the pure kind we all dream of

The signs and how I have experienced them

This is in no way supposed to be accurate to the usual description of signs, i just write down how i have experienced them. I don’t really know why either.

Aries: very quiet at first but will bloom up if they trust you. indecisive, understanding, and sweet. loyal friend who will never judge you. doesn’t have a lot of opinions on things. likes to just chill and let it all happen. likes hugs a lot!

Taurus: loud and super ambitious. wants things done and wants it now. risk taker. gets angry quickly. very intense. cares about you but shows it in unusual ways. super prideful. enthusiastic!! loves buying new things. loves talking.

Gemini: super nice?? how do you do it. very touchy and wants everybody to like them.  always comes up with great ideas. insecure but really rocks. great team worker and always listens to you. trouble standing up for themselves sometimes.

Cancer: will do everything with you. always up for having fun, but also loves staying in and chilling. hyper wow. doesn’t take shit from anyone.  you insult their friend? you’re going down, they do not play. doesn’t care about other peoples opinions. kinda aggressive?

Leo: the person that everybody admires and loves and honestly?  so cool and such a good person. kind of an ego issue but it’s okay. honest and loves it. tends to be dramatic but if you push that aside very sweet and has some issues. loyal friend and a good leader.

Virgo: super quirky but everyone loves it. has a certain dry humor that just makes you crack up. bad with people. really insecure but such a nice person. artsy. nervous, really talented. works hard for everything. zooms in on their face in pictures. stop you’re beautiful. super fun clothing!

Libra: super chill on the outside but is actually great at sensing emotions and gets overwhelmed sometimes. fun and spontaneous. sporty!! great at making friends. hits your butt.pats your head when they pass you. mom tendencies, but also get super drunk and do stupid stuff tendencies. 

Scorpio: laughs so much. everybody loves them it’s unreal. makes everything seem chill and cool. supportive friend. kind of mean sometimes. likes to mess around and have fun, but still manages their grades. Scorpios are some of the best friends i’ve ever had. 

Sagittarius:  wants all the information!! plans everything and wants to read about everything. loves books so much. super supportive and honest. will always admit it when they are wrong and apologize. gets overwhelmed sometimes but it’s okay we still love you. afraid of failure. 

Capricorn: cold at first but is actually a nice bean who laughs very quickly. very responsible and mature. people always ask them for advice. sarcastic humor. just wants to be loved. will never judge you. will rant about absolutely nothing to you. such big dreams that i know you will achieve. doesn’t like sharing their emotions and that’s okay. a little mean sometimes

Aquarius:  loves everything unique and aesthetic. cares for fashion and rocks it. honestly very sweet but can be shady. gives people too many chances. always putting others first. has a lot of crushes on people. innocent and pure. doesn’t deserve the shit life gives them. confident yet insecure.

Pisces: such a good comforter? knows exactly what to say. good listener. has a lot of ideas for the future that i fully support. dreams about their perfect partner. positive. there’s something so wise and old about them it fascinates me. so many thoughts. kind of clingy sometimes but we love it.

I’m glad Chariot’s dream still did come true after all of that struggle and trouble that comes in her way in a form of Akko and Diana, Two different world a human and pure blood witch, she become the bridge of those two in the age of dying world of magic.

Bonus Croix:

For me Chariot’s Ideal teacher was Croix, We know Chariot was a troubled student and only few (Croix) could recognize her natural talent for magic but only Croix helped her when she was depressed. Croix was a Top Student and very kind to her before the selection of chosen one (woodward came) Croix was there by her side up until she graduated so Croix was her Brain and Intellect side. Chariot valued Croix’s words that it become very important and my favorite catchphrase in this series.  also I think that pic was a graduating pic their last pic together.

“Please don’t ruin the pure friendship between Donna and Harvey”

Now, guys.. Let’s be real.. WHAT KIND OF FRIENDS DO YOU HAVE? 


Do you sleep with your friends? Are you bothered if your friends sleep with other people? Do your friends’ gf\bf ask you if you’re in love with them? DO YOU HAVE WET DREAMS ABOUT YOUR FRIENDS AFTER THEY HOLD YOUR HAND? 

I could go all day… Yes.

This is all to say… You can hate Darvey, and ship other things, because shipping isn’t science, sometimes we ship stuff, sometimes we don’t. But if you say that darvey is “a pure friendship” you’re delusional.

Have a great day. 

a-beautifuldayna  asked:

Hello! Jungkook scenario when he gets the reader pregnant not plan (you guys are dating ) you tell him & end up aruging and he blames you saying mess up things tell you to leave with the baby. You leave Korea for 4 years, come back with your daughter you guys see each other again. He wants to fix things but you dont after a few months you give him a chance.

Hi there! Thank you so much for the request, and we’re so sorry for the wait! Nonetheless, we hope you enjoy!

Btw, we kind of got carried away with this scenario and made it kind of long, haha! Hope you don’t mind!

-❤ Kat & Sar 💖

Jungkook Pregnancy Scenario

Everything in life seemed perfect. You had the job of your dreams, you lived in a beautiful city, and you had the perfect boyfriend. It was like a movie, or a fairytale.

But today, you realized that life isn’t perfect and that all good things must come to an end.

“Pregnant…” You watched as a look of pure terror spread across the face of your “perfect” boyfriend, Jungkook. “Y-yeah…” Your heart sank. This wasn’t quite the reaction you thought you were going to receive. “How?…” You knew it wasn’t planned. You thought you took all the precautions, but not even that had worked. “I don’t know…we did everything we could but…” your voice trailed off. He puts his head in his hands as he collapses onto the bed next to you two. “Listen Kookie…” you say as you gently take a seat next to him.

You wrap your arms around him and lay your head on his shoulder, “Everything will be alright…we’ll be okay…” He raises his head again, “Really?” A small smile forms on your face, “Of course, Kookie.” You rub his back, “This was an accident…but we can deal with it, we can get through it.” He looks at you, “Wow…are you sure?” You smile and gently cup your hands around his face, “Of course, Kookie. We just need to be calm.” He smiles back, “Wow, you’re being so brave, (Y/N).” He kisses your forehead. “Thank you, but I couldn’t do it without you.” He lets out a sigh of relief. “Of course, I’ll be there with you all the way through it.” Your smile begins to grow wider. “I’ll hold your hand through it and try my best to make it seem as painless as possible.” You giggle, “Thank you Kookie, but that won’t be for a long while.” Jungkook furrows his eyebrows at you. “What do you mean? We can’t wait too long, you won’t be able to get it if you do.” Now you’re confused, “Huh? Jungkook, what are you talking about?” You start to loosen your grip on him, “I’m talking about you getting a…you know…abortion.”

Your eyes widen in horror, “W-What, no?! Jungkook, no that’s not at all what I meant” He lets go of you, “(Y/N)…then what do you mean? You can’t expect us to raise it.” Your heart drops. “Why not?…” Piece by piece, you’re perfect reality was crumbling. “We’re still so young! We’re not ready! I’m not ready!” Your hands begin to tingle, “B-but…we can’t just…abandon it.” Jungkook throws his hands in the air, “Well I can’t just abandon my life!” Your eyes dart to him filled with shock, “I’m sorry, but it’s the truth! I still have so much I want to do. And I can’t do it with a kid!” You slowly shake your head. “Jungkook…” He stands up, “Shit, (Y/N). What do you want me to do?! I didn’t want this!” You stutter, trying to say anything but he cuts you off. “I didn’t agree to this, okay?! This isn’t fair to me!” He says, raising his voice even louder.

What he says begins to anger you. “Are you being serious? You are at just as much fault as I am! You played just as big of a role in making this as I did!” He jerks his head towards you, “This has to be your fault! I did my part!” He balls his fists up in anger, “You know what? You always screw things up! And now look what you did!” Your eyes begin to water, “Stop it! Stop blaming me, this isn’t my fault!” He starts to pace around the room. “Jungkook, I am not giving up on this baby. We brough-” “No! You did! This isn’t my problem!” You gasp at what was just said, “Jungkook, you are the father! There’s no changing that! You can’t just-” He waves his hand, “You know what? If you want to keep this baby so badly, then fine. But do it without me.”

More and more of those shards of your storybook life break apart, and they seemed to be stabbing at you right in your heart. “You can’t expect me to do this alone!” The pool of tears in your eyes begin to flow down your red hot cheeks. “I’m not dealing with this!” “You have to!” You walk over to place your hand on his arms, but he shrugs you off. “Don’t touch me!” He scoffs. “Jungkook please…please don’t leave me alone.” He turns his back towards you. “It your choice, (Y/N). You can either stay with me, or you can take the baby and leave.” More fragments of your once flawless life spiral down around you. You take in one last breath, steadying your breathing.

“Fine…” You make your way to the door, and before leaving you take one last glance at your now lost love, who’s back is still facing you. “Goodbye Jungkook…” You slam the door behind you. Crash.

There goes your fairytale.

~4 years later~

She giggles as you tickle her tummy. You two were on a plane to Korea, where you once lived. You continue to make her laugh, making funny faces or noises, and tickling her over and over. She laughs one last time before falling forward and placing her head in the crook of your neck, “Aww, thank you for the hug, darling.” You hold her tight, never wanting to let go. She was the love of your life. You would do anything for her.

You decided to take your daughter to Korea to show her more of her background. Once you moved to America where you raised her, she wasn’t able to be exposed to much of her own culture. You had about a week off from work, so you decided to use the time to expose her to her heritage. Plus, you missed your hometown.

Hours passed and you were finally able to unload the plane and make your way into the airport in Seoul. You balanced her on your hip as you used your other hand to carry your guy’s luggage. Before you knew it, you were in a taxi to head to your hotel, which wasn’t to far from the city you grew up in.

The next day, you were holding her in your arms as you walked down the streets you once knew. Every little detail, you told her about. Every little nook and cranny in the city, you had a story to tell from it. She listened, even if she didn’t always understand what you were saying. You took her to your favorite spots. The coffee shop, the store you always shopped at, even the library where you met her father. As you walked down the aisles with her and looked at all the different books, you couldn’t help but think of him. Each day she begins to look more and more like him. She has his nose, his eyes, she even smiles like him. It hurts. Her father was a man you grew to hate, and to see him in her makes it that much harder.

Before heading back to the hotel, you decided to make a stop at your favorite grocery store. You made an excuse to yourself, saying you needed some food. But really, you wanted to look and see how much has changed.

Her eyes widen in awe at all the pretty colors, like usual. You let her pick out a snack, as do you. You make your way to the checkout line, making sure to keep balance of the little one on your hip. As your waiting, she starts to feel fussy. She begins to whine, and you start to rub her head as you coo at her in an attempt to calm her down. “Darling, it’s okay. We’ll be at the hotel soon and you can take a nap okay?” You rock her back and forth, soothing her.

“(Y/N)?” You heard a familiar voice behind you call your name. Your heart drops, praying it’s not who you think it is. You decide to ignore the person, paying your full attention to your fussy child. “(Y/N)…Is that you?” You sigh. Please….please don’t let it be him. You turn around, your heart racing. And just your luck.

It was him.

You stayed silent. She clung to you, put off by the stranger. “Oh my god…” He says. You still didn’t respond. Instead, you rubbed her back and tried to turn away. “Hey…” He puts his hand on your shoulder, and she whines even more. “She doesn’t like strangers.” You say, turning away from him once again. “(Y/N), don’t be like that.” You let out another sigh. He’s right. You shouldn’t be acting so childish. Thankfully, the cashier calls you over. “Hold on.” You say, as you walk to check out. You pay and thank the cashier. “Your daughter is very beautiful, by the way.” You smile. “Thank you very much.” you reply, smiling down at your daughter. You begin to walk out the door, hoping he forgot about you. “Wait!” Damn. You stop, letting him catch up to you. “(Y/N)…” He says once again. You turn around, finally giving in. “Yes?” A smile creeps onto his face, but you continue to remain unamused. “It’s uh…been a while. Huh?” You nod your head. She clings to you once again, hiding her face in your neck. “That’s uh…” “Yes, it is.” You rub her back once again, reassuring her that everything was okay. He pauses for a while, looking at her. At the both of you.

“What’s her name?” He says, keeping his eyes on the both of you. “Areum.” You say flatly. He smiles, “It fits her well. Beauty. Just like her mother.” You frown at him, letting him know he was crossing the line. He lowers his head in apology. There was a silence between you two. “Listen, we should probably get going.” “Wait!” You look back at him, both arms wrapped around Areum. “Um…How long will you be staying here.” You hesitate, keeping your arms around her and a safe distance from him. “Why do you want to know, Jungkook?” He seems a little hurt by what you said, but he continues. “If you had any free time, maybe we could catch up?” You were hoping he wasn’t going to say that. “I don’t think that’s a good idea…” He sighs, “Listen, I know we left off on a rough patch, but…” You shake your head, “Jungkook…no, I’m sorry.” He tries to step towards you, but you back away. “Please, (Y/N). I’ve been wanting to talk to you these last few years-” You start to get irritated, “Oh, really?! Then how come I never received a call or text, huh?!” You raised your voice slightly, which startled Areum as she squirmed in your arms. You turn to her, cooing at her once again and reassuring her that everything was okay. You sigh once again, lowering your voice to a normal tone. “Listen, Jungkook. I don’t want to talk to you, and that’s that. Now please, let me and my daughter leave.” You begin to turn around once again.

“No! Please! (Y/N) I regretted everything that night! I shouldn’t have let you go! I should’ve been there for you. I should’ve been there for her! It was the biggest mistake I ever made, and I’m sorry!” He rambles, and you stop in your tracks once again. He continues, “The day you left, I wanted to run after you and apologize. I wanted to take back everything I said that night. It was wrong, all of it! I don’t truly know why I never did, I just…I was to scared.” You stood there listening, with your back facing him. You listened to what he was saying, feeling conflicted. “I was hoping that maybe…maybe you would come back to me. That you would try and smack some sense into me, and convince me to stay with you and raise the baby with you. But you didn’t…you shouldn’t have. I didn’t deserve it. You were right for not coming back to me. And I was wrong for leaving you all alone to raise a child by yourself.” Your expression softens slightly as you continue to clutch onto your daughter. “I’ve never been able to live with myself since then. I kept telling myself to call you. To get back in touch with you. But, I was too ashamed. I didn’t want to face you.” You quietly sighed to yourself, you began to feel torn.

For four years, he left you alone. And in those years, your hatred grew for him more and more. You were stuck raising a child with no help whatsoever. And you love Areum. You would go through that struggle all over again if it was for her sake. But you couldn’t deny that it was incredibly difficult. You spent so many restless hours throughout the day working at one of your three jobs while Areum was at daycare, or you were spending countless, sleepless nights feeding her while your stomach growled because you only had enough money for her formula and baby food.

And you blamed him. You blamed him for all of it.

But now, he’s here, begging for your forgiveness. Something you never thought would happen, not even in your dreams. You thought he had moved on. You thought he found someone else as he continued to live his life without a care in the world. When in reality, he never stopped thinking about you. “I completely shut down when you left. I didn’t leave our -er, my house…for I think almost a month. They had to kick my door in and force me out. It took a long time to get back on my feet, but I did. And I got a job. A real job. I raised money, and I…I set money aside so I could go see you and…her.” You raised your eyebrows, shocked. You slowly turn around. He continues once more, “I…I guess I don’t need to use it to fly to America anymore. I had also been saving money to send to you, to help you out. But, I was still too scared to face you.” You stared at him wide eyed. “I’m sorry I should’ve sent it to you a long time ago I just…” You nod your head, urging him to move on. “M-my point is…” He takes a breath, steadying his voice. “My point is, I never stopped thinking about you, or the baby. And I regret the decision I made more than anything else in my life. It was a huge mistake. and I…I want to fix it.” He pauses, breathing in once more. “I want to…fix us.” Your expression has completely softened. You look down, trying to decide. Maybe…it’s worth it to have a little talk with him? You take in a long breath, readying yourself to say words you never thought you’d ever say to him..

“Areum and I are staying in the hotel down the street. If you stop by around this time tomorrow, we should be there.” You let out a shaky breath still surprised by what you’re saying. He smiles widely, “I will, don’t doubt it for a second.” You nod to him, “We need to go now, she’s getting cranky. But…we’ll see you tomorrow?” He nods, a giant grin across his face. “Yes, you will. I promise!” You nod once again, this time offering a small smile. “Goodbye Jungkook…I’ll see you at the hotel.” You say, as you walk off.

You begin to walk the opposite direction of him. Areum lifts her head to look up at you. You gaze into her big, sparkling eyes. Once again, you were reminded of how much she is beginning to look like her father. But for the very first time, this reminder didn’t bring hatred towards him. No. This time you felt a warm feeling spreading through your chest.


Maybe this fairytale will have a happy ending after all.

(Dreamswap) Another Outcome

In which things change.

(Somewhere in the Justice Reigns castle…)

Nightmare: … so, I guess this is it, huh?

Nightmare: Finally getting what you want, brother? My death?

Dream: Shut up. You should be glad that you’re allowed to speak at all. Don’t make me take that away.

Nightmare: That is odd, I must say. You’d think that listening to me talk would make you want to kill me less.

Nightmare: That’s why you’re mad all the time. Trying to shove it on me and make me be mad right back at you, so you want to hate me more. It’s just a trick.

(Dream shoves Nightmare up into the middle of some kind of complicated mechanism with many parts.)

Dream: I will silence you.

Nightmare: Like a cell phone?

Nightmare: Pft. Good luck, angel boy.

Nightmare: The hell is this thing? Some kinda fate splitter? I mean, I’d certainly assume so.

(Dream walks over to some kind of control panel.)

Dream: I have no reason to answer any questions.

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there will be bountiful bright, wonderful and thrilling things that will unravel in our lifetimes. more than anything, i hope that will include the chance for so many of you to thank taylor swift for the positive, wondrous impact she’s had on your life. whether that’s months or years away, i have faith that day will come around, and you’ll look back and realise that the wait was worth it. all of you deserve that kind of pure bliss within your lives, so please keep tightly holding on to hope. she values and loves all of us, and she’s forever brimming with exciting, unique ways to spread gratitude and light into as many lives as she possibly can. never stop dreaming whilst keeping in mind that the best is yet to come.

This is the story of how I ended up on Taylor’s living room floor.

This is the story of how I ended up on Taylor Swift’s living room floor…

Have you ever been like, “if I ever get an opportunity, these are the people I would want to take with me.” And then they get the opportunity and do the exact same thing for you? That is what happened this weekend.

So then, now that everything has calmed down…

I got a random message from Lyndsay being like “YOU NEED TO TAKE NEXT FRIDAY OFF AND COME DOWN TO LONDON. I CANT SAY WHY.” (I was already going to London this weekend and had the Friday off so that worked out well.)

I was thinking, lol, imagine if it was to do with Taylor. AND THEN IT WAS. I got a call from Taylor Nation during my break at work and I found out Bethy had put me forward as a plus one to go.

We still didn’t know exactly what it was. We started out like “don’t get your hopes up, we won’t meet her, it’ll probably be a show like Houston.” Then as the days went by, we were like “WE ARE MEETING HER AREN’T WE???”

Fast forward to Friday and the 4 of us meet at Waterloo and then head to our hotel.

We head down to the meeting point and queue whilst we wait to be signed in. Then we head into a room in the hotel whilst we wait to be taken. We get offered free drinks by the hotel and the most lovely hotel worker gave me her crisps because I felt so light headed from not eating all day due to being so nervous.

Then comes the time we get on one of 4 busses. We drive for about 10-15 minutes and we realise we aren’t going to a venue or some small building, BUT A HOUSE.

AND THEN WE GET OUT AND WE WALK TO ONE OF HER DOORS AND IT SUDDENLY DAWNED ON ME. I AM AT TAYLOR SWIFT’S HOUSE. I first heard her on the radio on February 16th, 2009 at 9:10 a.m, and now here I am, 8 years later, 6 concerts later, many international trips with my friends later, here I am at her house.


Then Bethy and I head upstairs and oh my god there is Scott and Andrea Swift, her actual parents, just standing there. Scott handing out picks (I mean what else?)

We see all the food, the drinks and the oh so cool kitchen. Then Lyndsay and Megan came from the other bus and we are all together in the house of the woman who brought us all together. The woman who is responsible for is heading to Nashville.

Anyway, 3 poops in Taylor’s toilet later, we get ushered into her living room and waited for her and she walked in and I was basically 3rd row, which is like front row at a show.

She told us so much about the album, stuff you’d only expect her to tell her closest friends (which is what we are to her but still) And now we all have a special bond with our idol. One built on trust.

But we can’t talk about what she told us fast forward to waiting for pictures and being shown the magazines we will get with reputation. (But the album is genuinely incredible.)

We were taken to meet her in our pairs. So me and Bethy went together. As soon as we waked in she hugged Bethy and then hugged me. Then Taylor spoke to Bethy about her outfit and then Taylor and I had a sarcastic conversation about me letting Bethy wear that outfit because I wanted to and we couldn’t both wear it, so this one time I let her go with it.

Then they had to move Taylor away as the front door needed to be opened so they moved her incase a stranger saw her and realised she lived there. Then Bethy asked her musical insecurity advice. Then I apologised for my resting bored face for making me look miserable when I actually had the best fun. AND I MADE HER LAUGH SO HARD SHE COULDNT HANDLE IT, she’d never heard of resting bored face and she just loved it. I MADE TAYLOR SWIFT LAUGH SO HARD. Then I got to thank her for being the reason that I have friends and for being the reason I’ve had my only relationship and her face changed to one of pure understanding of what that meant to me and she was like “Aaaaaaaaaw you are so sweet” (paraphrasing because I can’t remember all of the sentences she said) but she hugged me AGAIN.)

Then I desperately had to pee again so I did that and then came out to see Bethy talking to Andrea and then I joined in and hugged her and we were just with Taylor Swift’s mom talking about Taylor and how happy she is and then Andrea had to wipe away tears of pure pride of how happy Taylor is and I thanked her for allowing Taylor to follow her dreams because Taylor has changed all of ours lives into incredible journeys and we hugged once more.

Then we head down to the basement ready to leave to find out Taylor told Megan and Lynsday that she knew we all went to Nashville!!!!! LIKE TAYLOR KNEW THAT?

Then we got our goody bags of free merch which included a hat I will never take off, a shirt, sticker, pop socket and a one of a kind London Secret Sessions key ring. So amazing. Then on the bus back we all spoke to a member of Taylor Nation and we just sat in the hotel as our social media exploded.

Friday was just the most incredible day you could dream about, except you don’t dream about it because you never expect that it could happen, but it did…

Since, we have bonded with other people that were there and now we have new friends from places all over the U.K and Europe.

Now I can’t wait for the album to come out and to go on tour and for all the adventures this era will bring.

I will never not be eternally thankful for this opportunity and the trust that @taylorswift and @taylornation put in us. These secrets will stay with us. These friendships made with stay with us. And I cannot wait for the rest of the world to hear the album.

Love you all. @swiftedbethy13 @2paperairplanesswift @whats-with-that-bitch

…Are you ready for it?

(Translation)  ANAN No. 1944 2015.3.4 feat. Sandaime J Soul Brothers -PART ONE-


Part two will be a Q&A to the members and will be uploaded soon! 

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anonymous asked:

what would they name their pets??????

we also did what kind of pet they would have too!

What type of pet would they have:

Noctis: He would have a Bombay cat. Cool and sleek like Noctis could only dream of being.

Prompto:  Prompto would own a Golden Retriever . Pure like an angel.

Gladio: He’d own a Great Dane. A big dog that is also kind.

Ignis: Ignis would have a Sphynx cat with a sweater he knit himself. Ignis enjoys cats, but not all the hair that comes with them.  

What they would name their pets!

Noctis: Bagheera, as a reference to the panther from The Jungle Book. Puts way too much thought into his pet’s name.

Prompto: Cecil, after the protagonist of FFIV. Names his pet as a reference to a TV show or game. It seems subtle enough until someone actually knows where the name is from.

Gladio: Leonidas, Leo for short. Would name his pet after a historical figure, most likely from a book he’s read.

Ignis: Something elegant, like Penelope.  That one guy that gives his pet a human name.

Thor Ragnorok was the kind of film people jokingly dream about.

No matter what fandom you are in, we have all seen posts like “I wish we could see what the characters do on the day to day. I wanna see normal interactions they have with people and I want to see them just live their lives with their friends.”

That’s what Thor Ragnorok was. It was basically a 20k crack fic with some fluff thrown in there—but in a platonic sense. ‘Twas so pure.

My Hero Academia Introspection– How the series won me over?

I have a deep love for Shonen Anime (and Manga), I have several issues with some of its troupes and cliches, but most of the time they are an experience to which I never say no…even if they may be overly juvenile, even if they may not be the best executed and even if, in some occasion, are just plain and obnoxious…Nevertheless the enjoyment that gives me discover a new flashy Shonen series is one the best experiences that I got from the medium, the creativity, the passion, the scope…especially when that series started as compilation of some of my less liked shonen troupes just to become, one year later, one of my most anticipated series of the Year.

So let make the question, Why My Hero Academia (from here only referred as Academia) works so well?

My initial relationship with Academia was a tricky one, the series was always fun, I won’t deny that, but I have quite a trouble with its themes…

So our hero, Deku, wants to become a “Super Hero” in a world in which people are born with super powers called Quirks, unfortunately he is part of the 20% of the population that is born without a Quirk, despite that he keeps pushing forward to achieve his dream, studying, working hard, never giving up…but even doing that he will never become a hero, as it’s told to Deku and us, the audience, by the best and official N°1 ranked hero in this universe, All Might…Being a hero is a dangerous work and the ones that put themselves in the line of fire are the first in suffer the consequences…and even someone as powerful as All Might in no strange to the consequences, someone like Deku, a weak kid without any kind of super powers, could never stand a chance…

But at the end what means “to be a Hero” isn’t about how strong you are or how talented you are, it’s about the honest desire to protect others, and so Deku, as the true hero that he is, throws himself to this impossible menace in order to save his kind of “friend” Bakugo…he is useless, of course, but his pure desire inspire the injured All Might to give it all and stop the “Villain” and save they…and then we have this fucking wonderful scene with this incredible and inspiring music alongside a beautiful sunset that fits the mood perfectly with a hopeless Deku, broken for the crude realization that he will never  manage to accomplish his dream, confronted by All Might, again, but this time is different, this time his words  are no about resignation but hope 

… and is fucking great…

…then we have this “I have choose you to become my successor, so I will give you my power that make me super buff and is, probably, a game breaker in universe”… you just lost me.

This is entirely personal issue of course, I have a personal bias against some of these tropes, I hate chosen ones, I hate purely altruistic heroes (Protagonists), I despise characters that win because they are morally superior and etc, etc. and don’t get me wrong, I think that any story and trope can be interesting and good…

I don’t know if there is already an existing archetype for this kind of characters but for the sake of this argument I will call it the “Onodera Archetype”…and it puts together some of my more despise character traits in one simple and hateful package.

I hate you honey…and the rest of the cast of Nisekoi, I sorry guys but you just suck. Except Ruri (And Shu) she is awesome.

But then Shokugeki no Soma gives me Tadokoro, who embodies a big part of the “Onodera Archetype”, but the think here is that the show actually takes his time to develop Tadokoro, she is more that “oh she is so shy and innocent, how cute”…No she is a fucking character who happens to have self-confident issues in a highly competitive school setting and she has to face that problem, she needs to grow if she wants to stay relevant in universe and to us the audience and she does it and its fucking great.

Tadokoro, she is pretty good

…and she is the perfect example of who you took something that I may not like and make love it

And why is the point of this overly long rant?…Because Academia plays with this tropes, to my genuine surprise, pretty well.

I like that Deku has to work his ass to be able to inherit All Might’s power and I like that that is attached to his character arc, a training it’s not just only a process to just become more OP, it also an opportunity to flesh out a character (And again I love that the series maintains Deku’s honest and passionate hard working nature nature) and develop it, I like that he has no real control over One for All and that his battles during this first season (And these three episodes of the second season) are fought no with an ultimate “special move” nor a moralistic monologue (Hi talk no jutsu I’m really glad that you are not here…for now at least) but with the results of his abilities gained thanks training and studies…that are fucking attached to his personality and develop

(This may be sound no so big, but I’m sucker when in a series with super power the actual fact of have powers are plot points attached to the respective characters)

Deku admires Heroes therefore he studies them, he admires Bakugo for his confidence, his presence and powers and he thinks that he’ll become a great hero, therefore he knows the extent of his powers, his tics, how he think and he respond in his own personal way, as fearful kid who lacks confidence, fighting with his methodic moves a careful planning, for the purpose to defeat, to be recognize by this figure that always overwhelm him and admire, it’s not overly complicated and it can be argue that the fight could be better paced, but even with that, it was a really meaningful character moment that scream to me “I have something meaningful to say ” and I also liked that the fight isn’t a resolution but just setting up for both kids development in the future.

…There are more issues that upset me and they are even more point that I love about the series, but this not an analysis but a reflection in this show that I just keep watching, initially, because it was the sequel to Tiger & Bunny that we never got (STILL WAITING) that become this genuinely great series that hook me in playing with tropes that I usually don’t like and which led me to this great second season with which I’m just having a fucking blast.

So My Hero Academia, I Fucking love it .

PD: For the record I think that the series starts to get really fucking good once Deku start to assist A.U., and the series is not bad before I just have some problem with the execution of his themes.

PD2: I don’t care of what anybody says Hatsume Mei is best girl.

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I just finished rereading the Wake me up inside trilogy by mrscriss2012, because it's amazing. I really like how the warblers mainly Wes are featured in the fic. Are there any non high school fics where the warblers are still part of Klaine lives? Any help is appreciated. Thanks

This fic was equally loved by both of us, and it has just what you’re looking for. Wes and a few other warblers. It starts with high school and moves forward.

Keep My Heart Captive, Set Me Free by thequeenofrose

Kurt Hummel had always dreamed of a fairy-tale bond, a perfect, kind and caring Dom. Blaine Anderson had always dreamed of someone who stands out from the boring crowd, someone real, and pure. When their worlds collide, will either of them get what they had dreamed of?


Here’s a personal all time favorite of mine, I recall it has Wes, Nick and Jeff. 

Too In Love To Let It Go by  lavender_love00

This is a story about family. The knitting together of it, its breakings and mendings, its inner workings that piece together like a clock. It is also a story about love. How love is not the same as magic, but how love can do many things that magic can’t. It is a story about life – the mundane and and the piercing pain and the utter delight and everything in between.


and more by the incredible @mrscriss2012

Come What May by @mrscriss2012

Four years ago, Blaine Anderson broke Kurt Hummel’s heart when he left. Now a smart and successful lawyer and poised to take over the family firm, Blaine is a shadow of the man he used to be. Struggling with conflicting emotions surrounding his parents, and trying to live in a world without his one true love, Blaine must discover who he really wants to be.


Crowded House by @nobodywhocancomfortme

All of your favorite Warblers and a few new faces, too. Follow our boys as they start their lives in NYC, each couple facing their own challenges, heartbreak, self-discovery and redemption. Stick around as they realize support, acceptance and most importantly, true love can all be found in one big Crowded House. Heavy on the Klaine and Niff.

*another WIP but over 785K! Probably the longest running fic in fandom


The Luckiest by wordplay

Blaine broke Kurt’s heart 3 months before high school graduation. Now, four years later, their group of friends reunites at a lake house to marry off two of their own. With luck, Kurt and Blaine will also be able to finally mend something that’s stayed broken for far too long.



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What about good pure boy sasaki and kinky waitress touka-san?? (Or more accurately he tries his best to deny being kinky af and is shocked that THIS IS NOT A DREAM) (we all know sasaki is one of the top kinkiest nekis cmon bitch you dont dress up with absolute flawless convincion as a woman WHAT KIND OF BOOKS DO YOU READ TO LEARN THAT FROM THEM!!) Which also leads me to idea of tousaki sex with sexy maid outfit (for touka?? For haise??? For both???)

Mod A:

Once upon a time, a long time ago, mod K and I wrote a fic for when haise brought a maid outfit for Touka and asked him to spank her. Also in the same fic, Touka recorded Haise’s orgasm face on her phone.

The Types as Marina and the Diamonds Lyrics
  • ISTJ: "One track mind like a gold fish, stuck inside my petri dish. I can't breathe and I can't smile. This better be worth my while."
  • ESTJ: "I know exactly what I want and who I want to be. I know exactly why I walk and talk like a machine. I'm now becoming my own self-fulfilled prophecy."
  • INFP: "I live my life inside a dream, only waking when I sleep. I would sell my sorry soul if I could have it all."
  • ENFP: "People like to tell you what you're gonna be. It's not my problem if you don't see what I see and I do not give a damn if you don't believe."
  • ISFJ: "But deep down all you want is love, the pure kind we all dream of. But we cannot escape the past, so you and I will never last."
  • ESFJ: "Sometimes I think I'm not that strong, but there's a force that carries me on. Sick of my small heart made of steel, sick of those wounds that never heal."
  • INTP: "Oh, all the time that I have wasted, chasing rabbits down a hole when I was born to be the tortoise. I was born to walk alone."
  • ENTP: "I am never gonna give you anything you expect. You think I'm like the others, boy, you need to get your eyes checked."
  • ISTP: "Cause it's my problem if I wanna pack up and run away. It's my business if I feel the need to smoke and drink and sway."
  • ESTP: "Don't get on my bad side--I can work a gun. Hop into the backseat, baby, I'll show you some fun."
  • INFJ: "Don't want cash, don't want card. Want it fast, want it hard. Don't need money, don't need fame. I just want to make a change."
  • ENFJ: "I wanna live forever, forever in your heart. And we'll always be together from the end to the start."
  • INTJ: "One track mind, one track heart. If I fail, I'll fall apart. Maybe it is all a test. Cause I feel like I'm the worst so I always act like I'm the best."
  • ENTJ: "High achiever, can't you see, baby, nothing comes for free. They say I'm a control freak driven by a greed to succeed. Nobody can stop me."
  • ISFP: "I wanna mean something to somebody else, feel a significance in the real world. It's not enough to live out a lucky life."
  • ESFP: "You can paint me any color and I can be your clown, but you ain't got my number. Yeah, you can't pin me down."

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What about good pure boy sasaki and kinky waitress touka-san?? (Or more accurately he tries his best to deny being kinky af and is shocked that THIS IS NOT A DREAM) (we all know sasaki is one of the top kinkiest nekis cmon bitch you dont dress up with absolute flawless convincion as a woman WHAT KIND OF BOOKS DO YOU READ TO LEARN THAT FROM THEM!!) Which also leads me to idea of tousaki sex with sexy maid outfit (for touka?? For haise??? For both???)

Mod K:

Touka definitely has a sexy maid outfit laying around somewhere (did you see the wig she kept in tg? and she just happened to find school uniforms?? yeah, right. I see your roleplay kink, Touka-chan!).

Haise is also all about that roleplay so he’d love having Touka-chan dress up as a sexy maid. ALSO SEXY MAID SASAKO, because he would.