the punch heard round the world

Actual quotes the signs said to me

Aries: I heard that out of the corner of my ear

Taurus: Can we go to Costco pleeeease!! I’ll pay you!! It’s free sample day!!

Gemini: *receives a nude* Nah man I don’t need that. It looks like a sad elephant trunk

Cancer: *pokes head up through inner tube* *whispers* Hey… I’m a dolphin *jumps through inner tube* *gets stuck and flips the inner tube*

Leo: *rounds corner* *kid jumps out to scare them* *screams* FIGHT OR FLIGHT *punches kid in throat*

Virgo: *to spongebob theme* oooh who lives in the ocean under a pineapple

Libra: Abraham Lincoln lead the World War 3

Scorpio: I gave myself stitches once *shows scar* see??

Sagittarius: Windows are made out of cardboard

Capricorn: *to her own name* Gabriella…is that spelt right??

Aquarius: Is a horse with a penis on its head a unicorn??

Pisces: Sometimes I wish there were mute buttons for people…either that or the delete function


Notes: Request from anon (oh look I finished early).  Ace doesn’t make it in time, and Luffy pays the ultimate price.  (Have tissues.  Have hot chocolate.  Have something ready that will make you feel better after this.)

Smoke and ash invade Ace’s lungs, making it hard to breathe.  He wants to cough, but his throat is already raw from the screaming and yelling he’s done that day and it hurts enough to speak as it is.

But he screams anyway.


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People always told me Courtney Love was super-difficult, and I didn’t believe them because that’s what people say about all women. And then she assaulted me and that was really sad. I was a fan and I stuck up for her when people said shit about her, so I was like ‘Wow, why is this happening to me?’ It was really depressing and I wish it didn’t happen. It’s not fun to be punched in the face, and it was really hard for me that it became a joke heard 'round the indie rock world, because I didn’t do anything to deserve it.
—  Kathleen Hanna on that time Courtney Love punched her in the face at Lollapalooza