the puppeteer


The shadow puppets are such majestic creatures that are threatened by extinction from human exploitation of natural habitats. From this only 2 of the creatures are left, and unfortunately these two are both male. Breeding is hence impossible but it does not seem to stop them trying. Throughout history people have gathered and paid to see these creatures cruelly forced to sing and dance. It is predicted that soon the shadow puppets will become an extinct Species without you’re help!

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 My danganronpa Oc~
Mizu Yonezawa

Still don’t have many info about her but?????
I’ll try to make a decent drawing of her when I can and upload all her info

I just wanted to show her to you aaa

Her talent is SHSL puppeteer~
She normally uses the two puppets portrayed in the first drawing, and only comunicates through them. 
She also is very good at ventriloquism, so she rarely moves mouth for really talking and she doesn’t show many emotions with her face, even though she is very energetic/spontaneous, she shows it through her dolls. 

Although she is very spontaneous and tries to aproach people first (which normally just scare them away because she’s a puppet freak tbh) she is very manipulative with people and very snarky at times, which she just justifies with “Buuut I’m just roleplaying as my puppet~ Don’t be so angry”.

The blue haired puppet represents her “bad” and extroverted side, and the green haired one represents more of her soft and sad side (that’s why it look anxious af)

She tens to use more string puppets, even though she has a version of a hand puppet of these two. 
She is rarely seen without any puppet, so she has to have at least one with her so she feels okay.

Used a Sonia sprite for the base on the second pic.

Fair Out of Context Starters PT 3

[Part 1] [Part 2]

  • “Maybe satin, Lord of the fabric next time”
  • “Shun all the ducks”
  • “frequent death is obviously a bad habit”
  • “Or just throw them against an electric gate and see if they get electrocuted”
  • “My specialty is summoning demons of arts and crafts through use of copious amounts of glitter and such”
  • “Oh, so I’m not good enough for your taste buds?!”
  • “It tasted like warm, expired vanilla GREEK YOGURT”
  • “As long as you are dead you cannot eat things”
  • “You wanna see feet making out?”
  • “I’m fine my brain is just melting thinkingg about shadows casting shadows”
  • “He is animate. But also wrong.”
  • “Is there a cookie of me?”
  • “I am now afraid to hear what your definiition of BAD TIMES would be”
  • “Do it. Draw. DRAWWW. And after you are done pointing guns at cowboys you should make art.”
  • “Does your mother know you are harassing Mettaton to do kinks to you?”
  • “There is a falcon up there. If you like you can put it in your inventory.”
  • “paper machete mask”
  • “I deserve a Sundae, a Monday, a Tuesday…”
  • “He is quarantined to the shame cube to be shamed for his sins”
  • “I’m nerdshaming all of you”
  • “Oh the guy who gave ale to all the imps?”
  • “Draw me like one of your French Fries.”
  • “Meanwhile, i’m ODing on meaty crisps”
  • “I want the mirror to have sass”
  • “Just get one of those wire brillo pads, stick it in your arm pit, slam him against a wall and put your foot on his chest and he will listen to anything you have to say because there is a 50% chance that’s his kink, and a 50% chance that will terrify him and he won’t sass if he’s terrified.”
  • “just get a bunch of queens, some sexy suitors, and play some Barry White”
  • “Never mind all the cute stuffed animals and girly decor. This is clearly a torture lab.”