the puppet paradox

Naruto 266;

I just realized how silly it was now looking back. Sasori is explaining that he figured out how Chiyo and Sakura were able to avoid his traps in really great detail, like this took up about 3 pages. And he’s doing all of this while he ripped akatsuki cloak from Hiruko is completely covering his face. Like I know there has to be the Big Reveal since he’s all young an beautiful but how did he breathe? How could anyone hear him? It should have been completely muffled by the cloak he decided to not take off his face.

feiowfeiogi sand council stuff i dont care about

a wild kankurou appears!

Deidara is ruthless. And has really nice eyelashes lol

and so does sasori. I get the need to make him look as angelic and pretty as possible though. Other than him being a puppet, it creates this paradox of what he looks like on the outside versus the monster on the inside. hrugreoghie he was such a good character ><

oh look more random colored paged. remember when we all though sasori had white hair for some reason?

So that council scene previously was there to hype Sasori up. The third Kazekage was the strongest kage in their village at the time (don’t know how he would fair against Gaara tbh), and the reveal that Sasori defeated him was suppose to show how strong he is, and subsequently how amazing Chiyo herself is and how much Sakura improved. But you know what we get a lot of from people?

“Sasori was the weakest Akatsuki by far!”

and like…. fuck off with that.