the puppeter

okay, but is it just me or does he look tired/recollecting himself for a moment there and then goes back to being dandy. Now THAT is called kindness. This man is obviously tired like every other touring artist and the rest of the band, but he came out (I’m not sure where Miles was- he didn’t come out at all but was upstairs and waving to me) and signed everything that was given to him, along with taking a picture with the whole crowd there. He was so sweet to everyone and if anything he encouraged us all to get something done along with checking up on us and making sure that we were satisfied with whatever we got when in fact it was a complete bonus that we met him!! Anyways, I could go on about how sweet he is and how his rock n roll persona blurs the fact that he is really caring blah blah blah but of course we all know that. So this is a huge thanks to him (and of course the band since they are all amazing live and in general)


2/4 favourite eycte song (in no particular order): Pattern

‘Come down tapping on the glass
As I lock the passenger door
Somehow it got in the back
Now I can’t relax anymore […]’


babycakees__ 3 years ago today, at exactly this time, I was sitting at a coffee shop. My phone rang. I picked up. “Hey Lisa, so you’re interviewing Miles Kane at 5.45, right?” Me: “Uhm, what?! I never got a confirmation email. And that’s in 10 minutes??”
Press manager: “Oh, well, yeah you better run then”.
And I did. And while running I made up some questions. And when I arrived there was Miles. Who just came out of the shower. And we had such a fun interview. What a sweet guy he is x

(you can read her interview with miles here)