the pupil falls to the master

Colors [Armitage Hux x Reader]

Summary: The reader is a Knight of Ren and Kylo’s closest friend. She is introduced to General Hux who immediately falls in love with her.

Word Count: 5000+

Warnings: Starkiller Base is used for its intended purpose.

To say that General Hux was irritated when he learned that there would be another Knight of Ren joining the crew of Starkiller Base would be an understatement. The general was distraught. Already, the Knights had cost him more than he was willing to pay in both credits and sanity. Their master had no respect for order and was, in Hux’s opinion, the initiator of every major issue on the Base.

The tone of Ren’s voice when he told Hux about his pupil was arrogant and completely insufferable. Hux had wanted to punch him in the throat. Yet, Supreme Leader Snoke had insisted that this girl was brought in. Hux could not argue, but he could refuse to meet this girl upon her arrival. He took that one liberty he was offered.

Hux braced himself for twice the amount of bills for control panels and radars and ventilation systems that had been senselessly destroyed in tantrums that were brushed off as necessary to remain in the Dark Side of the Force that only two at Starkiller Base had adopted. He worked harder to ally the First Order with star systems that would protect them from the financial issues these inside attacks caused. He was told that the girl had arrived, but there was never an increase in these demands. If anything, there was a decrease.

Perhaps there had been an error in communications. As a month passed, that was what Hux came to fully believe. He had never seen the girl, and no Knight of Ren was capable of being more than a rage-fueled weapon. She must not exist.

He expressed this belief to Phasma once. “With all due respect, General,” she had said, “that is impossible. I have seen her with my own eyes.”

“The impossible thing,” Hux had countered, “is that someone who trained under Ren has any self-control. You may have been mistaken, Captain.”

Phasma shook her head. “I don’t believe that is the case. She does appear to be incredibly different from the Commander, that I will give you. There is a tranquility about her that I don’t know how the Commander tolerates.”

“Any Knight of Ren who is tranquil must not be a Knight of Ren at all,” Hux insisted. “No, Captain. I will have to see this to believe it.”

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hi! could you tell us a bit about the norwegian education/school system? what is it like? do you (and people in general) think it's a good system? do people think it's gotten better/worse over time? if you have some knowledge about different systems, which country's would you compare it to? sorry, this may seem a weird question, but education is a big part of a country's culture and i think it's interesting to know the way it's perceived by people who experience it in first person thank you! :)

Hello! c: 

**!! Quite honestly, I can’t remember any in-depth conversations I’ve had with my friends about our school system, so please keep in mind that what you’re about to read is only my opinion! I also know very little about other school systems around the world (or school system in general, having never really read many articles about them), so ours might be almost identical to someone else’s without me knowning, but I’m still gonna try to cover all the basics just in case it isn’t. ((and if you’ve experienced something else or I’m completely wrong about something, please feel free to add on to this post!))


The Norwegian Education System




You have a right and an obligation to complete primary and lower secondary education in Norway (in other words, Grade 1-10/Age 6-16), which is free. Grade 1-10 is usually referred to as “Grunnskole”. When you complete both, you’re also entitled to upper secondary education qualifying for further studies or a vocation (tertiary vocational education is a short vocational alternative to higher education). Beyond this, higher education is offered at bachelor, master and PhD level. 

The school year runs from mid August to mid June, and consists of two semesters with a Christmas holiday (from mid December to early January) in the middle. Other holidays include the week of Easter, a week of winter break (usually in February), and a week of fall break (usually in October).  

The different municipalities in Norway are responsible for the running and administration of their public schools, and all public classes are taught in Norwegian. According to “Pupils in primary/lower secondary school and upper secondary school are entitled to special tuition in the Norwegian language, tuition in their mother tongue and/or bilingual tuition in school subjects if they do not have sufficient Norwegian skills to follow ordinary tuition.” – which I can’t really comment any further on, seeing as I’m a native Norwegian speaker. 

Kindergarten is optional, and for kids between the ages of 1-5. The state covers 35-40% of the cost of kindergartens, while the municipality and parents pay the rest. Around 90% of Norwegian children go to kindergarten.


Barneskole (Primary School)


Grade: 1-7

Age: 6-12

In the very first grade of Barneskolen, the children spend their days playing educational games, learning social skills and basic education (like the alphabet, basic math etc.). From grade 2 and onwards, children are taught a wide range of subjects– the one’s I remember having are: math, P.E., religion, music, arts/crafts/woodwork, English (though I don’t think we started English until 5th grade in my school), social studies (which usually also covered history and geography in the same class), science (though more about nature than anything else), and Norwegian. You don’t receive official grades during primary school, but some teachers can write comments and “unofficial grades” on tests (x points/100 points etc).

Pupils who are unable to benefit satisfactorily from ordinary tuition are entitled to special education, and all pupils are entitled to participate in free, voluntary organised homework assistance.


Ungdomsskole (Lower Secondary School)


Grade: 8-10

Age: 13-16

In lower secondary, pupils are graded and need to maintain good grades to attend their upper secondary school of choice. When pupils are in the 8th grade, they have to pick a “valgfag” (elective), which is typically a foreign language or additional English or Norwegian studies. Usually, for foreign languages, most schools offer French, Spanish or German (personally, I could only pick Spanish or the additional English/Norwegian, because I live in a quite small town), though options can vary, especially in bigger cities. 

As for the grades, they’re awarded in mandatory subjects before the Christmas holidays and at the end of the school year. After completing lower secondary school, you receive a certificate listing your assessment grades, and you’re also entitled to three years of upper secondary education.

There’s usually “tentamen” (midterm) before the Christmas holidays and summer holidays, in three subjects: maths, Norwegian (Nynorsk and Bokmål, so two separate Norwegian midterms), and English.


Videregående (Upper Secondary School)


Grade: VG1-VG3

Age: 16-19

Upper secondary school may be “optional” schooling, but on the job market there are almost no jobs available for young adults who leave school after lower secondary (the same goes for getting into uni/college) which means that upper secondary is practically unavoidable. It’s free, but you may be required to cover the costs of necessary equipment.

It’s typically divived into two routes, which are again divided into twelve programmes; four general studies and eight vocational programmes. :

- Studiespesialisering (General studies) – Specialisation in general studies with programme areas for media and communication, natural science and mathematics; arts, crafts and design; and languages, social sciences and economics, Sports and physical education, Music, dance and drama

- Yrkesfag (Vocational studies) – Building and construction, Design, arts and crafts, Electricity and electronics, Healthcare, childhood and youth development, Agriculture, fishing and forestry, Restaurant and food processing, Service and transport, Technical and industrial production

General studies are quite similar to your typical high school, and consists of a three-year programmes that emphasise theoretical subjects and lead up to the Higher Education Entrance Qualification– which you usually need to get into uni or college. (I took the vocational route, so I can’t really go into detail about general studies :c )

Vocational studies usually follow a typical structure named the “2+2 model”: After two years of school (which includes short internships in the industry), there’s an apprenticeship for two years in an enterprise or a public institution. The apprenticeship is divided into one year of training and one year of effective work, followed by a final exam. If you realize you’d rather work as something else, you can still get the Higher Education Entrance Qualification by supplementing a vocational education (by taking the Upper Secondary Level 3 programme, which is basically one year of hardcore general studies).

When you’re graduating upper secondary school you can choose to be a Russ, which, impractically, take place a few weeks before the final examinations of the final year. x.x


If you want me to cover other things, like higher education (college/uni), folkehøgskole (folk high school), Russ, etc. just send me a message! <3


Imagine Sam is stressed out, so you decide to show him how to relax.


@uniquelyobsessed said:

Could you do one where Sam has been really stressed so you decide to make him take a break and try to show him how to play (that’s what you do when stressed) and maybe because of how close you’re sat when doing this you kiss him and just cute fluff.

Characters: Sam x Reader

Word Count: Approx. 900

Warnings: pure fluff

Need to know: I really enjoyed writing this request. I hope it is half of what you were expecting! Enjoy!

Imagine Sam is stressed out, so you decide to show him how to relax.

Sam slammed his fists against the wooden table. “Dammit!” He bellowed.

You looked up at him from across the table. His brow was furrowed, the wrinkles on his forehead prominent. The sight of him made you giggle slightly, and it was not missed by Sam.

“You think this is funny, Y/N? I’ve been staring at this stupid book for hours. I can’t find anything,” he said clearly exasperated as he shoved the book toward you then ran his hands through his long brown hair. “If you think this is so funny, you see what you can find.” He fell back in his chair, his arms crossed firmly across his chest.

He was glaring at you and you couldn’t help but laugh again. “Sam, I think I have a much better idea,” you said as you closed the book he had slid across the table. You got up from your seat and ran from the room. Sam couldn’t help but smile at your enthusiasm, his shoulders relaxing slightly as he watched you run down the hall.

You returned moments later, carrying something in your hands. Sam immediately knew what you were up to. “Oh God, Y/N not that again!” Sam moaned.

You tossed your head back and laughed loudly. “You know you love it, Sammy. Besides it’ll help you take your mind off things,” you said as you waved the controllers at him. “I know you’re just worried I’ll kick your ass like I did last time. I am the Call Of Duty queen after all,” you said with a smile.

At that proclamation, Sam stood and quickly approached you. “You’re on, Y/L/N!” he said with a smile as he reached for one of the controllers.

You pulled the control away just in time so that he missed it. You smiled mischievously at him and took off running for the living room. You could hear him bounding behind you. You chanced a glance back and realized your mistake too late.

He closed his long arms around your waist and swung you around, both of you falling onto the couch. He managed to wrestle a controller away from you and waved it out of your reach victoriously. “I’m gonna kick your ass this time,” he said smugly.

“Oh really, Winchester? Have you been practicing without your mentor?” You asked in mock horror placing your hand on your chest. “Will the pupil become the master tonight?” you smiled over at him.

“Ha ha, smartass. Let’s play.” He said as he turned to the television with a determined look on his face. He looked so serious except for the small smile that had creeped up on his lips.

You pressed the PS button to turn on the PS4. You set the game up and walked Sam through how to set up his weapons the way he liked them. You laughed quietly as you watched him lick his bottom lip while he was concentrating. He was so cute when he took something so fun so seriously.

Several hours passed while the two of you fought each other over and over again. Sam won a handful of games, but of the twenty or so rounds you played, he had managed to win about four of them.

During the last game, your final kill was Sam’s character. You laughed menacingly has you pumped your fists in the air victoriously. Sam looked at you and smirked before he reached for your controller. “The queen’s weapon must be destroyed,” he yelled as he launched himself at you. He fell on top of you as he was trying to reach for the controller, and one of his hands fell to the side of your face. He placed the other hand on your waist and leaned down to you, his eyes trained on your lips as he did so.

Your lips met and it was glorious. He moved his lips languidly against yours, forcing his tongue into your mouth. A low moan escaped you as his hand travelled up your shirt and grazed your side. Sam pulled away, breathing heavily and snatched the controller from your limp hand. “Victory,” he said with a devilish smirk.

You reached up and pulled his lips back to yours. He quickly dropped the control on the floor as his hands found your waist. He kissed you more fiercely this time, sending a shock through your entire body. He pulled away with a grin. “I’m pretty sure I just won,” he said as he kissed your neck.

You ran your hands across his chest. “Well, I managed to distract you from our case, kick your ass at Call of Duty, and lure you in with my sex appeal. I definitely am still the queen.” You smiled at him as you sat up next to him on the couch.

He wrapped his arms around you and you looked into his eyes. “You are definitely a beautiful queen,” he breathed before kissing you again. Maybe you should help Sam de-stress more often you thought to yourself as you got lost in the kiss, running your hands through his long hair. You could definitely get used to this.

Forever Tags under the break

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Title: Woolworth Manor (Chapter 3 - His Lordship Returns)

Pairing: Tutor!Credence/Lord!Graves

Rating: Explicit (slow burn)


It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a son, must be in want of a tutor.

When Credence took on the temporary position of tutor at Woolworth Manor, he wasn’t expecting to fall in love with the grand estate, its household staff or his young pupil… never mind the boy’s father.

Chapter Three: Credence misplaces his charge and the elder Master Graves returns to Woolworth Manor.

Tossy...Part 19

(Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Part 18  Part 20  Part 21  Part 22  Epilogue)

Fluttering your eyes open as you arch your back, you begin to stretch your arms out just before your butt knocks up against something hard.

Turning over quickly, your eyes wide with shock, your breath hitches in your throat as your eyes take in a sleepy, disheveled, messy Spencer, his arm draped over to your side of the bed as if still holding onto you.

Your brow begins to furrow in confusion as your eyes rake up and down his clothed body.

Watching him shift as his hand clenches down on the bed-sheets, you listen to him groan as you prop yourself up in bed, your hair spilling in different directions as you watch his eyes flutter open.

“Y/N?” he croaks.

You were confused as to why the hair on the back of your neck was standing on end.

Moving his hand around before his fingers land upon your thigh, you watch him smile sleepily as he scoots closer to you, his eyes still closed as he lays his mop of hair in your lap, wrapping his arm around your legs.

“There you are…” he trails off, his chest heaving with a contented sigh as you hold your hands in the air.

What the hell was happening?

Sitting there as you try to run through the foggy events of yesterday, it becomes harder and harder to piece them together as you become more and more distracted with the man laying partially in your lap.

His long, strong arm wrapped around your legs, his pale skin contrasting your melanin-fueled cells, his mop of hair tickling the insides of your thighs, his fingers tracing lazy circles on your knees before slowly dying off as he slips back into a deep slumber.

His long legs curled up at the end of the bed.

…your bed…

His warm body curled up next to yours.

…your body…

His strong back rising and falling with his even breaths…

…his breaths…

You found yourself oddly entranced by the odd doctor’s body…the way he so easily melded himself to you, cradling you as if you were a broken piece of glass.

You were scared to move for fear of slicing him open.

So, you stayed put.  You reached over to your bedside table, pulling your magnifying reading glasses from the drawer along with your latest novel, opening it up to your last-remembered page as you begin to read the lines, finding yourself immersed within the book as you continue to revel in the warmth the odd doctor’s body was providing for you.

It felt so natural to you that you didn’t even think to question how he had ended up in your bed in the first place.

Feeling the side of your mouth quirk up at a particularly saucy part of your book, you hear a light chuckle emanate from your lap as you move it, your eyes darting down as you connect yours with Spencer’s.

“Good book?” he croaks.

“Depends on your definition of ‘good’,” you state, turning your attention back to the book as you feel him shift in your lap, the back of his head resting on your thighs as he begins to stretch his legs.

“What time is it?” he asks.

“Don’t know,” you lull.

“You don’t have a clock?” he asks, furrowing his brow lightly as he brings his hand up to rub his eye.

“Threw it at the wall a while back…” you lull half-mindlessly.

You were met with a very cute chuckle.

“Remind me to get you another one,” Spencer says.

“You don’t owe me anything,” you say, dropping your gaze to your lap as you catch Spencer’s tongue darting out from between his lips.

“If anything,” you breathe, shaking yourself from the sight, “I owe you.”

“You owe me nothing, Y/N,” Spencer coos.

You felt the hair stand up on the back of your neck again.

The only issue was your neck was beginning to flush as well.

And Spencer had caught it.

“You feeling alright?” he asks, darting up in bed as his fingertips dart out to your neck.

“I’m fine,” you say, pulling yourself away as you hastily put your book down in your lap.

Now was not the time to be reading saucy romance novels.

“You just got a bit flushed,” he states, worry crossing his eyes as he begins to slowly take stock of the rest of your body.

You suddenly became painfully aware of your current lack of underwear.

“Y/N…?” Spencer says, your attention coming back to the forefront as Spencer’s face appears in your vision, his face so close that his breath was tickling the tip of your nose.

“Y/N, you’re scaring me.  You’re not talking, your hands are trembling, and your neck and face are flushed.”

You cursed your emotional breakdown.

Your emotional breakdown that had caused your defenses to crumble…the last of your stronghold on reality peeling away as you slowly begin to exhale the breath you had finally realized you were holding back.

You felt your heart flutter as your eyes flicker up to his, your pupils blown wide as Spencer meets your gaze, his posture faltering ever-so-lightly as the Master of Deduction once again begins to allow the pieces to fall into their rightful place.

“Y/N…” Spencer whispers, his hand coming up to cup your cheeks as you finally ground yourself back into reality.

“I don’t know what’s happening to me…” you admit, your voice wavering lightly as tears begin to brew at the base of your eyes.

“What do you mean?” Spencer asks, barely above a whisper.

“One day I’m…alright.  I’m withdrawn, stable…grounded…” you breathe, “…and then this case happens, and you say you won’t stop until you know what’s going on, and then you…you figure it out…”

Feeling a tear descend upon your cheek, you feel Spencer’s thumb dart out as he wipes it away, his lips puckering as he kisses the tip of your nose lightly, your eyes closing instinctively as another tear involuntarily slips out.

“…and then you still don’t stop…” you whisper.

“Do you want me to?” he asks, his voice low and gravelly.

“That’s the problem…” you hiccup, opening your eyes as you lightly brush your nose against his, “…I don’t.”

Spencer wanted to kiss you.  How his body burned for your touch…his lips physically quivering, wishing to be against yours in a rumba of passion and time lost as he lets his fingertips dance down your sides, your womanhood filling his nose as he burrows in between your legs.

But something deep down, something that was still analyzing the situation despite his…situation…yanked on his chain, warning him to stay put.

And he was glad he did.

“And the funny thing is, I don’t know why,” you begin, your eyes dropping into your lap as he studies your face closely.

Feeling him pull away as he sits back onto the bed, your legs parting for him as you slowly pull them from under the covers, he reaches out for your ankles as he wraps your legs around his hips, his body sitting cross-legged on the bed as you lean your back into the voluptuous pillows of your bed.

“I um…” you stammer, looking down and picking at your nails as you swallow hard, “I wasn’t always such a cold-hearted bitch,” you choke out, more tears brewing behind your eyes as Spencer’s brow furrows in empathy.

“I mean, I don’t really remember a time where I was elatedly happy…but I do remember plenty of times where…where I wasn’t so…”

“I know,” he says, trying to urge you on.

This was the conversation he had hoped and wished for, night after night after night as your true reality started coming to the forefront.

“I just always feel like a disappointment,” you admit, your jaw quivering as your face begins to contort, “my family, they…my daddy, he…he was the best, y-…you know?” you say, looking up at Spencer as his eyes begin to redden with his own tears.

“He was…my…my hero,” you say, patting your heart with your hand as your fingers grasp your pajamas, holding them tight as you feel your chest begin to constrict.

“And losing him just…pulled whatever carpet I had woven for my-…myself just…out from under me,” you breathe, shaking your head as your chest begins to heave with your sobs.

“I always felt like my inherent unhappiness was…you know, just…just a…a..a spit in…in their…in their face, you…you know?” you hiccup, losing control of your emotions once again as your entire body begins to tremble.

“I was just…just sad for…for no reason and…and it wasn’t fair of them t-…to have a daughter so…ungrateful,” you spit out as you begin to sob, your breathes coming in heavy pants as the tears pour down your chest.

Feeling Spencer scramble, you feel him put his arm under the crook of your legs as he pulls you into his lap, your cheek laying on his shoulder as your soaking wet face buries into the crook of his neck, his arms wrapping around you tightly as he cocoons you in a warm embrace, slowly rocking you side to side as he peppers your forehead lightly with kisses.

“I miss my daddy,” you sob, your entire body quaking with sadness and an overwhelming state of fear as Spencer’s grasp on you tightens, threatening your very air supply as you nestle even closer in to him.

“I know,” he whispers, his own jaw quivering as he thinks back to his own issues with his own father, “I know.”

And as you sit there in the darkness of your bedroom, your broken-down body quivering out its own truth within the arms of a man you hadn’t even realized you had wanted, you soak his collarbone in your pent-up tears as he continues to hold you through your emotional dump, his body holding strong as yours continues to crumble.

I’ve been looking into Kingdom Hearts Chi a little bit since I realized it might actually offer valuable hints for the future of the series, and I noticed something interesting about the Foretellers’ Keyblades:

Apart from them all having lovely designs, there are a few common elements to them.

First, each Keyblade has the face of the animal representing the Foreteller’s faction at the cross-guard.

Second, each Keyblade has that green eye symbol on the keychain.

And, third, each Keyblade has a heart emblem built into the design somehow.

The thing is, this pattern is nothing new:

Animal face at the cross-guard?  Check.

Green eye on the keychain?  Check.

Heart symbol?  Well…

Here’s where further details are needed.  In Kingdom Hearts Chi, it’s said that the Foretellers’ master has six pupils, five of whom he gave a book of prophecies – the Foreteller’s Script – which speaks of the world falling into eternal darkness.

It’s never said why the sixth pupil didn’t get the book of prophecies.  But, it’s not that hard to imagine that his master might have found him unworthy for some reason, and denied him not only the book of prophecy but also a heart emblem marking his students as his students.

In other words, Xehanort has the Keyblade of the mysterious sixth Foreteller.

Speculating further, what if this sixth Foreteller is the “Recusant” whose symbol Xehanort uses?  The ram’s horns and “beard” on the Keyblade’s cross-guard does make the shape of an X, after all…

…which leads directly into my final piece of speculation: the reports that we’re going to chase down in Kingdom Hearts III won’t be written by Xehanort.  They’ll be written by “the Recusant,” whose knowledge Xehanort intends to use to bring about the Keyblade War.

The other Foretellers, after all, shared the goal of averting the coming of eternal darkness… what better way for the Recusant to make a Recusant of himself than to willingly seek it out?

(All images from


How do you guys do the whole format where the pictures are dispersed within the text?! I can’t figure it out!!! ;n;

*cough* *cough*  Anyhow…

Alright, during one of my many rewatchings of ML, I’ve noticed something I think is super important and raises a major question.

I have a major love of the artwork of the series, especially the eyes, but I noticed in the Origins episode how only Tikki and Plagg have pupils, but Wayzz and Nooroo do not, which brings me to my big question: WHY DON’T WAYZZ AND NOOROO HAVE PUPILS?! Is it because Tikki and Plagg are supposed to be the most powerful (powerful enough to have pupils??)? Or, is there another explanation to this major difference in the kwamis?

One of my thoughts on this is based on how Wayzz can sense when Nooroo’s energy turned dark after falling into the wrong hands. In some (a lot) of the anime/cartoons I’ve seen thus far, pupil-less eyes usually are not good, being either a sign of possession, depression, etc., so I’m guessing that Nooroo’s eyes could be pupil-less because he is being used for evil (kind of like being possessed by a demon), but that does not explain Wayzz’s lack of pupils. Does that imply a deep connection between Wayzz and Nooroo, or does it mean that a similar thing possibly happened to Wayzz before he met Master Fu?

Or is it just a simple animation error? I don’t know if this had been brought up yet or answered, but I have noticed it, and it will reside on my mind until I have an answer…or a wonderfully plotted distraction. >n>

Does anyone else have any thoughts on this??

((Also, I took these screencaps from the LadyBug Wiki.))

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Well there you have it folks. With the exception of Ahsoka (Anakin broke the cycle... only for his son to resume it) all 1st apprentices under Masters of the Yoda lineage are doomed for darkness. This is clearly why Ezra won't fall to the dark side. All the YL masters just try first and then do for the second like the first was a practice pupil. The Windu lineage however are real bosses. They say screw try it, just do it! Cause they got no time to produce Sith and pass damage control to the next


Yoda should had taught his lineage that training – raising – a Padawan is not an experiment, whose result can be discarded like a failed lab sample and the experiment started anew.

Mace certainly had a different mindset: Padawans are Serious Business™ and one need to dedicate one’s whole being, brain, heart, and soul, to ensure that said Padawan will grow up to become a good one.

This is Mace’s legacy, and it shone forth through Kanan in this scene:

And the Force approves:

(EEEEY, started writing this.  Can be found here or on Ao3!)

(I’ll be writing this SO STAY TUNED)

Okay but Dipper momentarily gaining possession of his body and just running into the woods so Bill doesn’t get the journal or hurt anybody. But Bill knows the forest pretty well and so Dipper struggles to keep possession and they have a dreamscape battle or whatever. But ultimately Dipper’s body needs something in there or else it will die and it just lies there while Bill’s doing a count down and Dipper is just FIGHTING LIKE HELL but Bill gets there first. But they managed to get really far from the shack and Gravity Falls so Dipper is helplessly lost but not Bill. Bill knows the way home.
So then they cut ANOTHER deal. Dipper lets up on fighting so he can get home and all the while Bill is telling Dipper what he’s gonna do when they get back. Dipper becomes more agitated and decides he’ll do it. He’ll protect everybody. So he takes control again and just starts running.
He’s running and running. He trips and gets beaten up and bloodied because it’s dark and he’s just blindly running in a panic. He doesn’t stop until he finally falls and can’t move. Too exhausted. Bill didn’t remember to eat the whole time. Or maybe he did it on purpose.
And they fight again. Fight for control of this fragile husk that’s shutting down. It never stops. They fight for weeks, months, maybe years. Time moves differently in the dreamscape.
Eventually a search party is sent out. And they find a trail. Stan’s at the lead and they finally find Dipper’s hat. It’s at the edge of a crater where the colors dim and become more vibrant suddenly. They try to enter it but end up on the other edge. They get turned around and nobody remembers what happened or if they even entered the crater to begin with. But a few of them… when they come out their pupils are different. They act differently and their voice echoes. But before anybody can ask what’s wrong the person falls backwards. Almost like they got pulled back in. And it’s during these times that Stan and Mabel SWEAR they hear Dipper’s voice. It has to be his voice.
They end up setting up shop by the crater when everybody else gives up. It starts with a tent and then it evolves into a semi permanent camp. They stay there, waiting.

Dipper’s gotten stronger. He’s gotten better at fighting. Started mastering the dreamscape. Bill’s gotten weaker. He’s losing control. Becoming more desperate. There’s an explosion. Stan and Mabel run outside and see Dipper at the bottom of the even bigger crater. They run to him and find he’s alive. Skinnier, bloody and bruised but alive. Oh god, he’s alive. They rush him to a hospital. Nobody can believe it, even with the lies Stan makes up. But it doesn’t matter. He’s alive.
It’s only been a few months. But Dipper swears it’s been years. When he does talk. The old Dipper surfaces more and more. But something is still not right. His voice is the same, his eyes are only yellow in the right light. It’s not the sudden change in his diet or the far off stare. Something else. He’s Dipper, but he’s not.
Something happened. Something happened to Bill. Dipper won’t say what. Only that they made a deal. And Dipper won.

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This is a prompt, I think. Could you do something with the Leader (girl) of Das Sound Machine and Beca and how Chloe reacts and deals with it? I love these things you do, maybe you could start something on wattpad?

Chloe was shameless when it came to flirting. This was almost a warning that the other girls felt the need to share with anyone about to come into contact with. 

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Headcanon ask~ Who fell in love first?

I headcanon personally that Zenyatta did.

Now, I love the idea of Genji falling for Zenyatta after time because of how Zenyatta taught him to love himself and life again. Resulting in a flustered pupil and a clueless master.

But, I love the idea of Zenyatta always being captived by Genji from the start. Because we know when they met Genji hated and despised his body and what he had become. But I can imagine Zenyatta seeing him and thinking he was the most beautiful being he’s ever seen. Which is why he would probably be confused as to why Genji thought of himself as unlovable and a monster. He would want to show Genji that who he was now is just as handsome and admiring as he looked in his youth.

So, as Genji learned and began to grow that’s when Zenyatta probably began to really fall for him. Resulting in feelings Zenyatta probably couldn’t recognize as love at first until Genji confessed himself.

That’s just my personal favorite headcanon of these two cuties. I honestly love all of them equally, especially the one where they both have crushes on each other.