “You’re not too much. At least, no more than me or Eva or whoever the hell. You’re just…”

I lean against his shoulder. He leans back.

“I’m just what?” I ask.

He sighs. “You’re just a kid who’s had to be a grownup way too many times.”

EXO reaction when you get a nipple piercing

(requested by anon: Can you do a exo react to you having a nipple piercing please??? Know ur not taking request… but please? 💕 (my english is not so good, sorry))

BTS version

warnings: smut*ish*

You had made a new piercing and it was a nipple one. The only thing was your boyfriend wasn’t aware of that – yet. As you changed clothes it became quite visible and it caught your boyfriends eye..


He wiped his lip with his finger while staring at you. You looked back at him and giggled, knowing exactly what caught his attention.


He was laying on the bed when your eyes met his. He was holding his face with a half freaked out and half smiling expression. He loved it but he was his usual, dorky self.


“Forgot something?” he was leaning against the door frame, smirking at you. His dark look fell down to your boobs and then back at you. “Someone’s in trouble”


He couldn’t keep his eyes off it. When you noticed his stare, you giggled. “Do you like it?” he nodded softly with a smile, still staring at it with a small pout.


His pure mood changed to a kinky one in a matter of seconds. He stared at you with a hungry gaze, biting his lip at you.


He liked it a lot but he was very composed about it. Once you got in the bed, he’d instantly start touching and rubbing it which lead to something more.


He looked at you with a confused expression, but deep down he liked it. “What’s that?” he played dumb. “Come and see for yourself”


He was just finishing the sandwich as he saw the piercing pop out a bit. He blushed slightly and looked at you amusingly. “Um babe you have some explaining to do”


At first he froze, staring at you with his mouth opened. Once your eyes met, he shook his head in fake disapproval, making you giggle.


He stared at your boobs intensely. “Lu, my eyes are right here” you giggled and his eyes flew up as he slightly blushed.


He liked it a damn lot and he didn’t hide it at all. “Kris why are you looking at me like that?” “Because I know tonight will be fun” as he spoke he made his tongue move more than regularly, emphasizing what was on his mind.


He liked any kind of piercings so yours was just as appealing to him. He bit his lip at you and smiled softly. Lord knows he won’t let go of it all night.

xx hope anon is satisfied; imma try to write as well as post in these few upcoming days most of the requests xx