the punishment lighter

During Jungkook’s first year at Hogwarts, he dislike being called shy, so he tried being the opposite. Unfortunately, a lot of the times it came off as arrogant and cocky. Because of that, he gets dragged into a lot of trouble.

A particularly bad experience ends with the owlery blown up.

Jungkook then finds himself in the headmaster’s office, almost shitting himself, close to tears, because he knows he’ll probably be expelled. Just as he’s about to accept the reality of the situation however, the door busts open and in storms Jimin, declaring he was the one who put Kookie up to do it.

No one believes him, but Jimin won’t back down and Kookie’s too in shock to say anything so the headmaster accepts it and gives Jimin a much lighter punishment, though he knows he wasn’t at fault. 

When they leave the office, Kookie breaks down, bawling his eyes out while Jimin just holds him and tells him everything’ll be OK. 

Kookie just glues himself to Jimin after that, for the rest of his time at Hogwarts. He also develops a massive crush on him for a good three years.

Yoongi is really annoyed that his boyfriend had to be punished for something he obviously did not do, and asks him what the hell he was thinking. Jimin just smiles and remembers the night a few weeks into the year, when he was crying on his own ad Kookie happened to walk by and gave him all of his chocolate hoping it’ll make him not cry anymore. 

“He shouldn’t have to duffer so much just because he hung out with the wrong crowd”

And Yoongi falls in love just a bit more.

The Truth [Ao3]

When Rick and his group are captured and subjugated by Negan and the Saviors, Rick is desperate to protect his people from further harm. So, when Negan offers them a chance at a lighter punishment, Rick reluctantly agrees to a strange and confusing arrangement that shows him a very different side of the man in charge.

Student Council Prez [3]

Episode 2 - Episode 3 - Episode 4 
Words: 2085
Genre: Fluff, Slice of Life, High School!Au

“-therefore the soldiers began putting a bucket of water near the machine gun and it wasn’t until 1942 that th-”

Yoongi holds in a yawn, eyes trailing outside until a sudden bang jolts him out of his drowsy daze. He turns to the source of the sound, a girl who just slammed the door open and the teacher frozen at the front of the classroom. He turns back to look outside but then does a quick double take when he realizes that girl is you.

“What ar-” Before he can string words together, you’ve stormed up to his desk and slammed a hand down.

“Listen. I can’t join you after school today.”

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janeinjune  asked:

Could you write “We’re not going to break down the door and shout, ‘Die, evil dictator, die!’ It’s immature.” with Tim?

You have no idea how happy I am that you asked for this. If no one did, I was seriously considering just doing it, because lets be honest, this prompt? It was made for Tim. I hope you enjoy the fic.

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Tim was going to go mad if he had to look up another article, watch a video, or write one more email on his phone. Technology had come a long way, but nothing, nothing, beat his laptop connected to the Manor’s speedy internet. Especially since he and Babs had beefed it up to run pretty much anything.

He missed the good old days where he could freely connect to the internet and let his fingers fly over the keys in flawless combinations. For two full days he’d done nothing but peck away at the not-at-all-flawless touch screen of his phone. It was long, tedious work, and it was slowly driving him insane. Crane’s fear toxin had nothing on this punishment.

And a punishment it was: he’d been stripped of his wifi privileges for a week. Bruce had even denied him access during patrol hours, marking all the computers in the cave off limits to him. Tim hadn’t decided if it was rightfully given out, or if injustice had been done. He was sure he was some to blame, he’d done little to mitigate the argument between Damian and himself. Yet, he couldn’t help but place the majority of the blame on the Demon Brat himself. Damian had started it, and all Bruce had done to him was take away his favorite katana.

“We need to talk.” The words came a moment before Damian himself perched on the armrest of Tim’s couch.

Speak of the devil, or in this case devil’s child. “I’m still mad at you.” He said pulling himself up from where he’d been lounging.

“Tt.” Damian scoffed before slipping his feet over the armrest to kick them out in front of him on the cushions. “I am here to suggest a truce.”

Tim eyed him for a moment before relenting. He could think of little they could do to worsen their situation, and a few things to better it. Besides, he wasn’t that mad at Damian anymore. It was more of a resentment of the general situation.

“What kind of truce?”

“The kind where we lay aside our differences for a common goal. I believe that together, we may be able to convince Father to lift our grounding.”

It was said with a tone that made Tim think Damian had already tried talking to Bruce on his own. Tim wanted to laugh, he could picture Damian stalking into Bruce’s office, demands at the ready, only to be shot down just as quickly.

The idea wasn’t bad. It was the two of them fighting that had doomed them in the first place. Perhaps together they could move the mountain that was their father. Any hope was enough to make him slip his phone into his pocket and stand.

“Let’s try it.”

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Requested by Anon

Summary: “The knights bring in the reader, who is a renegade from another kingdom. They send her to Gaius because she’s pretty beat up. As she’s being treated, they discover that she was a leader of a rebellion against her brother, the king.”

Warnings: Angst, Violence, Blood, Detailed descriptions of injuries. A lot of violence, please be warned that this is a very gory fic.

A/N: My goodness was this hard to write. The ideas came easily, but actually writing it was awfully difficult! I had to walk away from it because some of the thematics were so distressing!

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“I am not in X group. I dont have the power to be ___ist”

So a lot of people seem to cling to the idea that if you are in the group that you deem one sidedly disadvantaged, you cannot be sexist/racist/biased. This is typically justified with a fabricated equation involving power. 

But what is power? 

As a US citizen at least, you have the privilege of being on a jury. If say, you think all men are dangerous by default, you may have no problem finding a man guilty without proper evidence. you see no problem with this because you don’t deem hatred or negative generalizations of men to be a problem. But you do have power. Judges can deem clearly racially motivated attack on a white person as anything but a hate crime, and make a difference. Police officers can also have this way of thinking and do not see it as a problem. You have more power than you know. 

If you head a local charity donation event for the financially struggling, you have the power to exclude people. You may deem white people financially stable by default or somehow able to get back on their feet with ease, so your food and clothing drive may just exclude any poor white people. If you head a food bank or homeless shelter, you can prioritize single mothers over single parents. despite both groups needing the same service. You can have your homeless or abuse shelter prioritize or only accept women and girls. Whether you assume men and boys do not need the service or if you assume that they do not deserve it, it makes a difference. You have more power than you know. 

You could be a teacher, babysitter, chaperone, or caregiver. You have power over the kids that you are watching. You can give higher grades to the girls over the boys by default. You can give lighter punishments or none at all to non white students who attack white students. You can ignore the sexual harassment from any LGBT students . You can influence young minds on what is and isn’t okay. You have more power than you know. 

You could be an activist, who puts no effort into helping or researching the problems of any group that you aren’t a part of. You can just assume and spread the assumption that the groups you dislike face no issues whatsoever. You can pull your activism together to only fix problems for your specific group, then stop the solutions for the issues from assisting anyone else that they affect. You have the power to get other activists, including politicians who simply want to seem helpful, to spread that an issue that is not exclusive to you is only relevant to your group. You have more power than you know.  

This does not only apply in the US. Assuming that your specific group were not represented as politicians, people who write scientific papers, and people who make a more visual difference (which is unlikely), your bigotry, your hatred, your negative generalizations and willingness to overlook the same problems you deem bad when happening to your group, really do make a difference. As a member of society,you do hold the power to shape it. Don’t pretend as if your bad actions do not have a consequence. You have more power than you know. 

Cherry Pop

Author: cosmicbubble
Pairing: Yuichiro Hyakuya & Mikaela Hyakuya                                             Rating: Explicit
Tags: Alpha!Yuu, Omega!Mika, Prostitute!Mika, Bottom Mika, Top Yuu, Angst, Omegaverse

Chapter 2

Mika feels the overwhelming urge to run, because he knows this alpha and knows just what he’s capable of. Though it’s been years since something like this occurred, alphas could show an omega “their place” in public and since Mika still has the scent of at least two alphas lingering in his skin, he’s not seen as anyone’s property. In other words, this alpha could harm him and no one would do anything about it.

“Sorry,” Mika says quietly, avoiding eye contact as he desperately tries to get away. He takes three steps before his upper arm is caught in a tight grip, pressing and bruising until he groans under his breath.

The alpha growls at him as he says, “Look who they let out of his cage. Shouldn’t you be back at that whorehouse waiting for someone to fill you up? That’s all you and those other whores are even good for.”

Every instinct in Mika is screaming at him to back down, to keep from making eye contact, and to agree with everything the alpha says. It keeps him safe, Shinya told him. If omega agree with alphas and act submissive, then he can get away with lighter punishments or the alpha will simply let him go. However, he doesn’t think that’s going to happen this time, because he can feel the anger coming from the alpha in waves and it makes him feel so much smaller.

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                                         [ YuuMika Fanfics ]


Niall didn’t belong here. Cold, stone walls, bars around every entrance and exit, yells and screams echoing throughout the night. Niall didn’t belong here.

He did it because he was smart. He was smart and no one was helping and he needed it. And it was too too easy. If it was that easy then how was it illegal? It didn’t make sense to Niall. Stealing money from the government virtually became second nature to Niall, he didn’t even notice that he had literally stolen millions until blue and red lights were flashing against his new houses’ bronze-rimmed window panes.

So they took him and did tests and told him he wasn’t right in the head. Maybe he was too smart for his own good and they were scared. Niall didn’t really understand, but they took him anyway. He was now in a small, solitary-based prison based in London that kept the inmates in small groups. Most of them were suffering from some kind of mental disorder but couldn’t get out on an insanity claim. Niall’s group was particularly small for the prison, just 11 of them all together. At least, that’s what his advisor had told him, he hadn’t met any of them yet.

That was today. Today he was meeting the men who were going to be his new “friends” for the next 5 to 10 years. The guards seemed to like him– or maybe it was pity– because they tried to give him a good warning before ushering him into a small room where a group of men were sitting in a circle. There was one man sanding and he immediately smiled over in Niall’s direction, crowing, “You must be Niall!”

Niall felt like the new kid in school. “Um.” Was all he replied as the man brought him into a hug. Politely, he hugged the man back, giving him a good cuddle (the last time he got hugged was by his brother, Greg, 2 weeks ago). The man pulls back after a moment, looking pleasantly surprised.

“I’m Teddy Sheeran, but you can call me Ed. I’m the counselor for your group. You guys see me twice a week as a group and once individually. I’m sure that these fine lads have given you a good description of what your schedule looks like here.

They had, telling him that he was lucky to be sent here, where inmates were given a lot of free time and lighter punishments. Niall was tempted to tell them to fuck off, because apparently he was only sent here because of a mental disorder that he was sure didn’t even exist.

He nods and the duo turn to walk towards the group of men that were staring at Niall. Niall is immediately terrified. It’s not like he of all people could possibly defend himself from these men. He was just a robber– and a virtual one at that. He doesn’t like face-to-face confrontation and he certainly would never win a fist fight. He’s put off and petrified of the hungry looks he sees in some of their eyes, eyeing him like he’s their new favorite chew toy. Sadly, Niall thinks that that is exactly what he is. Ed smiles at Niall in sympathy, gesturing for Niall to take the empty seat that is in between two brown haired boys, one tall and lanky, the other with blue, mischievous eyes that Niall did not want to get to know better.

Niall sits down, back straight and ankles crossed, he fiddles with his hands nervously as Ed introduces him. The group doesn’t seem interested in his words, looking more interested in judging the blonde boy.

“Pretty, isn’t he, Haz?” One of them, a tanned, attractive Pakistani looking man calls.

The man who must be Haz is the lanky guy sitting next to Niall, and he grins lazily, brushing a hand down the back of Niall’s chair, settling at the spot just above his tailbone. “Sure is.” He murmurs in a slow, British drawl. Niall tries not to shiver and is mesmerized for a second in green, deep eyes. He jumps when Ed snaps at the darker skinned man.

“Enough of that, Zayn. You lot will be nice to Niall– but not too nice, alright? We don’t stand for that kind of bullshit in this place.”

The feathery haired boy next to him cackles. “But, Theodore! Look at the kid, he’s going to want some friends. And friends are supposed to be really nice.” He says, and Niall understands that ‘nice’ suddenly has taken on a new meaning.

Greg had warned him about this. Said all the generic, ‘don’t bend over in the shower’ kind of shite, but Niall hadn’t actually thought that people did that here. Now that he’s here… it makes sense. He’s gone two weeks without a single wank, just cause he was afraid of someone hearing or seeing. He vaguely wondered how long some of these guys had gone without.

“No, Louis. You can be his friend, but I won’t have you harassing Niall here.” Ed states solidly.

“Don’t be stupid Ed, it would be consensual, wouldn’t it, Niall?” Another boy pipes up. This one is tall as well, sporting a muscle tee that showcases large biceps and incredible shoulders. ‘Huh’ Niall thinks because really, he’s been searching for his prince charming for a long time now, and pretty much any of these guys would’ve been perfect. Ed is about to go off on the man, when some others in the group begin to make remarks on Niall’s appearance. Niall remembers slightly hearing some names as the boys began to yell at each other, something about “Ashton and Mikey,” and a Liam was in there, too.

Niall sputters, cutting himself off when the Haz guy continues rubbing his hand across Niall’s back, pulling Niall and his chair closer towards him. “I’m Harry, by the way.” He introduces formally. “And personally, I think you’re fucking gorgeous.”

Niall blushes hard, eyes wide and surprised. “Th-thanks.” He stutters, astonished at the man’s words.

The curly haired boy grins widely, pulling at the bandana around his head, “Lou, get this, he’s Irish!”

Louis, one of the men who had talked earlier scoots over eagerly. “No shit?” He says excitedly, his arm joining Harry’s in smoothing over Niall’s shirt and soothing his skin. Niall shivers lightly, but nods, happy to finally get some human touch, even if it is under these circumstances.

By the time Ed gets the entire group settled, Louis has convinced Niall to be their “friend” (even though Niall doesn’t even really understand what that entails) and the pair have sandwiched Niall in between them tightly, glaring at one of the boys across from them as he snickered away. No one except Niall is really listening to Ed’s lecture, something about accepting others into their lives graciously and with kindness. Niall is content underneath Harry’s arm, Louis whispering jokes about Ed’s fiery hair into his ear periodically, but he can’t help but let his eyes wander. He finds himself staring at the super attractive Pakistani man across the circle from him. His amber eyes are enticing and Niall’s eyes keep flickering from him to the muscular one in the tee, watching as their eyes drag over his small figure, telling him a detailed story of what exactly they want to do to him. He can feel Harry’s arm tightening with what might be possessiveness and Louis’ growl of disapproval as Niall lets out an absent sounding moan.

The meeting ends soon, and Ed informs Niall that he’ll be rooming with Harry  and two unfamiliar guys named Liam and Mike. Louis pouts and groans in annoyance. “I wanted to fuck him first, Eddy. How is this fair? Haz and the two of our resident douche-bags get this,” He screeches, gesturing his arms around Niall. “and I’m stuck with a psychopath and a sociopath. Not fair!”

Harry is smirking while Niall is still gaping at the first part of Louis’ rant. ‘No one is going to be fucking me.’ he tries to convince himself as he takes a deep breath.

“Sorry-” Louis says, cutting off Niall’s thoughts. His voice is a lot softer than it was before, and Niall thinks he missed something by the angry look on Harry’s face. “I have this thing where I say pretty much everything I’m thinking.” He says, not looking ashamed in the slightest. “I’m sorry if I scared you, but I do. Want to fuck you, that is.” He elaborates.

Niall blushes a bright red. “Um-” He says, stopping himself from telling the blue-eyed boy that it’s alright, because ‘No one is going to be fucking me.’ He repeats like a mantra.

Suddenly, a strong hand is curling around Niall’s shoulder and he’s being gently manhandled to turn around. “So, we never got properly introduced, Niall.” The large, muscular man says as Niall meets his eyes. His eyes are warm and completely contradict the rest of his sharp, angular looks.

“That’s a good thing, Niall, he’s a right twat.” Louis murmurs from somewhere behind him.

The man ignores Louis, continuing on. “I’m Liam, and we’re rooming together.”

Niall tries to nod and look agreeable, but ever since Louis’ said what he did, he’s kind of terrified of rooming with anyone. Instead of commenting on Niall’s lack of response, Liam grinned viciously, grabbing at Niall’s lower back and pulling him in close.  He glanced over Niall’s shoulder, whispering, “I can’t wait to get to know you better,” all the while smirking at Louis and Harry.

Louis and Harry look apalled, “Why don’t you just run away back to Malik, yeah?” Harry says, pulling Niall back to his own chest. “Niall is not yours.”

Liam laughs, any emotion barred, “Yeah, you possessive bastard? Well, he’s not yours either.”

Harry lunges at Liam, only to be pushed back roughly by Louis. “Stop it, Harry!” He snarls, pushing him backwards again. “You’ve only got 4 more years, and you’re not going to fuck it up for yourself.”

Niall watches the silent rage course through Harry’s eyes. He stands up and stomps from the room, not saying another word. Louis scowls at Liam and walks off briskly after his friend. Niall’s eyes are wide as Liam steps back into his personal space. He runs a thumb over his bottom lip, grinning at the smaller boy. “So innocent. How’d you turn up here?” He wonders, seemingly to himself. Niall jumps and lets out a small, surprised noise as another body is pressed up against his other side.

“U-uh…” He tries to protest as the person snakes two arms around his tiny waist.

“Calm down, princess.” A low, gravely voice commands. Liam is smirking towards the person holding him and forces Niall’s body to turn around so that he’s facing the very attractive Pakistani man from before. “M’ Zayn.” He says and Niall doesn’t know what to feel.

“You don’t even know what’s happening here, do you?” Zayn says, a dark chuckle on his lips. “Thing is, you’re the prettiest bloke here, obviously. You’ve got a tiny little body, a nice arse, and an innocent, pouty face. Obviously people are going to be fighting over who gets to claim you.”

Niall’s lips parted in shock, “claim me?” He gasps.

“Of course.” Zayn rolls his eyes, as if Niall’s an idiot for not understand. Zayn winks cheekily, pushing away from Niall by shoving the smaller boy into Liam’s awaiting arms. Comfortably, Liam drags Niall off down a hallway where guards are directing them. Liam stands taller than all of them, giving them warning looks as if they’re the prisoners and not him. Niall shrinks in slightly, not really understanding the dynamics in this place.

Once they reached their cell, Liam pushed Niall forward, where he almost ran into another boy he hadn’t yet met. The boy practically snarled at Niall, who let out an un-manly squeak, falling backwards into arms that were slightly thinner than Liam’s. Niall was instantly pulled into Harry’s arms, an animalistic sounding growl leaving his throat. “Fuck off, Mike. It was Payne’s fault anyway.”

 Mike shrugs it off, climbing onto the top of the bunk across the room. Liam is already sitting on the bed underneath, smirking at Niall and Harry. Harry huffs, and pulls Niall closer, sitting on the closer bed. 

“You can bunk with me, Niall, it’ll be fun.” Harry promises, in a deep groveling voice. 

Liam lets out an angered scoff. 

Niall didn’t exactly understand yet, but he was already becoming a part of some weird love-pentagon. 

* * * * 

It had been a solid week since Niall arrived at the prison. It had been easier than he had expected, and he had yet to have his virginity taken by one of the four zealous and crazy boys that were so obsessed with him. It seemed to be some kind of fight, mostly between Zayn and Liam vs Harry and Louis. Though Niall had overheard Louis shouting at Harry for getting too Handsy with Niall once. 

Today was lunch per the usual. Niall was sitting in between Louis and Liam, Zayn and Harry glowering at the two from across the table. Nobody was really eating, mostly just looking at each other in an intense silence that was putting Niall on edge. Come to think of it, Niall had been on edge for quite a while. He was so tired of being pulled around by every one of these boys around him– and all for what? A silent conversation at a lunch table and basically 0 social interaction. 

“Alright, listen up.” Niall says, voice hard and stern. Each of the boys perks up at the Irish lit, but they seemed surprised at his new aura of intensity. “I’m so tired of you guys tuggin me around and then jus’ glarin’ at each other all the feckin’’ time!” Niall snarls. “Maybe you guys don’t get to choose who gets to ‘claim’ me, yeah?” He says, voice a bit softer. 

They all pipe up at that, each saying that ‘no, you don’t get to choose!’ 

Niall’s anger peaks there. “Well I get to choose who I like. Who I would willingly let claim me and fuck me and maybe, if i actually enjoyed their personality, then I would do things for them without them forcing me to. Maybe I’ll be your little bitch either way, but if it’s consensual then I can promise I’ll be a damned good one.” Niall rants, watching as the boys recognize his threat as lethal.

“So which of us is it?” Louis asks eagerly, looking unbelievably confident. 

Niall shakes his head. “Well maybe if you’re lucky enough I’ll like all of you. But only if you all stop being annoying cunts n’ start actually bein’ nice to each other.” He hums, nuzzling his head lazily into Liam’s shoulder. Liam, whilst basking in the attention he was getting, lets out a noise of agreement. 

“And if we’re really really nice, what’d you think we could get?” Harry asks leaning in, intrigued. “Like what if, just hypothetically, were to be fucking you, but Zayn wanted you to suck his dick?” He asks, eyes crinkling in excitement. “And– what if I wanted to jerk you off, slowly until your screaming on Zayn’s dick, begging for us to let you come. But before we can, Z and I might bottom out, cum right inside of our little cumslut. Then, Li and Lou want a turn and you’re our little fucking whore so you won’t say no, will you?” Harry says, eyes narrowed as he has the entire table panting at his dirty talk. 

Niall makes a whimpering noise before Harry continues. 

“If we’re really really good, you think that would be an option?” He finishes, leaning away and smirking, seeing the effect his words has on everyone. 

Niall gulps a bit, nodding quickly, “Yeah, yeah, I think– I think that could be an option.”

The boys sitting at the table all glance around at each other, secret smiles adorning their faces. Yeah, maybe they could get along– at least until that became an option.

I’m sorry i haven’t been writing much lately. I’m having a rough time right now idek what’s happening. I’ve had a pretty bad day today so I’m sorry if it sucks. But hey, I’m 16 now woooo! 

ALSO HI. I’m WORKING on a part 3 to my Heroic (Savior) series, so lets try our best to not put those particular prompts in my askbox anymore! [Not saying that I dont absolutely love all of the support the series is getting, but I don’t want my inbox getting filled with the same prompt] Thanks guys!! 

Prompts are open! I do any Niall centered relationship including OT3, OT4, and Zianourry. You can see my previous writings here. 


From Greco-Roman mythology, the strix (plural striges) is a vampiric bird that was believed to disembowel infants to feast on their blood and meat. Striges were harbingers of disaster and thought to be a sign of “war and civil strife.” 

Like many other creatures from Greek mythology, striges were a result of divine punishment. Through a curse by Aphrodite, Polyphonte, a granddaughter of Ares, was driven to lust after a bear and mate with him. She later gave birth to the twins Agreius and Oreius, who grew up to be cannibals. Zeus sent Hermes to punish the twins for their crimes against man, but Ares begged Hermes to give them a lighter punishment than Zeus wanted. Rather than death or disfiguration, the twins and their mother were transformed: Polyphonte became the first strix, Agreius the eagle owl, and Oreius the vulture.

A possible alternate ending in Ep12 (super lengthy & boring)

Let me first establish my ignorance on this topic,
because I know NOTHING about Criminal Law
I only watch documentaries on the Crime & Investigation Channel and that’s about as little as I’m acquainted with. So my verbal vomit below can be unrealistic and inaccurate and naive, SORRY!!

1) But anyway let’s just say if the US helicopters hadn’t intruded,

and 12 & 9 turned themselves in to Shibazaki & were caught as they had intended from the beginning. 

Project Athena will be exposed to the world. 
12 & 9 will face the Court to be convicted & sentenced. 

1) But the first factor here is their age. 
They are both only 17, and so in the eyes of the law, they are considered Juveniles/Minors. They cannot be prosecuted as Adults. 

This also depends on the jurisdiction in different countries. 
In the US, a minor is legally defined as a person under the age of 18.
In Japan, a minor is someone below the age of 20

According to the Juvenile Law of Japan, “Persons under 20 years of age are classified as juveniles and subject to special procedure”

 This age is crucial because as long as you are a minor, you can never be sentenced to death (some countries already abolished the death penalty). 
  • Usually for teenaged offenders, the focus will be on rehabilitation so they can return to society at an older age. They will be given “protective measures & the most beneficial treatment” to reform them and change their behaviours.  (This is also applicable for KIDS WHO ARE MURDERERS, but not all, it’s a case by case basis. But anyway 12 & 9 aren’t murderers! )

  • Generally, these minors would be granted with a chance at life outside as soon as they have undergone the necessary intensive rehabilitative programs, met the inflexible criteria required, & deemed acceptable for release by the government etc.

  • But of course, they’d be under careful watch and vigilant supervision. And if they violate any of the conditions/rules of their release in even the slightest way, it is ensured that they will be recalled to prison. 

  • Upon release, these juvenile criminals will be given new identities and a fresh start. Their locations and other vital information will never be made public. This is similar to how families of serial killers are also given the same opportunity of changing their names & living in anonymity to prevent harassment from the public & victims’ families.

    (If you’ve watched Pixar’s The Incredibles and remember how they had to move away because their neighbours & Mr Incredible’s boss found out about their powers, then yes this happens in real life too. You don’t know it because that’s the point. You’re not supposed to know!)

But even as minors, the question of whether they would be given a life sentence or a lighter punishment depends on the seriousness & brutality of their offence.
Circumstances can also affect how the case is resolved. 

2) When Project Athena is exposed to the world, it will arouse intense public outrage. That’s why the government was so desperate to keep it hidden in the first place. Experimentation on humans is unacceptable. And they forced that upon children. These kids have died, and in a sense, these people are culpable for murder. So yea, the public will empathize with 12 & 9 and all the children involved. There will be immense pressure from the masses across the world to seek justice for these children.   


3) Oh but back to 12 & 9! The fact that there had been no casualties and deaths, and the measures both of them went through to ensure no one was harmed will also be taken into account during their sentencing.
Shibazaki, who is one of the main detectives of their case, will testify for them in Court.

He said: “Think about it…

4) Not to mention the massive amount of drugs 12 & 9 had ingested forcibly as test subjects, the effects on their physical health, the constant migraines, the emotional turmoil, their mental stability and the psychological repercussions will be brought up, and will work in their defence.

Because essentially, they are victims in their own right who suffered under the hands of those shitheads responsible for the Athena Plan.

5) However, they will still be prosecuted and serve the mandatory time behind bars.
BUT THEY ARE 17, only minors.
And they're geniuses who are excellent candidates for rehabilitation.
They will be released once they are judged as suitably apt to integrate back into society without causing harm. Since their main objective is to expose Project Athena and it’s already been achieved, they have no purpose to cause destruction again. 

COME ON WE ALL KNOW 12 & 9 ARE GOOD PEOPLE AT HEART! And if their deaths were brought on by the effects of the experimentation, at least they died free in a way. 12 hasn’t suffered any migraines yet so this gives us VON. (yup, VON. VONNNN. VON. Oh 9:( )

This gives LISA & 12 a chance. JUST LOOK AT MY CUTIES!!!!

Admiring the northern lights, forgiving 12 & accepting Lisa.
He’s a babe !

The last frame of 3 of them together.

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what do you mean your complicit in racism, are you a racist??

Well I’m white as white can be, so unfortunately kinda yea? Racism by definition is systematic oppression of people based on the colour of their skin, and I as a white person benefit from and are complicit in maintaining those systematic power structures. You don’t have to be wearing a hood and burning a cross on someones lawn to be a racist I’m afraid.

My skin colour does not make it harder for me to get a job, if I go into a store I’m not followed around by staff just for existing, people don’t assume any progress ive made professionally is some form of affirmative action, if I’m stopped by police I’m likely to survive the encounter regardless of my actions, if I go to court I’m likely to receive a lighter punishment than people of colour, history books teach white history and history classes usually only include the history of people of colour as add-ons or optionals, and then severely whitewashing; the list goes on and on and on. And theres like shit loads of microaggressions too; ‘normal’ shampoo is typically aimed at white peoples hair, if I need a new pair of tights the nude colour matches my skin tones, white people are on money, we’re disproportionally represented on tv and in film, etc etc etc.

I’m not saying their arent other power structures I get the shitty end of the stick from; misogyny, homophobia, transphobia - these are all things where I’m not in the position of power or assume the role of oppressor and in different ways and to varying degrees they make my life a lot harder. But being parts of those minorities doesn’t exempt my position in racial power structure, and to ignore that would be wrong. All I can do is try to make myself as fully aware of it as possible, undermine it and be supportive where I possibly can, and most importantly not speak over the voices of people of colour on the matter. And if youre white, thats probably something you should think about doing too.

Modern feminism, and how it became so useless

Important notice: Feminists, please see this as constructive criticism, coming from a girl who has noticed where feminism went wrong.

I’ll start with a few observations: feminism isn’t about empowerment anymore, this movement has no interest because it belittles women. They’re just trying to make you stay by making you think you’re a victim and you need them when all they do is whine and accuse people of hate speech. “intersectional feminism” was one of the many killing blows, making this movement that failed at caring about women enough now spread its focus to also address issues social justice warriors claim to fight against, making the movement even more ineffective. This post will talk about a great part of these killing blows that bury feminism even deeper the more these notions become popular. Now they’re only good at brainwashing people into thinking feminism is necessary, and accusing people of everything if they disagree with anything they say.

There used to be a wave of feminism that did fight for gender equality. Sadly this era is over and women’s privileges are concrete: quotas, genital integrity, decision of parenthood, lighter punishments by the law, not being even suspected as committers of domestic violence… In France, women also get paid leave when they’re pregnant. In other news, the big boss of Yahoo is pregnant but she decided to keep working, I applaud that. That’s the right direction towards gender equality.

And despite these concrete (allowed by the law and not social) privileges, modern feminism is still out here claiming that women are more disadvantaged than men. Why? Because feminism in the West isn’t necessary anymore. And from this landmark in time, this movement has changed to stop empowering women, and instead aimed to make them vulnerable again. Then, they just have to blame an abstract entity, the patriarchy, blame all men, and tell women that they have been made vulnerable again by the patriarchy and men.

Let’s head further into why feminism is shit now, with firstly the concept of “political lesbianism”. After all this time we LGBT people spent saying that our sexualities and gender identities are not choices but who we really are, feminists had to fuck it all up by choosing to become lesbians. Now those who hate us can point at them and say “See, it’s really a choice! Let’s bring conversion therapies back.” and we take steps backwards. This concept is very, very regressive and hurts the LGBT community. But before feminism became a victim complex, back when those who came here for gender equality saw that their job was done, it was time to gather some new members… So they’ve let misandrists in. The result is the end of this goal to achieve gender equality, in favor of something that might as well be called female supremacy. Proud feminists are now out there wanting all men dead and are now proud to be the anti-male equivalent of misogynists.

Let’s focus back on this concept of intersectional feminism. Now that feminism doesn’t really have valid things to yell about, they decided to not stay in their lane. It was time to address issues of racism for example. Not all issues of racism of course, because feminism is now all about trying to grab privileges for women. Intersectional feminism birthed as a concept that involves caring about other issues than sexism, but only when it’s about women. Male victims of racism can fuck off, male victims of ableism can shove their wheelchairs up their asses. That’s very fucked up, but I guess it’s coming from the active majority of the feminist movement that’s misandrist, which makes them agree that men might as well go fuck themselves. Intersectional feminism is the SJW movement mixed with misandry. They say black lives matter, but only if they’re women.

To finish this post, let’s add on top of that the blatant dress coding feminists do that not very feminist of them. If they dress down it’s empowering, however if a character prefers light clothes and revealing things there’s a scandal. On one side they fight against dress codes, on the other they dress code. This is obvious slut-shaming, which is also a very feminist thing to fight against. Of course you could show me the definition of feminism and dismiss what I wrote by saying “feminism is about gender equality !”, but actions speak louder than words, and the only respectable parts of feminism follow the egalitarian ideology. Fighting against slut-shaming is a respectable part of feminism, #KillAllMen isn’t.

Visibility boost: activate. I summon @angryinkeddrunk @takashi0 @mitchfynde @siryouarebeingmocked. If you have that one masterpost about the feminist myths debunked, please send it my way because I’m guessing the feminists are going to bring them up.

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If you want weed legalization you want Bernie not Hillary. Hillary not only is just pandering right now, Bernie was the first congressman to support it. Plus he wants complete decriminalization as opposed to just making the punishment lighter.

Lmao, I simply reblogged an article 😂
It’s not that deep homie 👊

It’s always surprising to me how much people read into things such as this. Perhaps my political views are not up for public discussion, that does not mean I can’t reblog articles so that others might obtain information that isn’t entirely biased by my own opinions.

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Why didn't you like the scene in 2x14?

Oh dear, where do I even begin? I think I will just go through this, line-by-line, that’s the easiest thing to do.

Note: While I usually shy away from bashing characters, this is very much an anti-Oliver Queen response, but he had it coming, he was terrible in this episode. That being said, I do tend to like him sometimes, but this episode was a hot mess.

But first of all, let’s talk about the setting of the whole thing, okay? Laurel is talked into a family dinner with her long lost sister, and a mother she hasn’t seen for a while, in the hope to see her parent’s reunite. It’s a naive thought to have a flawless family dinner, but what the hell, she agrees to it. Sara, who disappeared while having an affair with Oliver is attending too, and for some reason, both her and Oliver think it is an amazing idea for them to go together to this dinner, that was obviously intended to a family only thing.

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