the pure kind we all dream of

let’s talk about: isak’s lil dimples

i feel like we’re not talking about isak’s dimples enough… i mean LOOK  at them??!!??!?!!?

have U ever seen anything so pure? i want to poke his dimple!!! 

i mean… it’s pretty self-explanatory why this beautiful human ruined a relationship and got the man of his dreams in return.. who could ever resist a face like that???

ok so maybe his dimples aren’t those hole-y kind of dimples maybe they’re smile lines or something i dont know i’m not a fucking doctor  BUT like wow… i’m enamored by those lil dimples.. (and not to mention the little eye crinkles that follow it) 

someone just… protect him PLEASE @Universe don’t ever hurt my son,, those dimples are worth millions 

his dimples know what’s up (ft. Tthe Gay Scarf)

bonus: snakesak killing us all with Those Dimples™

another bonus: mr. dimple makes an appearance around his owner’s (very handsome) boyfriend

“Please don’t ruin the pure friendship between Donna and Harvey”

Now, guys.. Let’s be real.. WHAT KIND OF FRIENDS DO YOU HAVE? 


Do you sleep with your friends? Are you bothered if your friends sleep with other people? Do your friends’ gf\bf ask you if you’re in love with them? DO YOU HAVE WET DREAMS ABOUT YOUR FRIENDS AFTER THEY HOLD YOUR HAND? 

I could go all day… Yes.

This is all to say… You can hate Darvey, and ship other things, because shipping isn’t science, sometimes we ship stuff, sometimes we don’t. But if you say that darvey is “a pure friendship” you’re delusional.

Have a great day. 

anonymous asked:

what would they name their pets??????

we also did what kind of pet they would have too!

What type of pet would they have:

Noctis: He would have a Bombay cat. Cool and sleek like Noctis could only dream of being.

Prompto:  Prompto would own a Golden Retriever . Pure like an angel.

Gladio: He’d own a Great Dane. A big dog that is also kind.

Ignis: Ignis would have a Sphynx cat with a sweater he knit himself. Ignis enjoys cats, but not all the hair that comes with them.  

What they would name their pets!

Noctis: Bagheera, as a reference to the panther from The Jungle Book. Puts way too much thought into his pet’s name.

Prompto: Cecil, after the protagonist of FFIV. Names his pet as a reference to a TV show or game. It seems subtle enough until someone actually knows where the name is from.

Gladio: Leonidas, Leo for short. Would name his pet after a historical figure, most likely from a book he’s read.

Ignis: Something elegant, like Penelope.  That one guy that gives his pet a human name.

I KEEP FORGETTING BUT I did a Lams rewrite of Burn!

Just for reference, Heracles was a demigod in greek mythology. Here’s his wiki if you want to learn!! His “labors” were basically 12 arduous tasks he had to complete after Hera drove him mad and made him kill his wife and children. Here’s the thing:

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Electra Heart songs for the Signs

Aries: Homewrecker || Instead of love and trust and laughter
What you get is happy never after
But deep down all you want is love
The pure kind we all dream of

Taurus: Power & Control || We give and take a little more,
‘Cause all my life I’ve been controlled
You can’t have peace without a war

Gemini: The Valley of the Dolls || Got a hole inside of me
Living with identities
That do not belong to me
In my life, I got this far
Now I’m ready for the last hoorah

Cancer: Starring Role || I never sang for love
I never had a heart to mend
Because before the start began
I always saw the end

Leo: Primadonna || Beauty queen on a silver screen
Living life like I’m in a dream
I know I’ve got a big ego
I really don’t know why it’s such a big deal, though

Virgo: Teen Idle || I wanna stay inside all day
I want the world to go away
I want blood, guts and chocolate cake
I wanna be a real fake

Libra: Bubblegum Bitch || Got a figure like a pinup
Got a figure like a doll
Don’t care if you think I’m dumb
I don’t care at all
Candy bear, sweetie pie, wanna be adored
I’m the girl you’d die for

Scorpio: How to be a Heartbreaker || Girls, we do, whatever it will take
Cause girls don’t want, we don’t want our hearts to break
In two, so it’s better to be fake
Can’t risk losing in love again babe

Sagittarius: Sex Yeah || All my life I’ve felt it deep inside of me
All this time was fighting for what I believe
All my life I’ve tried to hide what history has given me

Capricorn: Fear and Loathing || Got different people inside my head
I wonder which one that they like best
I’m done with tryin’ to have it all
And endin’ up with not much at all.

Aquarius: Radioactive || In the night your heart is full
And by the morning empty
But baby I’m the one who left you
You’re not the one who left me

Pisces: The State of Dreaming || I live my life inside a dream
Only waking when I sleep
I would sell my sorry soul
If I could have it all

The Types as Marina and the Diamonds Lyrics
  • ISTJ: "One track mind like a gold fish, stuck inside my petri dish. I can't breathe and I can't smile. This better be worth my while."
  • ESTJ: "I know exactly what I want and who I want to be. I know exactly why I walk and talk like a machine. I'm now becoming my own self-fulfilled prophecy."
  • INFP: "I live my life inside a dream, only waking when I sleep. I would sell my sorry soul if I could have it all."
  • ENFP: "People like to tell you what you're gonna be. It's not my problem if you don't see what I see and I do not give a damn if you don't believe."
  • ISFJ: "But deep down all you want is love, the pure kind we all dream of. But we cannot escape the past, so you and I will never last."
  • ESFJ: "Sometimes I think I'm not that strong, but there's a force that carries me on. Sick of my small heart made of steel, sick of those wounds that never heal."
  • INTP: "Oh, all the time that I have wasted, chasing rabbits down a hole when I was born to be the tortoise. I was born to walk alone."
  • ENTP: "I am never gonna give you anything you expect. You think I'm like the others, boy, you need to get your eyes checked."
  • ISTP: "Cause it's my problem if I wanna pack up and run away. It's my business if I feel the need to smoke and drink and sway."
  • ESTP: "Don't get on my bad side--I can work a gun. Hop into the backseat, baby, I'll show you some fun."
  • INFJ: "Don't want cash, don't want card. Want it fast, want it hard. Don't need money, don't need fame. I just want to make a change."
  • ENFJ: "I wanna live forever, forever in your heart. And we'll always be together from the end to the start."
  • INTJ: "One track mind, one track heart. If I fail, I'll fall apart. Maybe it is all a test. Cause I feel like I'm the worst so I always act like I'm the best."
  • ENTJ: "High achiever, can't you see, baby, nothing comes for free. They say I'm a control freak driven by a greed to succeed. Nobody can stop me."
  • ISFP: "I wanna mean something to somebody else, feel a significance in the real world. It's not enough to live out a lucky life."
  • ESFP: "You can paint me any color and I can be your clown, but you ain't got my number. Yeah, you can't pin me down."

There must be a reason Bill is keeping Mabel as locked up as possible, completely shielded from the outside world, and everything is pointing towards the fact that Mabel is the one strong enough to make a threat to Bill

Think about it. Bill is a being who right now is creating the apocalypse, but one like none other have seen before. He uses all sorts of weirdness to create havoc, not just pure weapon force, like many other apocalypse franchises existing today. Bill is nothing without that, without a mind twisted enough to create all the stuff we saw in the last episode. 

And then we have Mabel. Sweet, kind Mabel, the girl with wide enough imagination to dream up a whole world for herself. (which is what I’m thinking is happening in the bubble prison Bill created for her.) By keeping her there and letting her mind roam freely, Bill makes things safe for himself. Mabel would definitely come up with some sort of absurd plan to stop him, and it would have worked! Dipper even said this himself:

He’s defeated Bill before, but without Mabel, he realizes things will be impossible. 

and when Mabel gets out of that bubble, who knows what will happen. Will she have changed? Will she have gained some other sort of power close to what Bill has now? Will it be dangerous for her? 

After all, “A shooting star may fall.”

Dear Harry, 

It has been five years to the day you auditioned for X-Factor. Since then, you’ve become one of the most famous people in the world. You didn’t wish for your dream, you made it reality and that’s truly remarkable. You’ve made your way into the hearts of millions around the world, and made a mark that can never be forgotten. You’ve shown us all how we should be towards one another; how far kindness can go when given. I admire how you’re not afraid to be yourself and accept who you are. And you accept us for who we are. Your love can be felt in every action, every smile, and in every word you speak. Your heart is pure and true, and for so many like myself - it’s so rare to find that in someone. I know you don’t think that you’re a role-model, but you are. You’re a positive influence that the world needs more of, and you deserve so much more than you get. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing how humble you’ve stayed through everything, and even in the  darkest of times; your smile has never faltered. I don’t ever want to see that smile disappear because it has given us all a reason to smile. I’ve learned so many wonderful things from you and it has made me an even better person. I thrive to be a better person because of you, because I admire and respect you and everything you do - not just muiscally; I respect you as a person. I’m in love with you, Harry Styles. Not in the way so many claim to be, I’m in love with how truly magical you are and how lovely it is that you came into our lives 5 years ago. If you hadn’t autioned, I believe the world wouldn’t shine as bright as it does now. 

So, thank you. For the music, the laughs, the smiles, the tears, compassion, love, and belief in us all. Happy 5th X-Factor Audition Anniversary, Styles. I’m so proud of you; we all are. x

I love this particular moment from Last Christmas. The shock (for the Doctor) of Clara hugging him has dissipated, and he’s just enjoying it - look at his face! - and Clara, well this is a moment of unadulterated pure affection. And this only between the Doctor and Clara (oh, all right, and the dream crabs) because Santa is eyes-front (he glances over but not necessarily at them directly), and the others from the base are distracted by the spectacle of flying in Santa’s sleigh. This moment is just between the Doctor and Clara. I kind of wish Santa didn’t have to end the moment by offering the Doctor a chance to fly the thing.

(By the way, a few moments at the hug, we see Clara point down and go “Look!”. I wonder what she’s pointing to? Possibilities: her house, Coal Hill School, UNIT HQ? )


The best moments in my life all feel like dreams because I can’t believe that those things are real and that I have actually been able to experience them. Last night was a dream. Taylor, words can’t describe my love and admiration for you. You have a beautiful soul and it shines through in everything you do. I have decided that you are made up of pure magic and kindness and happiness and I have no idea how someone can be so.. WONDERIFIC. I would like to say thank you for letting me, letting all of us, listen to your music and into your heart and life. For providing us with such relatable songs that we can use and listen to every day whether it be to help us through a problem, get us through the day or just because we want to listen to you. It means so much to know that you care enough about us to put on a show as awesome and the one I experienced and that you continue to be the best person that you can be for you and for yourself. Taylor you are a dream. And I love you ❤️.